Annandale Residents Suffer with Glut of Commercial Vehicles by wuzhenguang


									                                                           Annandale Chamber of Commerce

January 2010
                            ENDEAVOR         Building the Annandale Marketplace             

  2 Message from
    the President
                           Annandale Residents Suffer with
                           Glut of Commercial Vehicles
  3 Our Home
                           Sitting on the front porch of your home and
      From Capitol Hill
  6   to Capitoll Square
                           viewing the garden or strolling through a heavily
                           wooded landscape used to be a couple of the great
                           pleasures of suburban life. Now that view includes
             a Home-
  9 StartingBusiness
    Based                  multiple commercial vehicles, often with ladders
                           and PVC pipes on top or trailers behind. Beautiful
10 Tax Talk                residential streets are now glutted with these
                           vehicles brought home by inconsiderate neighbors
14 Roads and Rage          who are operating, all too often, unlicensed home
                           businesses. In other cases, thoughtless business
                           owners allow their employees to take the company
16 Insurance               van home to save the cost of leased commercial       Parked on Bradwood Street every day after 5 and all weekend long, are
                                                                                numerous commercial vehicles like the two pictured here. Local residents
                           parking.                                             are frustrated and disgusted.

17 View on Nature                                                               well be affected by the height restrictions. Another
      Photo Retro:
                         One resident, perplexed with the sudden change
                                                                                proposed code change is to prohibit residential
22    The Year Was
                         in her visual environment commented, “These
                         vehicles have taken over our street. Living here
                                                                                parking to those vehicles carrying commercial
                                                                                freight in plain view. The county is making every
                         used to be a pleasure. Now I cringe every time I
      Special Spotlight:                                                        effort to respond to citizens complaints. No doubt
25    Business Services  walk out the front door. Why are these horrible
                                                                                the restrictions will help, but they may not go far
                         vans allowed to park in a residential area?” A
      New Member
                                                                                enough to fully eradicate the blight. It is, however,
29    Spotlight
                         second resident went on to ask, “Why isn’t the
                         county looking out for my rights as a homeowner?”
                                                                                a good start. Get out your measuring tapes.
                         These and other residents will be delighted to                                                        continued on page 18
32    Health Watch
      H1N1 Vaccine       know that support from the county is on the way.
                         Because of the overwhelming number of
      Marriage and
33    Money
                         complaints, the Board of Supervisors has made
                         changes to the County Code that will limit certain
                         types of vehicles based on height, width, weight and
35    Annandale Drums
      for Peace          size. Information obtained from the county states
                         that parking on residential streets was already
36    The Police Beat    restricted for 18-wheelers and those vehicles with
                         a gross weight of 12,000 pounds or greater and
37    What’s Cooking     dump trucks.

   The Experience          The expanded restrictions will apply to vehicles     These 2 CAMCOM Vans and often as many as four, are regularly parked
38 of an Annandale         more than 21 feet long, more than 102 inches in
                                                                                on Braddock Mews Ct. near the intersection of Braddock and Backlick
                                                                                Roads. A call to the company confirmed that two of their employees
                           width, or more than 8 feet in height. The length     reside in homes around the corner. By allowing their employees to take

41 Chamber Chat            restriction would include any paraphernalia
                                                                                the vans home, the company avoids the expense of leasing commercial
                                                                                parking. Of the residents interviewed a unanimous opinion prevailed.
                                                                                None would ever do business with CAMCOM or any company who parked
                           attached such as landscaping trailers. Many          on their street and some are reaching out to social networks to express
                           oversized vans and those with roof top cargo might   their disdain.
                                                                   January 2010
2                                                                                                                             ENDEAVOR

Message from the President
All Systems Running
This past quarter was filled with several important and                    Madrigals and String Quintet from
exciting events, most notable of which was the Annandale Annual            FCHS who provided outstanding music
Parade and Fall Festival. By all accounts, this was an extremely           all evening long. Once again, our good
successful event with an estimated attendance of over 6,000 people.        friends at Burke & Herbert Bank, Pat
Having applied our lessons learned from last year’s event, our Fall        Leugers and Hector Ochoa, generously hosted the reception which
Festival gets bigger and better each year. A very special thanks and       brought cheer and entertainment to all attendees. Over 125 people
congratulations goes to Kurt Langenwalter of First Command                 attended this gala event which serves as an excellent way for our
Financial who chaired the Fall Festival Committee and to all the           members to kick-off the holiday season and get into a festive mood.
members of the various committees and sub-committees!                      Virginia State Delegate Vivian Watts, Mason District Supervisor
                                                                           Penny Gross, School Board at-Large Member Ilryong Moon, and
We also held our annual Chamber-sponsored Inter-Service                    the Knights of Columbus Color Guard blessed us with their atten-
luncheon at the Little Theater in Falls Church High School (FCHS)          dance. It was truly an outstanding evening!
on November 18, 2009. This event was attended by the local area
service clubs (Kiwanis, Rotary, Knights of Columbus, Annandale             So what’s in store for the immediate future? Early in the NewYear,
                                Women’s Club, American Legion,             we will review our membership status and seek ways to add new
          Annandale             and Lions Club) and catered by the         individuals and businesses. As many of you are business owners,
    Chamber Of Commerce         fantastic FCHS Culinary Arts               you can help us identify and sign-up new members. We will also
    Board of Directors          students under the leadership of           turn our attention to identifying those individuals and students to
                                Chef Lorraine Lombardi who                 be recognized at our annual Chamber Awards and Recognition
 Marv Rodney
                                served a scrumptious meal.                 Ceremony as well as elect new Chamber officers to serve for
 Commander American Legion                                                 Chamber year July 1, 2010 – June 30, 2011. We stay busy and are
 Dept. of VA 17th District
                                    On December 4th the Chamber            always seeking ways to better support you!
 Gavin Dock, President, Clarocode
                                    hosted the annual Holiday Lighting
                                    Ceremony at Toll House Park. A         I’ll sign off with my normal but very sincere offer for you to
 James McConville, Esq.
                                    heartfelt thank you to Marilyn         contact me with any questions or ideas that you may have. Your
                                    Hoosen, BB&T Bank, for chairing        thoughts and ideas on how we can better serve you are most
 Dr. Barbara Saperstone             this committee and providing           welcome. My telephone numbers are: (H) 703-313-4152 or
 Provost, NOVA Community College
                                    us with the best Ceremony and          (C) 703-328-3052.
 George Kresslein
 George Kresslein CPA
                                    Reception       to     date.    Our
                                    appreciation is also extended to the
                                                                                                           Marv Rodney
 Carol Zach Reuss
 Annandale Shopping Center

 RADM Dan McKinnon, Retired
 Pat Sawhney, Realtor, Re/Max 100
 John Fox, Retired
 Marilyn Hoosen, BB&T Bank
 Matthew Cockerham,
 Realtor, Re/Max 100
 Kurt Langenwalter,
 First Command Financial
 Richard Owen,
 President, Knights of Columbus
 Helen Winter, Annandale CBD
 Planning Committee
 Toa Do, President,
 Business Development Asst. Group

 Vicki Burman
                                                              January 2010
ENDEAVOR                                                                                                                             3
Our Home Town: Period Splendor

For those who grew up in Annandale, the words Walnut Hill             Annandale Chamber of Commerce) held their Eighth Annual
conger an image of Southern grandeur. Walnut Hill was a thirty        Banquet on March 17th in the Walnut Hill Lodge. The meal was
acre estate built by Joseph L. and Antoinette Arnold in the 1940’s    prepared by Harvey’s Hickory House. They specialized in
along Annandale Road. Gently rolling hills, expansive well            barbeque chicken and frequently booked catering commitments
manicured lawns, thoughtful landscaping and a gracious circular       using the enormous grill and pit barbeque at Walnut Hill.
driveway were on view for all to enjoy. The estate included the
manor house which was built to resemble Tara, a twelve stall          The Arnolds, owners of Arnold Bus Line, were generous
stable, a mile long track for equine work-outs, a clover shaped       members of the community who not only offered use of their
swimming pool, a two story guest lodge, and a duck pond.              Lodge but also welcomed neighborhood children and their sleds
                                                                      every snowfall. Ice skating on the duck pond became another
The manor house consisted of twelve rooms. Surprisingly it only       winter activity eagerly embraced by the community as was
had three bedrooms but each was the size of a basketball court        feeding the ducks all year long. Consequently, the community held
while their sunken baths boasted marble steps and gold banisters.     a protective and respectful interest in Walnut Hill.
Each room was designed for maximum comfort and function. The
Arnolds enjoyed hosting large dinner parties in a dining room         When Mr. Arnold died, his widow remained in the house,
which seated 40. The walls of the den were covered in elegant         remarried, but in January 1964, sold Walnut Hill to O. Roy Chalk
white leather. The trophy room sported as many trophies and           for $654,000. Chalk had made millions in Manhattan real estate,
equestrian ribbons as the spacious shelves and cupboards could        owned Trans Caribbean Airways, newspapers and bus companies.
accommodate. Behind the main house was another impressive             He turned around the failing DC Transit Company and
structure, the Guest Lodge, which would dwarf the McMansions          streamlined every aspect of the business. Upon purchase he had
of today.                                                             been impressed with the efficiency of the DC street cars but was
                                                                      pressured by the auto lobby, the Senate District Committee, city
This Guest Lodge could seat 75 at the bar and 200 in the dining       officials and the Washington Post to end the use of streetcars in
room. It had a full gymnasium plus a billiard table, male and         favor of buses. By 1962 the era of streetcars in DC came to an
female saunas and an open hearth with grill. The surrounding          end but DC Transit continued to expand. A few years later the
barbeque pit would serve 500. Before hotel and banquet space          Arnold Bus Line was purchased and the ownership of Walnut Hill
was available in this area, or even regional parks, local             transferred as well.
organizations often requested use of the Guest Lodge. In 1954 The
Annandale Businessmen’s Association (now known as the                                                                  continued next page
                                                                January 2010
4                                                                                                                           ENDEAVOR

Our Home Town: Period Splendor                                                                  continued...

                                                 Overview of Walnut Hill, 3450 Annandale Road

In September of 1969 Chalk relisted the estate for $2,250,000             made the county curious. His financial entanglements with
after using it to wine and dine politicians and notables. In 1972 he      ‘laundered money’ surfaced and the partnership was deemed an
withdrew it from use by community and civic groups and tried to           illegal corporation. Unable to sell the estate or rezone it, Chalk
gain approval to build high rise apartments. The zoning was               gutted the manor house of its fixtures to include elaborate
denied. Then he planned to lease it for $90,000/year with an              chandeliers and carved mantles. These he took to furnish his
option to buy for $1,500,000 to a gentleman’s club. The club              hacienda in the Caribbean and left Walnut Hill to rot along with a
boasted a future limited membership of 1000 Gentlemen of                  community who had grown to admire one owner and dislike the
Distinction. The first 250 members would be charged $1,000 in             other. Annandale was just too small a playing field for this high
membership, the remaining 750 members $2,000. Additionally,               roller and his indifference was not concealed.
all would pay a $500 annual fee, a significant fee in 1972. If the
special use permit had been granted by Fairfax County, Walnut             In 1980, the manor house was pulled down and a number of
Hill would have become The Bridge and Chess Country Club.                 private residences were built with an average sales price of
Fortunately, it was not granted.                                          $369,000. The value of those homes was estimated to be in
                                                                          the $800-840,000 price range by 2007. Driving past this
During the permitting process it was learned that the president           development, the beauty of the rolling topography can still
of the club was a paroled felon who had spent three years in              be admired and for those fortunate enough to have sled the hills,
Lewisburg Penitentiary for interstate transportation of stolen            memories of a winter wonderland remain.
vehicles. He had used an alias when signing the lease papers which
                                                                January 2010
ENDEAVOR                                                                                                                                   5
PRESIDENTS’ DAY:                                                  Fly Our Flag with Pride                               By: Marv Rodney

Over the past several issues I have written specifically about your
Annandale Bicentennial Post 1976 American Legion and its
people and programs that support the four pillars of American
Legion service to our community, state, and nation. They are
Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation; National Security; Americanism;
and, Children &Youth. This year I thought it would be interesting
to select and write about one national Holiday to be celebrated in
each upcoming quarter. Under the umbrella of Americanism, I
will select a holiday where our nation’s flag figures prominently –
thus, this issue will address Presidents’ Day.
                                                                           President George Washington         President Abraham Lincoln
By way of a quick background, until 1971, both February 12 and
                                                                              born February 22, 1732             born February 12, 1809
February 22 were observed as public holidays to honor the
birthdays of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. In 1971,                    • Visit the Lincoln Cottage on Upshur Street in
President Richard Nixon proclaimed one single federal holiday,          Washington, DC where the Lincoln family lived for a quarter of his
the Presidents’ Day, to be observed on the 3rd Monday of                presidency. For more information or reservations call
February (this year February 15th), honoring all current and past       (202) 829-0436 or visit
U.S. Presidents.The Presidents’ Day weekend is an excellent time
to fly our nation’s colors and to visit our nation’s capitol and pay    Additional information regarding the above and other activities
tribute to America’s most famous leaders. Several events may be         may be obtained online through Google at Washington DC
of interest, such as:                                                   Presidents Day Events 2010. There are also some technically
         • Visit the White House Visitor Center on Feb. 15th from       differing opinions on the true name of this holiday – if interested,
10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and enjoy free programs led by the National           check
Park Service including games, crafts and theatrical performances.       for additional information and insights. Regardless, remember to
                                                                        fly your flag on February 15th.
         • Special Events at George Washington’s Mount Vernon
Estate and Gardens where you can explore the 500 acre estate and        If you have any questions or would
learn more about the life of our first president.                       like more details regarding any of
        • Free Walking Tours of Alexandria Sites associated with        the above activities, please contact
George Washington are given on Sundays starting at 1:30 p.m.            Post Commander Tony Gerner at
throughout the month of February.                                       703-941-9608 or your Chamber
                                                                        President and Legionnaire Marv
       • Join Alexandria’s Annual George Washington Classic             Rodney at 703-328-3052. A
10K Race held on Saturday, February 13th at 8:30 a.m.                   better choice may be to stop in at
        • Attend the George Washington Birthday Parade in Old           your Post located at 4206 Daniels
Town Alexandria through the streets where Washington once               Avenue, Annandale and meet our
walked. Parade held on Monday, February 15th from 1-3 p.m.              friendly people.
                                                                January 2010
6                                                                                                                          ENDEAVOR

From Capitol Hill...
Washington: Education, the Economy, and the Deficit
By: Congressman Gerald E. Connolly

Congratulations to Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and         Also, as noted in a recent Washington
Technology, right here in Annandale, for being selected the best        Post article, Northern Virginia’s
high school in America for the third year in a row in the annual        economy has benefited greatly from
U.S. News and World Report survey of nearly 22,000 U.S. high            funding under the American Recovery
schools. It is a tremendous and unprecedented honor for the             and Reinvestment Act. The act, more
school, Principal Evan Glazer, the staff, the teachers, the parents,    commonly known as the stimulus, was
and most importantly, the TJ students, whose commitment to              endorsed by the U.S. Chamber of
excellence and passion for learning was recognized by the               Commerce. Northern Virginia companies and contractors have
magazine.                                                               received more than $562 million in stimulus funds, according to
                                                                        the Post. That money comes in addition to the tens of millions of
I also congratulate the seven other high schools in Northern            dollars in stimulus funds that have been awarded to our school
Virginia − Langley HS; James Madison HS; George Marshall HS;            systems and have funded numerous projects that have bolstered
W.T. Woodson HS; Lake Braddock HS; George Mason HS; and                 our economy during these difficult times.
McLean HS – that also were recognized as being among the
nation’s top-rated schools. Overall, 39 high schools from 19            Finally, we must remain vigilant about the federal deficit. To that
Virginia counties and cities made the grade. The quality of our         end, I authored a letter to the House leadership, signed by 13 of
education is an important factor in our favorable business climate      my freshman House colleagues, urging that at least half of the Trou-
and our strong economy in Northern Virginia. The quality of our         bled Asset Relief Program (TARP) funds that are unspent or re-
schools translates into a quality and educated workforce.               turned to the Treasury by banks be used to reduce the federal
On a related economic issue for Fairfax and Northern Virginia,
Congress recently passed an appropriations bill that contains           The Treasury Department estimates that between $210 billion and
important federal funding for a variety of important programs           $260 billion in TARP funds could be available in the next 12 to 18
including: the Northern Virginia Regional Gang Task Force, which        months. Making deficit reduction the first priority for these funds
I championed during my years as Chairman of the Fairfax County          by dedicating at least half of them to deficit reduction will reduce
Board of Supervisors; new highway interchanges and bridges; Rail        interest payments on the debt and reduce the pressure to raise
to Dulles and operations and preventive maintenance for the             taxes on hard-working families. I believe this is an opportunity
entire Metrorail system; a new program at Northern Virginia             too good to pass up.
Community College to prepare students for new jobs in the health
information technology field; and other important projects.

