Behavioral Health Teleconference Training Series Agenda January

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					      Behavioral Health                   Behavioral Health                    Behavioral Health
Teleconference Training Series      Teleconference Training Series       Teleconference Training Series
           Agenda                              Agenda                                  Series Description
                                                                       The Division of Mental Health and Substance Abuse
                                                                       Services, and Prairielands Addiction Technology
     January 26th 2011                    June 22nd 2011               Transfer Center offers a monthly national
                                                                       teleconference series on research-based substance
       Kate Speck, PhD                   Robert Foley, MEd             abuse prevention, treatment, and recovery topics.
 “Substance Abuse Protracted      “HIV/AIDS, Infectious Diseases and   Current and timely topics of interest to the field are
                                                                       selected with your input which include national
        Withdrawal”                      Substance Abuse”              speakers addressing current issues. As a result you will
                                                                       receive state-of-the-art, evidence-based information
                                                                       from the foremost experts in the country.
     February 23rd 2011                     July 27th 2011
                                                                                        Series Evaluation
        Janet Zwick                         Cherie Hunter              The Wisconsin Teleconference Series is provided in
“Recovery Oriented Systems of            “Recovery Coaching”           part by funding from the Substance Abuse and Mental
                                                                       Health Services Administration’s Center for Substance
           Care”                                                       Abuse Treatment. As part of receiving this funding, we
                                           August 24th 2011            are required to submit data on the types of persons
                                                                       who participate in this series and evaluate the series.
       March 23rd 2011             Brian Serna, MAC, LMHC, LADC
                                                                       If you participate in series evaluation you are asked to
   Sierra Asamoa-Tutu, BA             “Latino/a Substance Abuse        complete a consent form and a post-event evaluation
    “Fetal Alcohol Spectrum                Treatment Issues”           form.     These      forms      are     available    at:
           Disorder”                                                   info.htm. Participants who complete the consent will
                                        September 28th 2011            also have to opportunity to provide further feedback
                                                                       on the series through a follow-up evaluation sent 30
        April 27th 2011                     Earl Beal, PhD             days following the training call. Your participation in
                                                                       completion of these surveys is absolutely voluntary.
      Travis Hunter, RPh          Substance Abuse Treatment for the
Energy Drinks: What you need to      Returning American Veteran                      Access to Conference
  know when treating substance                                         You may register for this teleconference online at the
                                                                       Wisline Teleconference Registration site at:
            abuse”                         October 26th 2011 
                                           Daniel Toleran, MS          m?class=D&cat=DHF
        May 25th 2011                Asian American and the Pacific    On the day of the teleconference, just before the
                                                                       start time, call (608) 237-5850 and enter pass code
        Ed Parsells, BS           Islands: Substance Abuse Treatment   1825164# and you will be immediately connected to
                                                                       the teleconference. If you are experiencing technical
  Native American Adolescent                                           difficulty, call the Wisline teleconference service at
  Substance Abuse Treatment                                            (608) 262-3399 or (800) 442-4614. There is no
                                                                       cost in addition to independent telephone fees
                                                                       to attend this training series. If you wish to receive
                                                                       a certificate of attendance, please contact
                                                                       Prairielands ATTC with your request; cost $10.00
        Behavioral Health                                                           Addiction Technology Transfer Center
  Teleconference Training Series                                                                    and
           Power Point Presentation                                                  the Wisconsin Bureau of Prevention,
To access the event Power Point please download at                                        Treatment and Recovery

                                                                                        Behavioral Health
Substance Abuse Counselors, Mental Health
Counselors, Social Workers, School Prevention
Counselors, Nurses, Physicians, Psychologists, and other
interested professionals.                                                                Training Series
              Continuing Education
Prairielands ATTC is a NAADAC certified educational
provider. Upon request, individuals attending this                                       January – October 2011
training will be issued certificates of attendance
reflecting one contact hour for each session attended.                                        Noon – 1:00 p.m. CST
Certificate fees per session: $10.00.
                                                                                        4th   Wednesday of Each Month
            About Prairielands ATTC
Prairielands Addiction Technology Transfer Center                                              For more information:
(ATTC) serves five states in the Midwest (Iowa,
Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and
Wisconsin). The Department of Community and                                            se/ConfTrain/SAteleinfo.htm
Behavioral Health in the College of Public Health at
the University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, hosts the
Prairielands ATTC.                                                                                      Contact:
                                                                                    WI Bureau of Prevention, Treatment and Recovery:
Prairielands ATTC’s primary mission is to disseminate                                        Jamie McCarville 608.267.7712
evidence based practice in substance abuse and                                    
problem gambling thereby bridging the gap between
science and service. Prairielands ATTC provides                                                      Prairielands ATTC:
technical assistance, training, and systems change                                            Michael Baumann, 319.384.1758,
assistance throughout the five-state region.                                         or
Dissemination efforts in 2011 address a wide variety                                            Candace Peters, 319.335.5362
of issues and aspects of addiction. These included                                     
issues specific to substance abuse, culturally specific
populations, problem gambling, persons identifying as                                            For more information on
lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender, clinical                                            Prairieland ATTC:
supervision, concerns in rural, frontier and tribal                                                         or
treatment populations, co-occurring disorders, and                                   the ATTC Network:
                                                           Iowa City, Iowa 52242

women and their children.
                                                           The University of Iowa
                                                           Prairielands ATTC
                                                           1207 Westlawn

               Planning Committee
    Candace Peters, Prairielands ATTC
    Jamie McCarville, Wisconsin BPTR
    Anne Helene Skinstad, Prairielands ATTC

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