Freedom of Information Act 2000 by pengxuezhi


									                                                                  Freedom of Information Act 2000
                                                                        Publication Scheme

                                                                      Milton Keynes Council

1. Introduction – The Freedom of Information Act 2000
The Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA) will let you have access to information held by public bodies, which is not already
available. Some information will stay confidential e.g. information relating to national security or Court records. The Council has
also published a Publication Scheme, stating what information we already publish and what information we intend to publish in the
future. We also say how the information is to be published and what fee, if any; will be charged to people who ask for the

The Council‟s Publication Scheme covers “non exempt” information already published and held by the Council or information which
is to be published in the future. Some information within certain classes may be exempt (i.e. information that falls within the
definition of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 or other relevant legislation as being exempt information). Where some
information within a class is exempt, the non-exempt information within that class will still be made available. It also tells you how to
make an FOIA information request to the Council.

What Are You Looking For?

What is the Publication Scheme? Under the Act, every Council must adopt and maintain a publication scheme. This scheme will
provide our customers with a structured listing of the type of information the Council undertakes to make available to all. The
scheme sets out how the council intends to publish the different classes of information it makes available and whether it intends to
charge you for it. The Council promotes an equal opportunities policy and we will respond to requests for information in alternative
formats and languages.

What Are the Benefits of this Scheme?

The scheme brings together the many different types of information produced by the Council, classifies the information by type and
provides details on how to obtain it. This aims to save you time and effort. If you have searched the Publication Scheme and
cannot find what you are looking for, you can make a request for the information when the Freedom of Information Act comes into
force in 2005.

Responsibility for the Scheme rests with the Head of Legal & Property Services and Norma Evans, Complaints and Ombudsman
Officer undertake day-to-day management. It will be reviewed on a regular basis (initially annually at a minimum).
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Classes of Information
The classes of information within the Publication Scheme are based on the services provided by the Council as follows:
Directorate                                  Service Area                                               Page
Chief Executives Office                                                                                 10
Assitant Chief Executive                     Policy & Performance                                       10
Strategy & Performance                       Communication                                              11
                                             Public Access, IT & e-Government                           11
                                             Community Strategy and Growth                              11
                                             Human Resources                                            12
Assitant Chief Executive                     Audit & Risk                                               14
Governance & Finance                         Legal Services                                             14
                                             Finance                                                    15
                                             Democratic Services & Scrutiny                             15
Neighbourhood Services                       Adult Social Care                                          18
                                             Housing (Landlord Function)                                21
                                             Housing Strategy & Needs                                   21
Learning & Development                       Education                                                  24
                                             Community & Economic Development                           27
                                             Children‟s Services                                        30
Environment                                  Planning and Transport                                     32
                                             Community Safety                                           38
                                             Streetcare                                                 39
                                             Development and Design                                     40
                                             Environmental Services                                     42

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Statement of Confidentiality

The Council‟s policy is: To give members of the public access to information held by the Council, to the greatest possible
extent under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and consistent with the public interest and the right to
privacy of the individual

Making an Application for Information – What is the Procedure?

When asking for information please include the following details:
 Your name and address
 The information or documents you would like to see
 The way you would like the information to be sent to you (e.g. as hard copy, by e-mail or on a computer disk).

If you have difficulty identifying the information you want our staff will try and help you. Contact telephone numbers are given in the
Publication Scheme.

We may be able to give you the information you want in a variety of formats and languages other than English if you want.

How long will it take?

Where the information you want is readily available we will aim to give it to you as quickly as possible. There will be some cases
where it takes a little longer. In these cases we aim to let you have it within 20 working days.

Remember, you only have a right to information and not necessarily to documents.              Some documents may include exempt
information so you will only get the information from them that is not exempt.


You do not have to pay to request information, however you may have to pay if significant amounts of work or copying of printed
material is needed. You will be told what the charge is so that you know how much you will have to pay before we deal with your

You will not be charged if we refuse a request for information. You will not be charged to appeal against our refusal to supply the
information requested or where you appeal against the charge we would make.

Where the information is already in a priced publication we will give you details of the publication and where to get it.
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Complaints and Feedback

What happens if I am not satisfied with the service I receive?

Our policy is to be as open as possible and supply the information you have requested, but we can withhold information covered by
exemptions in the Act. If a document made available by us to you under this Publication Scheme has information in it which we
have withheld, the document will be clearly marked to show where the information has been removed and the exemption we have

If we refuse to supply information you have asked for we will write to you giving you our reasons. If you are not satisfied with the
reasons you have the right to appeal. You may also appeal if you believe the charge we have made to supply the information is

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2. About the Council
How the Council Works

The Council operates a Cabinet system of Government (modelled basically on the parliamentary model).

Decisions are made either by Cabinet Members, the Cabinet itself, the Council (all 51 Councillors meeting together) or officers,
depending on the importance of the decision.

The majority of decisions may be scrutinized by one of the Council‟s four Overview Committees (Environment, Transport and
Localities; Social Care, Housing and Health; Learning, Community and Economic Development; and Treasury), any decisions
which the Overview Committees would like to see reviewed can be referred back to the Cabinet, Cabinet Member or officer, for

The Cabinet generally meets twice a month, with the Council meeting monthly.       Overview Committees have four scheduled
meetings a year, but hold special meetings, when necessary.

Meetings of the Council, Cabinet and Overview Committees are held in public.

The Council has 51 Councillors. The political make up of the Council is:

                                           Liberal Democrat - 27
                                           Labour - 16
                                           Conservative - 7
                                           Independent - 1

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\47621f6b-484f-441d-8627-7b714dab50e2.doc                                                               5
3. Our Aims
Corporate Priorities

The council has reviewed its existing objectives and priorities following consultation with the public through the Local Strategic Partnership (a
body representing the major private and public voluntary and community organizations in Milton Keynes) and has adopted a set of longer-term
aims, which it will implement alongside its key partners such as Health, Police and Business.

 Community Strategy Aims 2003 - 13
 Sustainable and high quality development
 A community for all
 A healthy, caring community
 Create a high quality learning community
 Sustainable and effective transport systems
 Housing that meets everyone‟s needs
 A prosperous economy
 A safe community

The council has also reviewed its own priorities and whilst the council will contribute to all of the community strategy aims, will also concentrate
on a number of priority areas over the next three years, as follows:

 Corporate Priorities 2003 - 06
 Improving services that are not serving people well
 Improving school standards
 Improving the environment
 Improving public transport
 Giving older people the help they need to keep their independence
 Providing affordable housing for those in need
 Improving community leadership with partners
 Creating social inclusion

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\47621f6b-484f-441d-8627-7b714dab50e2.doc                                                                                     6
C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\47621f6b-484f-441d-8627-7b714dab50e2.doc   7
Council Offices                   MK East Housing Office
                                  Farthing Grove
Civic Offices                     Netherfield                     Olney Library
1 Saxon Gate East                 MK6 4JH                         High Street
Central Milton Keynes             01908 670626                    Olney
MK9 3HG                           West Bletchley Housing Office   MK46 4EF
01908 691691                      200-204 Whaddon Way             01234 711474
Lloyds Court                      Bletchley                       Stony Stratford Library
21 North Tenth Street             MK3 6BD                         5-7 Church Street
Central Milton Keynes             01908 372044                    Stony Stratford
MK9 3EE                                                           MK11 1BD
01908 691691                      Libraries                       01908 562562
Saxon Court                                                       Westcroft Library
502 Avebury Boulevard             Milton Keynes Central Library   17/18 Barnsdale Drive
Central Milton Keynes             555 Silbury Boulevard           Westcroft District Centre
MK9 3HS                           Central Milton Keynes           MK4 4DD
01908 691691                      MK9 3HL                         01908 507874
MK North Housing Office           01908 254050                    Woburn Sands Library
126 Kingsfold                     Bletchley Library               Friends Meeting House - Hardwick
Bradville                         Westfield Road                  Road
MK13 7DX                          Bletchley                       Woburn Sands
01908 315535                      MK2 2RA                         MK12 5JR
Rent First Office (Saxon Court)   01908 372797                    01908 582033
502 Avebury Boulevard             Newport Pagnell Library         Wolverton Library
Central Milton Keynes             St John Street                  122 Church Street
MK9 3HS                           Newport Pagnell                 Wolverton
01908 253492                      MK16 8HQ                        MK12 5JR0
MK South Housing Office           01908 610933                    01908 312812
114 Serpentine Court
01908 374312

    4. Council Services
    4.1 Chief Executive’s Office
    About the Service
    The Assistant Chief Executive‟s Office is divided into two departments Assitant Chief Executive Strategy & Performance and
    Assitant Chief Executive Governance & Finance:

    4.1.1 The Assistant Chief Executive’s Office Strategy & Performance:
    About the Service
    Policy & Performance
     Ensure the Council‟s priorities and targets are met and that management practices and service delivery are equitable
     Ensure effective co-ordination across all directorates of the Council
     Ensure that resources are used efficiently and effectively in accordance with Best Value
     Policy Development and Strategic Planning
     Keep under review the Council‟s objectives and priorities
     Maintain a strategic focus for the Council and its budget processes
     Encourage, initiate and support joint working with partners
     Develop Partnership working and manage the Local Strategic Partnership.