                                                                                         Preserving Open Space

                                                                          Congressman Gerry Connolly’s record of championing
                                                                          parks, preserving open space, increasing recreational
                                                                          opportunities, protecting the environment, and
                                                                          making Fairfax County a better place to live was
                                                                          recognized recently when he received the Sally
                                                                          Ormsby Environmental Stewardship Award at the
                                                                          Fairfax County Park Authority at its annual awards
                                                                          ceremony. Presenting the award to Connolly was
                                                                          Annandale District Supervisor Penny Gross.
                                                                    January 2010
ENDEAVOR                                                                                                                                             7 Capitol Square
Richmond: Budget Cuts
By: Delegate Vivian Watts

Virginia has a diverse economy...we are not Michigan. Virginia              sources has been increased in 24 years
has a strong reputation for being fiscally responsible...we are             and we’re out of money to do much
not California. Nevertheless, Virginia is facing virtually                  more than come up with the state
unprecedented negative economic conditions, as we strive to shape           match     required     for     federal
a budget in this General Assembly session. With our diverse econ-           construction, limited Metrorail
omy, Virginia’s unemployment rate was just 6.3% in October...the            support, and the most basic
third lowest among states with over a million people. Because the           maintenance.
D.C. region has the lowest unemployment of all large
metropolitan areas, Northern Virginia’s economy continues to                Virginia does remain a low tax state at about 41st. All of the
balance out those areas of Virginia where unemployment                      revenue from the 2 cent sales tax increase in 2004 ended up being
significantly exceeds the national average of over 10%.                     used for tax cuts: reducing the sales tax on food ($190 million),
                                                                            eliminating the estate tax ($120 million), reducing the individual
Nevertheless, unemployment in Virginia increased 50% this                   income tax ($60 million), and providing a land preservation tax
last year. The greatest job losses were in manufacturing and                credit ($150 million).
construction, mirroring the national economy. We’ve lost 60,000
manufacturing jobs since 2004 and most won’t come back due to               One final perspective: Virginia’s budget did grow 23% (adjusted
plant closures. Construction employment peaked in 2006, driven              for population and inflation) in the ten years ending July, 2008.
by the housing boom that in just one decade created a two decade            However, looking at where it grew doesn’t present easy pull-backs.
inventory. Commercial construction will be equally slow to                  The big new state programs were a Rainy Day Fund, Car Tax
recover due to the credit crunch on small business, which is                Relief ($950 million), and use of the General Fund for
becoming even worse as 5-year commercial construction loans are             transportation ($150 million). Federal mandates included No
coming due.                                                                 Child Left Behind, Real ID, and Child Support Enforcement where
                                                                            the state collects past due amounts and pays them out as
The bottom line is that for the first time ever, state revenue from         expenditures. And finally, Medicaid grew at twice the rate of
payroll withholding this year is expected to be less than the               general spending (even though Virginia is 48th in the needs
previous year. In addition, from July through October, monthly              Medicaid covers), while college tuition increases and prison
sales tax revenue is running 5% below last year...again,                    population growth also drove the size of Virginia’s budget.
unprecedented. These two sources of revenue make up almost
75% of the state revenue that we use to support local K-12                  I know I’ve tried to pack a lot of details into this piece. But, there
education (34% of state spending), Medicaid (15%), Higher                   are no easy answers and I wanted you to have a basic
Education (12%), Mental Health and Human Services (11%),                    understanding of the challenges. Hopefully, the New Year will
Public Safety (11%), Car Tax reimbursement (6%) and Debt                    bring nothing but good news! I do wish you and your families and
Service (3%).                                                               your businesses The Best.

Because Virginia is fiscally well-managed, we began making cuts
                                                                                   USEFUL PHRASES IN OUR CULTURALY DIVERSE
in 2007. Cumulatively, we’ve cut general spending $6.3 billion                                      TOWN
in what is already the longest recession by far since WWII.
However, analyzing a wide range of economic indicators, we can’t                   ENGLISH                   KOREAN                     SPANISH
responsibly assume a strong recovery. Indeed, the most                        1. Hello                  An nyung ha say yo.                Hola!
disturbing factor in looking at past recessions is that full recovery
took an average of 4 and 2 years. The budget we hammer-out this               2. Thank you.              Kam sa hum me da                 Gracias.
General Assembly session must deal with even deeper cuts of $2.8
                                                                              3. Goodbye.             An nyung hee ka say yo.             Adios.
to $3.5 billion more...a grim 10% pull back on top of what’s
already been cut. In addition, dedicated transportation revenue               4. Glad to meet you.   Man na saw, ban gup s me da    Gusto en conocerle.
has been even harder hit because it depends on the number of
gallons of gas sold, car sales, as well as the general retail sales tax.      5. Have a good day.     Jo un ha rue, dway say yo.   Que tenga un buen dia.
Along with the effect of the current economy, none of these tax
                                                              January 2010
8                                                                                                                                                  ENDEAVOR

What a Difference a Century Makes
Statistics for the Year 1909... What will be reported 100 years from now?
•   The average life expectancy was 47 years.
•   Only 14 percent of the homes had a bathtub.
•   Only 8 percent of the homes had a telephone.
•   There were only 8,000 cars operating on 144 miles of paved
•   The maximum speed limit in most cities was 10 mph.
•   The tallest structure in the world was the Eiffel Tower.
•   The average wage in 1909 was 22 cents per hour.
•   The average worker made between $200 and $400 per year.
•   A competent accountant could expect to earn $2000/year, a
    dentist $2,500/year, a veterinarian between $1,500 and              Winter Tea & Tasting Programs at
    $4,000/year, and a mechanical engineer about $5,000/year.                Green Spring Gardens
•   More than 95 percent of all births took place at HOME.                   Historic Manor House
                                                                                        (Entrance on Braddock Road
•   Ninety percent of all doctors had NO COLLEGE                                     across from Pinecrest Golf Course)

    EDUCATION. Instead, they attended so-called medical
    schools, many of which were condemned in the press and the
    government as substandard.                                          Traditional English Tea and Program
                                                                        Programs are by reservation only and require a $27/person non-refundable prepay-
•   Sugar cost four cents a pound.                                      ment. A traditional English tea is included in each tea program. Groups may call to
•   Eggs were fourteen cents a dozen.                                   reserve a private tour and tea. 703-941-7987
                                                                        Sunday, January 24: Consider Carnations
•   Coffee was fifteen cents a pound.                                   1-3pm. Give them a chance. Carnations are perfect flowers for lush and substantial winter
                                                                        bouquets or arrangements. They are inexpensive, last well, come in almost every color, and
•   Most women only washed their hair once a month, and used            can be found everywhere. And, though much maligned, they can look elegant! We’ll show
    Borax or egg yolks for shampoo.                                     you how to play up the carnation’s strengths with a range of simple and sophisticated dis-
                                                                        play ideas.
•   Canada passed a law that prohibited poor people from                Sunday, February 14: Valentine’s Day Tea: Love Stories
    entering into their country for any reason.                         1-3pm. Love a good story? Bring your sweetheart to explore some of the many roads to
                                                                        “happily ever after” with storyteller Margaret Chatham. You’ll be mesmerized by stories
•   Five leading causes of death were:                                  from around the world of love lost or found, given or won. Then raise your teacups in honor
                                                                        of the lovers’ holiday!
           1. Pneumonia and influenza
                                                                        Sunday, February 28: The Artful Plate
           2. Tuberculosis                                              1-3pm. It smells and tastes delicious, but how does it look? Giving your meal eye appeal is
                                                                        as important as following the recipe. How food is presented can even affect how we think it
           3. Diarrhea                                                  tastes. A plate of food is like a painting and the rim of the plate the frame. Learn how to
                                                                        arrange and garnish food and make simple finishing touches that will beautify even the most
           4. Heart disease                                             basic dish. We’ll help you to think like a Rembrandt as you dish up!
           5. Stroke                                                    Tasting Parties at the Historic House
•   The American flag had 45 stars.                                     Sample different types of a specific food or drink with the appropriate accompani-
                                                                        ments as you learn to taste with all your senses. We’ll tell you all about the fea-
•   The population of Las Vegas, Nevada, was only 30.                   tured food/drink and show you how to host a tasting party of your own. Individual
•   Crossword puzzles, canned beer, and iced tea hadn’t been            tasting: $22 each, or $60 for a series of three tastings.

    invented yet.                                                       Saturday, December 19: Oolong Tea Tasting
                                                                        10:30am-12pm. There is enormous variety in the range of oolong flavors, aromas, and
•   There was no Mother's Day or Father's Day.                          colors. All have extraordinary depth. Some are sweet, some flowery, some toasty, some
•   Two out of every 10 adults couldn't read or write and only          autumnal, some have flavors which the English language cannot even describe! We’ll
                                                                        sample a range of oolongs, the “greens,” the “ambers” and the “high-grown,” and we’ll
    6 percent of all Americans had graduated from high school.          try to come up with the words!

•   Marijuana, heroin, and morphine were all available over the         Saturday, January 16: Chocolate Tasting
                                                                        10:30am-12pm: We’ll focus on single origin chocolates, also known as varietals or
    counter at the local corner drugstores. Back then pharmacists       “estate,” from all over the world. The beans come from a single country, region, or even
                                                                        a single estate. Each has a distinct flavor, like your favorite wine from one vineyard.
    said, “Heroin clears the complexion, gives buoyancy to the          Challenge yourself to find the unique attributes for each one you taste. You’ll discover
                                                                        that terms like “terroir” and “vintage” apply to chocolate too!
    mind, regulates the stomach and bowels, and is, in fact, a
                                                                        Saturday, February 20: Tapas Tasting
    perfect guardian of health.”                                        10:30am-12pm. You may never serve cheese and crackers again! These delicious and
                                                                        varied little dishes are a centuries-old tradition in Spain and gaining in popularity here.
•   Eighteen percent of households had at least one full-time           We’ll introduce you to the tapas lifestyle as we inspire you to revamp your appetizers
    servant or domestic help.                                           with some exquisitely tasty finger foods that are quick and easy to make.
                                                                        Saturday, January 30: (NEW) Craft Workshop at the Historic House: Teacup
•   There were about 230 reported murders in the entire USA.            Topiaries
•   95 percent of the taxes we have now did not exist in 1909           10-11:30am. Fresh flowers are in short supply right now, so let’s create our own flowery
                                                                        centerpiece for winter, combining our favorite things – flowers and teacups! We’ll work
•   Kodak introduced $1 Brownie hand held cameras (1900)                with you to create your own beautiful teacup topiary to grace a table or give as a gift.
                                                                        All materials supplied, including china cup and saucer. Light refreshments included. $18.
    to the masses.
                                                                 January 2010
ENDEAVOR                                                                                                                                    9
Are You Thinking of Starting a Home-Based
Business? The County requires permits and a license.
In the April 2009 issue, Home Occupation Permits for Home Based          Individuals engaged in home
Businesses was outlined. This issue will explore The County's            occupations and self employed
Business, Professional and Occupational License. Businesses,             must also file if gross receipts are
professions, trades, and occupations are assessed a license tax based    greater than $10,000. Receipts
on gross receipts for the prior year, without deductions. Exclusions     of venture capital or other
are deductions from the definition of gross receipts. (See Fairfax       investment funds are excluded
County Code and Title of the Code of Virginia for details.) Expenses     from taxation except commissions
are not an allowable exclusion for most businesses. The most             and fees. Effective January 1,
frequently claimed exclusions are listed below.                          1998, renewal license applications
                                                                         must be filed and the tax paid by
Most frequently claimed exclusions are:                                  March 1 each year. New licenses
1. Persons who collect Federal and State excise tax on motor fuel        must be filed within 75 days from the date the business began in
as part of gross receipts may deduct this tax.                           Fairfax County. If gross receipts are $10,000 or less, there is no
                                                                         fee or license requirement.
2. Persons who collect Sales or Use tax as part of gross receipts
may deduct this tax. Provide your Sales or Use tax account number
                                                                             • For businesses with gross receipts from $10,001 to $50,000,
as assigned by the State.
                                                                         a flat fee of $30 is assessed.
3. 501(C) organizations may exclude business-related income from
                                                                             • For businesses with gross receipts from $50,001 to $100,000,
gross receipts. Unrelated business income remains taxable. Attach
                                                                         a flat fee of $50 is assessed.
applicable 990 or 990T.
                                                                            • For businesses with gross receipts of $100,001 or greater, the
4. Gross receipts do not include gifts, contributions and
                                                                         tax rate is determined by the business classification.
membership dues of a nonprofit organization.
5. Sellers of Computer Hardware or Software that are purchased           The County's Business, Professional and Occupational License
for resale to a United States Federal or State Government entity as      (BPOL) Ordinance requires an estimate for the first partial and the
allowed by Title 58.1-3732, of the Code of Virginia, can deduct the      subsequent first full calendar year of operation. Although the first
original cost of the equipment. Provide documentation supporting         two years of operation require an estimate of gross receipts (or
any exclusion from gross receipts. Documentation would include,          gross purchases for Wholesale Merchants), in reality the taxpayer is
but would not be limited to, a complete description of property          taxed on actual gross receipts since adjustments are made at the end
sold, copies of invoices and contracts.                                  of each tax year during the estimating phase.
6. Software Developers as defined in Section 4-7.2-1(B)(1)(z) of
the Fairfax County Code whose gross receipts are derived solely          Examples:
from design, development or other creation of computer software
                                                                         • First Year (partial of operation). A business makes an initial gross
for lease, sale or license performed from a definite place of business
                                                                         receipts estimate of $160,000. If the actual gross receipts at the end
within the County may claim an exclusion. The exclusion is 100%
                                                                         of the year are $135,000, an adjustment of $25,000 is made. This
of the receipts derived solely from the lease, sale or license of the
                                                                         would be refunded if the business ended at that time or a credit on
software products. Other related receipts (such as training,
                                                                         the next tax year if the business continues. The ultimate tax
installation and integration) are not deductible. Documentation will
                                                                         effectively levied would be on the actual gross receipts of $135,000.
be required to receive this exclusion. See the exclusion worksheet
for the list of documentation required to receive this exclusion.        • Second Year (first year completed from January 1 through
7. Real Estate Brokers (New for 2003). In accordance with the            December 31). The tax basis would be a new gross receipts
Code of Virginia, Title 58.1-3732.2, "In the event that a real estate    estimate for the full year. The tax bill would be based on the new
agent receives the full commission from the broker less an               gross receipts estimate plus the adjustment (+ or -) of the difference
adjustment for the business license tax paid by the broker on such       between the initial gross receipts estimate and the actual prior year
commissions and the agent pays a desk fee to the broker, the desk        gross receipts, as described for the first year.
fee and other overhead cost paid by the agent to a broker shall not
                                                                                                                             continued on page 24
be included in the broker's gross receipts."
                                                               January 2010
10                                                                                                                         ENDEAVOR

  TAX TALK:                               Changes that can affect you.

