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									                              SAN ANTONIO SCHOOL
                                      School Newsletter
                                           From the Desk of:
                                  Linda Irving, Superintendent/Principal
                                                November 2011

Dear All,                                                    REMINDERS
        It’s hard to believe that it is November already!    Supervision of students begins at 8:00 AM on the black
Before we know it, we will be at the end of the First        top. As it is unsafe to leave children unattended, we ask
Trimester (November 17th), and soon after that we will       that you do NOT have your child arrive at school
be eating turkey! Report cards will come home the            prior to 8:00 AM. If you need a schedule of bus times,
week of November 28th with the students. If for some         please contact the school office at 831 385-3051.
reason you do not get your child’s report card, please let
us know. We have stopped mailing the upper grade             If your student will be arriving late to school and would
report cards home due to the cost to the district. If you    like a HOT Cafeteria lunch, please give the school a
would like yours mailed, please provide a self-              call by 9am. Mrs. Soares does a great job preparing the
addressed, stamped envelope to your teacher.                 right amount of food to keep our costs down. Please
        Remember, grades are always available on             help her out by calling the school by 9am if your child
PowerSchool. Go to the school website at                     would like a lunch from the Cafeteria. and click
on the PowerSchool link or go straight to PowerSchool        It is stated in the Annual Notification handbook that
with this address: You will     calls from parents or guardians regarding where their
need the user name and password for your student. I          children are to go after school (bus change, pick-up
have recently updated our school website with the Menu       area) need to be placed before 2:30 pm. This allows
and past newsletters.                                        the office ample time to notify your child, the teacher,
        Special thanks to ALL the parents that helped        and the bus driver of the change. The end of the school
out at the PTO Halloween Carnival. It was a huge             day can get extremely busy in the office. A call after
success thanks to your efforts.                              2:30 pm from a parent or guardian could result in an
        Sincerely,                                           additional interruption to a classroom or even having to
        Linda Irving                                         call a bus back. We appreciate you taking this into
                                                             consideration next time you need to call the school with
DATES TO REMEMBER                                            an after school change.
11/7/11 Picture Retake Day
         Minimum Day – Dismissal 1:05 PM                     Reporting the reason for your child’s absence is
         Volleyball/Cheerleaders at San Ardo                 important! Absences that are not verified are
11/11/11 Veterans’ Day – No School                           counted as unexcused and therefore considered
11/14/11 Volleyball at Pleasant Valley School                truant. Please call the school at 831 385-3051 or send
11/16/11 Regular Board Meeting                               a note anytime your child is absent.
11/17/11 1st Trimester Ends
11/18/11 Crazy Hat Day                                       COACHES NEEDED
11/23/11 Minimum Day – Dismissal 1:05 PM                     We still need Basketball Coaches for the winter season.
11/24-11/25/10 Thanksgiving Break – No School                Contact Staci Wilkins at school (831 385-3051) if you
11/29/11 School Site Council                                 can help.

                                                             MILITARY CORNER
November 2011                                                                                        Page 2
The Teen Center will be re-opening later this month        Here is a way to help San Antonio School through
with a special remodel. We are looking for math tutor It is an online shopping mall with
volunteers to help two days a week, Tues/Thurs from 4-     over 400 companies ready to support our school.
5 pm. Know someone or can help yourself? Please call       Companies like Walmart, Sears, Target, Disney, Kohl’s
Les Toth at 386-2317. You will need to be registered       and Office Depot will give up to 50% of their online
with CYS to use the Teen Center. Also, CYS offers          sales to participating schools. Do your holiday
child care for the monthly dining events at the            shopping through this site and the school gets money
Hacienda. You will need to call them ahead of time to      too!
reserve the space for your children.

Nov. 7-21 - Canned and Dry Goods Food Drive at
            various locations
Nov. 19 – Military Family Appreciation Pot Luck
           Bradley Park – 12pm
Nov. 22 – Stress and Parenting Class – 11-12pm, ACS
Nov. 23 – Cancer Awareness Walk, Run or Cycle –
           1:30pm, Family Event, MWR, 386-2784.
           Kids can do it too!
Dec. 1 – Tree Lighting and Pot Luck
Dec. 3 – Holiday Ball at the King City Fair Grounds,
         Semi formal, $20 per person 6pm                   BULLYING – EVERYBODY’S PROBLEM
Dec. 7 – Remember Pearl Harbor – 7pm movie:                It’s time to tell - tell a teacher, tell a friend and take a
        “Pearl Harbor”                                     stand. Bullying is not tolerated at school, and we need
Dec. 17 – Christmas Shopping Trip to Gilroy Outlets –      to know when it happens.
          Parents Day out, CYSS child care $35
          includes both!                                   We empower bystanders to action when we:

CITIZENSHIP IS THE TRAIT FOR NOVEMBER                             help them see that their silence makes aggressive
       What is good Citizenship? Ethical people are                students more powerful and contributes to the
good citizens. They go beyond their own interests,                 harm done to the target;
show a concern for the needs of others, and make it               model positive behavior for them through our
their job to make their home, school, neighborhood,                own actions;
country---the whole world—the best they can be.                   protect them from retaliation;
        You don’t have a choice about what family,                discourage them from confronting aggressive
community, or nation you are born into. But you have a             youth directly about their behavior in most
choice about whether or not to be a good family                    situations, and instead, help them find a wide
member – or a good citizen.                                        range of safer and more effective interventions
        A community is built by close relations between            to use;
citizens. Good citizenship in practice means doing                encourage them to tell adults about the cruel
whatever makes life better for you and your fellow                 behavior they see;
citizens. Good citizenship is knowing about the                   and help them find ways to reach out in
community and caring enough to put your knowledge,                 friendship to targets of bullying and isolated
talents and energy to use to make your community–                  peers.
even the world—a better place for all.
        We will be looking for a community project for
our students to participate in to celebrate this month’s
character trait - Citizenship. Please let us know if you
have any ideas that our students can do to make our
community a better place for all.


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