Service Area      Class                  Definition                                                    Available Format          Charge
Policy            Budget Consultation    Annual consultation exercise on budget options                Hard copy                 Free

Policy            Community Plan         Sets out the objectives of the Council and its key partners   Hard copy                 Free
                                         for improving and developing Milton Keynes
Policy            Best Value             Sets out the Council‟s objectives, performance indicators     Hard copy                 Free
                  Performance Plan       and providing an assessment of past achievements and
                  and Summary            plans for improvements
Policy            Best Value Review      Guide that sets out the Council‟s approach to conducting      Hard Copy                 Free
                                         Best Value Reviews
Policy            Performance            Sets out the Council‟s services performance against a range   Hard Copy                 Free
                  Indicators             of government determined performance measures
Policy            Race Equality          To comply with statutory obligations in relation to Race      Hard Copy/MKweb           Free
                  Scheme                 Relations (Amendment) Act 2000
  Manage and develop the organisation‟s communications; internal, external and all press liaison.
  Enable the community to participate in decision-making
  Ensure effective arrangements to maintain a positive image for the Council and Borough at local, regional, national and
   international levels

 Public Access, IT & e-Government
 This service supports the authority as a whole.
  It provides support and installation of all computer voice and data network facilities.
  The service supports the Directorates in the planning, selection, implementation, training and ongoing use of information
    technology to provide efficient services across the Council.
  A full range of print services are provided for document design and production.
  A core requirement of Council policy is to improve public access services and to ensure that at least 80% of all requests for
     assistance, from simple advice giving to the more complex benefits assessments and applications for services, are swiftly and
     accurately handled; to ensure we meet customer‟s needs, right first time and at the first point of contact.

 Classes of Information
Service Area     Class                  Definition                                                       Available           Charge
Communication    Community              Sets out key messages from the Council on policies,              Hard copy           Free
                 Magazine               performance and services
Communication    Press Releases         Key Council messages on policies, performance and services       Hard copy           Free
                                        to local and national media
 Information Contact: Simon Marsh MK252413

 Community Strategy and Growth
 The team promotes the Council‟s community leadership role through partnership development and engagement. The team
 coordinates activity across the Council and wider partnership in the development and implementation of the Community Strategy.
 The team operates in the context of the Government‟s Sustainable Communities Strategy that demands significant growth of Milton
 Keynes. The growth is alongside the ongoing development of the existing community. The scale of development necessitates the
 engagement of stakeholders across the city and beyond to ensure that policy is responsive and timely to the demands of growth.

The principal vehicle for this activity is the Local Strategic Partnership and its Community Strategy. The Community Strategy sets
out ambitions and policy imperatives to support the continued growth and development of Milton Keynes.
Strategy and Growth Services
•      Coordination and support to the development and implementation of the Community Strategy
•      Support to the Local Strategic Partnership (LSP); LSP Executive and other strategic partnerships
•      Engagement of wider stakeholders in the Community Strategy to deliver the ongoing and new development and growth of
       Milton Keynes
•      Coordinates and promotes information on the Sustainable Communities Agenda and the growth of Milton Keynes
•      Development of the Strategic Environmental Partnership
•      Local Agenda 21
•      Review and monitoring of the corporate consultation framework
•      Management and development of the Community Legal Partnership

Human Resources
Business Support
 The role of this section is to develop and implement high quality business systems that support the work of the HR division and
  the whole of the organisation.
Employee Relations
 This section aims to foster a positive employment relations climate through the development of sound employment policies and
  practice developed after thorough consultation.
Organisational Support and Development
 The provision of high quality and timely training and development opportunities and services to the Council, its Directorates and
  employees is a key strategic role. Outcomes for the team are extending knowledge, competence and capability to meet changing
  service delivery needs.
Operational Services:
 The role of this section is to provide high quality personnel and payroll advice and services to the Council, its Directorates and

   Classes of Information
Service Area     Class            Definition                                                       Available Format   Charge
Recruitment      Job Vacancies    List of jobs available within the Council.                       Hard copy          Free
Training         Training         List of training opportunities for people employed on health     Hard copy          Free
                 Opportunities    & social care
Training         Training Plan    Sets out the Council‟s plan for developing the social care       Hard copy          Free
                                  workforce to deliver a flexible range of high quality services
                                  in partnership with other agencies.
  Information Contact: Tim Howe MK253844

  4.1.2 Assistant Chief Executive’s Office Governance & Finance:
  Audit & Risk
   Ensure the Council‟s finances are properly managed and that a fully effective framework is in place
   Co-ordination and integration of services to meet community needs
  Revenues and Benefits
   This service processes Housing Benefit (Council Tenants and Private Sector Tenants) and Council Tax benefit applications.
   Assessing entitlement to benefit and making appropriate payments to claimant. Investigating suspect and potentially fraudulent
   Dealing with appeals, including appeals to the Local Government Ombudsman about failed claims or the assessment of claims.
     Identifying, processing and recovering benefit overpayment. Identifying and recovering fraudulent payments.
   The Taxation service is responsible for administering and collecting national non domestic rates of £101m net and Council Tax
     totalling £60m net. The service contributes to the financing of essential services. Council Tax is a legal tax charged to every
     household in Milton Keynes.

  Classes of Information
Service Area      Class                             Definition                                           Available Format Charge
Revenues          Council Tax                       Guidelines on how Council Tax is calculated and      Hard copy            Free
                                                    residents money spent
Benefits            Housing/Council Tax Benefits Guidelines on how to apply, assessment criteria,        Hard copy            Free
                                                    application forms and change of circumstances
  Information Contacts: Benefits - Sarah Lee MK253096
                          Council Tax – Pauline Langton MK253746
  Legal Services
   This section provides comprehensive legal services to the Council, Committees, all Directorates and Officers (excluding legal
     work relating to insurance claims).
   They include corporate and other legal advice, advocacy, criminal and civil litigation (debt recovery), preparation of Orders and
     Statutory Notices (e.g. Tree Preservation Orders and Enforcement Notices) and all types of conveyancing.
   Corporate Complaints
   Responsible for co-ordinating responses to Ombudsman complaints and providing a corporate overview of the Council‟s
     complaints procedures.
  Classes of Information
 Corporate               Complaints, Comments and How to complain or comment about Council             Hard copy/MKWeb Free
 Complaints              Compliments Procedure        Services
  Information Contact: Sam Apps MK252445

   This service is headed by the Chief Officer Finance and Corporate Services (COFCS) (Section 151 Officer) and provides the
   following financial functions to the Authority:
    Corporate accounting, budget and financial management arrangements
    Management of borrowing and investments
    Development and maintenance of Corporate Financial Systems
    Internal Audit and liaison with External Auditors
    Insurance arrangements and development of risk management strategies
    Payment of suppliers, mortgage administration and miscellaneous income accounting services.

    Classes of Information
 Service Area            Class                                    Definition                          Available Format         Charge
Finance           Budget                Annual approved budget figures for each Council Service      Hard copy                 Free
Finance           Statement of          Actual expenditure at financial year end                     Hard copy                 £5
Finance           Fees                  List of charges that the Council can make for services       Hard copy                 Free

   Information Contact: Abi McCulloch MK254232

   Democratic Services & Scrutiny
    Responsible for the organisation of all council meetings, elections and the communication of all decisions and
    Ensure council decisions are properly made and that appropriate support is available to councillors
    Conduct parish, local, parliamentary and European elections
    Maintain the Constitution and ensure that it is observed at all times
    Make provision for effective overview and scrutiny of the Council‟s decisions and services.

