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									                                                                                                             Lily Yu


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The Community

Irvine Corporation

The Irvine Company, is a 140-year-old, privately held real estate investment company
best known for the balanced, sustainable communities it has planned and developed
on The Irvine Ranch® in Orange County, California. The company also is known for its
portfolio of high-quality, high-profile investment properties – which include major office
buildings, hotels, apartment communities, marinas and retail centers – in San Diego,
Orange and Los Angeles counties and Silicon Valley.

Guided by a comprehensive master plan it undertook in the early 1960s, the company
continues to create communities that provide a full range of housing, thriving job cen-
ters, excellent schools, rich recreational opportunities and abundant parks, greenbelts
and open spaces. Today, The Irvine Ranch is considered one of the largest and most
successful master-planned urban environments in the United States. Approximately
260,000 people live on The Irvine Ranch. About 237,000 people work here.

The Ranch

Established in 1864, the original Irvine Ranch comprised 120,000 acres reaching 22
miles inland from the Pacific Ocean at Newport Beach to the edge of the Cleveland Na-
tional Forest. Encompassing more than 185 square miles, the ranch represented nearly
one-fourth of Orange County's total land area. Today, at about 93,000 acres, the ranch
represents nearly one-fifth of the county’s total land area and contains portions of six

cities, including the entire City of Irvine. The Irvine Ranch also includes portions of the
cities of Newport Beach, Tustin, Orange, Laguna Beach and Anaheim, plus unincorpo-
rated land in the County of Orange.

The City of Irvine is the geographical and historical heart of The Irvine Ranch. Irvine has
a population of approximately 202,000. The city’s most prominent business center is
Irvine Spectrum®, one of the country's major business, research and technology cen-
ters. The Greater Irvine Spectrum Area employs approximately 65,000 people at ap-
proximately 3,400 companies. Core growth industries are automotive design; biotech;
broadband; computers and computer peripherals; computer software, and medical de-
vices. Irvine also is home to the University of California, Irvine, one of the country’s best
public research universities, built on land donated by The Irvine Company to the Uni-
versity of California.

Scope of Operations

At the core of The Irvine Company’s operations is the creation of balanced, sustainable
communities. The company plans and designs the communities, then sells land to
builders who construct residential villages according to The Irvine Company's award-

winning architectural design standards. To help provide economic viability for these
communities, as well as a well-rounded complement of services and amenities for the
people who live in them, the company also designs, builds and manages employment
centers and retail/entertainment centers within them. Development in all of the com-
pany’s communities is balanced with significant permanent open space, community
parks and neighborhood greenbelts. Large environmentally sensitive habitats are pre-
served in their natural state.

Most of The Irvine Company’s land and property holdings are in Orange County, but
the company also owns property in Los Angeles, San Diego and Silicon Valley. This
portfolio includes approximately 400 office buildings; approximately 40 retail centers;
approximately 90 apartment communities; two hotels, five marinas and three golf


In 1864, James Irvine and two partners purchased the large ranch, which had been as-
sembled through Mexican and Spanish land grants. In 1876, Irvine bought out his part-
ners. In 1894, Irvine’s son, James Irvine II, incorporated the land holdings as The Irvine
Company. For decades, the ranch was used for agriculture and grazing. But as urbani-
zation continued to move south from Los Angeles County during the early 1960s, the
company's directors announced plans to undertake a comprehensive planning effort
that would guide the ranch’s future development. Through the years, the company's
land holdings have diminished as homes have been sold and as land deemed sensitive
for environmental or public recreational uses has been conveyed to governmental
agencies to ensure preservation and public access.

Today, approximately 44,000 acres remain under the company's stewardship.


For more than a century, The Irvine Company and its affiliate have made the conserva-
tion of its land—for both recreational purposes and the protection of ecologically sensi-
tive habitats—a cornerstone of long-term planning on The Irvine Ranch. It began in
1897 with a gift of land to the County of Orange that became Irvine Regional Park.
Since then, The Irvine Company has worked with municipalities, conservationists and
resource agencies to permanently protect more than 50,000 acres of land on The Irvine
Ranch through donations, land sales, development agreements and ballot measures.
The result is a majestic network of public and private land that is protected forever as
wilderness, greenbelts, parks and recreation areas.

To ensure that there are sufficient financial resources available for the long-term man-
agement, preservation and restoration of the natural resources on The Irvine Ranch,
and to facilitate accelerated public access to the lands, Irvine Company Chairman

Donald Bren has made a $50 million commitment for land stewardship and open space
conservation efforts in tandem with increased public access to the land.

The City of Irvine
The City of Irvine was incorporated on December 28, 1971, under the general laws of
the State of California. We operate under a charter law form of government which was
adopted in 1975, meaning we have a City Council-City Manager form of government.
The City Council consists of a Mayor and four City Council members. The Mayor
serves a two year term and Council members serve 4 year terms. The city has a two
term limit for elected officials. Elections are held every two years, on even-numbered
years. During each election, two Council members and the Mayor's seat is up for con-
sideration. The City Council appoints volunteers that serve on various advisory boards,
commissions and committees.

The City Manager is appointed by the City Council to function as the chief administra-
tor of the City. City Council sets the policy directions for the City, and the City Manager
is charged with implementing those directions. Additionally, the City Manager keeps
the Council informed of City operations, prepares the annual budget, oversees special
programs, and coordinates the various department activities.

Irvine is one of the nation's largest planned urban communities and encompasses 69.7
square miles. We contract for fire and medical services with the County of Orange, and
have three independent districts: library, educational and utility services. Other gov-
ernment services include: animal control; building and safety regulation and inspection;
general administrative services; planning and zoning; police; public facility/capital im-
provement construction; recreation and cultural programs; refuse collection and recy-
cling; street lighting; street maintenance; landscape maintenance and transportation

Irvine has annexed in the past an undeveloped area to the north, and has also annexed
the former El Toro Marine Corps Air Station, most of which is to be made into a park
called the Orange County Great Park. Currently, Irvine is larger in land area than any
other city in Orange County, because when Irvine annexed the southern and eastern
unincorporated areas, it surpassed the size of Anaheim and became the county's larg-
est city based on area. In June 2007, it was again named The Safest City in the United
States (Irvine has held the title since 2005).