With the end of the Congressional session nearing, tax legislation     purchase of the new residence. (These credits are equal to 10% of
is starting to take shape. Members of Congress are notorious           the purchase price of the home up to either the $8000 or the
procrastinators, so most legislation is passed in the final weeks      $6500 limit.)
before the New Year. Congress surprised us this year by passing a
bill in early November with several significant tax changes,           Extended Period to Take Business Losses
including an extension of the popular homebuyers’ tax credit and       Under the tax law, businesses that have a loss for a particular tax
expanded loss deductions for businesses.The health care legislation    year because their gross income was less than their business
also has significant tax provisions, including a proposed surtax on    deductions can use the loss in another tax year. These so-called
high-income earners with over $500,000 in income in the House          “net operating losses” (NOLs) can be carried back two years or
bill and an excise tax on health insurers in the Senate bill.          carried forward for 20 years. The American Recovery and
                                                                       Reinvestment Act passed last February allowed small businesses
While the IRS usually does not push tax breaks, it has undertaken      to carry losses from 2008 or 2009 back up to five years if they had
a number of public relations campaigns to remind taxpayers to          less than $15 million in annual gross receipts. The new Act allows
take advantage of stimulus provisions before they expire. These        all businesses (except bailed-out banks) to use NOLs from 2008 or
provisions include the deduction for sales taxes on new car            2009 to offset profits from five previous years. In many cases, this
purchases, energy efficiency improvement credits, and the              rule will result in tax refunds for struggling businesses.
increased tax credit for higher education expenses, which are
discussed in more detail below.                                        Unemployment Benefits and FUTA Surtax Extended
                                                                       The new Act extends unemployment insurance benefits to
The somewhat Draconian IRS rules for deducting business use of
                                                                       out-of-work Americans in all 50 states by an additional 14 weeks.
cell phones are under review by the IRS and by Congress, and
                                                                       The legislation also extends benefits to jobless Americans for six
relief appears to be on the way. The problem is that the record
                                                                       additional weeks in states with unemployment levels over eight
keeping required to divide cell phone use between personal calls
                                                                       and a half percent. To pay for this extension, Congress has
and business calls is out of proportion with the amount of the
                                                                       extended through June 30, 2011, the special surtax on employers
deduction for taxpayers and the cost of the deduction to the IRS.
                                                                       who pay federal unemployment compensation taxes (FUTA). The
On November 6, President Obama signed into law H.R. 3548,              permanent rate is 6%, but a temporary 0.2% surtax was added in
the “Worker, Homeownership, and Business Assistance Act of             the February stimulus law. The new Act extends this 0.2% surtax
2009.” The major relief provisions are designed to further prop up     through the first half of 2011, making the FUTA rate on
the U.S. housing market and address unemployment and business          employers 6.2% for this time period.
losses. These tax breaks are paid for by an increase in the required
                                                                       Health Care Tax Provisions
estimated tax payments by corporations and by higher penalties
for partnerships and S Corporations who fail to file tax returns.      All of us are bombarded daily with information on health care
The Act also extends the surtax on the federal unemployment tax        reform, but usually without mention of the tax provisions in the
(FUTA) to help pay for an extension of unemployment benefits.          legislation. The following is an outline of the major tax changes
                                                                       that may make it into any final legislation, including new taxes and
Homebuyers Credit Expanded                                             penalties.
The legislation extends the $8,000 first-time homebuyer credit
                                                                       House Bill Taxes High-Income Earners
through April 30, 2010, allowing homebuyers under a binding
contract an additional 60 days to close after that date. (The credit   Under the House bill, which passed the House on November 7,
was set to expire on December 1, 2009.) If homebuyers enter into       2009, 5.4% income surtax would be paid by individuals earning
a contract to buy a home before May 1, 2010, then they have until      more than $500,000 and married taxpayers filing joint returns
July 1, 2010 to close on the purchase and still claim the credit.      who make more than $1 million per year. This surtax would be in
                                                                       addition to the regular 35% highest marginal income tax rate.This
A new credit to allow homeowners to step up to a larger residence      proposal is being criticized because the income thresholds would
was added by the legislation. A $6500 credit will now be available     not be indexed for inflation.
to new buyers who have lived in their current residence for at least
five consecutive years during the eight-year period before the                                                            continued next page
                                                             January 2010
ENDEAVOR                                                                                                                             11
                                                                     increasing the penalty from 10 to 20 percent for early withdrawals
  TAX TALK:                              continued...                from health savings accounts. It disallows the use of health flexible
                                                                     spending plans and health savings accounts to pay for over-the-
                                                                     counter medicine. Like the House bill, contributions to health
Mandatory Coverage                                                   flexible spending accounts would be capped at $2,500.
                                                                     Deductions for medical expenses would be even more difficult to
Employers would be subject to new requirements that they
                                                                     take than they are now. Currently, you can only deduct medical
provide health insurance to their employees. If they do not, they
                                                                     expenses on your tax return if your expenses for the year exceed
would be subject to a payroll tax to help fund their employees’
                                                                     7.5% of your adjusted gross income (AGI). The bill would raise
health insurance. The new tax would be equal to 8% of their
                                                                     this floor to 10%. So, for example, if your adjusted gross income
payroll earmarked to help cover expenses of employees who seek
                                                                     was $100,000, you could only deduct medical expenses which
coverage through a new health insurance exchange. Small
                                                                     exceed $10,000 for the tax year.
businesses with annual payrolls below $500,000 would be exempt
from coverage requirements, including the 8% payroll tax. Small
                                                                     2012 Effective Date
businesses with 10 or fewer employees would be eligible for a tax
credit for providing health care coverage.                           Most provisions in the bills will not take effect until 2012, so we
                                                                     will all have time to study them and adjust our insurance plans and
All Americans except those below the income tax filing threshold     business practices. You can be assured that I will be following the
would be required to have health insurance coverage. If they do      health care legislation closely and will be prepared to get a
not, they will have to pay an additional tax. The bill also limits   jump-start on answering your questions.
contributions to health flexible spending arrangements to $2,500,
and imposes a 2.5% excise tax on medical devices.                    IRS UPDATE
Senate Plan Taxes High-Priced Health Plans                           Sales Taxes on Cars Deductible for 2009
The Senate has been working on its own bill, S. 1796, the            The “cash for clunkers” program may be history, but you can still
“America's Healthy Future Act of 2009.” It would provide a “health   get a special deduction from the IRS if you purchased a new car
care affordability tax credit” to small businesses and working       before the end of the year. A provision in the American Recovery
families to enable them to purchase insurance through new            & Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) allows a deduction for state
insurance pools called “exchanges.” The Senate has been cool to      and local sales and excise taxes imposed on a car purchase. The
the idea of imposing surtax on high-income earners or any other      deduction is limited to the sales and excise taxes and similar fees
increased taxes on individuals. Instead, the Senate bill would pay   paid on up to $49,500 of the purchase price of a new vehicle.You
for the new health insurance system by imposing an excise tax on     can take this deduction even if you do not itemize your
health insurers who offer high-priced “Cadillac” plans. The tax      deductions. However, it is subject to income limits, so you have to
would be 40% if an employer pays more than $8,000 in                 make under $125,000 as an individual, or $250,000 if you are
premiums for individuals and more than $21,000 for families. It      married filing jointly to claim the full tax benefit. With 2010
would be effective for tax years beginning after 2012. Retired       models arriving in dealer showrooms, there is still time to get a
persons and high-risk professions, such as firefighters and          new car for less.
construction workers, would be allowed a higher amount of
                                                                     Social Security and Nanny Tax Wage Bases Remain
employer health coverage without their health plans being subject
to the tax.
                                                                     The Social Security Administration (SSA) has announced that the
Small Business Credit                                                wage base for computing the Social Security tax in 2010 will
The small business credit would be equal to 50 percent of the        remain at $106,800. This means that once you have reached this
employer’s contribution to health insurance for businesses with      amount of income for the year, you will not have to pay social
10 or fewer employees. The credit would phase out for businesses     security taxes on additional amounts of income for the year.
with over 10 employees and an average wage for those employees
                                                                     The SSA also has announced that the “Nanny tax” threshold will
over $20,000. It would be unavailable for businesses with more
                                                                     remain at $1,700 for 2010. If you pay a domestic employee in your
than 25 employees and $40,000 in average wages per employee.
                                                                     private home less than $1,700 per year, you will not have to
Penalties and Deduction Limits                                       withhold and pay social security taxes on the employee.
The bill captures more revenue by taxing individuals who go
without health insurance coverage for three months and                                                                   continued next page
                                                                January 2010
12                                                                                                                            ENDEAVOR

                                                                        packaging. Normally, a homeowner can rely on this certification
  TAX TALK:                                continued...                 The IRS cautions that the manufacturer's certification is different
                                                                        from the Department of Energy's Energy Star label, and not all
                                                                        Energy Star labeled products qualify for the tax credits.
IRS Continues to push Recovery Act Benefits
                                                                        Through 2016, the following items are eligible for this credit:
Although the IRS’s official position is that it does not advocate for
tax benefits, its press releases recently have focused on reminding              ●   Geothermal Heat Pumps
taxpayers to take advantage of 2009 tax breaks available under the               ●   Solar Panels
provisions of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act                         ●   Solar Water Heaters
(ARRA). These benefits include tax incentives for those investing                ●   Small Wind Energy Systems
in energy-efficient property and for students with higher education              ●   Fuel Cells
expenses. An explanation of the first-time homebuyers’ credit
appears earlier in this issue. Other Recovery Act incentives are        Note that homebuilders and those taxpayers with commercial
briefly described below.                                                buildings have other tax credits available to them for energy effi-
                                                                        ciency improvements.
Energy-Efficient Home Improvements
                                                                        Tax Credit for First Four Years of College
The Recovery Act allows a credit for 30 percent of the cost of
improvements for homeowners who make energy-efficient                   The American Opportunity Credit is allowed for the cost of the
improvements to existing homes. Qualifying improvements                 first four years of college. The new credit modifies the existing
include the addition of insulation, energy-efficient exterior           Hope credit for tax years 2009 and 2010, making it refundable
windows and energy-efficient heating and air conditioning               and available to more taxpayers, including those with higher
systems. The maximum credit is $1,500 for improvements made             incomes. Tuition, related fees, books and other required course
in 2009 and 2010. Qualifying for this credit can be tricky, but most    materials all qualify now. The maximum annual credit is $2,500
reputable energy contractors have information on which of their         per student.
products are covered. For example, you cannot just buy an air
conditioner which meets certain energy efficiency standards.Your        Computer Technology Purchases Allowed for 529 Plans
entire heating and cooling system must meet the standards. Here         For 2009 and 2010, computer equipment and internet access can
is a summary of items qualifying for the credit:                        be paid by a qualified tuition program (QTP), commonly referred
                                                                        to as a 529 plan. Software designed for sports, games or hobbies
For 2009 and 2010, the following items are eligible for the credit:     does not qualify unless it is predominantly educational in nature.
         ●   Windows and Doors
                                                                        ROTH IRA Rollover Restrictions Lifted in 2010
         ●   Insulation
         ●   Roofs (Metal and Asphalt)                                  In 2008, taxpayers were for the first time allowed to roll over
                                                                        amounts in employer plans, such as 401(k)s, into Roth IRAs.
         ●   HVAC
                                                                        Before then, taxpayers had to move the funds to a traditional IRA
         ●   Water Heaters (non-solar)
                                                                        first, then to a Roth IRA. In addition, until the end of 2009, there
         ●   Biomass Stoves                                             is an income limit on Roth rollovers. Taxpayers can only do Roth
                                                                        rollovers if they have adjusted gross income that does not exceed
Residential Energy Efficient Property Credit
                                                                        $100,000. In 2010, this income limitation is abolished and
If you are a homeowner who is thinking of going green, you should       taxpayers will be able to roll over amounts from an employer plan
also consider a second tax credit designed to spur investment in        or a traditional IRA into a Roth IRA without limit.
alternative energy equipment. The residential energy efficient
property credit equals 30 percent of what you spend on property         When you roll over fund into a Roth IRA, you usually have to pay
such as solar electric systems, solar hot water heaters, geothermal     income taxes on those amounts. If you do Roth rollovers in 2010,
heat pumps, wind turbines, and fuel cell property. Generally, labor     you will be able to take rolled over amounts into income over two
costs are included when calculating this credit. Also, no cap exists    tax years, 2011 and 2012. Allowing you to split the income over
on the amount of credit available except in the case of fuel cell       two years will reduce the tax rate you will have to pay on the
property. Not all energy-efficient improvements qualify for these       rollover amounts. These law changes are very favorable to
tax credits. For that reason, you should check the manufacturer's       taxpayers and allow you great flexibility in reinvesting your
tax credit certification statement before purchasing or installing      retirement funds, but the rules are complex. Please contact me if
any of these improvements.The certification statement can usually       you want to discuss your options.                  continued next page
be found on the manufacturer's website or with the product
                                                               January 2010
ENDEAVOR                                                                                                                               13
                                                                        then the business cell phone would be tax free. Alternatively, the
  TAX TALK:                                continued...                 employer could define a specified amount of personal use as
                                                                        "minimal” personal use that would be disregarded.
                                                                                  2. Safe Harbor method: An employer would treat a
IRS, Congress Propose Changes in Cell Phone Taxation
                                                                        certain percentage of each employee's use of an employer-
Confronting the realities of employee cell phone usage, the IRS         provided cell phone as business usage. The remaining percentage
has proposed new, simplified approaches to taxing employees’            of use would be considered personal use.The IRS suggests a 75/25
personal use of business cell phones. Meanwhile in Congress,            allocation, where the employer treats 75% as business use and the
members of both the House and Senate tax committees have                remaining 25% as personal use taxable to the employee.
introduced legislation to ease the rules on proving the amount of
business use. Existing law requires burdensome record keeping by                3. Statistical Sampling method:This method would allow
businesses to claim deductions for cell phones. Now, taxpayers can      employers to use statistics on personal versus business use to
deduct business expenses associated with the use of cellular            measure an employee's personal use of an employer-provided cell
telephones only if they maintain detailed logs of all employee calls,   phone.
text messages, and emails, including the date and amount of each
use in a tax year. The logs must identify who was called and the        Cell Phone Changes Pushed in Congress
business purpose of the call. If these records are not properly         Republicans and Democrats in both the House and the Senate have
maintained, cell phone use can be taxed as income to the                joined together and introduced legislation to “modernize” the
employee, and the business will not get a deduction for the cost of     treatment of business cell phones. Both bills would eliminate the
the phone.                                                              paperwork required for businesses to claim a deduction.

IRS Considering Three Alternatives
The IRS has proposed three new alternative methods to                   Observation
substantiate business cell phone use, described below, and has          With the wide use of cell phones in both small and large-sized
asked for comments from tax practitioners on its proposals. Many        businesses, the existing rules are a significant burden on businesses.
comments have been sent to the IRS on this issue, but it has not        If you look at recent court cases it is obvious that the IRS
announced a final decision yet. No matter which option is chosen,       challenges taxpayers’ cell phone deductions on a regular basis.
any business that wishes to use a simplified cell phone                 There is now an opportunity to change the law. If cell phone use
substantiation method will have to have a written policy that           is an important part of your business, you may want to weigh in on
requires employees to use the employer-provided cell phones only        the proposed changes and submit your comments to the IRS or to
for business and that prohibits personal use except for minimal         Congress regarding easing of these rules.
personal use. Here are the three possible methods of calculating
business use:
                                                                                                     George Kresslein, CPA
         1. Minimal personal use method: If the employee has a                                       703-354-1750
personal cell phone as well as an employer-provided cell phone,                            

                                                 Annandale                      Virginia               USA
       Medium Household Income                  $83,208                         $57,643                $49,199
       Median Home Price                        $449,100                        $329,517               $248,670
       Unemployment                             3%                              4%                     5%
       Annual Days with some sun                202
       Annual Days with some rain               116

                Northern Virginia has 4% of the land area and 25% of the population, but provides
                             more than 33% of the Commonwealth’s economic base.
                                                                 January 2010
14                                                                                                                           ENDEAVOR

Coming Soon: Widening of Route 50
in Fairfax and Loudoun Counties.
A top priority in the current six year plan of the Commonwealth
Transportation Board is the widening of Route 50. Because of
unacceptable levels of congestion that occur during peak hours, and
to plan for future traffic increases as well as safety, this four lane
highway will be turned into a more level six lane highway with
wider buffers on either side. The project will begin in 2010 at an
                                                                         Tysons Connector: Free Midday Shuttle
estimated cost of $75 million.                                           A new lunchtime shuttle service called Tysons Connector is
                                                                         circulating throughout the Tysons Corner core business district,
New Traffic Laws                                                         providing free rides to those who live, work, shop, dine or visit
Text Messaging and emailing while you are driving is now illegal         there. Tysons Connector buses will operate at 10-minute intervals
on the highways of the Commonwealth. This applies to any                 between 10 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Two routes
handheld personal communication device that requires manual              − Tysons Connector 1 and 2 − will serve major employers,
entering of multiple letters or text as well as reading the text while   residential communities and businesses along the routes, as well as
driving. Exemptions are made for observing a global positioning          Tysons Corner Center and Tysons Galleria malls.
system, reading caller ID information and using a wireless
                                                                         Operated by Fairfax Connector,Tysons Connector will make it easy
telecommunication device in order to report an emergency.
                                                                         for Tysons-area employees, residents, and visitors to park their cars
Operators of emergency vehicles are exempt from this law.
                                                                         and hop on board the shuttle. New bus stop signs will identify the
If you want to keep driving, minors can’t afford to skip school.         locations where passengers can board along the routes. Since the
Minors who have 10 or more consecutive schools days of unexcused         service is free, passengers don’t have to use cash or SmarTrip cards
absences from public schools can now have their driver’s license         to pay a fare. With a bus coming every 10 minutes, Tysons
suspended.                                                               employees will be able to eat and run errands on their lunch hour
                                                                         without wasting time in traffic or trying to find a parking place.
VDOT to use a new Anti-Icing Mixture                                     This connector service is part of the first of three phases of
In years past, salt was spread on Virginia highways after the snow       enhanced transit in Tysons Corner, accompanying the construction
began to fall. Starting this winter, VDOT will switch to salt based      and operation of Dulles Rail.
chemical brine that will appear much like water being sprayed.
                                                                         For more information contact Fairfax County Department of
Application of this brine will take place up to 48 hours prior to a
                                                                         Transportation at 703-877-5606 or see their website at
storm. The purpose is to establish a barrier between the pavement
and the snow. Immediately after spraying, the road will be slippery
so motorists are warned not to closely follow an anti-icing truck
and to pass one very carefully. VDOT plans to have a shadow
vehicle directly behind their trucks as an additional safeguard.
Because the chemical brine is corrosive and can damage the finish
on automobiles keep your distance.
                                                                  January 2010
ENDEAVOR                                                                                                                                                                           15
XoCai becomes the 2009-2010 Chamber Sponsor
Delicious, dark, decadent, mouth-watering Belgian Chocolate
The Annandale Chamber warmly welcomes Xoçai™ Healthy                       Many people don't realize
Chocolate as their Chamber Sponsor of the Year.                            that unprocessed Cacao is the
                                                                           highest source of antioxidants
Is chocolate really healthy? Is it possible that something this            in the world. Antioxidants
delicious is a super food that helps increase energy levels and acts       help in supporting the
as a digestive aid? The answer is a resounding yes! This chocolate         immune system, and have a
contains twice the antioxidants of red wine and three times that of        positive effect on the health of the cardiovascular system. Eating
green tea. It contains no refined sugars, no bad fats, no waxes, no        antioxidant-rich foods can also enhance our natural defenses
fillers, no preservatives, no caffeine. It's diabetic and vegan-friendly   especially as we age and our body’s ability to defend against
as well as Kosher-certified. Xoçai™ is delicious, dark and                 oxidation declines. It's not just news networks that are reporting
decadent, yet it's healthy for your body                                   on the healthy benefits of chocolate, it's medical professionals,
                                                                           scientists, and researches. So eat more chocolate! Not so fast. Eat
All-natural unprocessed cacao is healthier than commercially               Xoçai™ Healthy Chocolate. Purchases can be made online or by
processed chocolate. Xoçai™ Healthy Chocolate is raw                       phone.
unprocessed chocolate that maintains cacao's natural Flavonoids.
Being unprocessed, it holds 100% of its antioxidant and nutritional        Xoçai™ Healthy Chocolate
value. Xoçai™ delicious chocolate products have been created to            Delicious, dark, decadent, mouth-watering Belgian chocolate.
provide maximum antioxidant benefits, while minimizing the                 Contains NO refined sugars, bad fats, preservatives, fillers, or
negatives usually associated with chocolate, that is, too much fat         caffeine. Contact: George Kresslein, Independent Distributor @
and too much sugar, fillers and preservatives. They also use low           703-354-1750 or go to
glycemic sweeteners in their products.
                                                                                                                      BACCARAT            BERNARDAUD        HAVILAND      ROSENTHAL
                                                                           JAY STRONGWATER JULISKA VERA BRADLEY JULIA KNIGHT

                                                                                                                                                                                       LENOX MARIPOSA NAMBE SIMON PEARCE SPODE GIEN
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                                                                                                                                      TRULY DISTINCTIVE

                                                                                                                               With our Low Price Guarantee, why shop anywhere else?
                                                                                                                                        OTHER SERVICES AVAILABLE
                                                                                                                                       Wedding Registry & Corporate Gifts
                                                                                                                                          Gift Wrapping & Shipping.

