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        Caldew School, 6th Form Common Room, Dalston
                  Monday 23 June, 2008 7pm

1. Welcome & Introductions
   Councillor John Collier welcomed everyone to the forum and introduced
   Carlisle City Councillors Trevor Allison and Nicola Clarke, also Judith
   Gardner, Neighbourhood Development Officer, Cumbria County Council.

2. Apologies
   Apologies were received from Jennie Wilkinson, Reverend Jill H and
   Councillor Steve Tweddie.

3. Notes from the last meeting and matters arising
   The notes from the last meeting were agreed.

   Matters arising
   Cummersdale Road- the actions are still being pursued and a report will be
   ready for the next forum. The grants for highway repairs have been cut, and
   the scanner is not working properly, visual inspections will be taking place.

   There are still a lot of pot holes on Peter Lane that have not yet been filled in.

   The work at Moorhouse Is expected to start in September as the money has
   now been allocated.

   A thank you letter was read from ST Cuthbert without.

   Phone Box Consultation
   The forum agreed that the public phone boxes are an important service and
   should not be removed, especially for those who do not own mobiles or
   private land lines. The forum feels that the public phones should be left.
   Dalston and Cummersdale Neighbourhood Forum agreed to support Carlisle
   City Council’s decision on the phone box consultation.

4. Police and Local Issues
   PC Colin gave an update on the issues affecting the Caldew area.
   An operation was run in relation to speeding in the area, in particular HGVs.
   All the HGVs that pass through the town are legit and are going to the local
   Police presence recently on legitimate Dalston Green, 4 vehicles have been
   stopped as they were doing in excess of 40mph, all four received a speeding

   There has been a speeding tickets issued in the Burgh by Sands area, mainly
   in the West End area according to the information gathered from the traffic
   unit. Monkhill has now been included in the problem solving campaign. The
   next problem solving area is Durdar & St Cuthbert Without, where traffic and
   speeding issues have been identified as needing attention.
   The crime figures for the last quarter have reduced, resulting in the local
   policing team meeting their targets.

   £250 has been secured to maintain the youth club in the Burgh by Sands
   area which has proven very successful and is well attended.

   The office at St Micheals School is now up and running and will have IT
   facilities by 2 July 2008.

   The speeding at Moorhouse, can you have a look?
   I will pass the concern on and will go and check the area but there are
   legalities on what equipment can be used in the area.

   There is a regular white van that is a problem on the road at aprox 7am.
   Is there anything you can do about it?
   The best thing to do is to take the car registration number down and log a call
   into the police.

   There is an amount of dumped rubbish at Stone Hill, Husket Hill
   It has been noted and if you see anyone dumping rubbish, take down the
   registration plate number and log a call into the station.

5. Energy Efficiency
   Presentation by Andrew Reed, Project Manager, Cumbria Energy Efficiency
   Advice Centre.
   Andrew Reed from Cumbria Energy Efficiency Advice Centre gave a
   presentation on how to save on your fuel bills including insulating your home
   and help reducing your carbon footprint.

   Andrew reported you could have your energy supplied by any company you
   wish! For independent advice contact:
   Simply Switch 0800 781 1212
   Uswitch 0845 601 2856

                           For Information contact Cumbria EEAC
                                        0800 512012
                                       01228 538765

6. Burgh by Sands Village Green Group
  Presentation by Roe Baker, Our Green Space Project Officer.
  The group has received lottery funding, which is for restoring village greens,
  the project is designed to turn the waste land at Burgh into a communal green
  and is set to start in January. The team will be working with local schools to
  promote the use of the green and care for its future.

  Tim Bradbury from Burgh by Sands has been working on the project and is
  part of the volunteer group which is open for anyone to become part of the
  project. Tim Bradbury told the meeting that there has been a year long
  consultation, which has included the community Council Parishe’s in the plans
  for restoring the village green. The plans have kept everyone’s best interests
       in mind, with drainage and safety issues included. There have been several
       meetings in the village hall as well as various notices being placed around the
       village, through the consultations around £2000 of funding was raised from
       small local pledges. The overall maintenance costs of the project without the
       development plan will last around 3 years.

       I have a concern about the large machines being left on the green, how
       will you make the area safe?
       Safety factors have been taken into account and the area will be kept secure.

       The village green is not common land, have any alternative sites been
       There have been many public consultations, everyone in the area has been
       written to about the meetings, there have also been notices displayed in the
       village hall and parish magazines all views have been listed and ideas taken
       into account

   7. Neighbourhood Forum Grant Applications
       The following grants were agreed

GENERAL BUDGET                                                                           £9975.75
Cummersdale Parish Council       Towards benches                                           600.00
Ratlingate Scout Camp            Towards Interpretation boards                             500.00
Carlisle City Football Club      Towards pitch costs and transport                         354.00
Beaumont Parish Council          Towards 2 signposts                                       250.00
Dalston Recreation               Towards a shower area                                     600.00
Solway Autumn Festival           Towards a Festival                                        400.00
Orton Parish Council             Towards a strimmer                                        400.00
St Michaels Church               Towards replacements parts to the organ                  1000.00

YOUTH GENERAL BUDGET                                                                     £1726.18
Harraby Netball Club             Towards a coaching programme
St Michaels Primary School       Towards cycle storage shed
Burgh by Sands Youth Club        Towards a trip to the Lake District

   8. Dates of next meeting
       20 October 2008, Stoneraise Primary School, 7pm
       26 January 2009, venue to be confirmed, 7pm
       16 March 2009, venue to be confirmed, 7pm

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