A Planned City

The layout of Irvine was designed by Los Angeles architect William Pereira and Irvine
Company employee Raymond Watson, and is nominally divided into townships called
villages. The townships are separated by six-lane streets. Each township includes a
spectrum of similar types of dwellings, along with shopping, religious institutions and
schools. Commercial districts are checker-boarded in a periphery around the central
Pereira originally envisioned an Atlantis-like circular plan with numerous man-made
lakes and the university in the center. When the Irvine Company refused to relinquish
valuable farmland in the flat central region of the ranch for this plan, the University site
was moved to the base of the southern coastal hills. The design that ended up being
used was based on the shape of a necklace (with the villages strung along two parallel
main streets, which terminate at UCI, the "pendant"). Traces of the original circular de-
sign are visible in the layout of the UCI campus and the two man-made lakes at the
center of Woodbridge, one of the central villages.
All streets have landscaping allowances. Rights-of-way for powerlines also serve as
bicycle corridors, parks and greenbelts to tie together ecological preserves. The green-
ery is irrigated with reclaimed water.
The homeowners’ associations which govern some village neighborhoods exercise
varying degrees of control on the appearances of homes. In more restrictive areas,
houses' roofing, paint colors, and landscaping are regulated. A notable exception is the
Village of Northwood, which was developed beginning in the early 1970s independent
of the Irvine Company, and thus has the distinction of being a larger village that is not

under the purview of a homeowners' association. As a result, homeowners in North-
wood do not pay a monthly village association fee; and its neighborhoods are generally
not as uniform in appearance as those in other villages such as West Park and Wood-
bridge, the latter which, however, generally offer more amenities such as members-only
swimming pools, tennis courts, and parks.
In addition to association dues, homeowners in villages developed in the 1980s and
later may be levied a Mello-Roos assessment, which came about in the post-
Proposition 13 era. For homeowners in these areas, the association dues coupled with
the Mello-Roos assessment may add significantly to the cost of living in the city.

The Villages
Each of the villages was initially planned to have a distinct architectural theme, though
many have been clouded by later development.
     •	   College Park
     •	   Deerfield 	                                                        (mixed styles)
     •	   El Camino Real 	                                       (Spanish/Neo-Eclectic)
     •	   Irvine Spectrum 	                                  (Contemporary/Moroccan)
     •	   Laguna Crossing 	                                                 (future village)
     •	   Northpark/Northpark Square 	                                 (Spanish Mission)
     •	   Northwood 	                                            (Bungalow, Craftsman)
     •	   Oak Creek 	                                                       (mixed styles)
     •	   Orchard Hills 	                                     (Rural Craftsman/Tuscan)
     •	   Portola Springs 	                                             (Spanish/Tuscan)
     •	   Planning Area 40 	                                               (Future Village)
     •	   Quail Hill 	                                                  (Spanish/Tuscan)
     •	   Rancho San Joaquin 	                                                 (Shed style)
     •	   Shady Canyon 	                                                  (Tuscan Ranch)
     •	   Stonegate 	                                                       (future village)
     •	   Turtle Ridge 	                                                          (Tuscan)
     •	   Turtle Rock 	                                                     (mixed styles)
     •	   University Park 	                                          (California Modern)
     •	   University Town Center 	                                          (mixed styles)
     •	   Walnut 	                                                           (Prairie Style)
     •	   West Irvine 	                                              (California Modern)
     •	   Westpark 	                                    (Italian Riviera/Mediterranean)
     •	   Woodbridge 	                                                    (Atlantic Coast)
     •	   Woodbury 	                                           (Tuscan/Spanish/French)
     •	   Woodbury East 	                                          (Under construction)

Note: University Hills is subsidized (20-30% below market pricing) for professors and
retired professors. It is the first such community of its kind in the nation.

Irvine offers a system of bicycle lanes and trails to encourage the use of bikes as a
means of transportation. There are 44.5 miles (71.6 km) of off-road bicycle trails and
282 miles (454 km) of on-road bicycle lanes in Irvine.

Demographics Information

Irvine has a current population of 202,0279. Population growth as a yearly percentage
has slowed considerably as the City has matured. Between 1970 and 1980, population
increases averaged 20% per year. Between 1980 and 1990, the average increase
dropped to 8% per year; and since 1990, the annual increase has averaged 2% per

Because the City of Irvine is a relatively new City and started with a young population
base, only 12.7% of Irvine's population was in the over-55 category in 1990. By the
year 2020, however, 28% of the City's population is expected to be over 55. Where to-
day there are about 21,000 residents over the age of 55, in 25 years that number is ex-
pected to grow to over 60,000.

                     YEAR                       RESIDENTS

          1971                         10,081

          1975                         31,750

          1980                         62,127

          1985                         84,400

          1990                         110,330

          1995                         120,000

          2000                         143,072

          2005                         183,457

          2006                         194,126

          2007                         202,079

                      Parks & Landscape Areas
                      ITEM                       AMOUNT

          Community Parks              18

          Neighborhood Parks           35

          Athletic Infields             41 Fields

          Sports Fields                125 acres

          Off-Street Bicycle Trails    40.5 miles

          Open Space/Greenbelts        2202 acres

          Streetscape                  670 acres

          Trees                        55,500

                             Circulation System
                              1,664 lane miles

                     LEVEL                      ATTAINED

          High School Graduates        95%

          College Graduates            59%

                               2000 Census
                     RACE                        AMOUNT

          White                         61%

          Asian                         29%

          Hispanic                      7%

          Black                         2%

          Other                         1%

                         Median Family Income

                     ITEM                        NUMBER

          Dwelling Units                64,500

          Median Value (single family   $712,113
          & condominium)

          Average Rent                  $1,660

                         FBI Crime Ranking
                  Cities over 100,000 Population
                     TYPE                        RANKING

          All Part 1 (serious) crimes   6th safest in United States

          Part 1 violent crimes only    1st safest in United States

                        Registered Voters
                  Registered as of February 2005

                           Employment Base


                                                 Top Employers
                                             (as of December, 2005)
                        EMPLOYER                            SECTOR                EMPLOYEES

          University of California, Irvine                 Education                7,645

          Irvine Unified School District                    Education                3,707

          St. John Knits                                 Knit Garments              2,616

          Irvine Company                          Real Estate Owner & Developer     2,600

          Parker Hannifan                                 Aircraft Parts            1,985

          Allergan                                       Pharmaceutical             1,922

          Freedom Communications                             Media                  1,875

          New Century                                  Mortgage & Finance           1,840

          Parker Aerospace                            (aerospace & defense)         1,825

          Option One Mortgage                          Mortgage & Finance           1,801

          Edwards Lifesciences                            Heart Valves              1,723

          Washington Mutual Bank                            Financial               1,700

          Verizon Wireless                              Communications              1,695

          Albertson’s                               Grocery/Pharmacy Retail         1,508

          Claim Jumper                                  Restaurant Chain            1,400

          Broadcom                                       Semiconductor              1,313

          Western National Group                           Apartments               1,100

          In-N-Out Burger                               Restaurant Chain            1,041


Irvine has two libraries: Heritage Park Regional Library and University Park Library.
The Heritage Library serves as the regional reference library for Central Orange County
and has a strong business focus while the University Park Library has 95,745 books
including a substantial Chinese collection. Katie Wheeler Library opens in February
2008 . Katie Wheeler was the granddaughter of James Irvine, and the library is a replica
of the house owned by Irvine in which she grew up.
Heritage Park Regional Library
14361 Yale Avenue
Irvine, CA. 92604
Telephone (949) 936-4040

          •	   Monday - 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
          •	   Tuesday - 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
          •	   Wednesday - 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
          •	   Thursday - 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
          •	   Friday - 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
          •	   Saturday - 10:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m.
          •	   Sunday - noon to 5:00 p.m.

The library is located near the corner of Walnut and Yale, close to the I-5 freeway be-
tween Culver and Jeffrey.

Parking is available in front of the library.

University Park Library
4512 Sandburg Way
Irvine, CA. 92612
Telephone (949) 786-4001

          •	   Monday - 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
          •	   Tuesday - 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
          •	   Wednesday - 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
          •	   Thursday - 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
          •	   Friday - 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
          •	   Saturday - 10:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m.
          •	   Sunday - noon to 5:00 p.m.