 Classes of Information
Service      Class                              Definition                                                   Availab   Charge
Area                                                                                                         le
Democratic   Forward Plan                       List of key decisions to be taken by the Council over the    Hard      £1 per sheet
Services                                        next 4 months                                                Copy/
Democratic   Council/Cabinet/Committee          List of items and reports to be discussed and list of        Hard      £15 (£25
Services     Agenda /Minutes                    decisions made for Council, Cabinet, Overview                Copy/     Development
                                                Committees and quasi judicial committees                     MKWeb     Control) (free
                                                Some of the information in this class may be subject to an             at meeting)
                                                exemption under Part 2 of the Act.                                     £2.00

Democratic   Public access to democratic        Advice and guidance to the public on how to present a        Hard      Free
Services     process                            deputation, a petition, ask formal questions at council      Copy
Democratic   Challenging decisions              Advice on how to call-in a published decision of the         Hard      Free
Services                                        Cabinet, Cabinet Member or Officers.                         Copy/
Democratic   The Rights of Parish Councils to   Advice to Parish Councils of their „rights‟ to address       Hard      Free
Services     Address Meetings and Call-In       Council meetings and call-in published decisions of the      Copy/
             Decisions                          Cabinet, Cabinet Member or Officers.                         MKWeb
Democratic   School Admission Appeals and       Advice and guidance explaining Independent School            Hard      Free
Services     Exclusions                         Admission Appeal and Exclusion process                       copy
Elections    Electoral Registration             To enable residents of the Borough to have their name        Hard      Free
                                                included in the Register of Electors                         copy
Elections    Electoral Register                 List of Electors in the Borough                              Hard      £15 per 1,000
                                                                                                             copy/     names in data
                                                                                                             data      format £5 in
                                                                                                                       hard copy

Elections    Electoral Register (edited)   List of Electors in the Borough who do not want their   Hard
                                           name sold to marketing companies.                       copy/
Corporate    Complaints, Comments and      How to complain or comment about Council Services       Hard    Free
Complaints   Compliments Procedure                                                                 copy/
 Information Contact: Lynne Avey MK252226

4.2 Neighbourhood Services
About the Service
The key themes of this Directorate are:

To integrate housing and personal social care for adults and families.
 To provide services “in-house” or directly wherever desirable and possible.
 To support independent living.
 To deliver good quality services and to define and publish service standards.
 To minimise ill health and support the more vulnerable people in the community.
 To undertake comprehensive assessments of need with housing, health and social care professionals working together with
  carers and other supporters.
 To seek the views of service users and local people on the planning and provision of services.
 To develop relationships with government departments and agencies, health service organisations and other social care

Adult Social Care
Older People
 Providing care assessment for people aged over 65 years and their informal carers.
 The operation of effective referral, needs assessments, monitoring and reviewing systems within the directorate‟s Social Work
  Management Framework.
 The commissioning of a range of residential care home and nursing home placements.
 Responsibilities for people over 65 years with physical disability/chronic ill heath who require aids to daily living.
 Commissioning new services in response to unmet needs designed to enable older people to have a choice and locally based
  high quality services where possible.
 Includes the Milton Keynes Hospital Social Work Team and the Adult Social Care Access Team (ASCAT. The focus of the
  Hospital Team is to deal with the social consequences of hospitalisation and ASCAT is the referral and assessment access point
  for all adults.
 Provision of community support services to people aged over 65 years via both inhouse and commissioned home care.
 Provision of in-house laundry service.
 Provision of day care services via a range of both in-house and commissioned day centre places.
 Provision of a hot meal service.
 Direct provision of residential care for eligible people aged over 65 years.

Physical Disability
 Provided jointly with The Primary Care Trust
 To offer information, assessment, care planning and provision (payment) of care. To review and monitor packages of care,
  including Bucks Association for the Blind & Royal National Institute for the Deaf assessments.
 To identify and feedback on unmet needs.
 To liaise with Health (purchasers and providers), Education locally and nationally, Housing, Employment, DSS and voluntary
  Organisations, colleagues and carers to ensure a seamless and comprehensive service is available.
 To carry out assessments and make provision under the Chronically Sick and Disabled Persons Act and to make assessments
  under Disabled Persons Act for all statemented school leavers.
 To offer practice teaching to student social workers.
 To educate other teams and agencies.
Learning Disability
 Provided jointly with The Primary Care Trust
 To offer information, assessment, care planning and provision and/or payment of care. To review and monitor packages of care
   on a regular basis. Additional staff to Resources and Assessment and Care Planning Team has been funded through external
   funding: European Social Funds.
 To identify and feed back on unmet needs.
 To work in partnership and liaise with Health (purchasers and providers), education locally and nationally, housing, employment,
   DSS and Voluntary Organisations and colleagues within the Council to ensure a seamless and comprehensive service is
 To offer services in resource centres across Milton Keynes area close to where people live using community based facilities and
   the development of the Community Support Team and Supported Employment Team/Education Team
 To offer practice teaching to student social workers.
 To educate other teams and agencies.
 To work in partnership with external advocacy organisations.
   To develop local specialised resources for people who have traditionally been placed outside Milton Keynes area.
Mental Health Service
 Provided jointly with The Primary Care Trust
 Statutory Service
 Provision of information, assessment, care planning and provision for people aged over 18 years old with mental health
  difficulties and for Mentally Disordered Offenders.
 Provision of the Approved Social Work service.
 Provision of day services at Keystone and through contracts with the voluntary sector.
 Rehabilitation and community support attached to Community Mental Health Teams.

   Joint Intensive Support Team providing intensive care to people with severe and enduring mental illness - 7 days per week
    (jointly provided with the PCT).
 Joint Elderly Mental Health Service providing assessment, care planning and intensive support to people over the age of 65
    years with mental health difficulties.
 Emergency Social Work Team, provides assessment and social work intervention for all client groups out of office hours for
    those service users who present with a genuine emergency that cannot wait until the next working day.
 Commissioning new services in response to unmet needs designed to enable people to have a choice and locally based high
    quality services where possible.
 Service developments for the next year include re tendering for voluntary day services, commissioning of new Crisis Resolution
    Team and integration of the adult mental health management structure with the PCT.
 Drug and Alcohol Abuse: provides assessment, rehabilitation placements, day services through voluntary agency. Works jointly
    with Milton Keynes PCT.
Other Adult Services
 Provides financial, housing and advice on access to services to destitute asylum seekers. Support is limited to families and
    adults who first applied for asylum in Milton Keynes prior to 14 th August 2000 and for whom the Home Office have yet to make a
    final determination on whether they meet the criteria for asylum.
 HIV/AIDS: provides support services to people in Milton Keynes with HIV/AIDS.
 Disaster Response: facilitates and co-ordinates a multi agency counselling and support service in the event of a major disaster.
 The Supported Employment service offers one to one support to enable people with disabilities to find and keep paid open
    employment of their choice by giving appropriate support to each person. The Supported Employment Service has been funded
    from external funding: European Social Funding, PSA and joint finance.
Contracts, Commissioning and Customer Care
The Commissioning and Customer Care 'division' is comprised a range of key strategic functions across adult social care services
within the Neighbourhood Services directorate and, where services are jointly provided in partnership with health and under the
auspices of the Health Act 1999, the Milton Keynes NHS Primary Care Trust. As such, the service provides:-
 Strategic direction for both organisations with regard to the health and social care needs of the population of Milton Keynes and
    the organisational response to those needs through commissioning strategies which review existing services, develop new
    services and de-commission services no longer required.
 Contract management; setting specifications and contracts, quality assurance and quality control monitoring and review for
    social care services procured by Milton Keynes Council.
 Customer care strategic development, together with operational response to service users and or their representatives, who find
    that they are not satisfied with the service they have received or have sought to receive from Milton Keynes Council.
 The development of service policies and procedures and the co-ordination and dissemination of key social care information
    (legislation; guidance) across adult social care.

   Classes of Information

Service Area      Class                  Definition                                                           Available   Charge
Adult Social      Provision of Adult     Advice and guidance on how to apply for adult social care            Hard copy   Free
Care              Social Care            services, including assessments of need and the application
                                         of eligibility criteria. Covers residential, nursing, domicilliary
                                         and community based services.

                  Paying for Adult       Advice and guidance on charges for adult social care                 Hard copy   Free
                  Social Care            services, including financial assessments.

                  Comments,              Advice and guidance to adult social care service users and           Hard copy   Free
                  Complaints and         carers on how to comment, complain or compliment on any
                  Compliments            aspect of the Council‟s adult social care services.

   Information Contact: Vicki Green MK253949
                        Sally Bloyce MK253828

   Housing (Landlord Function)
   The Housing Service has 5 key aims:
    A motivated and well-trained workforce
    Service standards, that reflect customer requirements, communicated and understood by all tenants and all staff
    A service that is appropriate and accessible
    Tenant involvement in a variety of ways in improving service.
    An effective, trusted and business-like service.

   Housing Strategy & Needs
    In line with the Government‟s Green Paper on Housing, the Council now organises its Housing Services with a line
      management distinction between the landlord service (managing Council housing) and its strategic housing functions (including
      meeting local housing needs).

