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December 30, 2011
    http://billrober                                                     Volume 2, Number 3        Ms. Patricia Lea, Principal                                                              William Roberts ECE-8
                 Here        Ms. Ruth Baldivia, Asst. Principal                                                             2100 Akron Way
                             Ms. Dawn Carrico, Admin. Asst/Student Advisor                                                Denver, CO 80238
Specialists in                                                                                                                720-424-2640
the Building
                             Principal’s Perspective – a note from Ms. Lea
ES--Mrs. Kim Douglas         Dear Parents:
All students who are            Once again, the holiday season is upon us. This is a time to reflect on family, special people and friends
designated as English        whom you are grateful to share time with. It is a privilege to know all of you and your children. I am so
Language Learners will       appreciative for your help, your generosity, and the support you have provided for our school. The
be demonstrating their       experience of working with outstanding parents is always refreshing and stimulating and never more so
proficiency in English in    than this year.
Speaking, Listening,
                                I want to thank you for your loving and dedicated approach for young people. We experience many
Reading, and Writing
                             joys in our teaching and have numerous opportunities to work and help with so many different children.
now through the end of       The best moments during the last few weeks have come from the importance of giving to others that are
January on the CELA test     less fortunate. I have watched the students wrapping, preparing, and sharing gifts for others. It has been
(Colorado English            amazing. It has been a time of year for rejoicing and for rededication.
Language Acquisition).
                               May the holidays be a time of recreation and relaxation for you, your family, and friends. My hope is
PE – Ms. Salter              that this is a period to reflect on your blessings and for us all to recharge our spirits. The staff, my family
A 6-week gymnastics          and I wish you every blessing of the season.
unit for ECE-6 will start
after the break.
Students need to wear
tennis shoes for their PE
classes or their effort
grade will be lowered.

Middle School Tours
(for Parents) and
Shadowing (for
students) Dates:
Middle school parents
are conducting school
tours for 5 grade                                               Snow/Cold Inside Start Days
parents interested in
                             On those cold and snowy days when you’re dropping the kids off at school, be on the lookout
learning more about the
                             for the new snowman hanging on the post near the front door. When you see him you’ll know
middle school. The
                             it’s an Inside Start morning. Make sure your child knows where they need to go before school:
following dates are
scheduled tour dates:        K – soft start in their classrooms – ONLY on Inside Start Days. Ms. Piazza will pick kindies up in
                             the cafeteria if not accompanied by parents.
Fri., Dec. 16 at 12pm         st
                             1 – go to the cafeteria to meet your teachers
Fri., Jan. 6 at 12pm
Fri., Jan 20 at 12pm         2 & 2/3 --soft start in their classrooms; come to the cafeteria first, to see if your class has
Fri., Jan. 27 at 12pm        been picked up.