The library is located near the intersection of Culver and Michelson.

The Orange County Great Park


The Orange County Great Park Plan will provide a wide array of active and passive
uses, including a 2.5 mile canyon and lake, miles of walking and biking trails, a cultural
terrace, Orange County's largest sports park, a botanical garden, and a tethered he-
lium observation balloon that will be an icon for the Great Park. More than 3,885 of the
4,700 acres will be dedicated to open space, education, and other public uses.

More Information

MCAS El Toro was closed on July 2, 1999 as part of the Federal Base Realignment and
Closure (BRAC) process. On March 6, 2002, the federal government announced that
the property would be sold to private owners through an on-line public auction man-
aged by the General Service Administration and would be subject to local zoning regu-

The Department of the Navy sold the property on February 16, 2005 to the winning
bidder, Lennar Corporation, for $649 million. As a condition of the sale of the property,
Lennar Corporation signed a Development Agreement that deeded 1,347 acres to the
City of Irvine for the Orange County Great Park and agreed to pay an additional $200
million for future development and maintenance of the Park.

The Orange County Great Park Corporation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, was
established by the Irvine City Council on June 24, 2003. It is charged with the design,
construction and maintenance of the Orange County Great Park, a 1,347 acre metro-
politan park on the site of the former El Toro Marine Corps Air Station in Irvine, Califor-

Background & Information

                                   Construction of MCAS El Toro began in 1942 on a
                                   parcel of land acquired from the Irvine Ranch Corpo-
                                   ration, a precursor to the Irvine Company. The base
                                   was originally built as a wartime air station for the
                                   purpose of aircraft squadron formation and unit train-
                                   ing prior to overseas combat. MCAS El Toro was
                                   commissioned on March 17, 1943. In 1950, MCAS El
                                   Toro was selected as a permanent Master Jet Station
                                   and center of support for the operation and combat
                                   readiness of Fleet Marine Forces, Pacific. Throughout
                                 its history, MCAS El Toro has served the country as a

training facility in peacetime and a staging area for support of overseas military mis-
sions in times of conflict.

The base formally closed on July 2, 1999. The County of Orange was designated the
Local Redevelopment Authority (LRA) for development of a Community Reuse Plan to
guide future development of the former MCAS El Toro. In 1994, Orange County voters
narrowly approved Measure A which zoned the property for use as an international air-
port. This touched off a multi year legal and political battle that ended when 58% of
Orange County voters approved Measure W, the Orange County Central Park and Na-
ture Preserve Initiative, on March 5, 2002. This initiative overturned Measure A and
amended the County General Plan to create a park at the former MCAS El Toro site.
The day after Measure W was approved, the Department of the Navy issued a press
release stating that disposal of the former Base would be accomplished by means of a
public auction.

The City of Irvine immediately responded to this challenge by developing the Great
Park Plan for El Toro.

On February 16th, 2005, the long-awaited auction of the former Marine Corps Air Sta-
tion at El Toro closed. Miami-based Lennar Corporation, one of the nation's leading
residential and commercial developers, purchased all four parcels that were up for auc-
tion. The purchase of the former El Toro Marine Corps Air Station marked the end of
sixty years of military history and the beginning of a unique partnership between the
City of Irvine, the federal government, and a private landowner that will result in the
creation of America's greatest metropolitan park.

This partnership between the Department of the Navy, local government and Lennar
has paved the way for the construction of the first major metropolitan park of the 21st
Century and has been adopted by the Department of the Navy as a model for future
military base redevelopment.

                                          Under the terms of a development agreement
                                          between Lennar and the City of Irvine, Lennar
                                          was granted limited development rights in re-
                                          turn for the land and capital that will allow the
                                          construction of the Orange County Great
                                          Park. The agreement required Lennar to
                                          transfer more than 1,347 acres to public own-
                                          ership and contribute 200 million dollars to-
                                          wards the development of the Great Park. Fu-
                                          ture land purchasers will contribute an addi-
tional $200 million.

The Great Park Plan will allow development on the property that is consistent with the
uses allowed by the voter-approved Measure W. Under the Great Park Plan, the 4,639-
acre El Toro property will become a master planned community.

The Orange County Great Park will include over 1,300 acres of magnificent public
spaces, including:

          •	   2.5 mile canyon
          •	   More than 20-acre lake
          •	   Cultural Terrace
          •	   Botanic Gardens
          •	   Great Lawn
          •	   Performing Arts Venue
          •	   Veterans Memorial
          •	   Aircraft Museum
          •	   Sports Park
          •	   974-acre nature preserve
          •	   Wildlife corridor linking the Cleveland National Forest to the Laguna Coast
               Wilderness Park

The surrounding community will include:

          •	   Public areas dedicated to a 1,000-acre Life-Long Learning District
          •	   More than 900 acres of open space
          •	   Residential housing and retail and commercial developments
          •	   Unique to this area will be a pedestrian-oriented 378-acre Transit Ori-
               ented Development (TOD) with easy access to public transportation.

The Orange County Great Park Corporation (OCGPC), a non-profit organization, is
charged with the responsibility of designing, building, and maintaining the Orange
County Great Park. The Corporation is governed by a nine-member Board of Directors
consisting of all five council members from the City of Irvine and four independent di-
rectors to ensure that all of Orange County is represented. Land use authority and zon-
ing for the Orange County Great Park rests with the City of Irvine.

The Schools

The Irvine Unified School District (IUSD) consistently ranks among the finest educa-
tional systems in the nation. Irvine schools offer innovative educational programs, open-
style classrooms, team-teaching, some schools with year-round terms, and excellent
community involvement. IUSD educates a diverse student population numbering over
24,000 (K-12), in 22 elementary schools, 5 middle schools, 4 comprehensive high
schools, and 1 continuation high school.

Irvine students consistently lead Orange County in SAT test scores, and more than 90
percent of our high school graduates attend college. IUSD has nationally recognized
schools; student performance well-above state and national comparisons; and compre-
hensive programs in academics, the arts, and athletics. Since becoming a unified district
in 1972, Irvine's neighborhood schools have been a clear reflection of the neighbor-
hoods they serve. The contributions of creative site-based management teams, talented
and caring teachers, involved parents, and supportive business and community leaders
have, together, made a difference to a district where student achievement is the prior-
ity, where values are an integral part of the curriculum, and where a strategic plan for
the future is in place.

