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      What is an Archetype?
1. An archetype is a powerful symbol that
   shows up again and again in literature.

2. An archetype is universal: it has the
   same (or very similar) meaning no matter
   which culture or time period a story might
   originate from.
     Examples of Archetypes:
• Apples         • Serpent

• Colors         • Tree

• Seasons        • Water

• Garden         • Numbers

                  7          3
               Example: Apple
• The apple symbolizes Temptation
   –   Garden of Eden
   –   Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
   –   Enchanted – Giselle is tempted by a wishing apple
   –   New York – “The Big Apple” – Temptation in a city that never sleeps?

• The apple symbolizes misunderstanding or foreboding
   – Mr. Peabody’s Apple – apple and misunderstanding causes the problem
     in the story.
   – William Tell story
        • Father places apple on son‟s head
   – Greek Mythology
        • Golden apples as wedding gift to Zeus and Hera
        • Hercules‟ 7th labor – steal apples guarded by dragon
        • Apple as prize for fairest between Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite
   – China – apple = feminine beauty (what does this say about how women
     are viewed)
Snow White and the Seven
 The “Big Apple”?
Temptation in NYC?
The Golden Apple to Determine the
         Most Beautiful
Archetypes: Why is it important
     to know about them?

• If you recognize archetypes, you
  understand the text on a deeper level

• If you recognize the archetypal pattern,
  you understand the text more quickly

• It makes you SMARTER!!!
• Chaos
   –   Egyptian – watery void
   –   Egg that splits into Heaven and Earth
   –   Nordic – frozen formless wasteland
   –   Swirling formless mass

• The unknown
• Sadness
• Resurrection
   – To Egyptians (black soil after the Nile‟s flood)

• Melancholic depression
Black and White: good vs. evil
Black and White
•   Positive
•   Secure
•   Tranquil
•   Blessed Virgin
• Growth / decay
• Hope
• Fertility
•   Passion
•   Fire (Burning Bush)
•   Sacrifice
•   Good luck
    –Chinese (hence the wedding dress
•   Purity
•   Light
•   Wedding dress (except in China!)
•   Baptismal gowns
•   Enlightenment
•   Lines from Siddhartha
•   Vishnu – yellow robes
•   Krishna – yellow robes
•   Wisdom
•   Gold / wealth
How do I recognize archetypes?
• Start looking for patterns, and then start
  – If you see an APPLE, think, “Hmmm . . . I
    wonder if this has something to do with
  – If you see colors, think, “Hmmm . . . If they are
    DARK, am I supposed to be sad? Scared?”
  – If you see seasons, think, “Hmmm . . . What
    MOOD is created by this season?”
           The Four Seasons
• Each season has its
  own life stage and its
  own genre of
  literature associated
  with it.
 Mating season
• Life and romance
• A Midsummer Night‟s Dream
• Death and tragedy
• Without life…irony
• Fargo
• Unspoiled beauty, paradise
  – Garden of Eden
  – The Secret Garden
  – Garden of the Gods (CO Springs)
           Woods – Scary!
• “Hansel and Gretel”
• Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs– runs
  through the scary woods
• Sleeping Beauty – hides in woods until 16
• The Village – scary stuff hides in woods
  and threatens town
• “Little Red Riding Hood”
• The Wizard of Oz
Hansel and Gretel
More Woods!
                       Old Man
•   Wisdom, insight, guru
•   Moses
•   Obi Wan
•   Buddha
•   Yoda
•   Solomon
•   Abraham
•   Dumbledore
•   Old Man and the Sea
•   Hornet from Cars
•   Gandolf (Lord of the Rings)
• Evil and corruption
  – Adam and Eve are visited by the devil as a
  – Jesus is visited by the devil as a snake while
    in the desert.
The Garden of Eden

• Life of the cosmos, growth,
  and immortality

• primal source of food, shelter and tools

• aura of sacredness and divinity
• Purification
   – Baptism
• Time
   – Rivers
   – Siddhartha: The river has been there forever and has many voices within it
• Death
   – Flood stories
   – Noah
   – Across cultures
       • Annual flooding of the Nile in Egypt
       • Native American stories
• Birth
   – For plants
   – AFTER the floods, life resumes
   – He sendeth down water from heaven, so that valleys are in flood with it, each
     according to its capacity (Qur‟an XIII, 17)
   – And when Moses asked for water for his people, and We said: „Strike with thy
     staff the rock,‟ and there gushed forth from it twelve springs, everyone knew
     his drinking place (Qur‟an II: 60)
  Let‟s look at some examples
           in literature:
• “It was almost December, and Jonas was
  beginning to be frightened.”
       – The Giver

• Where’s the archetype?
• Why does the author use it?
           Another example:
• “It‟s two summers ago and sixteen-year-old
  Willie Weaver walks through the front door of
  Sampson Floral with Jenny, the girl Willie
  would like to be his girlfriend if he could figure
  out a way to make that transformation without
  destroying their friendship.”
        – The Crazy Horse Electric Game

  – Where’s the archetype?
  – Why does the author use it?
       Yet another example:
• “Cole Matthews knelt defiantly in the bow
  of the aluminum skiff as he faced forward
  into a cold September wind.”
       – Touching Spirit Bear

  – Where’s the archetype?
  – Why does the author use it?
            A final example:
• It‟s ten o‟clock in the morning and it is
  October, a rotten October, dreary, cold,
  and damp with little sun and no warmth at
       – I am the Cheese

