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					Classroom Handbook

 “Putting the Pieces Together”
        Ms. Davenport
                                               Basic Information


        Welcome to the Fifth Grade! I am excited about starting a new year, and I hope that you have all had a
great summer! I can’t wait to get to know all of you and for us to learn some good things together.

        Over the next few days and weeks, we will be learning a lot about each other and how the classroom runs.
We’ll be practicing our routines and procedures, and learning the rules of the school and classroom. We’ll also
be starting to learn new things as soon as school starts.

        Our classroom theme this year is “Putting the Pieces Together.” You’ll notice a lot of puzzle pieces in the
room. As we learn, we’ll be putting our new knowledge with our old knowledge. In math, we’ll be doing
Investigations to become mathematical thinkers. In reading, we’ll be reading a lot of fiction and non-fiction texts
and constructing meaning from what we read. In science students will become engaged in inquiry-based
instruction as a critical way of developing conceptual understanding of the science content that is vital for
success in the twenty-first century. In social studies, students will become knowledgeable, critical, and capable
of making informed decisions about the world and their place in it as well as participate actively and responsibly
in a culturally diverse, democratic, and increasingly interdependent world.

        I want to take this time to thank you for sharing your children with me this year! As my own daughter
gets older, I realize more and more how hard it is to share your babies. I take my job as their teacher very

       Our classroom handbook follows. We have gone through the handbook in the classroom, so the students
are familiar with what is in it. Please read the handbook, and let me know if you have any questions.

       I look forward to meeting all of you and teaching your children this year!

                                                                                                   Ms. Davenport
                                       What Can I Expect in the 5th Grade?
                                                Ms. Davenport
                                                   2011– 2012

School Number: The phone number at Thomasboro Academy is 980-343-6000. My e-mail address is I can get back to you faster through e-mail, as I am able to check it several
times throughout the day. Sometimes, e-mails in to the school system get blocked, so if you have not heard back
from me in 24 hours, please call the school and leave a message for me to call you back.

Conference Times: I will be available for scheduled conferences any morning between 7:15 and 7:30 and any
afternoon from 3:30 - 3:45. Other times will need to be scheduled in advance which can be done in writing,
phone or by email.

Attendance: Regular school attendance is critical to the learning process. When your child is absent, s/he
misses valuable instructional time. Please send a written note of explanation within three (3) days of returning
to school. Students are permitted to make up missing work for excused absences. If your child misses 2 or more
days of school and you would like to call the school to pick up make up work, please do not expect the work to
be ready before 3:15. You will be able to pick up the work in the front office with an assignment sheet and any
books your child will need to complete the assignments.

Medication: All medication must be brought to school in the original container by a parent/guardian. Please
take medication to our school nurse, so you can follow the proper medical procedures.

Lunch: Our class will have lunch from 12:15 – 12:35 each day.

Fifth Grade is a very challenging grade. The state and county curricula require that content is taught at a
steady, but quick pace. It is very important that your child stays on top of any assignments that are given. That
means that the assignments are completed to the best of the child’s ability, and that they are turned in on time.
Organization is key to success, and I will do all that I can to assist your child throughout the course of the year.

Class Newsletters will go out at the beginning and mid-term of each nine weeks. I prefer to e-mail this to you,
so it is important that I have a working e-mail address for you. If you do not have an e-mail address, I will place a
copy of the newsletter in the weekly folder.

Weekly Folders & Progress Reports: will go home each Thursday. They will have graded papers from the
previous week, conduct for the current week, and any correspondence from the school that you need to see.
Please review your child’s papers and conduct each weekend and sign in the Parent’s Initials column. The folder
is due back to school on Friday morning.

Organizational Binder: is the best way for your child to organize papers, notes, classwork, and handouts. We
will be setting up the binders together so that we are all getting organized. Any loose papers should be filed in
the appropriate section of the file. No loose papers should be in desks, text books, or book bags. Students will
need to take home the binder daily. We will clean out the files together as needed. At the end of units/chapters,
I will collect certain items for a 100-point Binder Test Grade.