                                                                                                                                         703-354-2110 800-357-2110
                                                                                                                               4417 JOHN MARR DRIVE, ANNANDALE, VA 22003

                                                                                                                  LYNN CHASE SWAROVSKI WEDGWOOD WATERFORD
                                                                  January 2010
16                                                                                                                                                    ENDEAVOR

Don’t Spoil the Beauty of Winter with a Fire
Tips for playing it safe                                                                                       By: Virginia Burke Kinneman, LUTCF

With the cold winter months comes the rise in home heating costs           • Use only heaters with the
and the increased use of alternative heating sources. Statistics show      Underwriters Laboratory (UL)
that the number of home fires increases dramatically during the            safety listing.
winter months, fueled in part by the increase in alternative heating       • Avoid using extension cords with
sources, seasonal displays, and candles. According to the latest           space heaters. If you must use one,
figures from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA),              be sure the cord is marked
fireplaces, space heaters and chimneys were involved in 68 percent         “12-guage” or “14-guage.”
of the home heating fires reported to the nation’s fire departments.       • Before you buy a kerosene heater,
It’s important to make sure you take the appropriate steps to              check with your local fire
protect what matters to you most – your loved ones and your                department to ensure that it is legal.
property. Most home fires are preventable. By taking a few simple
                                                                           • Use only the fuel recommended by the manufacturer.
precautions, you can help ensure a warm and safe winter.
                                                                           • Be sure portable heating devices are off when you leave the room.
Here are some tips for a safer operation of alternative heating sources:
• Don’t leave children or pets unattended near any heating source.
                                                                           • Never use lighted candles on Christmas trees or other
• Create an evacuation plan for your home and make sure
everyone in your home knows what to do in case of a fire.
                                                                           • Always use stable, nonflammable candle holders.
Fireplaces and Woodstoves                                                  • Always keep burning objects up high, out of the reach of
• Have chimneys professionally inspected at least once a year.             children or where pets might knock them over.
• Burn only wood, not cardboard or trash.                                  • Leave plenty of space between the candle and objects above.
• Use a fireplace screen big enough to cover the entire opening of         • Never leave burning candles unattended.
the fireplace.
• Be sure to check with your local fire department and check local         To learn more ways to protect your home and family, contact
codes before installing a wood burning stove.                              Virginia Kinneman at Kinneman Insurance 703-823-8800 or go
                                                                           online at
Space Heaters                                                                                                         Have questions about insurance? Just ask
                                                                                                                      Virginia who has lived in Annandale and has
• Place space heaters at least three feet away from anything                                                          been a Nationwide Agent for more then 15
combustible.                                                                                                          years. Kinneman Insurance: Offers a full line
                                                                                                                      of insurance and financial services.
                                                                           Nationwide and the Nationwide Framework are federally registered service marks of Nationwide Mutual
                                                                           Insurance Company. On Your Side is a service mark of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company.

                     THE BEANETICS QUIZ:
                         How well do you know Annandale?
    Trading stamps were issued by two stores in Annandale during the 1960’s and 70’s. They would be pasted
    into books and when enough books were collected, the stamps were exchanged for
                                        1. Which store issued Green Stamps?
                                        2. Which store issued Yellow Stamps?
                                        3. Where was each located?
                       The first person to email the correct answer to will receive a prize from
                           Beanetics Coffee Roasters: 7028 Columbia Pike, Annandale (Annandale Shopping Center)
                 Owners, employees, and the families of any business mentioned in the quiz are prohibited from entering the contest.
                                                      Winners are limited to one prize per year.
                                                                  January 2010
ENDEAVOR                                                                                                                                 17
A Murder of Crows                                                          Crows commonly gang up on birds
By: Michael McDonnell
                                                                           of prey, notably hawks and owls.
    Hidden Oaks Nature Center                                              They combine efforts to harass a
                                                                           bird of prey out of a feeding
                                It is wintertime at Hidden Oaks, and       territory. Crows sometimes use our
                                during a rare solitary moment              modern technology to hunt. They
                                I watched the bird feeders outside         have been noted to harass squirrels
                                the classroom window and was               into a street where cars run them
                                perplexed and fascinated by what           down, providing a quick meal.
                                ensued. Three large black crows            They’ve been televised using cars to smash walnuts they’ve dropped
                                (Corvus brachyrhyncos) were taking         from the air! Likewise, they’ve been documented using “tools”
                                turns feeding from the suet cage.The       (sticks with natural hooked or barbed ends) to dig food out of holes
                                largest I’ll call Alpha, and the others    in trees or under leaves. With all these skills, teaching and learning
                                Beta and Gamma.                            is required.
Alpha flew up to the suet cage and perched on top with its wings           A second possibility is that coming up under the suet feeder
spread, squawking three or four short bursts. This behavior, called        requires a winged dexterity that crows must learn through
“mantling”, is common to crows and some other birds and possibly           observation, practice and experience, rather than instinctively. The
shows dominance over fresh food in the wild or on the street. The          combination of arrhythmic wing beats, constantly adjusted for the
crow jammed its beak between the bars, but could not reach the             size and weight of the bird – as well as the swinging suet feeder –
suet cake, which had been diminished to the bottom third of the            requires multiple simultaneous thinking skills. This “multi-tasking”
cage. Apparently frustrated, Alpha flew to the ground and all three        is only in its elementary stages with computers, which is why
strutted around for 10 seconds. Then Alpha, in what I viewed as an         computers can’t drive cars the way they can fly planes. Think of
inspiration, flew to the bottom of the cage, grasped the bars with its     how humans have learned to drive, or play a musical instrument, hit
feet and hung on to the suet cake with its bill! In this manner,           a baseball or tag a monarch butterfly. The poorest driver,
beating its wings irregularly, it managed to bite off some suet and        musician, athlete or naturalist performs simultaneous feats of
flap to the ground. The second crow, Beta, flew up imitating Alpha’s       mental calculation and physical skill at speeds of which computer
movements and successfully ate on its first attempt while Alpha and        designers can still only dream. Perhaps crow Gamma was a
the third crow, Gamma, waited. When Beta was finished, Gamma               juvenile without the dexterity to yet feed itself in this fashion.
flew to the top of the cage and jammed its bill down unsuccessfully        Certain skills take time to master.
through it, trying to dislodge a piece of cake. It was of course still
too far down. Gamma stopped and flew to the ground while Alpha             Many years ago I led
flew up from underneath again.                                             a group on Mason Neck
                                                                           to observe American bald
I watched this repeated show for 10 minutes, and not once did              eagles around Pohick and
Alpha, Beta or Gamma go out of their initial order! And not once           Belmont Bays. A patron
did Gamma learn the trick of coming up under the cage! Alpha and           asked me why there were
Beta both ate and both waited for Gamma to take its suet-less turn,        so many crows in
and after a bit Gamma would sense that its turn was over and land          Annandale. Good question!
while Alpha flew up again from underneath. In 10 minutes this              Another patron, however,
cycle repeated over two dozen times, never out of sequence and             stepped up and noted, “It’s
each bird getting roughly the same time span.                              Springfield where all the
                                                                           crows are!” At that time
One could only speculate about crow behavior, since they don’t talk        before West Nile Virus,
to us so that we could understand, but a couple of thoughts come           everyone’s observations
to mind. One is that crow Gamma is a juvenile that does not have           were accurate.* Crows in
the intelligence or learned skills of its elders. Crows are very           the winter are in a
intelligent birds with highly developed social skills. Field naturalists   non-breeding       phase,
have identified 23 distinct vocalizations that are consistent with
individual or group behavior, and possibly as many as 75 other caws
                                                                                       continued next page
that might further social communication or individual variation.
                                                                January 2010
18                                                                                                                                     ENDEAVOR

VIEW ON NATURE                                                           continued...

which means they tend to flock by the thousands, and return to the        Michael McDonnell is the manager at Hidden Oaks Nature Center, 7701
same roost areas at the end of each day. When spring rolls around,        Royce Street, Annandale. Some information for this article came from: A
                                                                          Guide to the Behavior of Common Birds, Vol. I by Donald Stokes;
they break into smaller groups of mated pairs and juveniles. In
                                                                          Audubon’s Encyclopedia of Birds; and Science News, Vol. 149, Jan.‘96,
March when the nests are being built, they are quiet and secretive.       The Center for Disease Control and the author’s own observations. Visit
Intelligence combines with instinct to not reveal nested areas while      Hidden Oaks to observe birds, do research or otherwise enjoy nature in
they are being built so other crows won’t push them off of a prime        January and February from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday through Monday.
location (location, location!). After the eggs are laid, they put on a    Hidden Oaks is a Fairfax County Park Authority facility; telephone
                                                                          703-941-1065, TTY 703-324-3988.
noisy defensive show for any creature, including we who wander
too close to the nest.                                                    * West Nile Virus, transmitted by infected mosquitoes, has decimated crow
                                                                          and other bird populations in our areas since 1999. Infections have been
The feeder behavior I recently witnessed could have had several           documented in 326 species of our avian friends. Once thought to be 100%
different reasons.Whatever the cause, it required the crows to have       fatal in birds, studies have determined that currently many – if not most –
                                                                          birds can become infected without dying, and subsequently immunize
intelligence, instinct, cooperation, and group agreement on a
                                                                          themselves from further infection. Of course one should consider that we’re
social level not often observed. I felt privileged. Bird-brained          studying only those birds already genetically equipped to deal with West Nile
indeed!                                                                   virus, which now comprise the majority of remaining individuals! Science is
                                                                          funny that way. At any rate the remaining number are vastly fewer than
                                                                          previous years.

Annandale Residents Suffer with Glut of
Commercial Vehicles     ... continued from cover page
Included in the changes, “Vehicles exempted from these size and
weight limits are: commercial vehicles used by public service
companies, watercraft or motor home, school buses, vehicles driven
by or used for transporting persons with disabilities, vehicles for
cable television service, moving vehicles for 48 hours, and vehicles
for propane gas service.” Why the exception for cable television
service vans? A spokesperson within the county explained that,
“During the last Legislative session in Richmond, Delegate Albo
introduced a bill to update the code that defines commercial
vehicles in the state for parking. After all of the committee
meetings, that portion was placed into the code which is 46.2-1224.
Since it is in the State Code and specifically exempts certain types
of vehicles, Fairfax County can not override the exemption.” The
county did add other vehicles such as the box truck to the list of
restricted vehicles. They also included trucks with ladders on them
if the overall height is eight feet or more or if the overall length
including the ladders measures 21 feet or more.

As of February 1, 2010 the expanded restrictions take effect and
tickets will be issued by the Fairfax County Police starting in
March. The fine for illegal commercial vehicles parked on residen-
tial streets has been increased from $25 to $100 per occurrence.
For further information go to the County website at and look up Changes to Section 82-5-7 of
the Fairfax County Code. If you suspect that vehicles on your street
are in violation, contact the non emergency number for the Fairfax        These two vans above are NOT owned by any resident on this street. Both vehicle
                                                                          owners live around the corner in townhouses where HOA rules prohibit the parking
County Police at 703-691-2131.                                            of commercial vehicles. Imagine looking at this every day!
                                                                       January 2010
ENDEAVOR                                                                                                                                  19
Bicycles:                      Gallows Road to Become Bicycle Friendly

                              As part of Fairfax County’s                     learn more about bicycling in Fairfax County, visit
                              Comprehensive Bicycle Initiative,      or contact Ellen
                              the Virginia Department of                      Kamilakis in the Department of Transportation at 703-877-5606,
                              Transportation (VDOT) will begin                TTY 711
                              modifying the pavement markings                 .
                              on Gallows Road this summer to                  The Commonwealth has also published a free map called,
                              better accommodate bicycles. A                  “BICYCLING in Virginia.” While one side highlights State trails,
                              combination of striped, on-road                 the other highlights the Northern Virginia Trail Network. It can be
                              bike lanes and wide curb lanes will             obtained from VDOT by contacting Office of Public Relations,
                              be added this summer when the                   1401 E, Broad St, Richmond 23219 or by calling 804-786-2901
                              segment between Stenhouse Place
(near the I-66 overpass) and Idylwood Road will be repaved.
A second segment will extend these lanes north to Old Courthouse
Road in 2010.

Fairfax County has identified Gallows Road as a critical link in its
bicycle network. The proposed improvements will enhance
bicycle access between Tyson’s Corner, the Washington and Old
Dominion (W&OD) trail, and Dunn Loring/Merrifield Metro
Station. These lanes will ultimately be extended south to the
Springfield area. For more information about this project or to

     THE REAL ESTATE MARKET IS THE MOST UN-                                               RECENTLY SOLD LISTING IN
     USUAL THAT I HAVE EXPERIENCED IN 35                                              ANNANDALE’S WINTERSET SUBDIVISION

                                                                                      THIS ORIGINAL OWNER HOME, IMMACULATELY
                          S. 100, 5501 Backlick Rd.                                   UPDATED & GROOMED INSIDE AND OUT, SOLD IN
                          Springfield, VA 22151                                       JUST 5 DAYS AND AT A VERY GOOD PRICE.
                          2 lights south of Braddock & Backlick Rds.
                                                     EXPERT ADVICE TO THE SELLERS, PLUS ASSIS-
                          CRS, GRI, Senior Real Estate Specialist,                    TANCE WITH STAGING, PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS
                          Associate, Broker, Licensed since 1975;                     & BROCHURES RESULTED IN VERY HAPPY SELLERS!
                          Lifetime Top Producer, NVAR
                                                                                      I CAN HELP YOU TOO, NOW OR IN THE FUTURE.
                                                                                                                                                                January 2010
20                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                ENDEAVOR

                               Setting (And Sticking To)                                                                                                                               7236 COLUMBIA PIKE • ANNANDALE, VA 22003
                                   Setting (And Sticking To)                                                                                                                                (703) 941-4411 • FAX (703) 941-4412 • E-
                               Your Financial GoalsGoals
                                   Your Financial                                                                                                                                                 MAIL:ABGC@ABGC.ORG
                               Provided by Kurtby Kurt Langenwalter, CFP®
                                    Provided Langenwalter, CFP®                                                                                                                                        www.ABGC.ORG

