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									Welcome to the KCPATF

     March 18, 2008
Kittitas County Public Agency
       Technology Forum
 Presentation to CWU President’s Advisory Council
     Presented by: Carmen A. Rahm, AVP-IT
              Date: February 6, 2008
 To provide opportunities for public agencies within the
  Kittitas Valley to share information, network with peers,
  and identify common areas which allow us to reduce
  technology costs and provide the best technology
  services to our customers.
                                     Time Table
   September-October 2007: Forum conceived within ITS. Area public agencies
    contacted to determine interest & identify points of contact.

   October-December 2007: Goal and initial meeting agenda established, membership
    identified and confirmed.
        All member organizations complete online technology survey to identify core technologies and common
         areas of interest/opportunity

   December 18, 2007: Initial meeting of the KCPATF held at the SURC on Central
    Washington University campus

   December 19, 2007: The benefits of the KCPATF start to be realized.
        Other county agencies/groups ask to join the KCPATF

   January-March 2008: Development of KCPATF Website and startup of several
    actions to benefit the membership

   Meeting Schedule for 2008:
        Spring Meeting:                          March 18, 2008
        Summer Meeting:                          June 10, 2008
        Fall Meeting:                            September 9, 2008
        Winter Meeting:                          December 16, 2008

   Endless future possibilities
                Current Membership
 Central Washington University

 K-12 School Districts:
       Ellensburg School District
       Kittitas School District
       Thorp School District
       Cle Elum-Roslyn School District

 County & Valley Agencies
       Kittitas County
       Kittitas Valley Fire & Rescue
       Kittitas Valley Community Hospital
       KITTCOM

 Cities
       City of Ellensburg
       City of Kittitas
       City of Roslyn
       City of Thorp
       City of Cle Elum
       City of South Cle Elum
           Unlimited Possibilities …
 TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT: Allowing individuals from other agencies to
  take advantage of “in house” technology training offered by CWU IT Staff,
  and to collaborate and share costs of other training opportunities.

 INTER-AGENCY SUPPORT: Develop inter-local agreements for agencies
  to provide support and expertise to lower costs, and improve service
  throughout the county.

 SOFTWARE & HARDWARE ACQUISITION: Allow other KV agencies to
  take advantage of CWU purchasing contracts and surplus technology at
  CWU (prior to public auctions/sales)

 PERSONNEL NETWORKING: Having access to peers for consultation,
  assistance, sharing information & best practices, and more.

 PROJECT COLLABORATION: Collaborate on similar projects that have
  benefits that go beyond a single entity or agency.

       In just the first 7 weeks …
    City of Ellensburg IT employees attended “What’s New in Office 2007” class
     taught by CWU IT.
        Employees do not have funding or opportunities to travel “out of the area” to learn new

    Ellensburg School District has stated that they will be purchasing at least 200
     surplus computers
        ESD does not have the estimated funding to replace 200 very old computers with new
           equipment. For just $5,000 they may purchase 200 three year old systems.
    Cle Elum-Roslyn School District has stated that they plan to purchase at least 25
     surplus computers
        CERSD does not have the estimated funding to replace 25 very old computers with new
           systems. Instead, they may upgrade them to systems just 3 years old for only $625.

    KVCH had 5 personnel attend CWU’s Tablet Demo Days
       KVCH is considering tablet use in their Medical Records group. By attending this event,
           they had the opportunity to evaluate 6 tablet computers in a single location.
    In just 7 weeks … continued
    City of Ellensburg is partnering with CWU to share information on “best
     practices” with regards to our Security Camera initiative.
        City of Ellensburg has a $25,000 grant for a security camera project. By partnering with
           CWU, they can learn best practices, take advantage of the research and investments
           we’re making, and make their funding go further.

    CWU-IT and City of Ellensburg are implementing an Interagency Support
     Agreement for CWU IT Staff to provide support in the event of a significant event
     that they are unable to handle with current staff.
        This agreement allows both of the city’s network managers to be out of the area at the
           same time, to attend critical training out of state. Without this agreement, this would not
           be possible.

    Several members of the KCPATF (and others) are using CWU’s innovative
     contract for PCs.
        Per Alden & Associates, SELAH School District is using this contract
        Other School Districts have indicated that they may be using this contract soon.
              KCPATF Website
 A location for sharing information, identifying
  contacts and more:
      Training opportunities and signups
      Surplus Equipment notifications and procedures
      Personnel information and contacts
      Best Practices
      Project updates and other bulletins
      Meeting information (schedules, agendas, minutes)
      And more …

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