More Information

Most of Irvine is located in IUSD. The four high schools in the city are University High
School, Irvine High School, Northwood High School, and Woodbridge High School. All
four are recognized as some of the most distinguished public high schools in the
United States. Each earned a six-year accreditation in 2006, the best possible.
All the high schools in Irvine have consistently made Newsweek’s list of Top High
Schools. In 2003, University High School ranked 58th out of the top 804 high schools
in the nation while Northwood High School ranked 404th, Irvine High School ranked
505th, and Woodbridge High School ranked 803rd. In 2005, University High School
ranked 117th out of the top 1000 high schools with Northwood High School ranking
389th, Irvine High School ranking 816th, and Woodbridge High School ranking 1040th.
In 2006, University High School ranks at 156th out of 1,200 top high schools while
Northwood High School ranks at 296th, Irvine High School ranks at 1044th, and

Woodbridge High School rank at 1156th. And in 2007, University High School ranked
76th among the top 100 high schools in the nation as listed by US News & World Re-
port. All of these schools on the Newsweek list were in the top 4 percent in the nation.
Also the elementary and middle schools are some of the best in the nation, including
two alternative, year round, open enrollment K-8 schools (Plaza Vista and Vista Verde).
The district recently constructed a new larger high tech campus for Vista Verde School
in the village of Turtle Ridge. The district also has a renowned music program starting
in the 4th grade. Parts of the north and west of the city are served by the Tustin Unified
School District.
The IUSD Board of Trustees meetings are held on the first and third Tuesdays of each
month and are cablecast on Cox Communications Channel 3.

Colleges and universities
Irvine is home to University of California, Irvine, which is the second-newest campus
(established 1965) in the UC system after University of California, Merced. Concordia
University and Irvine Valley College are also in Irvine, while Chapman University and
Soka University of America are in adjacent cities.

University of California, Irvine

  •	      State-supported university, founded 1965, part of University of California Sys-
  •	      Calendar quarters
  •	      Degrees bachelor's, master's, doctoral, first professional, and postbachelor's
  •	      Suburban 1477-acre campus with easy access to Los Angeles
  •	      Endowment $169.2 million
  •	      Coed, 19,930 undergraduate students, 97% full-time, 51% women, 49% men
  •	      Moderately difficult entrance level, 60% of applicants were admitted

Costs (2006 - 07)
     •    Tuition: state resident $0 full-time; nonresident $17,820 full-time
     •    Required fees: $6141 full-time
     •    Room and board: $9875

Financial Aid
      •       Of all full-time matriculated undergraduates who enrolled in 2005, 12,071
      applied for aid, 9,656 were judged to have need, 4,162 had their need fully met.
      •       2,843 Federal Work-Study jobs (averaging $1737)
      •	      In 2005,: 842 non-need-based awards were made
      •	      Average percent of need met: 85%
      •	      Average financial aid package: $12,914
      •	      Average need-based loan: $5633
      •	      Average need-based gift aid: $10,067
      •	      Average non-need-based aid: $7381
      •	      Average indebtedness upon graduation: $13,587
      •	      Financial aid deadline: 5/1

      •	        Admission 34,531 applied, 20,825 admitted, 4,338 enrolled, 3.72 average
                high school GPA
          •	    Average high school GPA 3.72
          •     Test scores SAT verbal scores over 500 92%, SAT math scores over 500
                96%, ACT scores over 18 N/R, SAT verbal scores over 600 44%, SAT
                math scores over 600 67%, ACT scores over 24 N/R, SAT verbal scores
                over 700 8%, SAT math scores over 700 19%, ACT scores over 30 N/R


Welcome to the City of Irvine. I am very      Destination Irvine
pleased that you have chosen our com-         (800) 558-4262 or (949) 660-9112 x127
munity for your new residence. As you         Detailed information for relocating busi-
begin your new life in our wonderful city,    nesses or residents through the City of
this section is filled with some of the        Irvine's economic development partner
services that may be helpful to you. Ad-      'Destination Irvine.'
ditional listings for City and County serv-   www.destinationirvine.com
ices can be found on the Irvine website
under the heading "Info Guide." For           Business Permits
more information, call (949) 724-6000.        Development Assistance Center
                                              (949) 724-6308
Business Services                             Planning and Development staff are
                                              available at the Planning and Zoning
Chamber of Commerce                           Counter of the Community Development
(949) 660-9112                                Department, located in City Hall, to an-
The Chamber, in conjunction with the          swer any of your questions, and to facili-
City, works aggressively towards Irvine’s     tate your development application. The
economic development, promoting Irvine        DAC team is equipped to answer ques-
as the city of choice. The lead agency        tions regarding planning and zoning
working with the City on economic de-         regulations.
velopment, the Chamber has established
a plan that promotes Irvine as a prime        Cable Television
business and residential location. ICC is
a non-profit business organization
                                              Cox Communications
(501C6) that represents the business
                                              (949) 720-2020
community and provides benefits and
                                              Cox Communications, Inc., (Cox) is the
services to the membership.
                                              major provider of advanced cable, video,

voice and data services for homes and        work with individuals, agencies and
businesses in the City of Irvine. Contact    businesses to help provide quality serv-
Cox to receive information on cable in-      ices for children.
stallation and repair services, high-speed   www.cityofirvine.org/depts/cs/childcare
Internet access, local and long distance
digital telephone, pay-per-view services,    FOR Families
and advanced voice and data transport        (949) 724-6650
solutions available specifically for busi-    FOR Families provides information and
nesses.                                      short-term support to individuals, cou-
www.cox.com                                  ples and families living or working in Ir-
                                             vine who need assistance identifying and
City Services                                accessing needed services and re-
                                             sources. Our focus is on supporting the
Building Permits                             well being of our community members.
(949) 724-6313                               www.cityofirvine.org/depts/cs/familyservi
All permit applications may be submitted     ces/for_families
at the Permit Processing counter. To fur-
ther assist the public, we offer a self-     Irvine Animal Care Center
service submittal system. Plans and          (949) 724-7740
permit applications can be logged in and     Our five-acre facility houses more than
dropped off at the self-serve bin provided   3,000 homeless animals every year. Our
all of the forms and submittals are com-     pets live in roomy kennels with plenty of
pleted. For more information, please visit   beds, blankets and toys, and each of
the self-service area located in the         them also enjoys daily playtime in our
Community Development reception area.        enclosed yards and exercise rooms. Over
                                             90% of the animals that arrive at our
Business Licenses                            shelter are either returned safely to their
(949) 724-6310                               owners, or adopted into new, loving
The City of Irvine welcomes new busi-        homes.
ness enterprises, and values the many        www.cityofirvine.org/depts/cs/animalcare
businesses that have made Irvine their
home. The City of Irvine requires all or-    Disability Services
ganizations operating within the City to     (949) 724-6732 Voice / TTY
have a business license (Code of Ordi-       Provides information and support serv-
nances Section 2-10-201).                    ices to people with disabilities who live or
www.cityofirvine.org/ipd/divisions/busine     work in Irvine. Disability Services offers
ss_licenses                                  social/ recreational opportunities, com-
                                             munity awareness events, informational
Child Care Coordination Office                seminars, quarterly newsletter, classes,
(949) 724-6632                               and much more.
The Child Care Coordination Office pro-       www.cityofirvine.org/depts/cs/familyservi
vides a variety of services designed to      ces/disability_services
enhance and maintain the quality of
childcare in the community. City staff

