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You won’t believe some of the horror stories I have heard about loving pet owners who have given their
pet cheap dog food and lived to tell the tale. The commercial brands they may have used are different,
but they are all unanimous in one aspect—if they had known, they would have invested in given their
dogs the good dog food instead.

Commercial dog food isn’t bad because they are cheap. Of course not. The problem is that realistically,
healthy and high quality ingredients are not cheap. The reason why some brands can afford to lower the
price on their products is because they use by-products of human food industries.

That sounds horrible, right? Well, it’s true. Many pet food brands are actually subsidiaries of human
food and agricultural industries and they maximize their profits by giving these “leftovers” to their pet
food division. Obviously this won’t look palatable or taste as appealing so they add in chemicals and
preservatives to make it better. Unfortunately, over a period of time, harmful chemicals result in serious
canine illnesses.

Avoid going the more expensive and worrisome route of having your dog sick and giving him treatments
and medicines by ensuring that he has a healthy diet in the first place. Canine nutrition is an integral
part of having a healthy and happy dog.

The best dog foods are still those that are natural and raw. There is nothing like feeding your dog
excellent quality meat, fruits and vegetables in his meals. These are a great source of vitamins and
minerals that your beloved canine needs. However, if you are unable to plan and prepare his best diet
plan, it’s alright. You can find some really good dog food products in the market today.

One thing you have to remember about premium pet food is that the ingredients should be of the best
quality. This will obviously be priced higher than the commercial fare but as we have mentioned before,
a healthy dog is well worth the investment.

Make sure that the first ingredient listed is meat. This means that this is the primary food group used.
Dogs are carnivores and they need meat in their diet. If the products used have no meat and are more
supplemental in nature, then simply buy raw meat, chop them up, and mix them in your dog’s meal.
Raw bones are also a great source of calcium and minerals. Chewing on them also helps in preventing
bad doggie breath.
The most ideal processing method is by dehydration or freeze drying. This is virtually removing the liquid
out of the ingredients so that the nutrients are more concentrated. When you soak them on water or
thaw them out, your dog is getting food closest to its natural form.

Find out more about what make the best dog foods when you read other helpful articles in this site
today. I now you love your dog and you want him to be as healthy and happy as possible like how I do
mine. Enjoy!

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