 Homelessness Service – to provide advice and assistance to prevent homelessness; investigation of applications for housing
   from homeless people; provision of emergency accommodation.
 Contributions to agencies – works with independent organisations providing accommodation, advice and assistance to
   homeless people.
 Funding of private sector cases – works with Midsummer Housing Association for the use of properties for homeless people in
   private housing sector.
Private Sector Housing
 To deal with unfit housing and disrepair.
 To assess and award improvement and Disabled Facilities Grants.
 To develop a strategy for private sector landlords and houses in multiple occupation.
 To develop a private sector housing renewal strategy and minimise the number of empty homes.
Supporting People
 Delivering the new arrangements to provide financial support to organisations who assist those who require support to live
Housing Strategy and Enabling
 Devising the Council‟s long-term housing strategy, consultation with stakeholders and partnership working with Registered
    Social Landlords (Housing Associations).
Private Sector Alarm
 The use of the community alarm system by private sector users.

  Classes of Information
Service Area   Class                Definition                                                        Available   Charge
Housing         Tenancy             Information that explains the contract between a tenant and the   Hard copy   Usually
                Conditions          council as their landlord.                                                    free

Housing         Tenancy             Guidance on how to apply for a council tenancy.                   Hard copy   Usually
                Application                                                                                       free
Housing         Sheltered Housing   Describes what sheltered housing has to offer older people who    Hard copy   Usually
                                    wish to live independently but in a secure environment, and how               free
                                    to apply for a place.
Housing         Transfers and       Advice and guidance to council tenants on their options to move   Hard copy   Usually
                Mutual Exchanges    to larger or smaller properties, and how to apply.                            free
Housing         Repairs and         Advice and guidance to tenants on how to apply for repairs and    Hard copy   Usually
                Maintenance         maintenance to their home.                                                    free
Housing         Rent Arrears        Advice and guidance to tenants on how to avoid or get out of      Hard copy   Usually
                                    rent arrears.                                                                 free
Housing         Community Alarm   Advice and guidance on how the 24 hr Community Alarm                Hard copy   Usually
                                  service is provided and how to apply.                                           free
Housing        Residents'         Explains the opportunities tenants have to get involved in          Hard copy   Usually
               Associations       developing the Council's housing service on their own estate                    free
                                  and Borough wide.
  Information Contact: Roger East MK253958

4.4 Learning & Development
About the Service
The Learning and Development Directorate is responsible for a wide ranging group of services designed to promote ongoing
learning and personal development opportunities for all the people of the Borough. The Directorate has responsibility for education
from pre-school and school age children, for support for individual pupils, including those with special educational needs, for
children‟s social services, play development and day nurseries, the library service, adult continuing education, economic
development, student awards, arts, museums and leisure services, grant aid and community and youth services.
 The aims and objectives of the Directorate are set out in a Strategic Plan, called the Learning Vision.
 The Learning Vision sets out four Key Success Outcomes and the way in which the individual services in the Directorate
    contribute to these.
 Preparing for growth and securing a prosperous community.
 Promotion of Social Inclusion and Anti-poverty strategies.
 Raising levels of achievement.
 Promoting Community Participation.
These outcomes are to be achieved by:
 Promoting service integration
 Promoting participation and involvement in service development and operation
 Working in partnership with external agencies
 Managing resources effectively
 Delivering quality and equality services Implementing effective Human Resources programmes (in conjunction with Resources

Local Education Authority Function
Standards & Effectiveness
 Much of the work of this division is now related to the implementation of the Council‟s Education Development Plan.
 Advice and Support to schools and other educational establishments covering management, governance and curriculum with a
   focus on school improvement normally within the Education Development Plan (EDP).
 Monitoring and evaluating the performance of schools and other establishments including occasional inspection of Schools,
   under contract from the Office for Standards in Education (OFSTED).
 Continuing professional development for Headteachers, teachers and governors of schools.
 Advice to the LEA on policy, strategy and the performance of educational establishments.
 Other services to the LEA, including Health and Safety, briefing in relation to the development of school accommodation,
   representing the Chief Education Officer (CEO) at selection of Headteachers/Deputy Headteachers, etc.

 Music Service providing instrumental tuition in schools and weekend/evening Music Centre programs.
 Support for outdoor education and management training at the Longrigg Centre, Cumbria.
 IT curriculum support.
 Client Services role for schools and the Education Department.
   Early Years & Childcare
 Contributing to the implementation of the LEA‟s Education Development Plan.
 Development and implementation of policies under the Council‟s Early Years and Childcare Plan
 Co-ordination and support of the work of the Early Years and Childcare Partnership
 Management of the expansion of Nursery education and childcare, including contract management of the Council‟s Day Nursery
  and Children‟s Centre provision
 Monitoring and training related to Early Years and Childcare provision
 Support to the development of out-of-school hours care and study support
   Pupil Support & Inclusive Education
 The preparation, implementation and review of a Behaviour Support Plan and provision through the Behaviour Support Service
 Provision of home to school transport for pupils who meet distance or safety criteria. Arrangement for transport of over 16‟s to
  schools and colleges.
 Provision of education other than at school, through home tuition, pupil referral units, and home to school link.
 Provision of free school meals to entitled pupils and the purchase and repair or replacement of heavy kitchen equipment in
  special schools.
 Improving attendance in schools and supporting schools in the achievement of attendance targets. Reducing exclusions,
  Education Supervision Orders, Youth Employment and Child Performance licensing.
 The administration of the LEA‟s responsibilities for school admissions, appeals and exclusions and of clothing grants in
  exceptional and emergency circumstances.
 Provision of alternative education for secondary age pupils.
 Managing the work of the Alternative Education Panel and Primary Education Panel.
Special Education Needs & Inclusion
 The assessment and statementing of pupils with special educational needs from birth to 19 years.
 The placement of pupils with Statements of Special Educational Needs into specialist provision.
 The maintenance and review of Statements of Special Educational Needs.
 Support to and funding for pupils with special educational needs in mainstream and special schools.
 Planned new Special Educational Needs inclusive initiatives and provision for children with statements of special needs.
 Funding of specialist school placements outside the Council‟s area for children with statements.
 The review of all aspects of Special Educational Needs policy and provision.
 Special needs activities within the Education Development Plan.

     Educational Psychology Service to children and young people (2-19), their parents, carers and staff in Milton Keynes.
     Monitoring and supporting special education provision in mainstream schools.
     Managing the work of the Special Education Needs Panel.

  Classes of Information
Service      Class                 Definition                                                          Available Format       Charge
LEA          School Admissions     Guidance to parents and carers on the Council‟s admissions          Hard Copy/MKWeb        Free
Function     and Appeals           process for schools and nurseries, including appeals

              School Transport     Guidance to parents and carers on accessing concessionary           Hard Copy/MKWeb        Free
                                   transport for their child/children, including the appeals process
              School Meals and     Advice to parents and carers on how to access assistance with       Hard Copy/MKWeb        Free
              Clothing             school meals and clothing for their child/children
              Special           Information, advice and points of contact for parents and carers       Hard Copy/MkWeb        Free
              Educational Needs who think their child has special educational needs
              School Term       Dates for school terms and holidays for academic year currently        Hard Copy/MKWeb        Free
              Dates             in, plus subsequent academic year
              Standards         Results of pupil examinations in each school                           Hard Copy/MKWeb        Free
              Exclusions        Information, advice and contacts for parents and carers if their       Hard copy/MKWeb        Free
                                child/children has been excluded from school
            Complaints          Information on how parents and carers can get in touch with the        MKWeb                  Free
                                Council regarding comments, complaints or compliments about
                                schools or any aspect of their child/children‟s education
  Information Contact: Lynn Ettaoussi MK253181

Community & Economic Development
Community, Economy and Culture
 The Division integrates three key strands of Council delivery; cultural, economic and urban development. These relationships
   are particularly evident in the creative industries‟ and Central Milton Keynes‟ agendas.
 The Division leads on cultural planning for the Council, developing the contribution of arts and cultural heritage to social
   inclusion, lifelong learning and educational achievement, the built environment; regeneration and economic development
   through the creative industries. Many projects focus on people who face disadvantage through lack of access to education,
   training, employment and leisure.
 The Division also leads on the Central Milton Keynes Development Framework for the Learning and Development Directorate,
   promoting inclusivity, cultural vitality, community, economic and learning.
 The Arts and Heritage Service is responsible for leading a wide range of activity relating to the cultural development of Milton
   Keynes, its residents and visitors. Opportunities for participation in cultural activity are delivered in partnership with external
   organisations and agencies
 Key policy context for the service includes the requirement for the Council to develop a local Cultural Strategy and the central
   role of culture in promoting social inclusion and economic regeneration.
 All elements of the service generate partnership funding from other sources. For example, the Arts Grants budget generates in
   excess of £1 million revenue from other sources.
The Economic Development Service promotes a broad economic development agenda, including social inclusion and support for
people disadvantaged in the labour market through:
 Development and implementation of the Council‟s Economic Development Team Plan and contribution to the Joint Economic
   Development Strategy (JEDS 3 of the MK Economic Partnership).
 Regeneration projects.
 Activities to support business particularly SMEs and activities to promote social inclusion.
 Strategic partnerships (e.g. MK Economic Partnership) and employment initiatives targeted at disadvantaged groups.
 Maximisation of lottery, European and other funding sources for Milton Keynes; co-ordination of a borough wide translation
Leisure Services
 Facilitates the development and management of the Council‟s Leisure, Youth & Community facility portfolio including community
   centres, meeting places, sports grounds/pavilions, leisure centres and youth projects. It provides an effective monitoring and
   management advice and support function to a range of leisure facility management arrangements including locally managed
   council facilities, directly managed, trust, lease, school arrangements in addition to contracts. In the case of Sport and
   Recreation, the Council‟s service is provided through its own facilities, although aspects of the Sports Development programme
   take place in other organisations‟ facilities, as appropriate. A major part of the work is the delivery of the Active Schools, Active
   Sports & Active Communities programmes.

