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            Minutes of VMC meeting held on 22.02.2011

The VMC meeting of KV GAIL Vijaipur was held on 22.02.2011. The following
members were present in the meeting-

Sh. Narendra Kumar, General Manager (O&M) GAIL India Ltd. Vijaipur Chairman
Sh. Prabhat Kumar Mati, DGM (HR) GAIL India Ltd. Vijaipur      Nominee Chairman
Sh. B.S. Mathur, Chief Manager, GAIL Hospital GAIL Vijiapur           Member
Sh. S. Mitra, Chief Security Officer, GAIL India Ltd. Vijaipur        Member
Sh. Rajesh Agarwal, Senior Manager (Fin.) GAIL Vijaipur        (Invitee Member)
Sh. R.P. Meena, Principal KV Guna                                     Member
Sh. A.R. Pathan, GAIL Vijaipur                                        Member
Sh. Mona Vaid, KV GAIL Vijaipur                                       Member
Sh. R.K. Agarwal, Principal KV GAIL Vijaipur                   Member Secretary

Meeting is started with welcome address by Member Secretary VMC Sh. R.K. Agarwal,
Principal KV GAIL Vijaipur. During the meeting, the following agenda points were

1.     Confirmation of the minutes of VMC meeting held on 16.12.10.
Discussion & conclusion
The minutes of previous VMC meeting held on 16.12.2010 were read out and all the
members were apprised of action taken. All points are vetted by VMC members and
approved by Chairman VMC.

2.     Academic & CCA agenda – Member Secretary submitted the academic & CCA
       Agenda for the session 2010 to 2011.
Discussion & conclusion
i)     Member Secretary informed that in order to improve the result of 10th class board
       examination, two regular TGTs of KV No.1 Gwalior (1) TGT (Sc.) (2) TGT
       (Eng.) had been deputed by Honorable AC KVS (RO) Bhopal during winter break
       on his request, because part time teachers of both the subjects are teaching in the
       Vidyalaya due to clear vacancy. During winter break, all 10 days, the students of
       classes IX & X were called for special classes & 2-2 hours classes of science &
       English had been taken by both the teachers & 1-1 hours classes of IX & X had
       been taken by TGT (S.St.) & TGT (Maths) of this Vidyalaya. The students of
       both the classes had cleared their doubts during the classes & got benefitted.

ii)    The annual academic inspection of the Vidyalaya had been done on 03.02.2011
       by Sh. P. Madan, EO KVS (RO) Bhopal along with Sh. R.P. Meena, Principal
       KV Guna. Inspection reports is also received in the Vidyalaya. Vidyalaya is
       adjudged with “very good” remark in the report.
iii)   KVS (RO) Bhopal Mini Sports Meet 2010-11 of the students of Class IV, V & VI
       of three Vidyalayas KV Guna, KV Rajgarh & KV GAIL Vijaipur has been
       successfully organized on 05.02.2011. The Chief Guest of the meet Mrs. Rita
       Kumar, President Alakhnanda Ladies Club GAIL Vijaipur, Guest of Honour was
       Sh. P.K. Mati, DGM (HR) & Chairman Nominee KV GAIL Vijaipur and other
       GAIL officers were also present to grace the occasion. Sh. Arvind Bywar, DGM
       (O&M) & Sh. A.M. Tambekar, DGM. Prizes were distributed by Mrs. Subhangi
       Bywar, Smt. Neeta Tambekar, Sh. Purnima Mati & Smt. Mridula Kumar. The
       students of KV GAIL Vijaipur won 44 gold medals & got championship. Member
       Secretary pays thanks to DGM (HR) & Nominee Chairman for extending his full
       cooperation in conducting Mini Sports Meet.
iv)    The IInd medical checkup of the students had been carried at by Dr. R.K. Pradhan
       GAIL Hospital, in the month of Feb. 2011. Member secretary expressed thanks to
       Dr. Pradhan & Dr. B.S. Mathur for the same.
v)     This year all the students of classes III to X of KV GAIL Vijaipur were allowed to
       go for excursion to Bajranggarh. The class teachers of class I & II were advised to
       arrange a picnic for the students locally as per rule.
vi)    Member Secretary extends his thanks to Honorable Chairman VMC for providing
       personal letters of good wishes to all students of class X for success in his / her
       board exams.
3.     Construction of new computer room.
Discussion & conclusion
Members Secretary submitted that a new computer room of proper size is required in the
Vidyalaya. Chairman VMC and other members of VMC were of the opinion that the new
computer lab will come up subject to opening of class XI which is pending at corp. office
for approval of C.A. Hence the proposal may be kept pending for next meeting.
4.      Proposal to open class XI in the Vidyalaya.
Discussion & conclusion
Proposal to open class XI in the Vidyalaya had already been discussed in the previous
meeting held on 16.12.2010. Hence Member Secretary is suggested to submit the
proposal separately to Chairman VMC with details requirement of infrastructure needed,
for deliberation & examination. There-after, the proposal will be sent to Corp. office for
5.      Any other point raised by Honorable Members with the permission by Chairman
i)      Discussion on new admission guidelines.
Discussion & conclusion
Chairman VMC raised the question about new admission guidelines received from KVS
(HQ) New Delhi. Member Secretary describes the change in new admission guidelines &
also told that one copy of new admission guidelines is provided to Chairman Nominee
VMC. Chairman Nominee VMC told that he had circulated the guidelines amongst all
employees of GAIL. During discussion, question is raised about the admission of the
wards of CISF NFL employees. Chairman VMC & other members were of the opinion
that like GAIL India Limited, NFL is also a PSU. Therefore, authorities of NFL should
share the 50% expenditure (recurring & non-recurring) to run the Vidyalaya with GAIL
India Limited. It has been decided that DGM (HR) & Nominee Chairman VMC shall
write a letter to OIC NFL Vijaipur in this regards.
.iii)  Broad band connectivity in five departments
Discussion & conclusion
Member Secretary submitted that broadband connection is required in five departments.
Principal chamber, Office, Examination room, library & activity room for which line
with cashing is required near about 300 mt. cashing & 300 mt wire will be required & the
power of broadband will also be required to be in hence. At present a plan of Rs. 1200/-
p.m. of 256 kbps with 8 G.B. down loading is available with the Vidyalaya to run the 15
computers of computer lab. Point is discussed & Chairman VMC & other members of
VMC have agreed for it. Chairman VMC asked Mr. A.R. Pathan the parent member
VMC, working with GAIL Tel to suggest better plan which will serve the requirement of
the Vidyalaya.

At the end Ms. Mona Vaid, Teacher Representative extended the vote of thanks & she
also appreciated to the Chairman VMC along with other members of VMC for extending
full support to KV & meeting is disperse.

(R.K. Agarwal)               (Prabhat Kumar Mati)                 (Narendra Kumar)
Principal-Secretary          Nominee Chairman                     Chairman

VMC Members:-

Sh. B.S. Mathur, Chief Manager, GAIL Hospital GAIL Vijiapur

Sh. S. Mitra, Chief Security Officer, GAIL India Ltd. Vijaipur

Sh. A.R. Pathan, GAIL Vijaipur

Sh. Mona Vaid, KV GAIL Vijaipur

Sh. R.P. Meena, Principal KV GAIL Vijaipur

Sh. Rajesh Agarwal, Senior Manager (Fin.) GAIL Vijaipur

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