Form of No Dues Certificate by keralaguest


									                       UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF MEDICAL SCIENCES
                                   (UNIVERSITY OF DELHI)
                                      DELHI – 110095

No Dues’ Certificate in case the Officer / Official borne on the U.C.M.S. strength.

In respect of Dr. _______________________________________ on Resignation/Retirement.
                            Name & Designation

Certified that nothing is outstanding against the Officer/Officials as mentioned above.

1.     The Head of the Concerned Department.
2.     The Librarian, UCMS.
3.     The Librarian, DGHS.
4.     Accounts Section, UCMS.
5.     The Estate Section, UCMS.
6.     The Professor Incharge, Central Labs./Lecture Theatres.
7.     The Incharge, Hospital Lab. Services.
8.     Central Store, UCMS.
9.     Establishment Section for Identity Card, etc.
10.    General Section, UCMS.
11.    Clearance for House Building Advance (granted by University of Delhi) to be obtained
       from University of Delhi.
12.    T & C Society, UCMS.

       ‘No Dues’ may be asked from the following Departments of GTBH, if required (UCMS
       must indicate the Departments out of list given below or all the Department)

Certified that nothing is outstanding against Officer/Official as mentioned above:

      1. Sister Incharge, OPD.
      2. Officer Incharge, OPD.
      3. Department Concerned.
      4. Library (Hospital)
      5. Medical Store
      6. Instrument Store & Equipment Store
      7. General Store
      8. Linen Store
      9. Stationary Store
      10. Furniture Store
      11. X-Ray Department
12. Laboratory
13. Accounts Section
                                 Bill Clerk            Drawing Disburshing Office

14. Establishment Section
                                 Dealing Asstt.        Head Clerk/Admn. Officer

                                 Identity Card

15. Estate Officer
16. Purchase Section
17. MRD Hospital
18. JRD Hospital
19. Hospital Mess
20. Telecommunication Branch, GTBH For NOC for surrendering Mobile hand Set & Sim

                                 For Office Use

                                 For Final Orders

                                 May be Relieved

                                                                Dealing Assistant

                                                                Section Officer

                                                                A.R. (Estab.)


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