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					                      Eldon Junior School
                       Homework Policy
Why is homework important?

At Eldon Junior School we have a tremendous
amount to learn and there are only so many
hours in a school day. This is why we need
homework. Homework gives us a chance to
practise what we have learned in class. It
also helps us to:

          Share our learning with our parents
          Become more independent in our learning
          Move our learning on                                        Share learning!
          Research topics that interest us                               Get your
          Use the facilities at our local library
                                                                         parents and
          Choose different ways to learn
                                                                         relatives to
How is our homework organised and what do we have to do?                   work on
                                                                        projects with
We are encouraged to:                                                        you.

   Read for pleasure every night and share a book with our parents
   Learn to spell the words we need in our writing
   Spend time learning and practising our times tables
   Use our ICT skills to produce final drafts of writing
   Finish off work from our lessons
   Have a go at different challenges
   Follow up learning from class and other groups we work in
   Complete a project

More about projects

Every half term we choose a project which is linked to our main theme. We
can choose from a variety of activities e.g. model making, story writing,
biography, puppets, etc.

Our parents are an important part of this project; they can help in many ways,
including providing resources. If we do especially well we can earn
certificates and prizes. Sometimes our parents come in to look at the display
and talk about how they helped us.

                                              Be cool!
                                              Follow the
                                              homework rule.
 How we can balance homework with our out of school activities?

 As a guide we think that children in Year 3 and Year 4 should spend 20
 minutes a night on homework and that Year 5 and Year 6 should spend at
 least 30 minutes every night. We think homework should be balanced with
 time for us to take part in activities and sport, e.g. Guides,
 swimming, after school clubs and music lessons. At                     Organise your
 Eldon we know the importance of regular exercise and
 the need for some relaxation and we try to balance out
 the time we spend watching TV and playing on computer
 games. Some year groups have homework clubs at
 lunchtime to help us. There is also an after school computer
 club for children to improve their skills especially if they do not
 have a computer at home.

                     How can our parents help?
Help yourself
to a slice of        Our parents can encourage us to produce the highest
                     standard of homework we can.
                     They can write messages in our diaries (Year 5/6) to let
                     teachers know if we had any difficulty with the work.
                     Parents can talk to us about the homework and make
                     sure we know what to do.
                     Parents can make sure we have somewhere quiet to
                     work without distractions.
                     Parents can practise our spellings and times tables with
                     Parents can buy us the materials we need for projects
                     (our school shop stocks lots of pens, notebooks, etc).
                     Parents can explore recommended web sites with us.

 How do we keep records of homework and how well children have

 In every year group we have an organised system for recording the amount of
 homework returned. If we don’t return homework regularly we may have to
 stay in to complete it, our teachers may ring our parents or send a note home.
 If we have problems with our homework we can ask for help.

 Policy revised through consultation with school council February 2007

                                                          Why not visit
                                                          Edmonton Green
                                                          Library (you can get
                                                          help with homework
                                                          and find resources).
Homework is…

Helping yourself to a slice of

Organising your time

Making sure your effort counts!

Enjoying finding out

Working at home (which is just as
important as working at school)

Opening your mind to new ideas

Reading and feeding your brain

Keeping yourself busy learning
(instead of watching TV)
                        Have you
                        done your

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