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Debbie Davenport


									Debbie Davenport

        I have been a volunteer with OBG for the past 10 years. Starting out as a foster
and assisting with adoption shows, I then ran adoption shows, assisted with intake calls,
transportation, and various other duties. I then became volunteer and foster coordinator
for a number of years, which also was a board position. I created the first fundraising
program at OBG which was the Sammy Fund while fostering Sammy who was blind at
the time. This also became OBG's first effort to raise funds on line. I also changed the
Newsletter to include a donation form which resulted in another fundraising avenue for
OBG. Up until that point, OBG's funds came from the founder Debbie Reitz and from
adoption fees. Over the years my responsibilities with OBG have expanded. I was also
Fundraising Chair and was on the board in that position as well. Through the years,
I played a major role as either the organizer, co-organizer or manager with the following
Fundraisers: Pet Photos with Santa, the Bow Wow Bowl-a-thon, Bertucci's night, OBG's
10 year anniversary, co-chairing the CFC initiative, running OBG tables at PetExpo,
Raffle tables at the Capital City Cocker Club Agility, Capital Pride, Car Washes, Wine,
Wags, and Wishes, and the list goes on.

        I also set OBG up for billing with various approved vets including our current eye
specialist: Dr. Corcoran. I have also represented OBG on Smooth Jazz 105.9 for the past
few years to publicize upcoming OBG events and our organization, including educating
the public on ways to prevent Heartworm disease and why to select adoption over
purchasing a ‘designer dog’ or ‘Petland puppy’. By serving on the OBG Board I plan to
help our organization stay on target and continue our good work.

Karen Bryson

        I’m Karen Bryson. I have been volunteering with Cocker Rescue since 2001, first
as a dog holder at adoption shows. I quickly realized that I wanted to be more involved
and within weeks took home our first foster, Pepper. Like so many other first time
fosters, my husband and I adopted our Pepper and several more of our early fosters, until
we finally realized that we couldn’t adopt them all. We have lost count of the number of
fosters that have passed through our home over the years. Also during the first few
months with OBG, I took over phone duties, counseling and interviewing prospective
adopters, animal shelter staffers and owners wishing to surrender their cockers. Since
2003 I have served as the Intake Coordinator, making the hard decisions about which
dogs we could bring in to the rescue. In this role, I have developed excellent working
relationships with the animal shelters and humane societies in the mid Atlantic region. I
have logged countless miles and hours bringing cockers to safety. To me there is nothing
more rewarding then watching sad, frightened, sometimes sickly cockers that I helped
save, become happy and healthy companions to families that will love them forever. I get
great satisfaction from the work I do with the rescue, despite the difficulties and hard
decision that have to be made. I would be happy to continue as a member of the board of
OBG. The work we do is important, and I’m proud that we function so well as an all
volunteer organization.
Teresa Butler

        Teresa Butler has worked as a paralegal in the labor law and employee benefit
field for 28 years. She has been volunteering with OBG Cocker Rescue for nine
years. She spent close to two years as the group's medical records coordinator and has
been on the OBG Board of Directors for the past seven years. During those seven years
on the Board she served the Board in various other capacities. She was the Board's
Secretary for one year, then she served two years as the Volunteer/Foster Coordinator and
has been the OBG President for the last four years. She has also been active as a foster
parent for the past eight years.

Cheryl Haralson

I've been an OBG volunteer for 4 years, a Board Member for the last two, and, have
recently taken on the role of Fundraising Chairman as a natural extension of my focus on
fundraising. I've had my fingers in a lot of events -- co-ordinated OBG merchandise
sales, non-monetary donations and successful donut sales, worked on yard sales, Santa
Photos, Christmas giftwrapping, raffle and silent auction items, and behind the scenes on
many of our events. I've served as Publicity Chairman for the last 4 years, back-up
adoption show manager, and Officer of Elections in addition to fostering and
transporting. Oh, and my favorite role is as OBG's cheerleader in the Pet Shelter

We adopted three cockers from OBG -- Missy, who was responsible for bringing us to
OBG and who we recently lost, and Pepper and Danny, both of whom we fostered and
fell in love with.

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