                                                                                                                                                                                    ABGC is the oldest youth soccer club in the Washington area.
If you were to poll your friends, family members and colleagues about their financial goals, you’d almost                                                                          We are 50 Years Young and never deny anyone for lack of funds.
certainly hear dozens of different replies. People often have a number of financial goals, and may not
be sure how or where to begin pursuing them. No matter what your goals for the future, here are a                                                                                TO REGISTER – Call ABGC at 703-941-4411 or go to
number of simple ways to begin the process.                                                                                                                                      www.ABGC.ORG Students eligible for Free or Reduced Lunch receive
Make and keep a budget. It’s a simple way to see how and where our money is spent. Though it can                                                                                 reduced or free registration.
be time-consuming at first, using a simple spreadsheet program or pencil and paper to track exactly                                                                              WE NEED YOUR HELP! Coaches, Referees, and Commissioners are needed!
how much you spend can save you thousands of dollars annually. Evaluate where you can trim costs.                                                                                Basketball and soccer referees especially needed for the 2008/2009 season. No
Set a monthly budget based on these numbers, and take time at least once a week to enter expenses                                                                                experience necessary, but must have knowledge of basketball or soccer rules.
                                                                                                                                                                                 Basketball games are on Saturdays (some Sundays) from January – March. Soccer
into your worksheet. After a short time, you’ll see budgeting as a helpful tool for keeping your family’s
                                                                                                                                                                                 is played in the Fall and in the Spring. Coaches, Umpires and Commissioners are
finances on track.                                                                                                                                                               needed for teeball. Call ABGC at 703-941-4411 for more details or to sign up.
Commit to controlling your debt. Short-term debt—credit cards, car loans and personal loans—often                                                                                CHEERLEADING –Contact Joy Lynch at 703-725-0138 or visit our website for
comes with a cash-draining interest rate. Whether it’s reasonable to completely eliminate your debt or                                                                           more information.
simply to reduce it, make a commitment to pay a little extra toward debt. And consider this: research                                                                            LACROSSE - For boys and girls in grades 3-8. Players may register at
shows that families feel more financially secure the higher their savings-to-debt ratio. Boost this ratio by                                                           
avoiding credit cards; if you can’t pay for it in cash, think about whether you really need it.
                                                                                                                                                                                 BASKETBALL - For grades K-12. Cost is $60, with new players only $30.
Free up cash for savings. Keeping costs down and reducing debt, may allow you to place more cash                                                                                 Registration begins in October, with practices starting in December. The basket-
into savings. Research shows that families get an emotional lift simply through the process of saving,                                                                           ball season runs from January through March.
no matter the size of their savings accounts. If you don’t have one, start an emergency savings fund,                                                                            WRESTLING – Registration opens in October for winter wrestling and the
separate from other accounts. Generally, you should strive to sock away three to six months of you                                                                               program starts in November. Cost is $75. Instructor: Keith Sholders
monthly take-home pay. If you’re married, remember to account for both salaries.                                                                                                 INDOOR SOCCER LEAGUES - Indoor soccer leagues for youth start forming
                                                                                                                                                                                 in October for the winter sessions. Games are on Saturdays at the Annandale
Plan for big purchases. Take time to evaluate the large purchases or investments you plan to make in                                                                             Sports Center in North Springfield for ages 5 – 10 only. Cost is $60.00
the years ahead. If you’re planning to purchase a car or home or send your children to college, create a
                                                                                                                                                                                 REC/TRAVEL SOCCER – Pre-K - 12th Grade. Registration for the Fall rec
timeline and determine how much you plan to spend – and be realistic. You may consider a separate                                                                                soccer season usually begins at the end of May. The Spring registration starts in
account for each goal; this can help you keep track of their individual progress. This type of saving                                                                            mid-February. Contact Bo Amato at for travel soccer infor-
has its own benefits, too. Research shows that the more Americans put away each month, the less                                                                                  mation.
financially stretched they feel.                                                                                                                                                 SPRING BREAK SOCCER CAMP - Held mid to late March. Registration will
Invest in your future. Saving for a home or your children’s education are great goals, but don’t forget                                                                          begin mid-January. Cost is $125 for full
                                                                                                                                                                                 day or $70 for half day.
to invest in your own future. If your employer offers a 401(k) or other retirement plan, be sure you are
contributing to it—at least enough to secure the full company match if one is offered. If you don’t have                                                                         BOXING - Boxing lessons are available year-round and are held at the Annandale
                                                                                                                                                                                 Sports Center. Call 703-750-1751 for more information.
access to an employer-sponsored account, talk to a financial advisor about setting up and Individual
Retirement Account (IRA). Even during times of market volatility, it is important to continue investing                                                                          TEEBALL - Registration for youth teeball will begin mid-February. Teeball is
                                                                                                                                                                                 available for Kindergarten – 2nd graders.
regularly for your retirement.
                                                                                                                                                                                 FOOTBALL – Contact Robert Meadows for information at
Kurt Langenwalter, CFP®, MBA, Financial Advisor                                                                                                                        
5285 Shawnee Road, Suite 305, Alexandria, VA 22312-2328                                                                                                                          KUNG FU/TAI CHI - Kung Fu and Tai Chi lessons are available year-round to
                                                                                                                                                                                 youth and/or adults. Call Binh Dang at 703-914-1584 for more details.
703.658.2943 office, 703.864.6343 mobile                                                                                                                                                       JAZZERCISE - Contact Melany at 540-846-2592 or send an email to: melany-
Kurt Langenwalter, CFP® is a Financial Advisor at First Command Financial Services in Alexandria, Va. This article was written by First Command, and it is intended to promote
the professional services of the company. First Command Financial Services, Inc. is the parent company of First Command Financial Planning, Inc. Investment products             ZUMBA - Contact Asuka at 703-300-7448 or send an email to: Azuka-
and services, including securities products are offered by First Command Financial Planning, Inc. (Member SIPC, FINRA). A financial plan, by itself, cannot assure that
retirement or other financial goals will be met. Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc. owns the certification marks CFP®, Certified Financial Planner™ and CFP
(with flame logo) ® in the U.S., which it awards to individuals who successfully complete CFP Board’s initial and ongoing certification requirements.
                                          January 2010
ENDEAVOR                                                                                       21
     H O L I D AY T R E E

       Knights of Columbus Color Guard                    The Annandale Community at the
                                                         2009 Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony
                                                                   Toll House Park

            Debi Pyne and Santa at the                        Hector Ochoa, Ass’t Mgr.
            Burke & Herbert Reception                     Burke & Herbert Bank, Annandale

           Mason Supervisor Penny Gross                       Falls Church High School
             VA Delegate Vivian Watts                               String Quintet
                                                              January 2010
22                                                                                                                          ENDEAVOR

Photo Retrospective: Annandale of Old
Germany Reunites after 43 years and the USSR Crumbles
GOVERNMENT                                     SPORTS
US President: George Bush (R)                  NCAA Basketball Champion: UNLV
Vice President: Dan Quayle (R)                 NBA Championship: Chicago Bulls over Los
VA Governor: Douglas Wilder (D)                Angeles Lakers 4:1
US Senators from VA: Charles S. Robb (D) &     College Football Champion: Colorado and
John W. Warner (R)                             Georgia Tech
Chief Justice US Supreme Court:                Heisman Trophy Winner: Ty Detmer QB
William Rehnquist
                                               from Brigham Young
Speaker of the House: Thomas S. Foley (D)
                                               US Open Winner: Hale Irwin
MAJOR EVENTS                                   Stanley Cup: Edmonton Oilers
                                               Super Bowl XXIV: San Francisco 49ers over                 Pres. George H. Bush
East and West Germany are reunited.
                                               Denver Broncos 17-2
Nelson Mandela was released from a South                                                      Bread: $.70 per loaf
African prison after 28 years.                 World Series Champion: Cincinnati Reds
                                               Heavy Weight Boxing Title: Evander Holyfield   Bacon: $1.90 per pound
The US turns over control of the Panama
Canal to Panama.                               Indianapolis 500 Winner: Arie                  Coffee: $3.89 per pound
The Soviet Union dissolves into dozens of      Luyendyk/185.984 mph.                          Life Expectancy: 75.2 years
new nations and political parties.             Wimbledon Singles Champions: Stefan
                                               Edberg and Martina Navratilova                 MOST POPULAR MOVIES
Iraqi military forces invade Kuwait.
                                               Jill Trenary becomes the 1990 Ladies World     Dances with Wolves, Goodfellas, Hunt for
The US enters into a major recession after
                                               Figure Skating Champion.                       Red October, Pretty Woman, Ghost, Edward
an 8 year boom.
                                                                                              Scissorhands, Misery, Reversal of Fortune
Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher is
                                               EVERYDAY LIFE
forced to resign after 11.5 years in office.                                                  NEW TEVEVISION PROGRAMS
Mayor Marion Barry (DC) is indicted on         70% of all Americans live in Cities.           Murphy Brown, Empty Nest, Bay Watch,
drug charges.                                  Panasonic develops a 6 pound portable          Cheers, MacGyver
Space shuttle Discovery is launched            word processor that holds files on 3.5”
                                               floppy discs.                                  POPULAR SONGS
carrying the Hubble Space Telescope.
                                               Federal Minimum Wage: $3.80 per hour.          We are the World by Michael Jackson &
Manuel Noriega surrenders to US for trial.
                                                                                              Lionel Richie, We All Stood Together by Paul
Poland holds first free election since WWII.   Dow Jones Ave. closes Dec. 31st at 2633.66
                                               down from 2763.20 at the end of 1989.          McCartney, Edge of Darkness by Eric Clapton
The Americans with Disabilities Act is
signed into law.                               Gold prices range from $399 to 385.            BIRTHS
Washington’s National Cathedral is             World Population: 5.2 billion                  Princess Eugenie of York, Jake Thomas,
completed after 80 years of construction.      US Population: 248,709,873 – up 9.8%           Emma Watson
Maine fishermen trap 28 million pounds of      since 1980
lobster. Previous record set in 1885 with 24   Cost of a new house: $123,000.00
million pounds.                                                                               Sammy Davis Jr., Jim Henson, Leonard
                                               Average Income: $28,906.00/year
                                                                                              Bernstein, Ava Gardner, Malcolm Forbes
                                               New Car: $16,000
                                               Average Rent: $465.00 per month
Nobel Peace Prize: Mikhail S. Gorbachev
                                               Tuition to Harvard U.: $13,545
Pulitzer Prize for Fiction: The Mambo
Kings Play Songs of Love                       Movie ticket: $4.00 each
Miss America: Debbye Turner                    Gasoline: $1.34 per gallon
(Columbia, MO)                                 US Postage Stamp: $.25
Best Picture of the Year: Dances with Wolves   Gallon of milk: $2.78
Best Actor: Jeremy Irons,                      Sugar: $1.15/5 pounds
Reversal of Fortune                            Eggs: $.80 per dozen
Best Actress: Kathy Bates, Misery              Ground Hamburger: $1.30 per pound                           Nelson Mandela
                                                              January 2010
ENDEAVOR                                                                                                                          23

ANNANDALE in                                       1990
Fairfax County Population: 818,584
Annandale Retail Establishments
Special offers...
Giant and Safeway offer the following:
Turkey                                        $ .99/lb
Top Sirloin Roast                             $2.39 lb
Chicken                                       $ .69/lb
Ground Round                                  $1.99/lb
Complete rib dinner at HI Ribsters:           $9.95.
Clyde’s Brunch:                               $8.95
                                                                                             AHS - January 1958

Real Estate Sales in Annandale:                                       (7203 Little river Turnpike) caught fire when roofers using a torch
Homes purchased in 1965 for $40,000 are now listed at $165,000.       set it ablaze. Shakey’s (now Magill’s) was not damaged.
                                                                      March 1990: Seventeen people including a family of seven were
4307 Wynwood Ct.                   $440,000                           displaced when fire swept through four townhouses on Perry
4414 Weyburn Dr.                   $180,000                           Penney Dr.
5118 cliffhaven Dr.                $163,000                           October 27, 1990: Toll House Park is dedicated.
8411 Queen Eliz. Blvd.             $299,000
                                                                      June 22, 1992: Virginia Railway Express opened from Manassas
3374 Woodburn Rd.                  $102,000
                                                                      to DC.
7817 Killebrew                     $190,000
Home sales decline. Mortgage rate climbs to 10%.                      July 4, 1992: Official opening of the Fairfax Museum and Visitors
1990 Businesses that are NO MORE:                                     January 1, 1994: Kiwanis Club of Annandale celebrate their 40th
Black Orchid                         Roozens Nursery                  Fall 1994: Annandale Atoms have a perfect 10-0 regular season;
Squire Rockwell’s                    McCrory’s                        become the State Champs; and are ranked 16th in nation.
Omar’s Place                         Crown Books                      Dec. 1994: Horticulture Center at Green Spring Gardens opens.
Dave Pyles Lincoln Mercury           LaMirage Hair Salon
Tuthill Stationary                   Fritzbees                        Crime Statistics in Fairfax County 1990:
Prime Care                           Video 99                                 Manslaughter/Murder                  27
LaJarna Restaurant                   Generous Georges                         Rape                                 100
Hallmark Bank and Trust              Crown Books                              Robbery                              490
                                                                              Aggravated/Assault                   391
LOCAL NEWS 1985-1990:                                                         Burglary                             2,725
                                                                              Larceny Theft                        21,426
1990: The boundaries of the Annandale District are changed and                Vehicle Theft                        2,054
renamed Braddock District.                                                    Total Crime                          27, 213
1990: Fairfax County Real Estate Tax Rate is $1.19 per $100 of
Assessed Value.
Jan. 1990: NV Transportation Commission announces that $ .72
of every transportation dollar comes from taxes. $10 billion will
be needed to meet the transportation needs over the next 20
years. Since the roads fill up as quickly as they are built, they
recommended that a 36 mile Monorail circuit from Dulles to Rt
495 to Rt. 66 (Centerville) to Sully Road be built. It would cost
half of a metro system and just as efficient. (Nothing came of it.)
Jan. 1990: Fairfax County Libraries celebrate 50 years of service
with 22 branches.
March 1990: The roof of Horn & Horn Smorgasborg Restaurant
                                                                                              AHS Football Team
                                                                January 2010
24                                                                                                                       ENDEAVOR

                         Breakfast with Santa at
                           Magill’s Restaurant

Two hundred gathered on Saturday, December 12th at Magill’s Restaurant, 7201 Little River Turnpike, to enjoy one of Mike Magill’s
famous breakfast buffets and meet Mr. and Mrs. Claus. Santa enjoyed his stay in Annandale so much that he even sat on Helen
Winter’s lap regaling her with his plans for this Holiday Season.

Are You Thinking of Starting a Home-Based
Business? continued...
• Third Year (second year completed from January 1 through              Zoning to register a complaint. Gather the name and address of
December 31). (estimate no longer required).The tax bill would be       each offending business as this information will be required when
based on the actual prior year gross receipts plus an adjustment        you call.
(+ or -) of the difference between the prior year new gross receipts
estimate and the actual prior year gross receipts. For all subsequent   For further information on either topic please contact:
calendar years, the BPOL tax is based solely on the prior year
                                                                        Department of Planning and Zoning
actual gross receipts.
                                                                        Zoning Administration Division
                                                                        Zoning Permit Review Branch
Excessive Signage in Annandale’s Commercial Areas
                                                                        12055 Government Center Parkway, Suite 250
If you are horrified by the excessive use of neon signage or banners    Fairfax, Virginia 22035-5508
so prevalent in Annandale, contact the Department of Planning and       Phone Number: 703-222-1082, TTY 711
                                                                January 2010
ENDEAVOR                                                                                                                                      25
                                              Special Spotlight
                              Business Services − Keep these names on file
Having just the right contacts can save you and your business both       that will offer discounted rates for all of our services to Chamber
time and money. Throughout the year every business requires              Members. From now through March 31, 2010 we are offering 10%
professional business services. When the need arises, call on these      off Cox Business services and 50% off installation on new data,
Chamber members.You won’t regret it!                                     voice and video services to Annandale Chamber members. In order
                                                                         to take advantage of this discount you need to contact me directly
                                                                         at 703-480-5179 or Cox has many
                                                                         communications solutions that will help your business and 24/7
Cox Communications, Inc.                                                 customer service.

In these tough times every business is looking for some                  For residential service, contact Jimmy Patino, who is the Direct
economic relief. Cox is offering Annandale Chamber                       Sales Representative assigned to the Annandale community.
Members a special discount on the installation of new
Business Services through March 31st.

Throughout the business community, Cox Communications, Inc. is
uniformly regarded as a company with an outstanding reputation
for honesty and integrity. In each of our operations, we are
committed to standards of conduct that exceed the expectations of
our employees, customers, and the local community. Our
Company’s vision is “to be the best Company to work for and do
business with, improving the quality of life in the communities we
serve.” Commitment to this Code of Excellence is critical to
achieving that vision.

Cox has formed relationships with many of the Chambers located
in Fairfax County and I have had the great opportunity of being the
central point of contact in dealing with the Annandale Chamber
The leadership of this group and its members share many of the
same beliefs and standards in helping our local community become
a better place to live for our citizens. Cox has received awards for
the past 5 years from J.D. Powers for the excellent service that we
deliver to our customers in the Telecommunications industry. We
take great pride in giving the best possible support to all businesses
and individuals alike. Our products consist of Telephones (voice),
high speed internet (data) and Video (Cable TV).

Cox owns our own Fiber infrastructure throughout the county and
we are not reliant on any other providers for any of our services.
This enables us to continue to give best level of technical and
customer support at a very competitive price.

Cox works within the community and provides internet services to                    42.7 percent of all statistics are made up on the spot.
the local schools. We have contributed to efforts with anti-gang
                                                                                     Remember, half the people you know are below average.
violence and it is a requirement for all Cox Business employees to
contribute at least one day each quarter volunteering time with                      Hard work pays off in the future. Laziness pays off now.

local schools and groups of need. I am excited about the                             The early bird may get the worm,
opportunity of a continued relationship with the Annandale                            but the second mouse gets the cheese in the trap.