Community and Economic Development Support
 The enabling of a range of services through the provision of grant aids to voluntary organisations, neighbourhood, self-help &
   community groups, not specifically linked to other Council services. Develops & supports initiatives to maintain a strong &
   vibrant voluntary sector including funding advice, the youth registration scheme, training, new & inter-agency initiatives.
Children, Youth and Play
 Provides support for voluntary and community organisations to encourage the independent development of the Milton Keynes
   community & to enable young people to develop & reach their full potential. Support of neighbourhood groups including the flank
   areas, the Netherfield, Bletchley & Wolverton Single Regeneration Projects Partnership Boards & similar regeneration activities.
   Development of partnerships with statutory, voluntary & private sector agencies to improve the planning, provision and
   monitoring of health, social and community facilities. Provision of Youth Services, principally for young people aged 13-19.
   Partnership working with other organisations for the provision of services accessible by all young people. The Youth Work
   element of this service is fundamentally affected by the Govt‟s new Connexions Service which started in Milton Keynes on 1
   April 2001. The Division has recently integrated Day Nursery & Play Development into its services.
Learning & Skills
 The Adult Continuing Education Service provides part-time courses for adults and is funded by the Learning & Skills Council
   and from income from courses.
 The Student Support Service is delivered by Buckinghamshire County Council through a joint arrangement. Awards are issued
   mainly to pupils aged 16-19 against the Council‟s agreed policy. The service also assesses HE students for loans and other
 Lifelong Learning also includes strategic activity and some grant funded projects that support learning.
 The Library Service provides access to books and audio-visual materials for loan, and reference, through eight branches and
   one mobile library. Libraries also offer access for Internet, CD-ROM and Word Processing facilities; information about other
   services; events for children; reading development activities. Services are available for housebound readers, and for sheltered
   accommodation residents. The computerised stock control system, cataloguing and stock ordering inter library loans and
   reserve stock facilities are delivered through joint arrangements with Buckinghamshire County Council. There is a School
   Library Service for primary and special schools. A library service is provided at Woodhill Prison funded by the Home Office.

  Classes of Information
Service Area    Class                 Definition                                                    Available format      Charge
Community &     Library services      Describes hours, branch addresses, services, bye-laws,        Usually hard copy -   Usually
Economic                              charges special events etc                                    other formats on      free
Development                                                                                         request
                Library resources    Provides information about materials and resources that the Usually hard copy -      Usually
                                     library offers to encourage their use (e.g. books suitable for other formats on      free
                                     particular interest or age groups)                             request
               Databases             Provides information about the local community (COIN) and Internet                   Usually
                                     service resources (courses, books & audio-visual materials) (MKWEB)and               free
                                                                                                    dedicated library
               Adult Continuing      Describes courses, hours, centre addresses, special            Usually hard copy -   Usually
               Education             events, etc.                                                   other formats on      free
               Student support       Describes financial and transport support available to         Usually hard copy -   Usually
               services              learners over 16                                               other formats on      free
               MK Borough Guide      Tells new residents and visitors about the services and        A4 booklet (while     Free
                                     facilities available in Milton Keynes.                         stocks last)
               Languages services Advice and guidance to people whose preferred language            Hard copy             Free
                                     is not English on how to access language services provided
                                     by the Council.
  Information Contact: Libraries - Helen Bowlt MK254078
                        Adult Continuing Education – Astrid Peterkin MK556741
                        Community & Economic Development – Maureen Williams MK253653

Children’s Services
Youth Offending Team
 The Youth Offending Team is a multi-agency Milton Keynes Unit providing statutorily required and determined services for
   young people, their families and the courts.
Children in Need Service
 Children‟s Support Service (under 12‟s) undertakes assessment and provides family support services for a range of children
   and families including;
 Children on the child protection register,
 Children looked after
 Children living with their families with complex need requiring the co-ordination of input from agencies and family members.
 Children‟s Disability Service provides assessment, advice and support for disabled children and their families along with running
   two disability units, Furze House and Westminster Drive. Family Link provides home-based respite care service.
Placement & Young People’s Services
 Long & short term residential care for children & adolescents (10-16 years old) having complex needs including those remanded
   to the Local Authority.
Family Assessment.
 The recruitment, assessment, approval, registration, monitoring & support of foster carers & potential adopters. Providing &
   maintaining a Panel for the approval of foster carers.
 Specialist fostering, including remand & respite care.
 The Council is an Adoption Agency.
 Core Services involve work with those on the Child Protection Register & provision of care & support to children being looked
   after by the Local Authority. Works in close conjunction with Child Protection & Youth & Criminal Justice Teams. The duty
   service deals with urgent assessments, new referrals & provides a point of contact for the public. Provides information on a
   range of services including information and advice about placements.
Conferences & Reviews
 The resources necessary for the provision of the Child Protection Conference service, the Review service for Looked After
 Monitoring and operation of the Child Protection Register.
Quality Assurance, Service Development & Business Support
 Provision of quality assurance mechanisms for Children‟s Services through audits and the Quality Reference group
 Service development through monitoring the performance of voluntary sector partners and providing support to service
   development initiatives, both within Children‟s Services and with other agencies.
 Management of the Quality Protects Programme development and grant

     Policy development for Children‟s Services
     Collation and interpretation of performance management information
     Provision of administrative services to Children‟s Services

  Classes of Information
Service      Class                    Definition                                                   Available   Charge
Area                                                                                               Format
Children‟s   Adoption             Information and advice on the adoption process for prospective   Hard copy   Free
Social Care                       and existing adopters and for people adopted.
             Assessment of care   Advice and guidance to families on the children‟s social care    Hard copy   Free
             needs                assessment process.
             Child Protection     Explains how the child protection works and how it can be        Hard copy   Free
                                  accessed by the public and independent agencies.
            Family Support        Advice and guidance to parents and independent agencies on       Hard copy   Free
                                  social care support services available from the Council.
            Comments,             Advice and guidance to parents, carers and children on how to    Hard cpy    Free
            Complaints and        comment, complain or compliment on any aspect of the
            Compliments           Council‟s social care services for children.
  Information Contact: Jane Spencer MK253518

4.5 Environment
About the service
Strategic Director
Management and Administration
 The management and delivery of strategic development and service plans for the Directorate, including overview of
   performance and financial management.
 Advising the Cabinet and portfolio holders on Environment issues and representing the Directorate at executive level.
 Liasing with Members, the public, the business community, service operators and providers and other public and private bodies
   on issues relating to the Environment Directorate.
 Organisational development including staff development and motivation.
 Monitoring corporate procedures and promoting quality management and customer care.
 The management of internal communications and Union liaison.

Planning and Transport
Highways Network
 Providing, inspecting, monitoring and managing the condition of bridges and highway structures to ensure the continued safety
   of the public.
 Assessing the structural carrying capacity of bridges and, where necessary, strengthening and upgrading.
 Overseeing the movement of Abnormal Indivisible Loads over the Council‟s highway network.
 Exercising the Council‟s role as Technical Approval Authority for all proposed new structures affecting the highway whether by
   public or private development to ensure compliance with appropriate design standards.
 Providing technical advice and directions on engineering matters as required and recommendations to the Local Planning
   Authority on the highway aspects of all new development proposals as a “statutory consultee”.
 Negotiating and securing “off-site” highway works as necessary under Planning Obligations Agreements (S106, T & CPA 1990)
   or Highway Agreements (S278, Highways Act 1980)
 Ensuring that all new residential roads and industrial access roads comply with the Council‟s published standards and
   specifications prior to adoption.
 Safeguarding and protecting Highway Improvement Lines and giving appropriate advice under Local Land Charges procedures.
 Overseeing the maintenance and flow in water courses under powers of the Land Drainage Act 1991, Public Health Act 1925
   and the Towns Improvements Clauses Act 1847.
 Exercising the statutory duties required in the naming of streets and the numbering of properties.
 The service is largely statutory - duties and powers under the Highways Act 1980, the Town & Country Planning Act 1990 and
   associated primary and secondary legislation, rules and orders.

