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     BAOT/COT has developed this resource to support members during this unsettled time of economic down turn.

     The resource pack that has three themed sections and is intended to provide members with information from a variety of sources in
     one place. The three sections are:

         1. Supporting OTs
         2. Workforce
         3. Supporting OT managers and Leaders

     It is not designed to be an exhaustive list or to replace information that is available from other COT sources, for example, OTNews
     or the website, but one that will provide you with current information to support your practice.

     This section provides links to information and resources, from BAOT/COT as well as other useful areas, for leaders and managers
     of occupational therapy services and occupational therapy staff.

     It includes sections on service development, support workers and information from Unison regarding workforce issues.

     It had been designed to be a living document, so as we become aware of other useful documents we will add them.

Unison           UNISON

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                UNISON provides industrial relations support for the British Association of Occupational Therapists (BAOT). All BAOT
                members (other than those outside the United Kingdom or those who are solely employed in private practice) are members
                of UNISO and have access to a wide range of industrial relation services

                More information can be found at About UNISON and BAOT /COT or you can take a look at the some of the Frequently
                Asked Questions

                To access UNISON services please talk to your local OT Steward or phone the UNISON Direct helpline.
                UNISON Direct: Telephone 0845 355 0845 or freephone textphone 0800 0 967 968
                Lines are open 6am-midnight Monday-Friday and 9am-4pm Saturdays

                OT Stewards
                Every workplace should have an OT steward to represent the views and needs of occupational therapy staff. OT stewards
                are integral to the BAOT/UNISON partnership. Stewards are BAOT members who are elected by their work colleagues to
                represent them in negotiations and consultation with their employer and to provide industrial relations advice and
                information. All OT stewards are given accredited training and time off to carry out their duties. If there is no OT steward in
                your workplace, then elect one now.

                Information on electing a steward is available here: Take the time, make a difference

                BAOT/Unison Briefings provide up to date guidance and reference material to enable occupational therapists to remain
(BAOT /Unison   informed and aware of changes and developments in policy and practice.

                Industrial relations briefings for BAOT members include:
                Briefing 120: Applying for a ‘non-traditional’ role - Some points to consider
                Briefing 105: Social Enterprise: What you need to know
                Bullying at work

                Other helpful workforce briefings include:

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               Briefing 98: Statistics on Occupational Therapy Workforce
               Briefing 81: Management Briefing - Performance Management

               There are also a range of guidance briefings which are intended for use by trained BAOT/UNISON Stewards:
               OT Stewards’ Induction Pack
               Briefing 119: Generic working: a guide for BAOT/UNISON stewards
               Briefing 104: Guidance note for NHS Occupational Therapist stewards and managers facing restructuring
               Service Reviews: a guide for BAOT UNISON stewards
               Seven day working – a few pointers
               Health and Safety Guidelines for Home Visits
               Single Status – local government grading and pay

               As well as guidance on the NHS Agenda for Change job evaluation process
               Briefing 114: Agenda for Change: How to challenge your outcome
               Briefing 109: Agenda for Change: Preceptorship for Occupational Therapists
               Briefing 108: Knowledge and Skills Framework for Occupational Therapy staff in the NHS
               Briefing 107: Agenda for Change: Job clustering
               Briefing 106: Agenda for Change: Occupational Therapy Job Titles

               There is also a wide range of useful information, news and guidance available via the UNISON website:
      including an online publication library.

Support        Occupational Therapy Support Workers Framework
workers        This document enables support workers to map out current work and roles and to work with managers to support their
Services and   Support worker framework

               Guidance on using the framework

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Support             Supervision, accountability and delegation of activities to support workers
Workers             Health and Social Care in the UK is undergoing rapid change as organisations restructure the delivery of services in order
                    to provide the most efficient and effective care to service users. A wide range of drivers has led to support worker roles
(Information from   growing both in terms of number and in the scope of activities being undertaken. This has prompted an increasing number
other sources)      of enquiries to professional bodies and trade unions about their management and support. This paper has therefore been
                    developed to help clarify the delegation process for registered practitioners and support workers and the associated issues
                    of accountability and supervision.


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