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									Curt in         U N I V E R S I T Y     O F   T E C H N O L O G Y

                                                                                                THE NEWSLETTER OF THE OFFICE OF RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT

                                                                                                                                                         MARCH 2003

NEW CENTRE’S RESEARCH WILL                                                                   OFFICE OF R&D NEWS
                                                                                             Staff News                                    Human Research Ethics Guidelines
A new Centre of Excellence in                   Gilkes from UWA, the Centre                  Dr Rodney Thiele, who has been working        To expedite the approval of research
                                                                                             part-time as Deputy Director of the           involving humans, the Human Research
Applied Organic Geochemistry                    will have a core staff of 12
                                                                                             Office of R&D, will now occupy the            Ethics Committee is introducing a two-
(CEAOG) will be established at                  experienced academics and up                 position on a full-time basis. Dr Thiele      tier system in 2003. This will involve the
Curtin, with State Government                   to 20 graduate students. It will             will assist primarily with the development    creation of a second tier in Schools or
funding of $1.2 million.                        develop strong industry and                  and management of research centres            Divisions, whose appointed ethics
                                                                                             and institutes. He can be contacted at        reviewer or coordinator will have the
                                                government links.
A collaboration between Curtin,                                                                           authority to approve ‘minimal risk
UWA, Woodside Energy Ltd                                                                                                                   research’, using a new and simplified
                                                                                             COS Database
                                                                                                                                           application form. The second tier will be
and the Water Corporation,                                                                   The new Community of Science (COS)
                                                                                                                                           most effective at the level of
the Centre will conduct organic                                                              expertise and research funding
                                                                                                                                           undergraduate research. Academic staff
geochemistry research primarily                                                              databases have replaced the publication
                                                                                                                                           interested in taking on the roles of
                                                                                             R&D News as the primary source for up-
in the fields of petroleum                                                                                                                 reviewer or coordinator can contact
                                                                                             to-date funding alerts on relevant local,
exploration and water quality.                                                                                                             Tania Lerch on ext 2784. Training will
                                                                                             national and international funding
                                                                                                                                           take place in March and April.
CEAOG research will ultimately                                                               schemes including grants and
help WA to better manage                                                                     fellowships. The take-up rate for Curtin      Curtin Researchers Join ARC Committee
                                                                                             staff on COS stands at about 12 per           Three Curtin staff have been appointed
its resources for a
                                                                                             cent. Researchers are encouraged to           to the ARC national expert advisory
sustainable future.
                                                                                             maximise the use of this excellent            committee for CRCs. Congratulations to
                                                                                             resource by registering at                    Peter Cawood, Vera Mackie and Dong-
Under the leadership of
                                                                                             ke Zhang, who will undoubtedly
Professors Robert Kagi and
                                                                                             To arrange an information session,            represent Curtin well on the committee.
Robert Alexander, both from                     PROFESSOR ROBERT KAGI
                                                                                             contact Robert Roche at
Curtin, and Professor Bob                                                           or on 9380 3702.

CHANGES IN ACADEMIC WORK:                         However, looking beneath the               places, while others keep going back         the ‘good times’ were or are we
WHO MOVED THE CHEESE?                             obvious appeal of having apparently        to the same place hoping that the            going to accept that change has
                                                  identified a real decline in things that   cheese will reappear, miserable              occurred and move on? Let’s start
The recent report Changes in
                                                  we hold as important (Is research          about their lot in life, blaming those       looking forward rather than
Academic Work by Anderson,
                                                  important? Have resources declined?        who have taken it away, and so on.           backward and start writing the next
Johnson and Saha reveals a tale of
                                                  Is there less time for scholarly           The remaining chapters follow the            chapters of our book in which things
largely disenchanted academia,
                                                                                             fortunes of the four different mice,         are indeed different but not
citing student:staff ratios reaching              writing? Is this a bad thing?), the
                                                                                             with those that were willing to              necessarily for the worse.
unprecedented levels, pressure to                 report seemed to me to bear an
                                                                                             accept change inevitably coming out
raise funds, change from collegial                uncanny resemblance to the opening                                                      Incidentally, the Johnson book is a
                                                                                             the better.
to managerial management styles,                  chapters of that lovely little book by                                                  great quick read and I highly
increasing use of casual staff and                Spencer Johnson, M.D., called Who          Now, while I wouldn’t want to further        recommend it to everyone.
decline in relative status, salaries,             Moved My Cheese.                           upset my academic colleagues by
prestige and general attractiveness                                                          having the temerity to liken our
                                                  In the book the story is told of four
as an academic. Pretty gloomy stuff                                                          predicament to that of a fictional
                                                  mice that have learned where to go
overall, and I can certainly relate to                                                       group of mice, I do want to suggest
all of it, though I couldn’t but help             in a maze to find some cheese. Then        that the whole business is really
to smile when I read the Senior                   one day the unthinkable happens:           about resistance to change. Yes,
Lecturer in Engineering’s                         the cheese has gone! Will it reappear      there are more pressures, less time,
characteristically succinct comment               some time, has it gone elsewhere or        reduced status and all of the other
on university administrators:                     is there just no more cheese? Some         things found in the report. But are          PAUL ROSSITER
“They have no ******* idea!”                      mice simply accept that the cheese         we just going to go back to the              DVC, R&D
                                                  has gone and begin to explore other        same old place in the maze where
» A new Centre for Fuels and Energy,        » Iain Murray and student Chris           » In December 2002, Curtin and
   directed by Professor Dong-ke               Moore, from the School of                 Core Laboratories Australia signed
   Zhang, was launched late last year          Electrical and Computer                   a licensing agreement to
   by the Deputy Premier, the Hon.             Engineering, received $13,000             commercialise the LNG Micro-Cell
   Eric Ripper. Working collaboratively        from Mitsubishi Electric to develop       technology, developed by
   with industry and government                assistive technology for the blind        Professor Robert Amin. The
   partners, the Centre will conduct           and vision impaired, including a          agreement establishes Cool Energy
   research into sustainable energies.         braille display, braille printer and      Ltd, the new spin-off company that
   The Centre will form an important           tactile image maker. They also won        will continue to test, develop and
   node of the CRC for Coal in                 an $18,000 Lotteries Commission           commercialise the Micro-Cell
   Sustainable Development, and is             grant to develop a course to teach        technology both nationally and
   located in Curtin’s Brodie-Hall             network administration and design,        internationally.
   Building in Technology Park.                using the technology.                                                                 Professor Dong-ke Zhang with the
                                                                                                                                     Hon. Eric Ripper, Deputy Premier.