   Classes of Information

Service Area            Class                                     Definition                             Available Format    Charge
Highways       Highway s Network -     Technical guidance and specifications for highways and              Hard copy        £10
Network        Technical Advice        construction work. Typically information will be withheld where
                                       it relates to commercially sensitive material or confidential data.

   Information Contact: Fiona Kisch MK252905

   Land Use and Transport Strategy (LUTS)
    Statutory responsibility for land use planning under the Town and Country Planning Acts including regional planning via SEERA.
    Production, monitoring and updating of the Milton Keynes Local and Structure Plans, and for producing non-statutory
      supplementary planning guidance.
    Maintenance of textual, numeric and geographic information systems for planning purposes including demographic, housing,
      employment, land use, commercial and traffic and transport modelling data.
    Professional advice and guidance on planning related environmental and design matters, including, ensuring the preservation or
      enhancement of Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas and to provide archaeological advice.
    Development of the Council‟s Sustainable Integrated Transport Strategy and for producing the Council‟s Local Transport Plan
      and Annual Progress Reports.
    The service is largely statutory - duties and powers under the Highways Act 1980, the Town & Country Planning Act 1990 and
      associated primary and secondary legislation, rules and orders.

    Classes of Information
 Service Area            Class                                    Definition                          Available Format       Charge
Land Use and Planning - Adopted         Documents published during the preparation of the statutory Hard copy              Free to
Transport        Borough of Milton      Local Plan for the Borough, adopted in 1995. Typically                             £110
Strategy         Keynes Local Plan      information will be withheld where it relates to commercially
                 (1991-1998)            sensitive material or personal data.

Land Use and    Planning - Milton       Documents published as part of the review of the statutory      Website and Hard   Free to
Transport       Keynes Local Plan       Local Plan for the Borough. Typically information will be       copy               £35
Strategy        (1998 onwards)          withheld where it relates to commercially sensitive material
                                        or personal data.

Land Use and    Planning -            Planning guidance for particular areas, sites or topics           Website and Hard   £5 - £15
Transport       Supplementary         adopted by the Council as supplementary to the statutory          copy
Strategy        Planning Guidance     Local Plan for the Borough. Typically information will be
                                      withheld where it relates to commercially sensitive material
                                      or personal data.
Land Use and    Planning - Background Studies and reports carried out or commissioned by the            Website and Hard   Free -
Transport       studies and reports   Council to inform planning policy on particular areas, sites or   copy               £105
Strategy                              topics. Typically information will be withheld where it relates
                                      to commercially sensitive material or personal data.
Land Use and    Transport - Milton    Documents prepared under the Local Transport Plan,                Website and Hard   Free - £36
Transport       Keynes Local          including strategic planning, monitoring and progress reports     copy
Strategy        Transport Plan        excluding confidential data.

   Information Contact: Fiona Kisch MK252905

   Management and Administration
    Management of Planning and Transport services which comprise the Development Control, Land Use and Transport Strategy,
       Highway Network Management, Passenger Transport and Traffic & Transportation Divisions, together with administrative
       support, in accordance with legislation, national and regional guidance, and the Council‟s strategic aims and objectives.
    Advising the Strategic Director, the Cabinet, the Environment, Transport & Localities Overview Committee and the Development
       Control Committee on planning, transport and related matters.
    Liasing with Members, the public, developers, the business community, service operators and other public and private bodies
       on planning and transport matters.
    Local land charge searches.
   The majority of the services provided are statutory under the Town & Country Planning Act 1990, the Transport Acts 1985 & 2000,
   the Highways Act 1980 and the Local Land Charges Act 1975 and associated primary and secondary legislation, rules and orders.
   Development Control
    Administering and professionally assessing planning and other types of application submitted under the Town and Country
       Planning Acts.
    Enforcing planning control and providing evidence at planning appeals.
    Exercising the Councils planning responsibilities for minerals and waste.
    Providing professional advice and information on a range of subjects relating to Town and Country Planning.
    Negotiating financial contributions to social and physical infrastructure, through planning gain.
   The service is predominantly statutory under the Town & Country Planning Act 1990 and associated primary and secondary
   legislation, rules and orders.

   Classes of Information
 Service Area           Class                                   Definition                                 Format         Charge
Development Planning applications, Application forms, advice and guidance relating to planning       Hard copy           Free
Control        appeals and           applications and appeals and planning enforcement. Typically
               enforcement guidance information will be withheld where it relates to commercially
               and advice            sensitive material, confidential or personal data.
   Information Contact: Fiona Kisch MK252905

   Passenger Transport
    Establishing a policy for the provision of local bus services where such services are not operated commercially; the
     implementation of that policy through the letting of specific service contracts and the monitoring and review of those contracts.
    Providing publicity and information and to promote all available public transport services to the public.
    Securing the provision of services to transport children to and from school or college where they are entitled to free or
     subsidised transport and for certain Social Services transport contracts.
    Ensuring the proper operation of commercial local bus services.
    Securing, with others, the provision of passenger transport services and facilities needed by the elderly and disabled residents.
    Securing and monitoring a driver testing service for people wishing to use vehicles on Council business and the maintenance of
     a register of persons that have passed such a test.
    Developing new and improved passenger transport services and facilities, including long-distance and rail services.
    Providing and administering a concessionary fares scheme for elderly, disabled and young people.
    Principal duties and powers exist under the Transport Acts 1985 and 2000 and the Education Acts. There is a statutory duty to
     formulate public transport policies, and those policies can adopt a wide range of discretionary powers to secure and enhance
     public transport facilities.

   Classes of Information
Service Area          Class                                        Definition                              Available Format Charge
Passenger    Transport - Public         Timetables maps and information guides relating to the            Website and Hard Up to 50p
Transport    Parking and Transport      provision of Public Parking and or Transport provided within      copy
             Guides                     Milton Keynes by either Milton Keynes Council or private
                                        sector providers. Typically information will be withheld where it
                                        relates to commercially sensitive material or personal data.
Passenger    Passenger Transport -      Application form to go on the invitation to tender list for the   Hard copy         Free
Transport    tender list application    provision of passenger transport services.

Passenger    Passenger Transport -      Application form and information guides relating to               Hard copy         Free
Transport    Concession Application     concessionary fares provided by Milton Keynes Council.
             Forms and Guides           Typically information will be withheld where it relates to
                                        commercially sensitive material or personal data.

Passenger     School Transport - Advice School Transport Code including conduct and guidance           Hard copy          Free
Transport     and guidance              advice for transport operators, drivers, escorts and parents
                                        and carers of children within the Milton Keynes area.

   Information Contact: Fiona Kisch MK252905

   Traffic and Transport
    Exercising the Council‟s role as Highway Authority for traffic management and signing.
    Improving road safety and reducing road traffic accidents through publicity, education training and engineering measures.
    Implementing and managing on and off street parking facilities in line with the Council‟s Sustainable Integrated Transport
    Providing safe pedestrian facilities in line with the Council‟s Sustainable Integrated Transport Strategy.
    Providing safe cycle facilities in line with the Council‟s Sustainable Integrated Transport Strategy.
    Responding to consultative documents issued by the LGA and the Department of Transport, Local Government & the Regions.

    Classes of Information
Service Area             Class                                       Definition                            Available Format Charge
Traffic and   Public Parking and          Timetables, maps and information guides relating to the         Website and Hard Up to 50p
Transport     Transport -Guides           provision of Public Parking and or Transport provided within copy
                                          Milton Keynes by either Milton Keynes Council or private
                                          sector providers. Typically information will be withheld where
                                          it relates to commercially sensitive material or personal data.

Traffic and   Road Safety –             Consultation and strategy documents relating to road safety    Hard copy          Free
Transport     Consultation and Strategy within Milton Keynes.

Traffic and   Road Safety – Guidance      Information and guidance for the general public, schools and Hard copy             Free
Transport     and information             parishes, including advice on speed management and
                                          funding for traffic calming proposals.

