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									Hotel Booking website development (based on API)

Project Scope
To develop a functional hotel booking website that will communicate with API (XML) and
feature its own database for increased functionality.

Project Duration
The development should start as soon as possible, no later than 1.12.2010. The development itself
should not exceed 30 days in total.

The API implementation and XML communication have to strictly follow conditions as set
out by providing partner ( and described in detail here We are looking for an implementation that will be
valid based on these terms and that is guaranteed to be approved by

Out of Scope
We will provide the graphic design, logo design, etc – however, the output from the supplier should be a
visual, browsable website API XML – general information
The following is taken from and is essential to
understand the purpose of the project:

Our XML data allows you to present selections of hotels on your website that match your target
audience. In combination with our multilingual hotel content you are able to serve a wider range of
visitors on your website. By using XML you are flexible in delivering content including the reservation
process to your customers (optional). The XML service allows you to completely integrate our product in
your own website's layout served from your own server, exactly in the way you like.

The XML grants you access to all hotel data. The data can be retrieved by XML and should
be stored locally, in your own database. Hotel data consists of basic hotel information, various
descriptions of the hotel, photos, pricing and availability (only real-time). Furthermore a basic list of
countries, cities and regions can be retrieved via XML.

When do we recommend using XML?
Before answering the question ‘When do we recommend using XML?’ a brief introduction about all
available integration solutions; offers three HTML integration solutions to its partners:

     branded: a link on your website pointing directly to including your
        affiliate ID number. Visitors will see the look and feel.
      White label: our white label booking tool integrated in your website using an (I)-frame or a link
       to the booking engine with your header on top. Visitors will see the booking module in your
       website’s look and feel.

      Database dump: working with our database dump will allow you to create hotel listing on your
       own server. The database dump contains deep links to the hotel brochure pages (which can be
       presented in the lay-out or the white label lay-out)

From the three abovementioned options, it is essential to understand we are looking to implement the
database dump solution.

Although XML has many commercial advantages it’s also good to be aware of the following:

      When using XML you should have sufficient experience building and maintaining a database and
       creating and designing your own website.
      Setting up an XML based integration is a ongoing process. The content needs to be updated
       frequently and new functions/ changes should be adopted.
      You are responsible for keeping the hotel data up-to-date and showing correct hotel information.
      Building a website using the XML is time consuming and requires thorough testing and
      The hotel content retrieved via XML is exactly the same as the content on and is
       widely distributed over the internet. For SEO purposes the content itself is not as usable as
       generally is considered. (Please keep in mind it is not allowed to re-write hotel description of

Your account manager could help you by choosing the best in
Furthermore we would like to point out the following issues you will come across when using our XML:

      When you decide to implement the reservation process with our XML you need to use a secure
       connection (SSL) to handle the credit card information. If you don't wish to implement the
       reservation process itself, contact your account manager for private label booking process
       integration (deep link to the booking process on our secure servers).
      The cancellation policy should be stated clearly on the website.
      Client information should be treated according to the European privacy regulations. Updating
       the hotel information must be done between 23.00 and 08.00 hrs G.M.T. Please follow the
       restrictions as stated in the manual.
      When the implementation is finished, it must be checked by Please contact the
       XML support team or your account manager for approval.

Your account manager can provide you with information about how to get access to our XML feed.

Technical support offers clear and full XML documentation online at In
case of any questions about our XML feed please contact the XML support team per email.
Examples of functionality to be implemented – this is essentially what we are looking to implement in terms of basic integration & functionality, including secure connection to process payment details

Additional Features
   1. Integration with Google Maps (searched for hotels will be displayed on a Google Map)
   2. Own promo codes functionality
   3. Ability to track all bookings made through our website (ability to display most recent bookings
       made on our website), storing emails of users who have booked through our website
   4. Possibility of adding own hotel reviews by users of our website – we would like to be able to
       send an email prompting to add review of the hotel directly to our website, independently of reviews (we are not allowed to display reviews on the website)
   5. CMS integration with the website - ability to add additional (own) text to hotel property
       information taken from, ability to add own pages (i.e. city page with static content)
   6. Cookies – storing recently viewed hotels by user and displaying them on site for individual users
       (which hotels have I viewed recently)
   7. JQuery gallery for viewing hotel pictures on single hotel page
   8. Filtering hotel results as used on (based on price, star rating, hotel facilities, etc),
       sorting results (price, popularity, reviews rating)
   9. Caching
   10. Nice URLs ( or similar

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