TRIPS                                          tion programs. Contact the District for
(949) 724-7433 (724-RIDE)                      enrollment and attendance information.
Transportation to destinations within Or-      www.tustin.k12.ca.us
ange County (wheelchair accessible vans
and buses) for Irvine residents with dis-      Concordia University
abilities and older adults. Available to Ir-   (949) 854-8002
vine residents with permanent disabilities     Concordia University is located in the Ir-
and senior citizens over 65 years of age.      vine community of Turtle Rock. The four-
Enrollment for eligible use is required.       year Christian liberal arts university is
Waiting list for those certified as eligible.   comprised of the School of Adult Stud-
www.cityofirvine.org/depts/cs/seniors/tra       ies, School of Arts and Sciences, School
nsportation.asp                                of Business, School of Education, School
                                               of Theology, Christ College and English
Education                                      Language School. Concordia offers 18
                                               undergraduate majors, an adult degree
Irvine is proud to be served by two in-        completion program and five graduate
credible school districts, which have na-      degrees. Its first academic year began in
tionally recognized schools that serve         1976.
grades K-12. There are also three, well-       www.cui.edu
known institutions of higher education
located in Irvine.                             Irvine Valley College
                                               (949) 451-5100
Irvine Unified School District                  As one of California's leading community
(949) 936-5000                                 colleges and one of Orange County's
The Irvine Unified School District (IUSD)       best-known educational institutions, we
is comprised of 23 elementary schools,         provide student’s exceptional educa-
five middle schools and four high               tional opportunities in outstanding facili-
schools. Contact the IUSD office to re-         ties and an extraordinary faculty and
ceive more information regarding enroll-       staff.
ment, year-round terms and schedules,          www.ivc.edu
the District's approach to innovative
educational programs, open-style class-        University of California, Irvine
rooms and team-teaching.                       (949) 824-6703
www.iusd.org                                   Since its founding in 1965, the University
                                               of California, Irvine has combined the
Tustin Unified School District                  strengths of a major research university
(714) 730-7301                                 with the bounty of an incomparable
The Tustin Unified School District (TUSD)       Southern California location. UCI has be-
is located in the central part of Orange       come internationally recognized for ef-
County and serves a portion of the Irvine      forts that are improving lives through re-
community. The District consists of 17         search and discovery, providing excel-
elementary schools, five middle schools,        lence in scholarship and teaching, and
two high schools, a continuation high          engaging and enriching the community.
school, and alternative and adult educa-       www.uci.edu

Newspapers                                   sional, values-based organization where
                                             community policing is a way of life.
Irvine World News                            Community policing is the foundation
(949) 553-2900                               that the police department has been
Published weekly by the Orange County        building upon since it began in 1975. We
Register, the Irvine World News features     hope you will benefit from the information
local news and information on all the        that has been compiled about crime and
happenings in the City of Irvine. The pa-    our prevention efforts in our City. Our
per is delivered to the homes of Irvine      website is one of the ways in which we
residents every Thursday, and is avail-      hope to improve communication with
able online and at local newsstands.         City residents and businesses.
www.irvineworldnews.com                      www.ci.irvine.ca.us/ipd

Los Angeles Times, OC Edition                Orange County Fire Authority
(714) 966-5600                               (714) 532-7266
The Los Angeles Times is also one of the     The Orange County Fire Authority pro-
areas most notable sources for news and      tects and supports the needs of the City
information. The Times offers daily and      of Irvine. As a member agency, the OCFA
"weekend only" delivery to subscribers,      serves the changing needs of the com-
and is available at local newsstands and     munities it serves by providing the high-
online.                                      est quality regional emergency, safety
www.latimes.com                              and support services. The firefighters
                                             pledge their commitment to preserving
                                             the quality of life, to protect lives, prop-
Orange County Register
                                             erty and the environment with compas-
(877) 4MY-REGISTER                           sion, vigilance and dedication to excel-
The Orange County Register is one of the     lence.
area's flagship newspapers, featuring up-     www.ocfa.org
to-date news and information on local
and nationwide topics. The Register is
                                             Religious Institutions
available to subscribers for daily, early-
morning delivery, and is also available
online and at local newsstands.              Adat Ha Mashiach
www.ocregister.com                           (949) 252-0474
                                             5 Rigley
OC Post                                      Irvine, Ca. 92612
(866) 628-9458
                                             Agape Nest Presbyterian Church
Public Safety                                (949) 733-9191
                                             13955 Yale Ave.
Irvine Police Department                     Irvine, Ca. 92620
(949) 724-7000
The Irvine Police Department is a profes-

Assembly of God Church                      Irvine, Ca. 92618
(949) 252-8400                              www.tfccs.com
17951 Cowan
Irvine, Ca. 92614                           Christian Science Reading Room
www.socalag.org                             (949) 552-6929
                                            15435 Jeffrey Rd.
Bethel Jacob Congregation                   Irvine, Ca. 92618
(949) 786-5230
3900 Michelson                              Church of Jesus Christ of LDS
Irvine, Ca. 92612                           (949) 786-9091
                                            23 Lake Rd.
Bethel Korean Church                        Irvine, Ca. 92604
(949) 854-4010                              https://secure.lds.org/units/stake/0,9780,
18700 Harvard Ave. #A-F                     606-1-5-518743,00.html
Irvine, Ca. 92612
www.bkc.org/english                         Congregation Kol HaNeshamah
                                            (949) 551-2737
Calvary Chapel of Irvine                    14252 Culver Drive, Suite A
(949) 733-3701                              Irvine, Ca 92604-0326
PO Box 16956                                www.voiceofthesoul.org
Irvine, Ca 92623
www.calvaryirvine.com                       Congregation Orami
                                            (949) 829-5880
Chinese Bible Church                        30 Hughes, Suite 200
(949) 653-1329                              Irvine, Ca. 92618
18182 Culver Dr.
Irvine, Ca. 92612                           Congregation Shir-Ha-Ma'a lot
                                            (949) 857-2226
Chinese First Baptist Church of Irvine      3652 Michelson Blvd.
(949) 854-4005                              Irvine, Ca. 92612
18700 Harvard Ave. #D
Irvine, Ca. 92612                           Creekside Christian Fellowship
irvinebaptist.org                           (949) 786-4849
                                            4849 Alton Pkwy.
Christ Our Redeemer AME Church              Irvine, Ca. 92604
(323) 731-6367
(877) 426-7263                              Embassy Christian Center
U.C.I. Interfaith Center                    (949) 833-3555
                                            17601 Fitch
                                            Irvine, Ca. 92614
First Church of Christ, Scientist (Chris-
tian Science Church)
(949) 262-9540
25 Orange Tree

