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					                           INTRO to AG MECHANICS
                                          Mr. Traini
                                      Phone- 556-1900
                            Central Valley High School, Ceres, CA

I. Course Description:
       This course is designed to give the first year student a strong foundation in the
       use of basic Ag mechanics shop skills.

III. Class and Shop Expectations:
        1. Be in class everyday and Be on time! You have to be in class to participate.
       2. Respect yourself and others
       3. Always follow every safety rule!! Safety First!
       4. Cooperate with other people in the class
       5. Always give every task your best effort
       6. Tardy Policy: Students must be in the classroom ,getting out their materials
       before the tardy bell rings.
       Students NOT in their assigned seats by the time the teacher takes roll will be
       marked tardy.
       Students will be marked tardy if they assist other students sneaking into the
       classroom after the tardy bell has rung.

IV. Materials
       Students are required to have a:
        1.1 ½” 3 ring snap binder with binder paper
       2. Pencil pouch with 5 pencils
       3. 2 Spiral Note Books

       Behavior- Students that do not come to class prepared with the proper
       supplies refuse to participate in the class or disrupt the learning process
       will receive following consequences:
               a.1st offence -verbal warning
               b. 2nd offence – One day of In School Suspension & call home to
               c. 3d offence- 2 days In School Suspension- Parent Conference and
       student placed on behavior 1 contract.
               d. 4th offence – 2 days In School Suspension- Parent Conference
       and student placed on a Behavior 2 contract.

       4. Safety glasses (provided) will be worn in the shop at all times.*
       * Students will be assigned a: personal effects locker, and lock .
       Lock policy: students that fail to return padlock, in working order, at the end of
       the year, will be charged $5.00.
       **Coveralls or a apron is also recommended because students will get dirty.
       5. Safety glasses Policy- Students are required to wear safety glasses in the
       shop at all times. This is for your student’s protection.
       a. Students will be provided with a personal effects locker and a lock to store
          their safety glasses and work clothes.
       b. If students fail to have safety glasses they may purchase another pair at the
          student store for $3.00.
       c. If students fails to have their safety glasses, and do not wish to purchase a
          replacement pair, they will be sent to In School Suspension for being
          unprepared for work.
       d. If a student continually refuses to wear safety glasses to cover his/her eyes,
          in the shop, the students will be sent to In School Suspension for defiance
          and a parent/ teacher/Administrator conference may be called to determine if
          your student’s behavior is a safety risk to him/herself and therefore should
          be expelled from the class.

       6. Closed toed shoes will be required in the shop at all times. The above policy
       applies to closed toed shoes.

       7. Long trousers and long sleeves are required when welding.

       8. No food or drinks are allowed in the shop area.

       IV. Homework/ Class work Practices:
   -   Late work will only accepted at the teacher’s discretion. Late work will receive
       only partial credit.
   -   Responsibility for making up missed work lies with the student. Students must
       make an appointment to see Mr. Traini either before school, after school or at
       lunch to receive missed assignments. Students must make an appointment with
       Mr. Traini to make up tests or quizzes.

       V. Shop Practices:
                - Students be required will clean – up their work area and sweep shop
       floor and check in tools after each period.
                -Students will be personally responsible for returning all tools checked out
       to them. Loss of a tool will result in student, and his/her partner, replacing the
       lost or stolen tool.
                - No horseplay will be tolerated in the shop.

IV. Grading/Evaluating Policy:
PARTICIPATION / WORK ETHIC                            40%              90% and up      A
COMPLETION OF ASSIGNMENTS                             30%              80% to 89%      B
TESTS / QUIZZES                                       20%              70% to 79%      C
FFA/SAE                                               10%              60% to 69%      D
                                                                       59% to below    F
       1. All students enrolled in ag will be FFA members
       2. As a member you will be expected to participate in 4 FFA activities per semester
       3. Activities will take place at lunch, after school, in the evenings or on weekends.
       4. Activities may be community service, monthly meetings, events, CDE competitions
          and leadership events.
       5. How FFA activities effect your grade:
               0= -10% 1= -7.5% 2= -5% 3 = -2.5% 4= 100%
                        AG INTRO to AG MECHANICS
                                          Mr. Traini
                                      Phone- 556-1900
                            Central Valley High School, Ceres, CA

The Agriculture Department wishes all students the best of luck with their courses.
I have read and understand the above grading and shop policies, I agree to it and will try
my best in my Agriculture Mechanics class!

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