Chamber moving into the future. We have set up a special program
                                                                January 2010
26                                                                                                                         ENDEAVOR

                                             Special Spotlight
                             Business Services − Keep these names on file
Radiant Printing                                                        Gam Printers
Services                                                                We provide everything from concept to delivery.
We specialize in reducing your
                                                                        Gam Printers believes that print materials play a pivotal role in
printing costs.
                                                                        communications and business growth. Stationery, business cards,
                                                                        and business forms, as well as a company’s brochures, newsletters,
Gerry Llames, owner of Radiant
                                                                        posters and promotional products build your image and convey
Printing, provides today's business
                                                                        your message to existing and potential clients. Companies need to
with exceptional quality printing,
                                                                        make the best first impression possible, since first impressions are
using revolutionary technology to
                                                                        lasting ones.
reduce turn-around time. Radiant specializes in newsletters,
souvenir programs, fund raising promotional items, brochures, and
                                                                        Do you need trade show giveaways? Do you want to recognize your
manuscripts, and the ENDEAVOR news magazine. Gerry believes
                                                                        staff with awards or tokens of appreciation? Would you like to put
that all printed material reflects on the professionalism of your
                                                                        your name or message into people’s hands creatively? Call on GAM.
organization. Consequently, Radiant doesn’t just print, they
                                                                        They can imprint your company name, logo and message on just
redesign, enhance, and improve everything presented to them.
                                                                        about anything. Market yourself with plaques and trophies,
                                                                        ribbons, coffee mugs and keychains, or shoelaces and tote bags –
Radiant has built its business on referrals and repeat business with
                                                                        you name it.
attention to detail and top rate service. They stand out from the
norm by producing a better quality product than anyone else. One        Whether your job calls for traditional offset, short-run digital or
customer of Radiant commented, “Mr. Llames exceeded our                 wide-format printing services, Gam Printers can deliver what you
expectations and delivered a keepsake.” Another said, “Judging by       want and how you want it. At GAM, they understand how critical
the look, quality, and feel of this souvenir program, we know this      printed materials are to your ability to promote your products and
was printed by Radiant.” Gerry will also provide layout and graphic     services. For over 30 years, Gam Printers has provided quality and
art services using state of the art digital equipment.                  creative design, efficient printing and timely delivery. They can
                                                                        give you everything you need to move your projects from concept
From start to finish, you can also access a fully-automated process
                                                                        to delivery. Their spacious, state-of-the-art facility houses
on their website which allows Radiant to cut costs, not corners.
                                                                        equipment and staff capable of accommodating any and every
That is why they provide the easiest and most comprehensive
                                                                        printing need imaginable. At GAM you’ll find all the services you
on-line ordering tool for all of your printing needs. No more
                                                                        need to turn your project ideas into reality and get them out the
waiting. No more standing in lines at your local printer. Just a few
clicks of the mouse and you're on the way to discovering how easy
and convenient on-line color printing should be. Anytime you need       Call on GAM Printers for: Graphic Design ~ Printing (Offset,
extra help or have custom orders, feel free to contact their friendly   Digital and Wide-Format) ~Bindery and Special Finishes ~ Mailing
(human) account representatives. They recognize that you want           Gam Printing Services
answers, not voice prompts, so they provide real specialists to field   45969 Nokes Boulevard, Suite 130
your calls. Our results-driven team is dedicated to providing all of    Sterling, Virginia 20166
your company’s printing needs in a fast, courteous, professional        703-450-4121
manner that exceeds your expectations, the first time, every time.      e-mail:
They are also willing to produce smaller quantities than many
printers at very reasonable prices.
                                                                                             Advertise in the
Radiant Printing Services
10560 Main Street, Suite 422
Fairfax, VA 22030
703.231.2623                                                                              Call 703-256-7232                                                            email:
                                                               January 2010
ENDEAVOR                                                                                                                             27
                                            Special Spotlight
                             Business Services − Keep these names on file
George H. Kresslein, Jr. CPAPC                                         Clarocode Company, LLC
Do you want to be free from the burden of payroll process-             Focusing your business on your business.
ing and compliance issues?
                                                                       As a small Annandale-based business, we understand the computer
You can quickly improve the efficiency of your business while          system needs of small and medium-sized businesses. We know the
eliminating the task of calculating payroll, tax filing, and staying   challenges you face in developing in-house expertise to effectively
abreast of compliance issues. Running a business is filled with        manage this critical part of your business. At Clarocode, we pride
challenges and time consuming duties. Great managers know that         ourselves on developing practical and creative solutions for all types
managing their time, allocating tasks, and planning for the future     of software-related problems and roadblocks. Our expertise
require time. With this firm on your team you can be rid of some       extends beyond writing software code to include assessing of your
of the most laborious and challenging obligations. Here are some of    IT and IS systems and facilitating Software Team Development. Plus
the services George and Matthew Kresslein provide.                     we help you become smarter, educated consumers of IT business
                                                                       products and services so that your choices better enhance your
• Payroll Services: implementation of reliable and efficient           business processes. Below are some typical situations our clients
automated payroll systems, payroll administration, monthly/            encounter. Do any sound familiar?
quarterly/annual bookkeeping, and timely preparation of payroll
tax returns.                                                           You want to expand your presence on the internet and this is not
• Bookkeeping & Write-Up: organization of financial records to         your business’ core competency? Clarocode Company offers
ensure consistent and efficient business operations.                   reasonably priced website solutions, including website design,
                                                                       website hosting, search engine optimization (SEO), online
• Business Consulting: assistance in identifying practical
                                                                       advertising and various other technologies to reach your target
opportunities for growth and profitability, and support for
                                                                       audience. In addition, Clarocode offers bilingual website
developing strategies for addressing daily business challenges.
                                                                       development for businesses seeking to reach diverse customer
• Tax Planning: strategies for navigating current tax laws and         audiences.
• Tax Services: planning and preparation of returns for                You or your staff need a deeper level of knowledge about how
individuals, corporations, partnerships, LLCs/LLPs, and non-profit     to set-up, assess and manage your internal IT systems for your
organizations.                                                         particular needs? Or perhaps your software team is stuck on a
                                                                       specific programming problem it just can’t figure out? Clarocode
George H. Kresslein Jr., CPA                                           Company is unique in that our Mentoring Software Solutions
5155 Piedmont Place                                                    approach works with your internal development team in creating
Annandale, VA 22003                                                    effective programming solutions and in understanding how and why
703-354-1750                                                           these solutions work. Our background in teaching technologies                                                   means that we can also deliver custom developer training so that                                            you can develop your company’s internal capabilities for long-term
                                                                       benefits and savings.
                                                               January 2010
28                                                                            ENDEAVOR

                                             Special Spotlight
                             Business Services − Keep these names on file
National Payroll Corporation

Payroll preparation services for the small business at affordable
rates. All services are provided by a CPA to eliminate IRS and tax
hassles. Our service caters to the special help that some companies
may need:

Last second change to payroll? - no problem! Don't know how
sections 401k or 125 affect your taxes and payroll? - we'll tell you
(no charge)! Forget to call in the payroll? - we'll remind you!

Working with National Payroll Corporation makes your day go a lot
smoother. All payrolls are processed the same day that you fax,
email or call the employee hours to us. We offer an optional Direct
Deposit service that deposits employee paychecks 48 hours after
payroll creation.

According to research conducted by the Internal Revenue Service,
businesses that pay their taxes using the Electronic Federal Tax
Payment System (EFTPS) are 31 times less likely to have a penalty
assessed by the IRS. National Payroll Corporation uses the EFTPS

Why outsource? The payroll process is not your core competency
and it does not make money for you. It is usually more expensive
to pay your staff to prepare payroll versus our low rates.
Outsourcing may actually be a benefit to you - a competitive

Get a free, no obligation, quote on your payroll by contacting
Francine Cannon at National Payroll Corp 703-922-5882 or
email at
                                                                January 2010
ENDEAVOR                                                                                                                                 29
                                   New members spotlight

After a year of anticipation, the Annandale community was formally
introduced to the new Bloom Grocery Store on January 19th.
Located in the Annandale Shopping Center on Columbia Pike and
Gallows Road, Bloom will add a significant presence to the retail
community.                                                              Customers can also rent DVDs, handle postage and shipping, and
                                                                        buy gift cards or process photos. And, shoppers find they have
Bloom focuses on convenience, exceptional quality and superior          several check-out options to speed their shopping process. More
customer service. Bloom stores vary in size between 30,000 and          than anything, customers will find superior customer service.
40,000 square feet and offer more than 30,000 products. Bloom’s         Bloom associates treat customers like guests! Bloom currently has
innovative store design, simplified merchandising and advanced          61 stores, located in North and South Carolina, Maryland and
technologies make shopping convenient and hassle-free while             Virginia. Look to the next edition of ENDEAVOR for updates on
providing exceptional variety and great prices. Bloom features          the renovation and expansion. Details of their January 19th
interactive informational kiosks with Bloom’s Breeze™                   Annandale opening will be found in the April 2010 issue of
technology, which allows guests to locate products, select wines        ENDEAVOR.
and recipes, and print their own personal shopping list using their
                                                                                                        Environmental                  Waste
Bloom offers a variety of ways for shoppers to get in and out of the                                    Specialist, Inc.       is a woman
store quickly, while still finding everything they want. Products                                    owned small business specializing in
have been arranged logically, so they are easy to find. All the                                      the transportation and disposal of
non-food items, such as dog food, paper products, and cleaning                                       Hazardous wastes, asbestos, lead
supplies are on one side of the store. Food items are displayed                                      contaminated soil and PCB’s. Public
together, while shelves are lower than in the average supermarket,                                   concern, building owners and their
ensuring products are easy to reach.                                                                 consultants, as well as Federal, State
                                                                        and Local government agencies demand and expect the highest
Bloom’s Table Top® is located near the front of the store and
                                                                        degree of safety, compliance and assurance that all waste streams
provides a variety of fresh, restaurant-quality, grab-and-go meal
                                                                        generated from a project not only be carefully removed but also
solutions. Frozen foods are closer to the check-out section, so items
                                                                        transported and disposed of in a manner to offer short and long
won’t melt before they’re taken out of the store. Personal
                                                                        term protection against possible claims or a disposal facility being
hand-help scanners, available in some stores, allow grocery
                                                                        named as a Superfund site.
shoppers to scan their own groceries as they move through Bloom
rather than waiting until they are ready to check out.
                                                                        EWSI has taken the time to thoroughly research EPA, DOT and all
                                                                        related regulations. We continue to keep up with, and adhere to,
                                                                        strict procedures that encompass the asbestos and hazardous waste
                                                                        transportation and disposal industry by continuing to receive
                                                                        training and attending seminars and sessions directly related to this
                                                                        segment of the industry. We maintain on file, and submit to you,
                                                                        copies of all permits, insurance certificates and related information
                                                                        for your proper submittal and notification requirements. Careful
                                                                        selection of a transportation company and disposal facility is
                                                                        becoming an increasingly critical element in performing projects
                                                                        from "start to finish".                               continued next page
                                                                                               January 2010
30                                                                                                                                              ENDEAVOR

New members spotlight                                                                    continued...
The decision is both time consuming and difficult. Each day new
legislation, restrictions and laws are being introduced and adapted.
EWSI can answer your questions and service you locally and na-
tionwide. Our management and staff are comprised of a highly
skilled group of transportation and disposal facility experts. EWSI
believes there is no substitute for the wisdom, skill and knowledge
that experience builds in a dedicated work force.

Environmental Waste Specialists, Inc.     Libby Novak
14100 Sullyfield Circle, Suite 400        703-502-0100
Chantilly, VA 20151       

               Winter Programs
           at Green Spring Gardens
      (Entrance on Braddock Road across from Pinecrest Golf Course)

  Saturday, January 30
  Washington Gardener Magazine 5th Annual Seed Exchange
  on National Seed Swap Day
  12:30–4pm. Washington Gardener magazine, the publication for
  DC area gardening enthusiasts, is hosting the fifth annual Washington Seed Exchange
  at Green Spring Gardens. This event includes two lectures, a seed swap, and more!
  You bring your extra viable seeds and swap them with other gardeners. Everyone will
  leave with a bag full of seeds, new garden friends, and expert planting advice. Fee
  includes lectures, goody bag, seed swap and refreshments. $15/person, $10 for Wash-
  ington Gardener subscribers and Friends of Green Spring (FROGS)

  Saturday, February 13
  Water Wise Landscaping
  11am-12:30pm. Well designed, installed and maintained landscapes offer years of
  environmental benefits and beauty. Green Spring horticulturalist Brenda Skarphol
  discusses these concepts and provides practical information for you to implement in
  your garden. Instruction takes place inside and outdoors. Dress accordingly. $16

  Saturday, February 20
  Painting Skies and Clouds in Watercolor
  9:30am-3:30pm. Clouds set the tone for a landscape painting. Artist Carolyn Grossé
  Gawarecki demonstrates how the land and sea influence shadow colors. Carolyn will
  assist artists as they paint and provide a critique of their work at the end. Supply list
  and notes sent to registrants. This class is geared to intermediate and beginners with
  some experience. Bring a bag lunch. $65.

  Saturday, February 27
  Green Spring Master Gardeners Present: The 6th Annual EcoSavvy Gardening
  Symposium: Understanding Your Garden's Life Cycle 8:30am-4pm. Gardeners
  and homeowners can make a difference on our environment's health; Green Spring
  Master Gardeners are committed to showing them how. The 2010 EcoSavvy Garden-
  ing Symposium brings together experts to share practical information on understand-
  ing the life cycle of your garden. Learn to work with nature's resources to develop a
  beautiful, low maintenance urban retreat! To register, please call 703-642-5173.
  Registration: $45 Boxed Lunch: $12 additional (please specify meat or vegetarian
  preference) Sponsored by Virginia Cooperative Extension Supported by Fairfax
  County Park Authority & Green Spring Gardens all 703-642-5173 to register.

  Sunday, March 7
  Luscious Landscaping with Fruiting Trees, Shrubs and Vines
  1:30-3pm.What could be more pleasant than picking fruit from a plant you also
  admire for its beauty? Lee Reich, author, of Landscaping with Fruit, introduces you
  to the best trees, shrubs and vines for flowers, color and form. Book signing. $10.
  Call 703-642-5173 to register.

  Sunday, March 14
  It’s A Jungle Out There: Creating and Growing Your Own Tropical Paradise in
  a Non Tropical Climate
  1:30-3pm. Learn how to create, grow and overwinter your piece of paradise. Joe
  Seamone, aka Boca Joe, describes the best and most dramatic plants for your garden.
  Tour amazing “tropical” gardens located in the Washington, D.C. area and across the
  country. Don’t miss this chance to learn about planting outside the zone. $10. Call
  703-642-5173 to register.

          This is just a partial listing of the exciting programs going on at Green Springs.
                          For more information view:
                                                                                                       (202) 829-0436
                                                                January 2010
ENDEAVOR                                                                                                                                           31
Inter Service Luncheon
The hosipitality was warm and gracious.
On Wednesday, November 18th the Chamber hosted their annual
Inter Service Luncheon in the Little Theatre Dining Room at Falls
Church High School. Sharing a traditional Thanksgiving meal
expertly prepared by Chef Lorraine Lombardi and the Culinary
Art Students, seven Annandale service organizations had the
opportunity to catch-up on one another’s activities. In attendance
along with Chamber members were the Annandale Kiwanis,
Women’s Club, Lions Club, Knights of Columbus, American
Legion, and the Rotary Club.

Coming together in support of the Annandale community, a public
service project was part of the Inter Service experience. Each guest
was asked to contribute canned goods to help replenish the
cupboards at ACCA and to take a gift ornament which will provide                 Chamber Members Pat Sawhney, Barbara Saperstone,
someone in the Senior Santa program a Holiday remembrance. The                     Bruce Gordon, guest, Joe Farber and Shamil Salah
Culinary Art Students and Chef Lombardi outdid themselve
 serving a sensational meal topped off with a sumptuous variety of
just made cookies, cherry turnovers, apple pinwheels, fresh fruit
and the school’s exclusive signature coffee, Jaguar Joe. Many
commented that it was especially rewarding to watch the
students shine. Their excellent service, enthusiasm, hospitality, and
expert culinary skills will be remembered with fondness and

                                                                           At the dessert/beverage table is Chamber Member Seth Ahlborn,
                                                                                Head of School at the Congressional Schools of Virginia.

                                                                                  Attention Teachers!
                                                                                Attention Teachers!
                                                                                                                        President Lincoln’s Cottage
                                                                                                                        President Lincoln’s Cottage
                                                                                                                        welcomes students of
                                                                                                                        welcomes students of all all
                                                                                                                        ages, and from around
                                                                                                                        ages, and from around the the
               Culinary Arts Students at the Buffet Line
                                                                                                                        country, participate in its
                                                                                                                        country, to to participate in its
                                                                                                                        school programs. Education
                                                                                                                        school programs. Education
                                                                                                                        programs include interac-
                                                                                                                        programs include interac-
                                                                                                                        tive components which meet
                                                                                                                        state and national meet
                                                                                                                        tive components which standards
                                                                                                                        of and national standards
                                                                                                                        statelearning along with a
                                                                                                                        specialized tour with a
                                                                                                                        of learning along of the Cot-
                                                                                                                        specialized tour of the Cot-
                                                                                                                        tage. Programs are offered
                                                                                                                        for Programs are offered
                                                                                                                        tage.students in kindergarten
                                                                                                                        through in kindergarten
                                                                                                                        for studentstwelfth grade. Ex-
                                                                                                                        through twelfth grade. Ex- and
                                                                                                                        periences for college
                                                                           Courtesy of Pres. Lincoln’s Cottage
                                                                                                                        graduate students and
                                                                                                                        periences for college are also
                                                                                  Courtesy of Pres. Lincoln’s Cottage
                                                                                                                        graduate students are also

                                                                               Come see where Lincoln lives!
                                                                           If you have questions about education programs at President Lincoln's
                                                                         Cottage, please contact Callie Hawkins, Education Coordinator, at 202-829
                                                                                        -0436 x 31223 or
                                                               January 2010
32                                                                                                                         ENDEAVOR

Health Watch                                                                                 By: The Fairfax County Health Department
H1N1 Vaccine Update
Despite recent reports of the declining number of influenza cases,
2009 H1N1 influenza infections continue to occur in the United
States and influenza activity remains higher than normal in our
community. Vaccination is the best way to protect against this
potentially serious disease.

The Fairfax County Heath Department vaccinated over 40,000
people during the first five weeks vaccine has been available to the
public. The Health Department held three mass vaccination clinics
at the Fairfax County Government Center in October and
November, and additional clinics each week at the agency’s five
district offices.