Evangelical Formosan Church         Laguna Niguel, Ca.
(949) 261-8007                      Irvine Canaan Christian Community
17422 Armstong Ave.                 (949) 251-0783
Irvine, Ca. 92614                   17321 Murphy Ave.
                                    Irvine, Ca. 92614
Faith Community Church
(800) 41-TRUTH                      Irvine Community Church
17601 Fitch                         (949) 559-1701
Irvine, CA 92614                    14804 Sand Canyon Ave.
                                    Irvine, Ca. 92618
Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church
(949) 733-8172                      Irvine First Korean Church
13955 Yale Ave.                     (949) 857-5721
Irvine, Ca. 92620                   15 Orange Tree
                                    Irvine, Ca. 92618
Filipino-American Church
(949) 857-6844                      Irvine Presbyterian Church
5000 Barranca Pky                   (949) 786-9627
Irvine, CA 92604                    4445 Alton Pkwy.
                                    Irvine, Ca. 92604
First Church of Christ, Scientist
(949) 673-1340                      Irvine United Church of Christ
3303 Via Lido                       (949) 733-0220
Newport Beach, Ca.                  4915 Alton Pkwy.
                                    Irvine, Ca. 92604
First Korean Baptist Church
(949) 857-9425                      Islamic Center of Irvine (ICOI)
5101 Walnut Ave.                    (949) 786-4264
Irvine, CA 92604                    5410 Trabuco Road, Suite 130
                                    Irvine, CA 92620
Full Gospel Business Men's
(949) 260-0700                      L A Intl Church of Christ
20 Corporate Park #340              (949) 477-0600
Irvine, Ca. 92606                   18842 Teller Ave.
                                    Irvine, Ca. 92612
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
(949) 552-1918                      Logos Korean Church
4800 Irvine Center Dr.              (949) 653-9191
Irvine, Ca. 92604                   18182 Culver Dr.
                                    Irvine, Ca. 92612
Grace Christian
(949) 460-6179                      Lutheran Church Missouri Synod
P.O. Box 7615                       (949) 854-3232

1540 Concordia Dr. East
Irvine, Ca. 92612                   Shuvah-Yisrael Messianic Jewish
Mariner's Church                    (949) 551-5797
(949) 854-7600                      4200 Trabuco Road
5001 Newport Coast Dr.              Irvine, Ca.
Irvine, Ca. 92612
www.marinerschurch.org              Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’i
                                    (949) 753-3551
Messianic Jewish Congregation       PO Box 17254
(949) 551-5797                      Irvine, CA 92623
15 Orangetree Lane
Irvine, CA 92620                    St. Andrews Episcopal Church
                                    (949) 559-4699
New Community Church                4400 Barranca Pkwy.
(949) 442-9240                      Irvine, Ca. 92604
2025 Alton Pkwy.
Irvine, Ca. 92606                   St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
                                    (949) 854-1000
Orange County Chinese Evangelical   9 Hillgate
(949) 752-7777                      Irvine, Ca. 92612
2332 McGaw Ave.                     www.seasirvine.org
Irvine, Ca. 92714
                                    St. John Neumann Catholic Church
Pacific Church of Irvine             (949) 559-4006
(949) 552-6774                      5101 Alton Pkwy.
15 Orange Tree Lane                 Irvine, Ca. 92604
Irvine, Ca. 92618                   www.sjnirvine.org

Powerhouse Christian Fellowship     St. Mark Antiochian Orthodox
(949) 250-7363                      (949) 851-8933
17781 Mitchell N.                   17840 Sky Park Cir.
Irvine, Ca. 92618                   Irvine, Ca. 92614

Sand Canyon Presbyterian Church     St. Paul's Greek Orthodox Church
(949) 654-1490                      (949) 733-2366
33 Whistling Swan                   4949 Alton Pkwy.
Irvine, Ca. 92604                   Irvine, Ca. 92604

Shepherd of Peace Lutheran Church   St. Thomas More Catholic Church
(949) 786-3326                      (949) 551-8601
18182 Culver Dr.                    14010 Remington
Irvine, Ca. 92612                   Irvine, Ca. 92620

True Jesus Church in Irvine
(866) 530-3450                       Voyagers Bible Church
5200 Trabucco Rd.                    (949) 857-5007
Irvine, CA 92620                     600 Irvine Center Dr.
                                     Irvine, Ca. 92720
UCI Episcopal Campus Ministry        www.voygers.org
(949) 856-0211
Interfaith Center                    Woodbridge Community Church
PO Box 6030                          (949) 552-1101
Irvine, CA 92616-6030                5000 Barranca Pkwy.
                                     Irvine, Ca. 92714
U.C.I. InterFaith Center             www.woodbridgechurch.org
(949) 856-0211
Irvine, CA 92697                     Social and Support Services

Unified Mosque of Irvine              Catholic Charities of Orange County
(800) 800-2266                       (714) 347-9600
4915 Alton Parkway                   Catholic Charities of Orange County is a
Irvine, CA 92604                     non-profit organization that makes avail-
www.islamwum.org                     able a broad base of services to all Or-
                                     ange County residents regardless of re-
United Church of Christ Irvine       ligious, ethnic, racial, and social back-
                                     grounds. Catholic Charities works with
(949) 733-0220
                                     individuals to define, design, and imple-
4915 Alton Parkway
                                     ment family-friendly programs that pro-
Irvine, Ca. 92604
                                     mote economic opportunity, educational
                                     achievement, family enrichment, com-
                                     munity health, and neighborhood rein-
University United Church Methodist
(949) 786-8354                       www.ccoc.org
18422 Culver Dr.
Irvine, Ca. 92612
                                     City of Irvine Disability Services
University Synagogue                 (949) 724-6633
                                     Provides information and support serv-
(949) 553-3535
                                     ices to people with disabilities who live or
4155 Alton Parkway
                                     work in Irvine. Disability Services offers
Irvine, Ca. 92604
                                     social/ recreational opportunities, com-
                                     munity awareness events, informational
                                     seminars, quarterly newsletter, classes
The Village Church of Irvine
                                     and much more.
(949) 707-3100                       www.cityofirvine.org/depts/cs/familyservi
5 Wrigley                            ces/disability_services
Irvine, CA 92618-2711

CSP (Community Service Programs,             Newcomers Club of Irvine
Inc.)                                        (949) 387-3710
(949) 975-1046                               A social club for women who have lived
CSP serves youths, adults and families       in Irvine fewer than three years and meet
living in Orange County who are involved     each month for activities such as coffees,
or at risk of involvement with the justice   book clubs, luncheons, walking groups,
system.                                      movies, tea parlor outings, bunco,
www.cspinc.org                               bridge, Mah Jong groups, area excur-
                                             sions and more.
Families Forward
(949) 552-2727                               Saddleback Community Outreach
Assists families in need achieve and         (949) 380-8144
maintain self-sufficiency through hous-       The major objective of SCO programs
ing, counseling, education and other         and services (food, housing, utility pay-
supportive services.                         ments, clothing and transportation) is to
www.families-forward.org                     help those being assisted become self-
FISH (Friends in Service to Humanity)        www.saddlebackoutreach.org
(949) 642-6060
FISH Harbor Area, Inc. is a non-profit        Share Our Selves (SOS)
whose mission is preventing hunger and       (949) 642-3451
homelessness in our community.               Medical and Dental Clinics
www.fishharbor.org                            949-650-0640
                                             Share Our Selves (SOS) provides free
Human Options                                emergency assistance to those in need
Hotline: (949) 854-3554                      of basic living essentials, including food,
                                             clothes, health services, and financial
(949) 854-0180
Human Options' mission is "to help bat-
tered women, their families, and our
community break the cycle of domestic
violence."Human Options Emergency            Women’s Opportunity Center at UCI
Shelter, a safe house for women and          (949) 824-3274
children, provides a safe, caring envi-      The Women's Opportunities Center is a
ronment for up to 45-days. We also offer     leader in providing career assistance to
long-term follow-up counseling, a family     women and men throughout the com-
healing center, counseling, and social       munity. Serving more than 2,000 indi-
services.                                    viduals annually, WOC provides career
www.safenetwork.net/rd/sn000012.htm          and resume counseling, library re-
                                             sources, job listings, career development
                                             workshops, and personal support
Meals on Wheels
(949) 786-6870
Provides meals to those who are home-