All Assignments: are worth 100 points unless otherwise noted. Assignments are expected to be turned in on
time. We have an Assignment Board in the classroom where all assignments are listed. Any work that your child
does not complete during the day must be completed for homework, and should be listed in the Planner.

Practice Assignments: will be checked for completion, not accuracy. You will know that an assignment was a
practice assignment because instead of having a number grade on it, there will be a check mark. If a practice
assignment is late or incomplete, it will receive a check with a minus next to it. After 10 completed assignments
your child will receive a 100 point grade based on the number of practice assignments turned in out of the total
number assigned. Some assignments will be checked for accuracy so please be sure to complete all assignments.

Late Work: Will be graded according to the TA Late Work Policy. All assignments that are late will be eligible
for credit with 10 points being deducted for each day the assignment is late. If, after 2 days of an assignment not
being turned in, a phone call will be made so that we can work together to get the assignments turned in.

Make up Work: will be given for excused absences. Arrangements must be made within 2 days of returning to
school for all make up work. Make up work will be listed on an assignment sheet and a due date will be given for
all of the work to be turned in. Due to the nature of the classroom, certain assignments such as labs will be
difficult or impossible to make up, and an alternate assignment will be given. Make up work that is turned in
after the make-up work due date will be graded as late work. If you see that the due date will be difficult to
make, please let me know as soon as the make-up work is given.

Assessments: assessments will be given throughout and end of a unit or chapter. Tests will be noted in red in
the Agenda at least 3 days prior to the test date. Vocabulary Content tests will be given weekly on Fridays and
multiple test formats will be used.

Reading Logs: Your child will have a Reading Log to complete each night. Students are expected to AR read for
30 minutes nightly including weekends and record it on the Log. A parent/guardian needs to sign the Reading
Log each night. Reading logs will be checked daily and turned in on a bi-weekly schedule. A 100 point grade will
be given each nine weeks for the Reading Log based on the number of completed and signed logs. Please be
aware that your child will be expected to meet a weekly goal in AR based on their book level.

Our class theme: this year is “Putting the Pieces Together.” We are constantly adding new knowledge to things
that we already knew—-adding pieces to the puzzle of our lives. I believe that we are all pieces of the puzzle that
makes up our classroom, and that we all have to work together to see the picture that we make.
                                                Discipline Policy
                                                 Ms. Davenport
                                                    2011- 2012

Thomasboro Academy School Rules
1. Respect Yourself
2. Respect Others
3. Respect Property

Classroom Rules
1. Respect personal space, rights, and personal property of others.
2. No interfering with others right to an education.
3. Follow directions of ALL teachers the FIRST time they are given.
4. Obey ALL school rules.
5. Complete all assignments and turn them in on time.

1. Non-Verbal Warning
2. Verbal Warning
3. Self-Control Plan
4. E-mail or Phone contact with parents
5. Office Referral
*Other Consequences may include silent lunch, loss of recess, and loss of privileges in the classroom.

1. Verbal Praise
2. Conduct Chart Notes
4. Classroom privileges
6. E-mail or Phone contact with parents

It is every student’s right to learn in an environment that encourages and enhances the learning process.
Therefore, it is necessary that all students follow the rules of the school and the classroom each and every day.
Students will become familiar with all school and classroom rules during the first days and weeks of school. A
parent-teacher conference will be scheduled if a student cannot abide by the school and classroom rules on a
daily basis.
                                         5th Grade School Supply List

      6 Composition Notebooks
      5 two pocket poly folders with prongs (plastic)
      2 two pocket poly folders without prongs (plastic)
      2 packs of pencils
      Colored pencils crayons
      Crayons
      2 packs of notebook paper
      1 pack of dividers
      Post It Notes
      2 (1) inch 3 ring binder
      Highlighters

    Any size Ziploc bags
    Copy paper
    Hand Sanitizer
    Kleenex

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