Traffic and   Traffic Management –        Consultation and strategy documents relating to traffic       Hard copy            Free
Transport     Consultation and strategy   management of urban and countryside areas within Milton
              documents                   Keynes

    Information Contact: Fiona Kisch MK252905

   Community Safety
   The community safety team co-ordinates the formulation and implementation of the crime and disorder reduction strategy across
   relevant agencies in Milton Keynes. This work is carried out according to the Crime and Disorder Act, Section 5,6 and 17. This
    Publishing an audit of patterns of crime and disorder every three years.
    Carrying out regular consultation with stakeholders, government and the public.
    Formulating a crime and disorder reduction strategy every three years, based on audit and consultation.
    Ensuring the implementation of the strategy
    Servicing and developing the Community Safety Partnership and relating structures in order to deliver the above tasks.
    Ensuring that community safety is mainstreamed across the council and partner agencies.
    Working in total harmony with the Drug Action team and Youth Offending Strategy Group in order to deliver the strategy.
    Liaising with the Local Strategic Partnership and all other related bodies in order to integrate work with the community strategy.
    Monitoring and evaluating all strategy delivery and partnership activity.
   Caravan control and sites
    Site management of two permanent gypsy sites.
    Management of all unauthorised traveller encampments.
    Strategic management of all traveller issues – in conjunction with the Joint Planning Forum.
    Liaison with partner organisations, including Health, Education, Police, MK Parks Trust, Environment Agency, Customs &
       Excise, Benefits Agency and English Partnerships.
    Enforcement of police and Council related legislation.

     Managing and maintaining the partnership schemes for Central Milton Keynes and Wolverton aimed at reducing crime and fear
      of crime.
     Assistance to voluntary organisations, such as Shelter, for the provision of housing and housing related advice.

    Classes of Information
Service Area      Class                Definition                                                      Available Format      Charge
Community         Crime Audit          A statutory detailed survey of crime and disorder patterns in   Hard copy/MKweb       Free
Safety                                 Milton Keynes, including community attitude surveys
Community         Crime Strategy       A 3 year crime and disorder reduction scheme for Milton         Hard copy/MKweb       Free
Safety                                 Keynes 2002-05
Community         Crime Surveys        Regular specific analysis of crime patterns on individual       Hard copy             Free
Safety                                 estates
    Information Contact: Jaki Collins MK252080

    Highways Maintenance
     Providing and managing a safe highway network for public users.
     Carrying out regular inspections, maintenance, structural assessment, improvement, upgrading and strengthening programmes
       to ensure that every highway is fit for its purpose and safe for its rightful use.
     Exercising the Council‟s duty as the Technical Approval Authority for public and private development to monitor proposals for
       new highways, so as to ensure compliance with the appropriate standards.
     Providing a winter maintenance service.
     Administering the Councils Emergency Service and participating in the Emergency Peacetime Plan.
     The service is largely statutory - duties and powers under the Highways Act 1980, the New Roads & Streetworks Act 1991 and
       associated primary and secondary legislation, rules and orders.
    Construction Services
     General building repair, maintenance and construction, including refurbishment and maintenance of void housing stock and
       disabled aids and adaptations to properties.
     24-hour emergency service for council buildings, including key holding services where required.
    Management of the Council‟s corporate catering functions including restaurants, staff catering and services to Committee and
    Meeting rooms.
     Commercial management of functions and event hire services to external organisations.

Site Services
Provision of all Council front of house services at Civic, Saxon Court and Lloyds Court Offices including, reception, switchboard,
cash office, caretaking, courier services, building maintenance, post and mail rooms.
 Premises management including fire and security services as well as office moves.
 Some services are statutory under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and subsequent Regulations.
Street Lighting
 Inspection and maintenance of street lights for the Council and Parish Council areas including illuminated signs.
 Maintenance of traffic signal and Pelican Crossing equipment.
 Inspection and maintenance of surface water pumping stations.
 Manage the energy consumption for highway related equipment.
 Maintain advanced and local directional signs including street nameplates.
 Maintain bus shelters, war memorials, cycle racks, information points, public seats and milestones.
 Commercial design and installation of lighting schemes for external organisations.
 The service is largely statutory - duties and powers under the Highways Act 1980, the New Roads and Streetworks Act 1991
   and associated primary and secondary legislation, rules and orders.
Specialist Services
 To manage and administer Bletchley Market including site and waste management.
 To manage site services at Emberton Park including contracted services.
 The provision of client escorts for Community Transport.
Engineering Services
 Maintenance of children‟s play areas.
 General grounds and sports field maintenance, landscape repair and construction
 The licensing and enforcement of Hackney Carriages and Private Hire Vehicles and Drivers.
 The removal, storage and disposal of abandoned vehicles;
 The management, repair and maintenance of Milton Keynes Council‟s vehicle fleet, plant and equipment, where the Authority
   holds the operators license.
 Legislative basis includes duties and powers under The Road Traffic Acts 1988 and 1991, The Transport Act 1985 (S16) and
   The Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976 and associated primary and secondary legislation, rules and

Development and Design
 Provision of an integrated approach to preparing and implementing improvements for local people in urban, rural and landscape
  settings in Milton Keynes through partnership working with stakeholders in the community.
 To co-ordinate and guide the multi-disciplinary and specialist technical work of Development and Design

 Property Services
  This section provides a property management and valuation service to all Directorates of the Authority. It also supervises a
   small agricultural holdings contract and appoints appropriate specialist consultants as necessary.

 Classes of Information
Service       Class      Definition                                                                         Available       Charge
Area                                                                                                        Format
Property      Property   Summary of the Council‟s property (except housing) which identifies ways of        Hard copy       Free
Services      Plan       achieving best use of property as a resource both now and in the future.
 Information Contact: Graham Williams MK252443

 Architecture MK
  Management of Architectural Services which includes Architects, Quantity Surveyors, Engineers, and Maintenance Surveyors.
  Management of the Architectural Division in accordance with national and regional guidance and the Council‟s strategic aims
    and objectives.
  Advising the Strategic Director, the Cabinet and Overview Committees on Architectural related issues.
  Contributing to the corporate objectives of the Council through the provision of professional advice to corporate working groups.
  Assist the management of the Environment Directorate through the Head of Development & Design.
  Liase with Members, the public, developers, the business community and other public and private bodies on planning matters.
 Parks and Open Spaces
  To manage the parks, green spaces, sports grounds and play areas within the Council‟s care to promote sustainability,
    community and Parish involvement, quality and personal enrichment, in an efficient and cost effective manner.
  To provide a professional advisory service on all landscape, horticultural, arboricultural and play areas matters to the Council
    Parish Councils and the community
 Landscape and Countryside Management
  To manage District Parks, Wildlife sites, Hanson Environmental Study Centre, farmland, Biodiversity action plans and
    environmental records centre.
  To manage the Public Rights of Way and Definitive Map and Local Access Forum.
  To liase and or negotiate with developers and adopt open space and play areas. Community design projects for parishes and
    local groups. Manage Allotments.
  To provide a professional consultancy and advice service to Planning Dept and external clients on Landscape, Arboricultural,
    Wildlife Conservation, Rights of Way and Environmental records issues.
  Advise Strategic Director and Cabinet on Landscape and Countryside and rights of way issues.
 Parish and Locality Services

   To improvements for the quality of life of local people through integrated partnerships with local communities, businesses and
    other agencies through integrated development plans and regeneration schemes.
   To assist and liase with Parish and Town Council.
   To generate income through Sponsorship links with local businesses.
   To ensure that Local Agenda 21 sustainable principles are followed within Milton Keynes through sustainable countryside
    management, public access and Environmental Education.

Environmental Services
Building Control
 To implement provisions for the protection of the health, safety, welfare and convenience of persons in and about buildings and
   structures. The scope of controls is wide, covering the following subject areas: structural safety, fire safety, moisture resistance, sound
   resistance, toxic substances, ventilation, drainage and waste disposal, stairs ramps and guarding, energy conservation, heating
   appliances, disabled access and facilities, glazing and hygiene.
 Assessment and monitoring of building work notifications received from private approved inspectors.
 Control of dangerous buildings and structures, dilapidated buildings and sites, unsecured, unoccupied buildings and the demolition of
 The monitoring and licensing of premises used for the storage and sale of petroleum products.
 The Building Regulations aspects of the service generate income through charges made for project plan examination and on site
   progress inspections.
 The service is provided and managed by the Council, but private “approved inspectors” can carry out certain functions such as plan
   examination and structural calculation verification, where approved by the Secretary of State under the Building Act 1984. Enforcement
   remains with the Local Authority, as does the power to relax and/or dispense with requirements.
 The service is largely statutory - duties and powers under the Building Act 1984 and Petroleum (Regulations) Act 1928 and 1936
   and associated primary and secondary legislation, rules and orders.