Working Wardrobes                            communications and Internet service to
(949) 862-9090                               the Irvine area.
Working Wardrobes®, a non-profit, non-        www.verizonwireless.com
sectarian organization based in Orange
County, assists survivors of domestic        Trash Service
violence and other adults in crisis to re-
claim their self esteem and re-enter the     Waste Management
workforce. Working Wardrobes® pro-           (949) 642-1191
vides life skills education, career coach-   Waste Management offers a full-range of
ing, and professional image enhance-         environmental services to residential,
ment services to over 2000 people each       commercial, industrial and municipal
year.                                        customers in the City of Irvine. Services
www.workingwardrobes.org                     available include waste removal, disposal
                                             operations, and a recycling program of-
Telephone/Internet/Wireless Services         fering curbside pick-up. The WasteByRail
                                             Program and Trading Services are avail-
Cox Communications                           able specifically for businesses.
(949) 720-2020                               www.wastemanagement.com
Cox Communications, Inc., (Cox) is the
major provider of advanced cable, video,     Utilities
voice and data services for homes and
businesses in the City of Irvine. Contact    Irvine Ranch Water District
Cox to receive information on cable in-      (949) 453-5300
stallation and repair services, high-speed   Irvine Ranch Water District (IRWD) pro-
Internet access, local and long distance     vides domestic water service, sewage
digital telephone, pay-per-view services,    collection and water reclamation to the
and advanced voice and data transport        City of Irvine and portions of surrounding
solutions available specifically for busi-    communities. Contact the IRWD for more
nesses.                                      information on their quality water service,
www.cox.com                                  in addition to free water conservation de-
                                             vices, home and business water audits
SBC                                          utilized to increase conservation, land-
(800) 310-2355                               scape workshops, water awareness
SBC, formerly Pacific Bell, provides tele-    tours and information on emergency pre-
phone, wireless communications, pagers       paredness.
and paging services, Internet service and    www.irwd.com
satellite television service to the Irvine
area.                                        Orange County Sanitation District
www.sbc.com                                  (714) 962-2411
                                             The Orange County Sanitation District is
Verizon                                      responsible for wastewater, water recla-
(800) 922-0204                               mation and watershed protection. They
Verizon provides telephone, wireless         are responsible for controlling air emis-

sions, conserving and recycling natural       Admission: Donation
resources and monitoring the impacts of       Directions: Just south of the Campus-
treated wastewater releases on precious       Jamboree intersection – look for a small
ocean marine life.                            service road. Watch for a banner that
www.ocsd.com                                  says UCI Arboretum.

Southern California Edison                    This campus arboretum is dedicated to
(800) 655-4555                                preserving endangered plants around the
Southern California Edison (SCE) is the       globe.
electrical utility provider for the City of
Irvine, offering convenient, 24-hour cus-     Turtle Rock Nature Center
tomer service. SCE provides electrical        1 Sunnyhill
power to homes and businesses, in addi-       Irvine,CA
tion to providing information on energy       (714) 854-8151
efficiency, rotating outages, emergency        Hours: Monday through Wednesday 2
preparedness, electrical safety tips, and     p.m. to 4 p.m., Saturday 10:30 a.m. to
tree planting guidelines to ensure non-       4:30 p.m.
interference with electrical utility lines.   You may see some wild animals as you
www.sce.com                                   stroll along the paths of this little park.
                                              Inside the Nature Center are snakes, rac-
Southern California Gas Company               coons, and turtles on display at eye level
                                              for youngsters. Exhibits are informative,
(800) 427-2200
                                              and illustrate how we can protect the en-
Southern California Gas Company (The
Gas Company) is the provider of natural
gas to those residing or operating a
business in the City of Irvine. The Gas       Orange Coast Shooting and Training
Company also provides customers with          Center
appliance services (hook-ups and safety       11501 Jeffrey Rd
checks), an energy efficiency and rebate       Irvine, CA
program, direct-assistance program for        (714) 559-4525
limited income customers, and informa-        Hours: Wednesday through Thursday 12
tion on emergency preparedness and air        p.m. to 12 a.m. Saturday and Sunday 9
quality. Contact The Gas Company dur-         a.m. to 5 p.m. Fees: $5.50 for non-
ing business hours for more information.      members; lessons on Fridays by ap-
www.socalgas.com                              pointment only $50 per hr. plus the cost
                                              of targets.
Things To Do & Entertainment
                                              Here in the foothills of Irvine you can take
UCI Arboretum                                 aim and shoot at Orange Coast Shooting
Campus Drive and Jamboree                     and Training Center.
Irvine, CA
(714) 856-5833
Hours: Monday through Saturday 9 a.m.         William R. Mason Regional Park
to 3 p.m.                                     18712 University Dr

Irvine, CA                                     This long block of restored buildings in-
(714) 854-2491                                 cludes a general store and a black-
Hours: Open daily to sunset                    smith's shop. They have been converted
Fees: Small parking Fee                        into a restaurant and hotel, but the ten-
                                               ants were not allowed to change the
A day use park near the UCI campus.            structure of the buildings, so you can still
Mason Regional park has a nice lake with       enjoy their appearance by driving by or
ducks. Barbecue fire rings and play-            dining here.
ground equipment make it a good place
for a picnic stop. There are bicycle trails,   Irvine Fine Art Center
fitness par-course trails where you can         14321 Yale Ave
jog and stop and exercise, a Frisbee golf      Irvine, CA
course, horseshoe pits and volleyball          (714) 552-1018
courts. Hobbyists use the lake to sail         Hours: Monday Through Thursday 9 a.m.
their model sailboats. There is also a na-     to 9 p.m.; Saturday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.;
ture trail and interpretive programs.          Sunday 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Directions: At
                                               the intersection of Walnut and Yale Ave
A Taste of Orange County                       near the Santa Ana (I-5) Freeway.
Irvine Spectrum
Alton Parkway and Irvine Center Drive          The community art gallery is located on
Irvine,CA                                      the grounds of Heritage Park. It has ro-
(714) 966-5600                                 tating exhibits of paintings and sculp-
3rd weekend in June                            tures that are changed every two
                                               months. Many programs are offered for
The three day event has several booths         children. Call for program schedule.
that radiate around its perimeter. Several
sound stages feature rock, country, reg-       Irvine Museum
gae and jazz bands that entertain the          18881 Von Karman Ave
thousands of residents who come to             (Tower 17, Douglas Plaza)
sample cuisine from dozens of Orange           Irvine, CA
County's favorite restaurants. Wine tast-      (714) 476-0294 Hours: Tuesday through
ing and a special entertainment area re-       Saturday 11 am to 5 p.m.
served for children are popular features.      Admission and Parking: Free
                                               Directions: On the 12th floor of an Irvine
Old Town Irvine                                office building.
14972 Sand Canyon Ave
Irvine,CA                                      This is the first among California Muse-
(714) 551-0909                                 ums. The art subject matter is known as
Hours: Daily                                   California Impressionist. The paintings
Admission: Free                                are from the collection of Joan Irvine
Directions: I-5, Exit Sand Canyon – on         Smith, who had acquired more than
the western edge of the Santa Ana Free-        2,000 such paintings. Most of these
way                                            works, which date back between 1890