Call Kristin in the front
                             3-8 grades – go to the gym to wait for your teacher
office to schedule a tour.
Shadowing dates:
Please call Kristin in the                  Attention: All Transition Students (ECE4, Adv. K, 5 th, 8th)
                                                                                            th               th
front office to see about                     Current ECE4yr, Advanced Kindergarteners, 5 graders, and 8 graders
shadowing dates for 5
graders.                      The DPS district-wide first round choice process is in full swing and if your student is in these grades,
                              you MUST complete a choice form for the 2012-13 school year. Packets that include the choice form are
                                                                                                    th    th
                              being sent home with these students on Wednesday, December 14 . (8 grade student packets are
                              being mailed directly to your home.)
                              The form MUST be returned to any school in DPS by Tuesday, January 31, 2012. We will accept forms at
                              Bill Roberts until 3:30pm on January 31 .
                              Web link to application:
Middle School
Sports Report                 Web link to Frequently Asked Questions:
Football: The boy’s
football season ended
with the team record of
5-2, after a couple of
canceled games due to
the weather. The                             Professional Learning Communities – Teachers’ Friday Focus
Bobcats made it to the
playoffs for the first time   Several teachers have been studying Collaboration and Comprehension: Inquiry Circles in Action by
ever in our history,          Harvey Daniels and Stephanie Harvey during our Early Release PLC Fridays. As a result many of them
where they played             have implemented their learning from this book into their classrooms, and have shared the products and
Kunsmiller. Pablo Lopez       outcomes with the entire staff. Inquiry Circles are developed when students let their questions drive
was named to the
                              their research, and through collaboration and cooperation, they work to find answers to the questions
Denver Prep League All
Conference team.              developed, through texts, online resources, primary resources, and more. The first grade team took on
                              this study as a team, and at Thanksgiving each class did an inquiry circle around the Thanksgiving theme.
                              Ms. Havens answered a couple of questions about their experience:
Congratulations on
a fantastic season!                   What are the benefits to having students use Inquiry Circles? Especially in primary
                                       grades, the biggest benefit of having kids work in inquiry circles is that they are
Volleyball: The 7/8                    collaborating - learning how to have a discussion (take turns), learning how to express
volleyball team ended                  disagreement w/ each other without being mad or stubborn, learning how to be
their season 2-6, giving
                                       flexible (not always getting what you want), learning how to share, learning how to
it their all each game.
Coaches Ali and Alyssa                 create an end product that represents their thinking, and learning how to learn from
focused on fundamentals                each other - bounce ideas off each other.
and team-building, and
said the girls learned a
lot this season. The 6th
                                      Is this a method that could be used in any grade? Definitely! The students drive their
grade team experienced                 learning and investigation through their questions and experiences --- and this could
a few frustrations in the              be at any age.
scheduling of the season,
but ended up having a
great time. Congrats                  What topics have you “inquired” about? So far, only First Thanksgiving, which I
girls!                                 personally learned was (for 1st grade) WAY too broad. It was great we chose a topic
                                       about which the kids knew nothing, but in order for true learning to occur, knowledge
Basketball – Boys:                     that will sustain over the years, the topic needs to be much more focused, more
Coach Beatty had so                    narrow. We are beginning a unit on Animals and their Needs in Science, and we're all
many athletes interested
in playing that we have                going to do an IC on ants in the new year.
developed a two-team
system, rather than                   What would be an “overall” statement you would make about Inquiry Circles? Inquiry
make cuts. The Gold
                                       Circles provide a perfect venue for allowing students to exercise their thinking
team will be the main
team, but the Maroon                   strategy skills. Many of the things we did in IC we were already doing in reading:
team individuals get to                 activating our schema, questioning, and learning how to infer.
rotate to play, and could
possibly make the Gold         Upcoming PLC News: After the new year, the staff will be studying the cognitive thinking strategies
team during the season.       through writing, and will be addressing the writing instructional practices and common language school-
The first game ended in       wide. New book studies will begin, with the emphasis on writing in all of the content areas, including
a tough loss against Hill     specials.
MS, where the boys
played great defense,
losing 41-29. Our next
home team is January 10
at 4:45 pm.
 Basketball – Girls:
Coach Umberger is             Student Council Comes to Bill Roberts and Will Bring a School Store to Life!
returning as our girls’
coach this season, and is     Student Council is coming to Bill Roberts starting in January, and will include students in grades
joined by Coach Scott, a      2-8. Having a leadership group for students is an exciting addition to our school because it
Roberts parent. The
girls are working on
                              allows students to get involved in school’s activities, "raise their voice" and make a difference.
building team chemistry       The council will consist of "ambassadors" from each class (aka representatives) from grades 2-
and will take that into       8, along with officers in the positions of CEO (aka President), COO (aka Vice President), CFO
competing on the court.       (aka Treasurer), CIO (aka Secretary), and CCO (head of creativity) and Chairman of the Board
Our next home game is
January 10 at 3:45 pm.
                              (the liaison between the officers and ambassadors). The officers will be students in grades 5-
                              8. Elections of the officers will take place the week of January 9; teachers will determine their
                              selection process for ambassadors from each classroom, and meetings will begin the first week
                              of 2012. Meetings for the core officers will be held every other week, during their lunch;
Inside Recess Days            whole council meetings, with ambassadors will be once a month after school.
– Help!!
Do you have any games         Our first project is a big one --- opening the Bobcat school store. Officers and ambassadors will
around the house that         be working the store before and after school, and the school will offer supplies (pencils,
aren’t quite as fun as they
                              folders, etc.) and other fun items. Be looking for more information to come your way once the
used to be? Want a good
                              council gets under way!
place to donate them?
Roberts is looking for
games to have on hand on
inside recess days. The
students enjoy playing
games, but we’re pretty
limited on what we have.
Please bring any donated
games to the office, and
we’ll gladly put them to
good use!

                                                                     Inside the Orchestra
                              Bill Roberts was selected as one of 12 Denver Public schools to host Inside the Orchestra. Inside the
                              Orchestra, presented by the Junior Symphony Guild, is an engaging and entertaining 45 minute music
                              education program, performed by an orchestra of 16 professional musician educators. The orchestra
                              surrounded the children! Also included is a 45 minute follow up session with selected students called
                              “Inside the Conductor's Head” hosted by the music director, Tom Jensen.

                              If you would like to see more about the Orchestra’s programs, please visit their website

                                                  Middle School Students of the Month
                              6 grade: Emma Webb and Caleb Thiel
                              7th grade: Lexi Hubbard and Jordan Miller
                              8th grade: Jensina Bailly and Paul Yang
                        Bronco Spirit is Alive and Well at Roberts!
Thanks to some Bronco-loving dads, there is now a new addition to the gym at Bill Roberts, and Ms.
Salter was so surprised to see it! She wanted to thank the pranksters for their addition of John Elway to

the gym, but wants everyone to know, in good spirit, that the Packers still Rule!!!

                                 December 2011-January 2012
12/13 Tues.    Holiday program 5:30 pm (K/1S/1E) 7:30 (2/1B/1H)
12/15 Thurs. Holiday program 6:30 pm (2-3/3/4/5)
12/16 Fri.     Parent’s Night Out – babysitting at the school
12/19 thru 1/3 Winter Break – No Classes
1/4    Weds. Classes resume
1/10   Tues.   Parent Town Hall Meeting 6:30 pm
1/16   Mon.     Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – No classes

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