  Classes of Information

Service Area            Class                                    Definition                             Available Format     Charge

Building       Building Control - advice Advice and information relating to building controls for new Hard copy             Free
Control        and Information           build, alterations to buildings and exempt buildings. Typically
                                         information will be withheld where it relates to commercially
                                         sensitive material or personal data.
Building     Building control - access Advice and information relating to building controls for new   Hard copy             Free
Control      advice and information build, alterations to buildings and exempt buildings, in
                                       particular building access. Typically information will be
                                       withheld where it relates to commercially sensitive material
                                       or personal data.
  Information Contact: Fiona Kisch MK252905

  Coroners Service
   Duty to establish the cause of death in all cases referred under the law.
   Adherence to legal processes following unexpected deaths including where necessary, inquests, and the arrangement of post
    mortem examinations and associated testing.
   The service is provided in accordance with the Coroners Act 1988
  Emergency Planning
   To assist with the preparations of the authority to respond to a Major Incident affecting the area by producing relevant guidance
    and plans
   Recruiting and training of staff for general major incident response, including providing specialist training both in-house and
    through multi-agencies
   Establishing and maintaining the Council‟s Emergency Centres
   Regular liaison with the emergency services as well as health, utility and voluntary sectors, central government, the military,
    neighbouring authorities and the private sector
   Contributing to local and national best practice in the field.
   Provision of a 24 hour 7 day a week on-call service for major incidents as well as minor civil emergencies
   Provision of technical support to the authority in the event of a bomb threat to its premises.
   The statutory basis for this service arises from the 1948 Civil Defence Act, 1972 Local Government Act 1986, Civil Protection in
    Peacetime Act, Civil Defence (General Local Authority Functions) Regulations 1993, Pipeline Safety Regulations 1996 and the
    Control of Major Accident Hazard Regulations 1999.

 Classes of Information

Service Area            Class                                  Definition                             Available Format       Charge

Emergency      Emergency           Guidance and reference for Council staff and partners in Hard     copy             and Free
Planning       Planning – Major the event of a major incident. Typically information will be website
               Incidence Guidance withheld where it relates to sensitive material or personal
 Information Contact: Kim Riley MK25

  The provision of management, administration, secretarial support for Environmental Services.
  The provision of Environmental Services Helpline, customer contacts centre for some service teams within the Environment
 Environmental Health Division
  To ensure through enforcement, promotion, information and service provision a healthy, safe, and good quality environment for
   the community of Milton Keynes.
  Scope of activities include, environmental protection, noise and vibration control, food safety, animal welfare, infectious disease
   control, pest control, dog control, public health including community safety, street trading, out of hours standby, entertainment
   licensing, air quality management, health and safety at work including corporate function, crematorium and cemeteries.
  Liaison with Food Standards Agency, Health and Safety Executive and other government and community stakeholder groups.
  The service is almost exclusively statutory with the main legislation being the Environmental Protection Act 1990, Food Safety Act
   1990, Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, Public Health Act 1936, Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Acts 1976 & 1982,
   Prevention of Damage by Pests Act 1949, Public Health (control of Disease) Act 1984, Water Act 1989, Caravan Sites & Control of
   Development Act 1960.

   Classes of Information
Service Area            Class                                        Definition                                                Charge
Environmental Environmental Health –   Application forms, conditions and guidance notes relating to              Hard copy    Free
Health        License, Registration,   Environmental Health Licenses, Registrations, Authorisations and
              Authorisation and        Consents. Typically information will be withheld where it relates to
              Consent Application      commercially sensitive material, confidential or personal data.

Environmental Environmental Health - Advice and guidance relating to food safety for commercial and non- Hard copy            Free
Health        Food Safety advice and commercial premises. Typically information will be withheld where it
              information            relates to commercially sensitive material, confidential or personal

Environmental Environmental            Public registers detailing environmental information relating to air      Hard copy   Between
Health        Protection – Public      pollution, contaminated land and waste disposal under the                 and Compact £5.00 and
              Register                 Environmental Protection Act 1999. Typically information will be          Disc        £25.00
                                       withheld where it relates to commercially sensitive material,
                                       confidential or personal data.

Environmental Environmental            Reports and policy information relating to Environmental Protection   Hard copy        Between
Health        Protection – Statutory   legislation.                                                          and Compact      £5.00 and
              Technical Reports                                                                              Disc             £25.00
Environmental Cemeteries and           Public information and guidance relating to the procedures for burial Hard copy        Free
Health        Crematorium – Public     and cremation including services and their venues.
              information and
Environmental Cemeteries and           Application forms relating to cremation and burial procedures.            Hard copy    Free
Health        Crematorium –            Typically information will be withheld where it relates to confidential
              Application forms        or personal data

Environmental Corporate Health &      Questionnaire and assessment form relating to Council contractors. Hard copy             Free
Health        Safety – Working with   Typically information will be withheld where it relates to commercially
              Contractors             sensitive material.
   Information Contact: Jan Bettles-Hill MK252239

    Registration of births, deaths and marriages. In addition to the registration of births and deaths, the service deals with the legal
     requirement for notices of marriage and performs civil marriage ceremonies.
    The service is provided in accordance with the Births and Deaths Registration Act 1953, the Marriages Acts 1949, 1956 and
     1994, and the Marriage (Amendment) Act 2000.

   Classes of Information
Service Area          Class                                         Definition                              Available Format     Charge
Registrar of   Registrar of Births,      Public information and guidance relating to the procedures for    Website, Hard copy Free
Births,        Marriages and Death -     the registration of births, deaths and marriage including         and Cassette.
Marriages      Public information and    marriage formalities, ceremonies and their venues. Typically
and Deaths     guidance.                 information will be withheld where it relates to personal or
                                         confidential data.
   Information Contact: Jan Bettles –Hill MK252239

   Trading Standards
    To ensure the promotion, maintenance and improvement of a safe, honest and fair trading environment for both consumers and
      traders through advice and enforcement, through product safety, pricing, quantity, food quality, credit, age restricted sales,
      description of goods and services and animal health and welfare.
    The service is almost exclusively statutory with the main legislation being, Consumer Protection Act 1987, Trade descriptions
      Act 1968, Food Safety Act 1990, Consumer Credit Act 1974, Animal Health Act 1981, Weights and Measures Act 1985.

   Classes of Information
 Service Area           Class                                         Definition                                Available Format       Charge

Trading          Trading Standards -    Trading Standards advice and information guides for                  Website and Hard          Free
Standards        Consumer & Business consumers and business. Typically information will be                   copy
                 advice and information withheld where it relates to commercially sensitive material.

Trading          Trading Standards -       Application form and guidance notes relating to Trading           Website and Hard          Free
Standards        License Application       Standards Licenses. Typically information will be withheld        copy
                 Forms                     where it relates to commercially sensitive material,
                                           confidential or personal data.

   Information Contact: Jan Bettles-Hill MK252239

   Waste and Energy Management
    To provide management and support to both the Waste Operations and Waste Strategy Services.
    To management corporate energy issues, such as the conservation of gas, electricity and water, as well as the administration of
     utility accounts and the re-tendering process.
   Waste Operations and Waste Strategy
    To manage the privatised household waste collection contract. Other services include liasing with contractors to arrange special
     collections for bulky household waste, clinical waste collections and the bulk skip service.
    To manage the privatised door to door collections and “bank” waste recycling contract., including the processing of these materials at the
     Materials Recycling Facility.
    To provide a Corporate cleaning service to the authority for Council land (including the highway) and buildings.
    To provide a removal and disposal of abandoned vehicles and graffiti removal service.
    To provide an education service to the public, schools and organisations in and around Milton Keynes.
    To update the Council‟s Waste Strategy with regard to new legislation and the National Waste Strategy recycling, composting
     and landfill reduction targets.
    The statutory basis for this service arises from the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and the Refuse Disposal (Amenity) Act

  Classes of Information
Service Area           Class                                       Definition                         Available Format   Charge
Waste          Waste Operations and      Waste disposal and recycling plans, including strategic     Website and Hard    Free
Operations and Recycling -Strategy       planning, monitoring and progress reports excluding         copy
Strategy                                 confidential data and commercially sensitive information.

Waste          Waste Operations and      Records and registers relating to litter control notices,  Hard copy            Free
Operations and Recycling – Registers     designated areas and abatement orders within Milton Keynes
Strategy       and Records               excluding confidential data and commercially sensitive
   Information Contact: Jan Bettles-Hill MK252239

   Service Planning and Monitoring
    Architecture client support, including Clerk of Works service.
    Co-ordination of service plans and performance indicators for Directorate.
    Performance Monitoring and reporting
    Management of administrative buildings budgets.


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