Slides - Theories on the Fall of Rome by xiaoyounan


									7.1 Students analyze the causes and effects of the vast expansion
       and ultimate disintegration of the Roman Empire.
              Ten Theories on the Fall of Rome
      On the left-hand side of your notebook,
              just opposite the matrix
   “Comparing Ancient Rome and America Today”,
      please copy the following the statement:
  What are the three most serious problems
          that threaten the stability
         of the United States today?

   Then answer the question in the following format.
1.) _______________ because __________________.
2.) _______________ because __________________.
3.) _______________ because __________________.
       When you have finished, come see me
          for your reading assignment.
    Today, in groups of three, you will analyze political
 cartoons of contemporary political, social and economic
concerns and connect them to similar issues affecting the
    Roman Empire in its final years. You will explore the
    reasons for Rome’s fall, such as excessive military
spending, inferior technology, inflation, unemployment, the
 rise of Christianity, urban decay and political corruption.
                          Your Groups
Raquel Rabines       Molly Lavin        Annie Renas
Jesse Meeker         Jacob Wright       Annika Crittenden
Kate Finster         Lia Katz           Barbara Solc
Natalie Finman       Mikayla Veizaga    Alexis Corl
Alex Perez           Tyler Nunez        Lizz Chapman
Aidan Yackly         Elsa Bloom         Seamus Spillane
Annalisa Scafidi                        Alyssa Holt
Nick Vaden-Lemp                         Matt Amberg
Gracie Hammerstrom

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