and 1930, depict California inspired land    405) to the Culver Drive off-ramp and
and seascapes. The exhibit includes          turn south. The museum is near the San
paintings by such notable artist as Gran-    Joaquin Golf Course.
ville Redmond, Guy Rose and William
Wendt.                                       Built in 1877, this is the city's oldest
                                             stand structure. Its original function was
California impressionist paintings are       as the cookhouse for the Irvine Ranch
highly environmental in theme and mood.      cattle camp. It now houses a one-room
Smith wants her collection to foster a       museum featuring exhibits on the history
greater understanding between those          of Irvine Ranch. Antique farm equipment
people who are devoted to land devel-        is on display, and there is a dress up area
opment and those who are concerned           for children.
with the environmental toll of more de-
velopment in Orange County.                  Irvine Spectrum Entertainment Center
                                             (The Big One)
Severin Wunderman Museum                     Alton and Gateway
3 Mason                                      Irvine, CA
Irvine, CA                                   (714) 450-4900
(714) 472-1138
Hours: Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to      Edwards 21 movie theaters – 3 large
4 p.m.                                       screen theaters, the most in the world!.
Admission: $2 for adults, $1 for students    Includes the new I-Max Theater. Saga
and seniors.                                 City is located here too-loaded with the
Directions: Take the Santa Ana               all the new, state-of-the-art video games.
Freeway(I-5) to Alton Parkway and head       Huge selection of virtual games with 3-D
east. Turn right at Muirlands and look for   rendering and graphics. Average price of
a white two story building with the name     a game-$1. There are also indoor and
"Severin Group" on the outside.              outdoor gift shops, tons of Restaurants,
                                             and an out takes photo center.
The largest collection of art by French
Multimedia Artist Jean Cacteau (1889-        CD Listening Bar
`963). Drawings, tapestries, ceramics and    3995 Alton Parkway
masks are on display here. There is also     Irvine, CA
a memorabilia collection devoted to the      (714) 955-2323
famous actor Sarah Bernhardt.                Directions: On the corner of Culver and
Irvine Historical Museum
5 San Joaquin                                Here is a new way to buy music. You lis-
Irvine, CA                                   ten to it first. The CD Listening Bar has
(714) 786-4112                               many listening stations with headphones
Hours:Tuesday and Sunday 1 to 5 pm           that are set up on top of a bar with bar
Admission: $1                                stools. Your selections are handed to
Directions: Take San Diego Freeway (I-

you, and you may listen as long as you         Presenting a variety of classical and pop
like.                                          performances of music and dance, in-
                                               cluding student productions, local com-
                                               munity groups, and touring professionals.
Palace Park
                                               Dramatic presentations, classical and
3405 Michelson Dr
                                               modern dance, and symphonic concerts
Irvine, CA
                                               featuring both the UCI fine arts depart-
(714) 559-8336
                                               ment and traveling companies hold lim-
                                               ited engagements at this theater.
Orange Counties biggest and best Family
Fun Center featuring: 3 Miniature golf
courses, batting cages, bumper boats,          Edwards Cinemas
soft play maze, lasertag, ferris wheel, two    University Cinema
race tracks, 50,000 square feet arcade,        Woodridge
McDonalds Express.                             Westpark
                                               Irvine, CA

Roller Works
4624 Barranca Pkwy                             Metropolis Night Club
Irvine, CA                                     4255 Campus Dr
(714) 733-BLADE                                Irvine, CA
                                               (714) 725-0300

Try our hottest lnline park. World's largest
inline skate store. Sales, service, Ramps,     Billiards Hall and one hot place to dance
skate sharpening available.                    to funky music. Each night has it's own
                                               music type, mostly a young crowd.

Rican Golf Rancho Santa Joaquin Golf
                                               Fred Astair Dance Studio
                                               3881 Alton Pkwy
1 Sandburg Way
                                               Irvine, CA
Irvine, Ca
                                               (714) 995-1500
(714) 846-1364

Large, undulating greens and hilly course      Improvisation Comedy Night Club
give you plenty to work with here. The         4255 Campus Dr, Suite 138
green fee is $41.00 on weekends which          Irvine, CA
includes the cart. Two weeks advance           (714) 854-5455
reservations for a starting time is re-
quired.                                        America's original Comedy Showcase.
                                               Dinner served every night. Featuring the
                                               nations top comedians who regularly ap-
Barclay’s Theater
                                               pear on "The Tonight Show" and "David
                                               Letterman." Show times vary.
(714) 854-4646

Kokomo’s                                      Irvine, CA
17927 MacArthur Blvd                          (714) 252-1234
Irvine, CA
(714) 250-1077                                Winner of the Chorus American National
Local Night Club                              Achievement Award for choral excel-
The Cage
18800 McArthur Blvd                           Irvine Regional Park
Irvine, CA                                    Chapman and Jamboree
                                              Irvine, CA
Local Night Club                              (714) 249-2180

Champions – The American Sports               Bike Rental, Paddle Boat Rentals, Fun for
Bar                                           the whole Family.
18000 Von Karman Ave
Irvine, CA
                                              Irvine Meadows Amphitheater
(714) 724-3616
                                              8808 Irvine Center Dr, Irvine, CA
Local Night Club
                                              (949) 885-4515

Irvine Lanes
                                              Irvine Meadows features concerts of
3415 Michelson Dr
                                              pop, rock and classical music. There are
Irvine, CA
                                              three levels of seating, plus "meadow
(714) 786-9625
                                              seating" above the reserved seats where
Bowling Alley
                                              listeners can picnic and enjoy the sounds
                                              of the Pacific Symphony Orchestra or
Li Burdi’s SCUBA Center                       big-name rock'n'roll bands. Tickets for
15315 Culver Dr #140                          concerts here or at many other Orange
Irvine, CA                                    County sites can be purchased at Tick-
(714) 857-6722                                etmaster locations. Call (949) 740-2000
                                              for information.
25 hours of classroom, pool & ocean in-
struction by professional P.A.D.I. instruc-   Wild Rivers Waterpark
tions. P.A.D.I. certification card. $25 ma-    8770 Irvine Center Drive, Irvine, CA
terial charge. 10% student discount on        92618
all scuba equipment. Knowledge and ex-        (949) 768-9453
perience of beach diving. Use of full         Hours: Open daily from Mid May through
ocean gear – tanks, wet suits, weights,       September
regulators & gauges, alternate regulators,    Admission-$25.00 General admission
buoyancy compensator & hood.                  $18.00 Junior admission (under 48" in
                                              height) We no longer have admission by
Pacific Chorale                                age.
18218 McDurmott East, Suite B-1

This is Orange County's only water park.
Here is where you can plummet down
fast chutes of water and fling your body
headlong into giant pools. This place is
designed for letting your kids go crazy.
Wild Rivers is easy to find. Just take the
Irvine Center Drive exit south from I-405.
It's about one half mile on your right, at
the same entrance as Irvine Meadows


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