  – Where’s the archetype?
  – Why does the author use it?
 On the back of your guide, list
  all the archetypes you see
• Megamind
       Numbers (homework)
• The number 3
  – Humans LOVE this number

• The number 7
  – The number of items we can remember
• The Trinity
     – Father, Son, Holy Spirit
• Good Friday – Easter
     – Also the setting of Dante‟s Inferno
         •   Written in terza rima (stanzas of three)
         •   3 volumes (Inferno, Pergatorio, Paradiso)
         •   99 cantos in each (multiple of 3!)
         •   Circle 9 – Satan has 3 heads, 3 mouths, 3 sets of wings
         •   Satan is chewing 3 “traitors to their lords” (Brutus, Cassius, Judas)
•   Peter denies knowing Jesus 3 times
•   Noah‟s ark is 3 stories tall
•   Noah‟s 3 sons – humanity
•   3 wise men visit baby Jesus
•   In Gen. 15:9, the Lord requests “a three-year-old heifer, a three-
    year-old she-goat and a three-year-old ram.”
• Epitaph on Jesus‟ cross – printed in three languages (Latin, Hebrew, Greek)
• The Hindu Trinity
    – Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva
• Egyptian Trinity
    – Isis, Osiris, Horus
• Greek mythology
    –   Cerberus – 3 headed dog
    –   Three Fates (Past, Present, Future)
    –   Three (x3) Muses
    –   Three Furies
    –   Three Graces
    –   Three Gorgons (Medusa is one)
• Norse mythology
    – Past, present, future
    – World had three levels
    – Three of Life had three roots, one to each level
•   Primary colors (Red, blue, yellow)
•   The Magic Flute – musical themes of threes
•   Of Mice and Men takes place over three days
•   Three little pigs
•   Three blind mice
• Norse mythology
  – There are three clans of deities: the Æsir, the Vanir, and the
  – There are three distinct races of giants: the mountain giants,
    frost giants and fire giants.
  – Odin had two brothers, Vili and Vé (or Lodur and Hoenir
    according to Völuspá), numbering three sons of Borr who
    created the world and gave life to the first human beings.
  – Yggdrasil the World Tree has three roots, and three is the square
    root of the number of worlds (nine) joined by Yggdrasil. Under
    the three roots are three sacred wells, one for each including the
    Well of Urd in Asgard, the Well of Mimir located "among the frost
    giants", and Hvergelmir in Niflheim.
  – Odin endured three hardships upon the World Tree in his quest
    for the runes: he hanged himself, wounded himself with a spear,
    and suffered from hunger and thirst.
•   Goldilocks and the Three Bears
•   Three Billy Goats Gruff
•   King Trident – The Little Mermaid
•   Shamrock – 3 leaves
•   Three levels of Greek / Roman columns
     – Doric, Ionic, Corinthian
•   Hegelian triad – thesis, antithesis, synthesis
•   Freud – id, ego, superego
•   Triplets in DNA code
•   Pythagorean Theory
•   Lord of the Rings trilogy
•   Star Wars (3 x 2) trilogy
City Slickers
The Three Primary Colors
The Three Fates (Hercules)
    The Three Gorgons of Greek

Yep, Medusa is one of these!
          The Hindu Trinity

             Example: Seven
• Judaism
  – Menorah candles
• Christianity
  – Seven deadly sins
     • Pride, avarice, lust, envy, gluttony, anger sloth
  – Seven sacraments
     • Baptism, confirmation, marriage, last rites,
       communion, holy orders, confession
  – 7 times 70 = means “a long time” in the Bible
•   Islam
      – The seven Heavens and the earth and all that is therein glorify Him, not is there
         anything but glorifieth Him with praise; yet ye understand not their glorification.
                     » Qur‟an: XVII, 44
•   Japanese
      – Seven Deities of Good Fortune
•   Greek mythology
      – 7 sisters – Pleiades (Subaru logo)
•   Egyptian mythology
      – Seven thousand barrels of red beer were used to trick Sekhmet out of killing.
      – In her search for her husband‟s pieces, the goddess Isis was guarded by seven
      – A legendary famine lasted seven years.
      – The lowest amount that the Nile flooded to solve the famine was seven cubits.
         The highest was four times seven (28) cubits.
      – A doomed prince found a tower seventy cubits high with seventy windows.
      – Set tore the god Osiris‟ body into fourteen pieces: seven each for the two regions
         of Upper and Lower Egypt.
      – The Pool symbol, representing water, contains seven zigzag lines.
      – The Gold symbol has seven spines on its underside.
• Culture
   –   Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
   –   Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
   –   Seven characters of Gilligan’s Island
   –   Seven days of the week
   –   Seven seas
   –   Seven oceans
   –   Seven crystal structures
   –   Seven major musical notes
   –   Seven colors of the rainbow
   –   Seven layers of periodicity in Periodic Table
   –   Seven continents
   –   Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
        •   Pyramid of Giza
        •   Hanging Gardens of Babylon
        •   Lighthouse of Alexandria
        •   Statue of Zeus at Olympia
        •   Temple of Artemis at Ephesus
        •   Colossus of Rhodes
        •   Mausoleum at Halicarnassus
           Your Homework
• Write a paragraph wherein you theorize
  about the meaning (or significance) of the
  number 3 or 7, based on at least three
  examples provided in this slide. In your
  paragraph, state your opinion in your topic
  sentence, then use the three examples to
  support that opinion (minimum of 6

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