CURTIN RECEIVES SIGNIFICANT                                                           UPCOMING EVENTS
CRC FUNDING BOOST                                                                     ENRICHING POSTGRADUATE TEACHING AND LEARNING
Curtin is now a leading university in     The University now participates in          SEMINAR SERIES
Australia’s Cooperative Research          17 CRCs, including the new                  The Office of R&D – with support from LIS and the Learning Support Network –
Centre (CRC) program, following           Australian Biosecurity CRC, the             will continue to present its popular monthly seminars for research students and
Federal Science Minister Peter            CRC for Sustainable Tourism and             staff. Semester 1 seminars include:
McGauran’s announcement of more           the Desert Knowledge CRC.
                                                                                      • Preparing the Candidacy Application and Research Proposal (March)
than $478 million in funding, to be
                                          “The University looks forward to            • Research Involving Humans: What You Need to Know About Ethics (April)
distributed to 30 CRCs. Curtin is a
                                          contributing to research in these           • How to Pass Your Thesis With Flying Colours (May)
participant in 10 of these centres.
                                          important areas, which will bring           • Supervising Postgraduate Research Students: The Role of the Thesis
Curtin is expected to receive about       significant benefit and return to             Committee (June)
$15 million over seven years in           the University and WA during the
                                                                                      For further information and online registration visit
funding across all five Divisions and     next seven years,” said Professor
its regional campuses from its            Paul Rossiter, Deputy Vice-                 RE-SEARCHING RESEARCH AGENDAS: WOMEN, RESEARCH AND
involvement in the new Centres.           Chancellor, R&D.                            PUBLICATION IN HIGHER EDUCATION

                                                                                      Research conference presented by the ATN Women’s Executive
                                                                                      Development Program
                                                                                      25-27 June 2003
                                                                                      Contact Barbara Groombridge on ext 3980
GRADUATE STUDIES NEWS                                                                 or visit

• Following an external review, the        • The ATN-LEAP project online
 position of Dean, Graduate                  modules, ‘Leadership and
 Studies, has been extended for a            Communication’ and ‘Public Policy’,      PUBLICATIONS
 further three years. It will be filled      are due to begin on 3 March 2003.
                                                                                      A shorter, published version of the Research
 by Professor Léonie Rennie, who             Students have expressed a great
                                                                                      Management Plan 2001-2005 will be available
 will continue in the role, 0.8 time,        deal of interest in participating in
                                                                                      in the near future from the Office of R&D.
 from January 2003. This position            the project and both modules are
 will allow the Dean to make a               fully registered. The next
 significant contribution to graduate        opportunity to participate will
 studies in 2003 and beyond.                 be in April.

• The Curtin University Postgraduate       • During O-Week, three information         IN THE NEWS
 Students’ Association (CUPSA) has           sessions for both coursework and
                                                                                      • Dr Deidre Coombe’s research on               in the Higher Education
 a new full-time Research Officer,           research postgraduates were held.
                                                                                        Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs)                    supplement of The Australian as a
 Paul Niesler, who is located in             The highly successful sessions
                                                                                        received coverage in The                     significant increase for the
 CUPSA’s new office in Building 106          introduced students to a range
                                                                                        Australian. Dr Coombe, with                  University. The RTS funds research
 in the Guild Courtyard. Leah                of essential services available to
                                                                                        funding from Meditech Research               higher degrees and is based on
 Dowsett, the previous part-time             assist them. It also set the scene         Ltd, is attempting to isolate and            institutional performance,
 Research Officer, will remain in the        for postgraduate study and                 understand complex                           particularly a university’s share of
 Office of R&D in the area of                provided tips for surviving the            carbohydrates in the body for use            successful student completions.
 Graduate Studies.                           first year at Curtin.                      in the development of a new class
                                                                                                                                   • Business News ran a story on
                                                                                        of carbohydrate-based drug
                                                                                                                                     Tinnitech, the Curtin spin-off
                                                                                                                                     company created to
                                                                                      • Curtin’s increase of about                   commercialise innovative tinnitus
                                                                                        $700,000 in Research Training                technology developed by former
For more information on the activities of the Office                                    Scheme (RTS) funding was noted               Curtin PhD student, Dr Paul Davis.

of R&D call ext 7863.

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