June 2011

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Monday, April 4, 2011 at 5:30PM
Pat Crew, President
Kellee Davenport, Vice President
Kim Schmutzler-Agee, Treasurer
Carol Harper, Secretary

Meeting was called to order at 5:30PM.
Minutes of Monday, May 2, 2011 were approved and seconded.
Maureen Funk – ACT Update
Amgen Tour – Said the winner, Chris Horner, is scheduled to come back to Amador County.
Treasurer’s Update –Kim Schmutzler-Agee

Motherlode Cruise - Follow Up/Feedback
Made $3139. Thanked Walt Hoeser for all of his work in putting the show together. In turn, Walt thanked
all those who helped him.
Suggestions/input for next year:
      Porta potties needed.
      28 entrants the day of the show. Need a separate place for day-of registrations from those who
         have pre-registered.
      Judges. Need to be on time.
      50 modified was the hardest to judge.
      Took too long to set up on Main Street.
      108 cars. 1 refund. Pat sent a refund letter and covered their registration for next year.
      The missing plaques were sent by Pat, along with a letter that stated that their registration was
         paid for next year.
      Need to have cut-off date for pre-registration not so close to the actual date of the show.
      Limit the numbers of parking places. Main Street and El Dorado parking lot only? Can handle
         120-125 cars.
      Scott Morrison said that, other than the Dandelion Days crowds, it was one of the biggest crowds
         they’ve had on Main Street in years.
      Good to have the registration in the building.
      Connie didn’t have the information for the cars. Need to write down the info on the winning cars
         when doing the judging next year.
      Couldn’t hear the music on the other end of Main Street. Two bands next year? Or locate the
         band somewhere in the middle.
      Insurance is available through the City for our events.
      Walt said we needed more people to sell raffle tickets. Need more volunteers in general.
      Feedback from group in SF and Bay Area was positive. They all had a great time, the SF group is
         coming up to visit because they loved the area so well.
      Need to recognize the car that won. Blue ribbon? Flag? Dot on windshield? (something reusable
         for each year).
      Next year have coffee and sell pastries in the morning.
NEW BUSINESS: Vision and focus of the JBCA

COMMITTEES: In order to succeed as an organization, there is a need to create some committees for
membership, for events, and for the promotions of JBCA events/activities.

Need agenda ahead of time. Post on web site and e-mail.
Determine membership benefits (discounts offered?)
It was suggested making the General Membership meeting more of a social event once per quarter (food,
beverages, etc.) Spaghetti feed? President talks, board members/chairpersons follow up.
Members should also make up the volunteer base.
Rework Membership application.
Define for: Business – Community – Non-Profit Organizations
Best way to contact Members? Phone – Email – Facebook – Web site

Promo in local media (TSPN, KGCV, Jackson Rancheria’s The Arrow, ACN, Amador Tourism Visitor’s
Center), Sierra Lodestar.
TOT funds will help towards local and regional advertising and promotion.

What do we want accomplish with the events?
What did we accomplish with the car show? (Brought a large crowd to Main Street)
Need to decide what events we are going to have annually, quarterly, monthly, weekly, etc.
What is the goal? Fundraising? Awareness? Increase membership?

Christmas Delights
Easter Egg Hunt (Chris Molinelli?)
Motherlode Cruise

Membership Committee: Patti Busch
PR/Promotions Committee: Carol Harper
Events Committee: TBD

Monday, August 1 at 5:30PM

September 2011 TBD

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