Residents who have not yet received H1N1 vaccine are encouraged                         Fairfax County Health Department
to get vaccinated as soon as possible. The Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Advisory Committee on
Immunization Practices identified target groups who should receive     Vaccine is currently available through many health care providers
H1N1 vaccine first because they are at highest risk for infection or   and the Fairfax County Health Department, which will continue to
influenza-related complications:                                       offer vaccine on a weekly basis through its five district offices.
                                                                       Information about vaccine, clinic locations, dates and times is
         • People 6 months through 24 years of age                     posted on the county’s Web site,
         • People 25 years through 64 years of age who have cer-
tain medical conditions that put them at higher risk for influenza-    To limit the spread of the flu, everyone should always cover coughs
related complications                                                  and sneezes with a tissue or sleeve, wash hands frequently; and stay
         • Pregnant women                                              home from work or school when sick. People with additional
         • People who live with or provide care for infants younger    questions may call the Fairfax County H1N1 Call Center at
than 6 months (parents, siblings and day care providers)               703-267-3511.
         • Health care workers who have direct patient contact
                                                                       Fairfax County Health Department
A delay in production of 2009 H1N1 vaccine impacted the entire         10777 Main Street
nation and initially resulted in limited and uneven availability of    Fairfax, VA 22030
vaccine. Millions of doses of vaccine are in the pipeline and more     703-246-2479
vaccine is expected to be delivered to health care providers,
hospitals, and local health departments in the coming weeks. As the
program expands, there will eventually be enough vaccine for
anyone who wishes to receive it and vaccine should be available
through all of the normal influenza vaccine distribution channels
including pharmacies, big box stores, and other private outlets.

                         Joe Scanlon
                         General Manager
                                                                    January 2010
ENDEAVOR                                                                                                                                            33
Marriage and Money:                                                                                                           By: Marilyn Hoosen

How melding 2 distinct financial relationshiops may affect a couple.
In the oracle of tarot divination, the Ace cards symbolize new                guide and influence people in their own
beginnings – the Ace of Cups speaks to matters of the heart (perhaps a        adult relationships with money. It can
new love). The Ace of Wands indicates our dreams and desires for a            therefore pose quite a challenge for a
better tomorrow, but not realized today. The Ace of Swords refers to          union between two people who hail
cutting away from one’s past and clearing the slate for a life-changing,      from different fiscal backgrounds and
fresh start; and finally, the Ace of Pentacles infers the possibility for a   personal values.
new source of income or inheritance (pennies from heaven) coming to
the querent consulting the oracle. It is the first and last among these       Much like the manner in which people
Aces, that is, the Ace of Cups and the Ace of Pentacles, which may            share a relationship with food (such as
provide insight into the relationship between marriage and money.             emotional eating) their interaction with
                                                                              money (emotional shopping) can be indicative of their fiscal habits.This
Obviously, when two people fall in-love (the Ace of Cups) and then            is why it is critical that a couple have a “Before Talk” so as to identify how
marry, they have to contend with the assets they will share in the union      each one sees the role of money in their lives and what kinds of
(Ace of Pentacles). Many case studies and courtroom divorce dramas            bookkeeping strategies or cash flow management principles they
have shown that apart from infidelity, financial issues are often the main    endorse. Also understanding each other’s tolerance for financial risk is
drivers that cause rifts between a couple leading to irreconcilable           quintessential, as it outlines how he or she will approach saving,
differences and subsequent separation. For a couple considering               spending, investing and tax planning.
marriage yet unaware of the possible pitfalls ahead of their wedding, it
may behoove them to review their relationship to money. The 4-step            An additional matter which may open a Pandora’s Box for couples could
process that ought to follow this marital merger begins with the              be the revelation of their almighty credit reports (this aspect alone may
“Before-Talk”, and a discussion around personal fiscal habits. Secondly,      be grounds for divorce or delaying marriage). All of these issues raise the
the process must make room for unforeseen financial crises and forge          importance of a couple having the “Before Talk” and discussing how they
an agreement or the rules of engagement about how they will deal with         will set up their family finances – will they retain separate accounts and
unpredictable economic downturns. Thirdly, they must consider how             split the family bills? Or, will they share one joint account for household
the family will heal after a financial storm; and finally, their experience   needs, and keep their remaining funds separate? Or will they join all of
should culminate in living these lessons as a permanent practice.             their accumulated resources into one new whole? If they have children,
                                                                              will one parent stay at home permanently or temporarily, and how will
The “Before Talk”                                                             the family’s finances be operated following this event? How will they
When two people meet and decide at some point to forge a marital              deal with inheritances or making additional investments for the longer
union, they are not only bringing with them their love for one another,       term?Who will balance the checkbook and make purchasing decisions?
but also the set of assets and liabilities that they have amassed prior to    Will there be a prenuptial agreement? When does each spouse plan on
their marriage. It is vowed that they be there for each other for richer      retiring? These and so many more questions must be included in the
or poorer. Two distinct relationships that each individual has had with       “Before Talk” so that once marital vows have been exchanged; monetary
money hitherto, must also then find its place in the newly-minted             vows have also been reached with consensus. In its absence, the return
merger, nuanced by personal and family money values, credit histories         trip from the honeymoon could quickly bring a couple down from their
which speak to the financial character of each individual, as well as each    happy-high to a very dark and painful low.
person’s propensity to be moved by materialism or modesty, personal
lifestyle choices, income and cash flow management, and patterns of           When a Family Crisis Hits Home
savings and spending.                                                         While prudently profound the “Before Talk” may be, a couple only fully
                                                                              appreciates its execution in real time once a family fiscal crisis occurs.
In some cases, one may have grown up in a household where parental            The unpredictability of life is such that from one day to the next, any
resources were kept separate, whereby one parent paid one set of bills        number of dynamic events and their concomitant impact on the
and the other, the rest. Alternatively, parents may have shared one joint     economy (both at the national and household levels) could disrupt
account into which both of their salaries and bonuses were deposited and      income inflows for either or both working members in the marriage.
from which all obligations were met. How individuals operate their            Even in cases where a 3-9 month emergency fund has been set aside,
checkbook often depends on their family’s fiscal history. It is likely to     funds may not outlast the crisis and instead sap up all available resources
set the tone for how he or she sees the role of money in a family based       beyond the emergency period.
                                                                                                                                         continued next page
on their family’s socio-economic status. These historical distinctions
                                                               January 2010
34                                                                                                                                                             ENDEAVOR

Marriage and Money:                                                         continued...
This crisis can, and often has, driven a wedge of resentment,           lessons learned from the labor of lamentation may lead to living a
isolation and heated conflict between couples that may be severely      more fulfilled marriage and maybe, just maybe, they might turn
damaging or worse still, irreparable. It is thus wiser for couples to   those tarot Ace cards into the King and Queen court cards of Cups
immediately hold a family intervention to discuss an ad hoc plan of     and Pentacles, creating a permanent and blissful family kingdom!
action detailing how the crisis will be handled and set up solutions
to deliver them from the downturn. Too many times family                Marilyn Hoosen is a Private Financial Advisor with BB&T Private
economic losses have caused more pain than strength or unity,           Financial Services. For more information, lease call (703) 924-2216
especially when they are inadequately prepared. Supporting each         (office) or email
other in the home and seeking counseling, both financial and            BB&T Private Financial Advisors serve as your primary contact at BB&T while utilizing a multi-discipline team
                                                                        approach toward achieving your financial goals. Investment and or insurance products offered through BB&T
emotional, may help to create appropriate alternatives that will lead   Investment Services, Inc. are not deposits or other obligations of Branch Banking and Trust Company or any
them out of the crisis and back on the road to prosperity.              affiliate; are not insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) or any other agency of the United
                                                                        States Government, Branch Banking and Trust Company or any affiliate; and in case of a product that is subject
                                                                        to investment risk, there is possible loss of value. BB&T Investment Services, Inc, is a registered Broker-Dealer,
                                                                        member FINRA and SIPC, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Branch Banking and Trust Company. Neither
Let the Healing Begin                                                   BB&T Investment Services Inc., nor Branch Banking and Trust Company, is a tax or legal advisor. We suggest
                                                                        you consult your legal or tax advisor before making any tax or legal decisions.
Following a family’s financial firestorm, holding in-home meetings
on a regular and permanent basis, may add value to the fiscal fabric
of familial life. It is often remarked that after the rain, comes the
rainbow, perhaps not so neatly arranged by color and spectrum, but
so achieved nonetheless. As a family heals from their hurting bank                              OUR NEWEST STORE IS
book, caution must be exercised in rebuilding resources and credit
reports, particularly if a foreclosure or bankruptcy has occurred.
When a couple reaches the breakeven point again and thereafter
                                                                                TOTALLY OPEN
enjoys a return to a net surplus in assets, life becomes easier.                          COME BY, WHY DON’T YOU
Ongoing financial counseling and advisory services may be needed                         7000 Columbia Pike • Annandale • 703-256-3407
to plan for the future, outlining objectives, identifying long-term
goals, and building strategies that implement the family’s financial                     AND FIND OUT JUST WHAT MAKES
plan, with a deliberate process in place to monitor progress.                    BLOOM GROCERY STORES DIFFERENT. IN A GOOD WAY.
Building family wealth and its lasting legacy requires discipline and                  CHECK OUT A COUPLE WAYS BELOW.
systematic focus. In this way, healing builds a foundation for
long-range economic success and security. Now that the family                    Save Happy. At Bloom, you don’t have to compromise quality to get
is better off today they can continue to create an even better                   a great value. Or, as we put it: At Bloom, you can get more bag for
tomorrow.                                                                        your buck. Hey, that’s catchy.
                                                                                 Stay Happy. Not only are all our associates here to be the friendliest,
Living the Lessons                                                               most helpful people ever, but each and ever y one is here for you. Yes,
                                                                                 you. The one standing here reading this. How special do you feel right now?
That ever-famous cliché teaches us that necessity serves the mother
of invention. The veracity of this declaration holds much meaning
here. As couples merge their lives in the hopes of marital bliss,
working to keep the love alive can be an enormous undertaking. Life
inevitably throws one monkey-wrench after another; ducking alone
is not an assured strategy for staying unscathed! Instead, these
wounded warriors may find more benefit from a formidable plan
and a regular forum to re-assess the family’s current dynamics,
resources and changing needs, allowing a couple to meet these
changes confidently and consistently.
This open mode of communication may also have other positively
unintended consequences that may keep a couple in sync with each
other by bonding through a set of good family habits, principles,
attitudes and values. Tried and triumphant techniques may stand the
test of time, as the family unit survives the storm, but is
ever-vigilant in anticipating unforeseen events. In this regard, the                                                                         
                                                                January 2010
ENDEAVOR                                                                                                                               35
Annandale Drums for Peace                                                                                                By: Deborah Austin

Embrace accountability, tolerance, forgiveness, & reconciliation.
Ancient wisdom and practices are being rediscovered and combined         a free and playful mood; and, a shared heartbeat! The dynamics
in unusual ways for our modern times at Immanuel United                  are so intriguingly creative; it is not easy to put into words. What
Methodist Church (next to the H-Mart on Heritage Drive).                 is compelling is how drums and restorative justice complement
                                                                         each other.They’re both about joy and deep listening and forming
One such discovery is Restorative Justice, an ancient wisdom that        community. In terms of RJ, the drums help disarm people, break-
indigenous peoples of the world have practiced for thousands of          ing down barriers that inhibit communication and encouraging
years. It’s about people deciding to live together in such a way that    participants to listen to each other. In the speed of our lives, we’ve
harm is repaired and relationships are restored. In the past 25 years,   forgotten about wonder and how we can help each other turn our
Restorative Justice has re-emerged in communities around the             lives around. Applying these ancient practices together creates an
world as an international discipline, embodying an important heart       environment that reveals how vital and essential every person is to
and head shift from a justice system based on retribution, and           the community!
focused on punishment, to a justice system based on accountability,
repair of the harm and reconciliation. Even today, the concepts of       A multicultural group of community leaders and Immanuel Church
Restorative Justice are still in the process of being developed and      members began meeting together last April, with a vision for
written down. People learn about and practice Restorative Justice        empowering the youth in Annandale, especially the students at
by coming together, sitting in a “circle,” and interacting with each     Annandale High School. Once a month, people would gather to
other in a way that promotes shared listening and talking.               be taught by Kofi Dennis in the art of drumming. Immanuel
                                                                         Church has been putting together a collection of international
Another ancient art that is growing in popularity is drum circles.       drums for about two years now and hosting community drum
Drums are among the oldest instruments in the world and most             circles. This summer, our group discovered Restorative Justice and
cultures have their own indigenous drums. Today, people are              how a group of people in Fairfax County have been working in it for
discovering anew how they are drawn to the beauty of the drums           the past two years through Northern Virginia Mediation Services
and the powerful activity of finding a shared rhythm. It is a            (NVMS). We asked the RJ people of NVMS to come and train us
profound feeling to strike the drum, to experience its authority and     in November so that we could begin a youth mentoring program at
creativity and focus, to learn how to listen to the other players, so    Annandale High School. This RJ training has helped our vision to
that a common rhythm can be achieved by the group working                be strengthened and focused and now we are working toward
together!                                                                getting started in the New Year in the Annandale Neighborhood
                                                                         Center trailer, behind Annandale High School.
When a Restorative Justice circle is combined with a drum circle,
there is a surprising dose of synergy and synchronicity. Rhythms         We welcome anyone who would like to come and be a part of this
and tolerance play off of each other. Everyone is drawn into the en-     endeavor as we reinstitute ancient wisdom! (Contact Reverend
ergy of playing and an exhilaration and joy starts to spill out and      Deborah Austin at Immanuel Church, 703 256 6722.)
flow over. A heightened awareness of each other; mutual healing;

In Honor of Sami Kalifa
The Annandale Chamber of Commerce Foundation, with the                   become a living memorial to Sami and one
blessing and support of the Kalifa Family, has formed an                 that would have pleased him enormously. It
Endowment Fund to bestow annual grants to deserving local                will be an appropriate thank you to a soul
students. The one presented to an Annandale High School graduate         who touched us all.
will be known as the Sami Kalifa Education Grant and conferred
each year at our Awards Ceremony. Sami was a strong proponent of         The Kalifa Family has made the first contribution, quickly followed
higher education and known to aid the youth of Annandale at every        by Chamber members. We ask that you donate whatever amount
opportunity. He gave tirelessly to the community, the Chamber, his       possible in memory of Sami Kalifa. Tax deductible contributions
family, friends, and customers at the Flower Den. He developed the       should be made payable to the "Annandale Chamber of Commerce
idea for the Annandale Flag and funded a prize for the student who       Foundation" and mailed to: Annandale Chamber of Commerce
developed the best design. These annual Education Grants will            Foundation 7263 Maple Place, # 207 Annandale, VA 22003
                                                                       January 2010
36                                                                                                                                  ENDEAVOR

The Police Beat
What’s the second most common crime after Identity Theft?
The FBI estimates that after identity theft, the next most common             which may be bolted in the trunk and can hold
crime is the theft of laptop computers. In 2005 laptops outsold               laptops and other valuables. These are an
desktop models in the United States for the first time and with               excellent investment if you frequently have to
newer, faster models being introduced each year, this statistic is            leave small valuables in your vehicle.
bound to grow. It only takes a few minutes for a laptop to be stolen.
A unit left on a table or in a bag in a crowded coffee house can be           Should you have to leave your laptop out, such as in an office or
gone by the time the victim gets the order and returns to the table.          even a restaurant, utilize the universal security slot (USS) which
Be especially watchful at airports and other security check areas.            most laptops have and a locking cable which is available at
Generally, laptop theft is a little publicized crime, but when one is         computer stores. As with residential locks, you generally get what
stolen from government or industry and its hard drive contains                you pay for, so get the best you can afford. Motion sensors are
reams of personal or strategic information, it is likely to get front         available for laptops which will sound a piercing alarm should the
page coverage.                                                                laptop be moved while the device is armed. Radio Frequency ID
                                                                              tags or microdots will help identify the laptop if it is stolen and
A stolen laptop may bring as much as $500 at a pawn shop. Aside               recovered. Keep a list of all model and serial numbers in a safe place.
from the loss of a valuable item, information contained on the hard
drive can be many times more valuable, or at least sensitive. It could        To safeguard the contents of your hard drive the first and easiest
cost many thousands of dollars to replace if that is even possible.           way is to password protect your boot up. This means that a
Many times, photos and documents contained on hard drives are                 password is required each time the laptop is powered up. This may
one of a kind with no backup and are impossible to replace at any             seem like a pain but it is fast and will prevent unauthorized persons
cost. Obviously, this requires the owner to take steps to insure that         from booting up your laptop. Other steps are to password protect
the machine is not misplaced or stolen and to back up the                     each file on your hard drive or install some sort of encryption
information contained in a separate place should something happen.            program. Finally, several companies offer a Lo-Jack® type system
                                                                              that can be installed on your hard drive. If the computer is
The easiest step you can take to protect a laptop is to never let it out      connected to the Internet by an authorized person, it will send out
of your sight. Do not carry it in a common laptop bag that makes              an alert allowing the unit to be tracked by authorities. A few extra
its contents obvious. Try to keep it in a backpack or other                   seconds of prevention can save you considerable headaches.
container. Keep the bag between your feet in restaurants and                  Safeguard your laptop.
similar places. If you leave the table for any reason, take it with you
or have a companion watch it. If you must leave a laptop in a
vehicle, put it in the trunk and out of sight. Car safes are available                October Beanetics Quiz Winner
                                                                                          Congratulations to Helen Winter

                                          $10 off
                                    Any purchase of $50 or more

                                           With this coupon.
                                    Not valid with other promotions.
                                                                                                    Quiz Answer:
                                                                                  Kerlins Corner was located on the corner of Ravens-
                                        Not valid on holidays.                    worth Road and Little River Turnpike. The Kerlins
                                         Expires 2-28-2010                        went on to operate Kerlins Consignments (present site
                                                                                  of Grace and Kelli) and Kerlins Plants which was set
                                                                                  up each spring and summer in the parking lot of the
                                             4231 Duke St.                        Annandale Recreation Center. Kerlin’s Corner was
                                         Alexandria, VA 22304                     replaced by H.I. Ribsters and then Han Gang Restau-
                                             703-370-7900                         rant.
                                                               January 2010
ENDEAVOR                                                                                                                               37
What’s Cooking:                                      Cold Weather Comfort Food
Everyone enjoys simple home cooked and emotionally soothing            and add carrots, celery, and pearl barley. Pour in the chicken stock
foods that invoke age old memories. Known as comfort foods or          so that it almost covers the meat and vegetables. Season with salt
one pot meals, these dishes are far from gourmet fare. Those, like     and pepper, and add herbs. Cover and cook on low heat for 2 hours,
stew, are known to take the cold edge off any nippy fall or winter     being careful not to boil. Place potatoes on top of the stew, cover
day. Most cooks have a favorite stew. Whether technically an Irish     and cook for 30 minutes until the meat and potatoes are fork
or Scottish stew, the basic ingredients remain the same…beef or        tender. Serve in bowl, drizzle butter over potatoes and chopped
lamb and root vegetables. The consistency is hearty and thick, not     parsley and chives or rosemary, if desired. in a mug. Add 1 jigger
liquidity like soup.                                                   of rum, and fill the mug with boiling water. Sprinkle with nutmeg.

