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Deforestation liz daivion delano.docx - Wikispaces by gegeshandong


									     Forests are a place to relax, and a place many animals call
home. The forest contain river that proved water for millions of
Americans. Forest is the things that save trees in dry times to
replenish them and rivers. This is an important natural resource
for human kind. Plants can flourish and provide oxygen for
humans and animals all over the world
     Assume by now that you already know that deforestation
is bad for Earth. So, just to clarify that it is bad. Let’s get to the
basics. We have all ready covered the fact that deforestation is
a terrible thing that can happen to Earth. To wrap this up, that’s
everything you need to know about deforestation. If you see
anyone doing this, do the Earth a favor and stop them. SAVE
THE EARTH! Take care of it like a child!
     If we win the $1 million dollars, we will plan to build a big
company like the Environmental Protectance Agency [EPA].The
one we will build will be called Saving Mother Earth Agency
[SMEA].You will regret not saving the Earth the first time. When
you see the damage that logging, mining, and building cities,
you will want to get a group of friends and pick up trash. If this
keeps happening, some animals may become extinct. If you
don’t want that to happen, start picking up trash.

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