Boone County Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Tuesday_ November 9

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					                Boone County Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention
                           Tuesday, November 9, 2010
               Boone Livery Building, Upper Floor Conference Room
                              806 7th St., Suite U6
Submitted by Amanda Morrison

In attendance:
Linda Kramer, Foster parent, Boone County
Lorraine Hamel, Madrid
Kelly Wooden, S.A.F.E, Boone County
Amanda Morrison, APP Intern
Alicia Cox, ACCESS, Boone County
Tina Hopkins, YSS APP, Boone-Story County
Jenna Carlson, Planned Parenthood of the Heartland

Members Excused
Rita Davenport, DMACC, Boone County
Gerri Bugg, YSS, CYFD Director
Jori Lizer, SE Webster
Ryan Ridout, Boone High School
Sue Doran, YSS Healthy Futures, Boone-Story County
Sandy Johnson, DMACC, Boone County
Deborah Arringdale, YSS-Boone, Story, Marshall County
Gloria Brott, Ogden HS Teacher
Susan Herrick, Certified Prevention Specialist

Meeting called to order at 4:30pm

I. Approval of September minutes.
    Approved by Alicia Cox

II. Introductions/Announcements.
      Planned Parenthood will be hosting the Beauty Mark workshop in DesMoines,
         registration is online

III. 2010 APP
      We will be at the Boone High School parent- teacher conferences in order to offer
        information to parents and teachers on how to start “The Talk” in November
      There are more interns to come- An ISU student was interviewed today, and she is
        interested in teaching pregnancy prevention to teens.

IV. YSS: Educator Update
            Boone County- Tina explained that she will be in Boone High School in November,
             and she will be teaching in Boone Middle School throughout December and January
            Story County- A proposal is being put together in order to gain money to start
             educating at the youth recovery house. Tina explained that the proposal includes what
             compensation would be needed for travel and the proper materials needed to teach an
             intense, science based curriculum that Tina found. It will be taught for 7-8 days along
             with weekly follow-up sessions
            Rosedale and YRH education continues

V. Teen Clinic Update
       Clinic continues to do well since the move to Dr. McIntire’s office at the Boone Co.
       The clinic was extremely busy this past week as more teens and parents are making
         appointments now
VI. Boone County Prevention Update:
           Susan reported that the group should be ready to perform soon, and they are
             looking to move towards Ames and South East Webster

   VI.       Coalition Events
              Lets Get it Started, The Talk… was put forth at the Childcare Junction. Tina
                discussed how she met a parent that is very interested in possibly looking into
                setting up a presentation at Seven Oaks instead of in the Ogden schools.
                Hopefully this will help get the school administration on board with the support of
              Tina, Sue, and Amanda were in Boone High School with Lets Get it Started…
                The Talk. Tina explained how many teachers are unaware of APP existence, and
                they came in to talk during their lunch hours.
              Boone High School conferences will be next week, and many parents and
                teachers want to take home books and resources
              Crop, Craft, Create is this weekend. Directions and maps are online. Tina and
                Deborah said they will put up signs or lights in order to help people navigate to
                the center
              The sign up sheet was passed around for helpers
              It was discussed that next year the even may possibly be at the 3M facility and
                hopefully have more vendors
              Ticket sales are continuing to go well

Meeting adjourned at 5:00 pm.

                             Next APP Task Force Meeting will be
                                 Tuesday, December 14, 2010
                      4:30 pm Upper Level of the Livery Conference Room

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