In Ireland, stew is made with lamb but here it might be lamb or
beef. Both are well enhanced with the addition of some Guinness        Beef Stew
stout beer. It will tenderize the meat and provide a rich malty
flavor to the broth. If you prefer, substitute red wine. Adding        2 pounds lean stewing beef
chunky pieces of parsnips for sweetness, fresh rosemary for a          3 Tablespoons oil
distinct flavor and aroma or a few teaspoons of cumin can change       3 Tablespoons flour
the dish to something new for the family.                              6 carrots cut into rounds
                                                                       Sprig of thyme
                                                                       4 cups Beef broth
Irish Stew                                                             1 large clove garlic,
2 medium-sized onions,                                                 crushed
  chopped coarse                                                       1-1/2 cups Guinness stout beer
Oil and 3 TB butter for                                                2 large onions, coarsely chopped
  browning meat                                                        2 Tablespoons tomato puree, dissolved in 4 tablespoons water
1 tsp dried thyme                                                      Salt and freshly ground pepper and a pinch of cayenne or cumin
2 cloves of garlic, crushed
2 1/2 pounds lamb, cut into                                            Directions
   large pieces                                                        Trim the beef of any fat, cut into 2” cubes and toss in a bowl with
7 carrots, chopped lengthways into 2-inch pieces                       1 tablespoon oil. In a large zip lock bag add flour, salt, freshly
6 stalks of celery cut into 2 inch long pieces.                        ground pepper and a pinch or two of cayenne or cumin. Place meat
3 TB. pearl barley                                                     in the bag and shake to dust meat in this dry mixture. Heat the
1 ½ c. Guinness Stout Beer or Red Wine                                 remaining oil in a wide frying pan over a high heat. Brown the meat
5 cups chicken stock                                                   on all sides. Add onions, crushed garlic, and tomato puree to the
Course Sea Salt                                                        pan, cover and cook gently for about 5 minutes. Transfer the
Freshly ground black pepper                                            contents of the pan to a casserole, and pour some of the Guinness
2 bay leaves                                                           beer into the frying pan to clarify the flavorful bits remaining. Bring
1/2 c. catsup                                                          to a boil and stir to dissolve the caramelized meat juices in the
1 tsp. cumin                                                           frying pan. Pour this reduction over the meat and add remaining
12 medium potatoes cut into large pieces                               Guinness; carrots and thyme. Add four cups of beef broth. Cover
1 bunch parsley - leaves finely chopped                                the casserole and simmer very gently until the meat is tender − 2
1 bunch chives or sprig of rosemary (optional)                         to 3 hours. The stew may be cooked on top of the stove or in a low
1/2 stick of butter to melt and drizzle over potatoes when serving     oven at 300 degrees F. Yield: 6 to 8 servings.

Directions                                                             Hint on thickening stew broth: Roux is a mix of 50 / 50 butter and
In a large heavy-bottomed saucepan, cook the onions in oil and         flour which will thicken broth into gravy. Melt the butter on a
butter, on medium-high heat until they are translucent. Add the        medium heat in a pan, and then whisk the flour. Cook for 2 minutes
dried thyme, crushed garlic, catsup, cumin and stir. Add the lamb      whisking all the time to prevent it sticking to the bottom of the pan.
                                                                       Pour 1 cup of the liquid simmering in your stew pot into the roux pan
and brown on a high heat to seal in juices. Transfer the ingredients
                                                                       and whisk. Add this thickened gravy back into the pot. The entire
to a bowl. Pour half of the beer into the pan to dissolve the          liquid in the stew pot will soon thicken.
caramelized meat juices. Return cooked ingredients to the saucepan                                                           continued next page
                                                                 January 2010
38                                                                                                                           ENDEAVOR

The Experience of an Annandale Teen
                                                                                                                  By: R. Michael Lowe, P.E.
My Memory of Kerlin’s Corner                                                                                          Annandale Resident
I have a funny story about an experience I had many years ago at
Kerlin’s Corner, Annandale’s first convenience store. My family
had a next door neighbor who was a very good friend of my older
brother and me. Our neighbor was just a year older so the three of
us shared a lot of playtime together. One evening, my brother had
a brainstorm to toilet paper our neighbor’s trees as a practical joke
(some of you may remember that this very rude act was called
TP’ing a house). I thought it was a GREAT idea and we enlisted one
of my brother’s friends from high school to help bring our plan
together. As you might imagine, the youngest of the group (me)
was the lucky one voted to purchase the toilet paper…at Kerlin’s
Corner. My brother and his friend filled my head with stories of
how the clerk at Kerlins would know exactly why I was buying so
much toilet paper and I would probably be arrested on the spot and
thrown into the Fairfax County jail for even thinking of doing such
a thing. None the less, I accepted the duty.

By the time we drove up to Kerlin’s, I was sweating bullets and quite
certain that I would be seeing the inside of a jail cell before tossing   After we arrived back home, my brother opened the truck of the
my first roll of TP over my neighbor’s trees. I got out of the car        car and started to laugh hysterically when he realized what was
(while my accomplices sat waiting in the car, laughing) and went          there. I was so worked up about being potentially arrested and
inside Kerlin’s to make my purchase. I grabbed a shopping cart and        jailed, rather than buying toilet paper, I had bought paper towels.
headed for the paper goods section of the store. I grabbed every roll     After 15 minutes of ribbing and hearing what kind of idiot I was, we
I could find, stuffed them into the shopping cart and walked up to        decided to go ahead with our plan and use the paper towels and
the cashier to pay for my goods. I must admit the cashier gave me         they worked great. My neighbor’s house was probably the only
some looks but said nothing about why I was buying so many rolls.         home in Annandale that has ever been PT’ed. Almost 50 years later,
I walked out of the store smiling and unloaded the “goods” into the       people still laugh when I tell them this story about my big paper
trunk of the car.                                                         goods purchase at Kerlin’s Corner.

What’s Cooking:                                            continued...

Scotish Stew is a filling soup, originating in Scotland and certainly     1 cup dry white wine or
a powerful comfort food. The principal ingredients are usually            1 bottle Guinness Stout
barley, beef, lamb or mutton, as well as carrots and/or parsnips and      Small cabbage, chopped
turnips. Cabbage is often added at the end of cooking in order to         coarse
preserve its flavor and texture.                                          Enough beef broth to cover
                                                                          all ingredients
2 ½ pounds of beef or lamb cut into small pieces
3 TBS pearl barley                                                        Directions
1 large onion, chopped coarse
½ c. dried split peas soaked overnight in water                           In frying pan heat two tablespoons of oil and brown meat that has
1 large leek                                                              been dusted in flour. Add and sauté onions until translucent and
3 turnips cut into small chunks - known in Scotland as wee neeps          then remove both from pan. Add wine or beer to clarify the pan
4 carrots cut into ½ pieces                                               then place all ingredients except cabbage and potatoes into a large
4 stalks of celery cut into ½ pieces                                      stew pot and simmer on stove top over low heat for 2-3 hours.
salt and pepper                                                           Thirty minutes prior to serving add potatoes and cabbage. Serve
Thyme                                                                     with crusty bread and tossed salad.
                                                                January 2010
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                                                                                                               training, rehabilitation
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 Curtis Investments is a full service, fully diversified, award winning real              At ServiceSource,    6295 Edsall Road, Ste. 175
 estate concern serving the greater Washington Metropolitan area for                                             Alexandria, VA 22312
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 Every Relationship and Project.
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                                                               January 2010
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                                                 News, notices & bulletins posted by
Chamber Chat:                                    Annandale Chamber members
Xoçai™ Healthy Chocolate:                                               Finance Column, Tax Talk, and Our Home Town. See concert and
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Annandale Boys and Girls Club: View our ad in this edition              Green Spring Gardens: See our Winter Program Schedule in
to see everything the Annandale Boys' and Girls' Club has to offer.     this issue or on our website at
This year we are celebrating our 51st Anniversary!
                                                                        Hidden Oak Nature Center located at 7701 Royce Street,
Annandale Shopping Center proudly announces the opening                 Annandale (one block off Hummer Road) will be hosting Wine
of Bloom Grocery Store, located on the corner of Gallows Road           Tasting Parties from 7-9 PM on Saturdays, January 23-Great Local
and Columbia Pike, Annandale. We are also the new home to               Buys from Faraway Places, February 6 - Local Vineyards, February
Hapmundo Martial Arts Studio.                                           20 - Hearty Winter Reds & light Reds for Spring, and March 6 -
                                                                        The Great White Wines. Wine Educator, Dan Roninson from Total
Annandale Volunteer Fire Department: Starting in 2010                   Wine in Alexandria will provide the expert commentary. Cost is
Annandale Volunteer Fire Department provides an exciting bingo          $30 per event. For more information contact Kevin Holland at
game and lots of opportunities to win every Thursday and special or 703-941-1065
times throughout the 2010 year. Average Payouts of over $14,136
per night. Doors open 4:30pm – Early Birds start at 6:45pm –            Levine Design Studio: Providing architectural and planning
Regular Session starts at 8:00pm. Starting 1 January 2010, AVFD         services to local businesses and residences. Current projects in
BINGO goes to a non-smoking inside format. We also start                the Annandale area include the remodeling of the Sunset Grille
Thursday night only BINGO along with several special events             restaurant and bar, and feasibility studies for Independent Living
throughout the year. See AVFD BINGO special events 42” LCD              Facilities for senior citizens. Please contact us for a free initial
TV monitors display next ball to be called. Must be 14 yrs of age       design consultation. Jeffrey Levine: 202-628-0729 or
to play, ATM machine available. Bingo Hotline is 703-941-1328.           See our website at
Burke & Herbert Bank: Bank Worries? Not at Burke &
Herbert. Despite turmoil and uncertainty in the banking                 Little River Yoga: We have a wonderful community at Little
industry, we remain strong and steady. Burke & Herbert is               River Yoga, catering to the entire family in two beautiful and
consistently rated among the most financially sound and best            environmentally friendly studios. Our classes can help you achieve
managed banks in America. Hector Ochoa, Assistant Manager,              a more balanced life. Come and enjoy yoga, pilates, and
4235 Annandale Road, Annandale, 703-519-1627                            meditation. 6399 Little River Tpk., Annandale. 703-203-8510
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concern Annandale. Get to know Chamber members and their                PHILLIPS will receive up to 15% of your purchase. For additional
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Roads and Rage, View on Nature, The Beanetics Coffee Quiz:    
How well do you know Annandale? Stay informed with the                                                                     continued next page
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Chamber Chat:                                           continued...

Pinecrest Golf Course: WINTER SPECIAL runs from mid                     Tim Frazier Tree Service: Do your trees need trimming,
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Pinecrest School: In addition to half-day preschool, full-day           a call. My business is fully insured and satisfaction is guaranteed.
kindergarten-sixth grade, K-6 after-care until 6 p.m., and an           1-888-873-8746 toll free. I have worked for many Chamber
award-winning summer camp, Pinecrest School will offer                  members. Contact the Chamber office for references at
preschool after-care until 6 p.m. beginning September 2010.             703-256-7232 or
Come visit the school at an open house on January 9 or
February 7, 2010. Visit or contact              Virginia Heritage Mortgage: First time homebuyers can / 703.354.3446 to learn more.            qualify for up to $10,000 that need not be repaid if the buyers stay
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Pyne Studios, Inc. was honored with the publication of a cover          703-855-4087.
photo and feature article in the latest issue of Remodeling Today
Magazine. Thethree page article highlights a project wherein
clever re-use of existing space made a huge difference in the
livability of the home. Simple changes such as removing walls to
improve traffic flow and removing a dropped ceiling created a
modern feeling of spaciousness in a 1950’s ranch house. Contact
them at 703-462-3405 or at

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The Reunion Music Society encourages you to plan on
attending its concerts on April 11, 2010 (Annandale Brass)
and April 23, 2010 (NOVA-Annandale Symphony Orchestra)
at the Ernst Community Cultural Center, NVCC-Annandale.
Ticket prices range from $7 to $15. Please contact the Society's
Executive Director, Lorin Goodrich, at e-mail:, if you would like to be on the
mailing list for concert announcements.
                                                                                                                     Burke & Herbert Bank
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Subway on Columbia Pike offers Lunch Programs tailored to
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                                                                  Juke Box Diner
                                                                 The Flower Den
                                                                 Great Cuts, Inc.
           The Healthy Chocolate                                 Kevin Kelly, Esq.
                                                                Pyne Studios, Inc.
                                                                Little River Center
           Platinum Sponsor                                    Gwendalyn F. Cody
             The Parliaments                                   American Car Wash
                                                               Annandale Eye Care
            Gold Sponsors                                      Royal Management
                                                               Pho Hot Restaurant
                 Gold’s Gym                                   Parliament Cleaners
             Westwood College                                 Marv & Sara Rodney
            Cox Communications                                Dan & Rae McKinnon
          First Command Financial                             Sagemark Consulting
         Pat Sawhney/ReMax 100                               Annandale Lions Club
         Home Instead Senior Care                             KA Insurance Agency
        Annandale Shopping Center                            The Annandale Florist
    Office of Community Revitalization                        Silverado Restaurant
                                                             Kiwanis of Annandale
                                                             William Marshall, Esq.
            Silver Sponsors                                  Resolutions Unlimited
                PNC Bank                                     Dynasty Beauty Salon
               Burger King                                   The Avant Apartments
             Trust Properties                                Horizon Entertainment
         James McConville, Esq.                              NV Community College
         Richards Heating & AC                              Jolly Roger Pest Control
                                                            Friends of David Bulova
        Virginia Railway Express
                                                            Connors Pest Protection
        Heritage Shopping Center                            Nebel Financial Services
           Campbell & Ferrara                              Casa d Mama Restaurant
            Curtis Properties                              VA Delegate Vivian Watts
              Service Source                              Congressional Schools of VA
              Wrench Group                               State Senator Chap Petersen
           Yechon Restaurant                            Integrated Building Contractors
                                                                           January 2010
44                                                                                                                                            ENDEAVOR

                                            Calendar of Events
          DATE                  EVENT                     LOCATION                              TIME               DESCRIPTION                 COST
   Thurs. Feb. 4     Board Meeting            Knights of Columbus                     8:30 AM
                                              4200 Martin St., Annandale
   Thurs. Feb. 11    Luncheon                 Juke Box Diner                          NOON – 1:30 PM      Michael Estelle             $20/member
                                              7039 Columbia Pike, Annandale                               Selling to Fairfax County   $25/nonmember
                                                                                                          Overview of the County’s    Reservations Required
                                                                                                          Procurement Policies
   Tues. Feb. 23     Networking Breakfast     Magill’s Restaurant                     8:30 AM – 9:45 PM                               $12/member
                                              7201 Little River Turnpike, Annandale                                                   $15/nonmember

   Thurs. March 4    Board Meeting            Knights of Columbus                     8:30 AM
                                              4200 Martin Street, Annandale

   Thurs. March 11   Luncheon                 Juke Box Diner                          NOON – 1:30 PM      TBA                         $20/member
                                              7039 Columbia Pike, Annandale                                                           $25/nonmember
                                                                                                                                      Reservations Required

   Tues. March 23    Networking Breakfast     Magill’s Restaurant                     8:30 AM – 9:45 PM                               $12/member
                                              7201 Little River Turnpike, Annandale                                                   $15/nonmember

   Thurs. April 1    Board Meeting            Knights of Columbus                     8:30 AM
                                              4200 Martin Street, Annandale

   Thurs. April 8    Luncheon                 Juke Box Diner                          NOON – 1:30 PM      TBA                         $20/member
                                              7039 Columbia Pike, Annandale                                                           $25/nonmember
                                                                                                                                      Reservations Required

   SAVE THE DATE:    Awards Luncheon &        Green Spring Gardens                    NOON - 2:30 PM                                  TBA
   Thurs. June 10    Ceremony                 4603 Green Spring Road
                                              Alexandria, VA 22312-1428                                                               Limited Seating
                                                                                                                                      Make Your Reservations

Annandale Chamber of Commerce
7263 Maple Place, Suite 207
Annandale, Virginia 22003

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