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					2.1 Total Available Market –

SaveTogether have two beneficiaries for its peer-to-peer matched savings platform – direct and
indirect. The direct beneficiaries are microfinance institutions and related community
organizations that offer matched savings accounts to low-income populations. The indirect
beneficiaries are low-income individuals who are unbanked or underbanked (do not have savings
accounts or maintain a low-average balance in an existing savings account).

Direct Beneficiaries (institutions that can / do offer matched savings accounts)
Market                           Market Size               Need           Source
Developing and Transition        2400 institutions         Funding to     Microfinance
Economies                                                  offer match to Information
                                                           savers         Exchange
United States                    540 institutions          Funding to     Corporation
                                                           offer match to for Enterprise
                                                           savers         Development

Indirect Beneficiaries (low-income savers)
Market                          Market Size               Need                 Source
Developing and Transition       1.3 billion accounts      Incentive to save,
Economies                                                 accessible,
                                                          support from
United States                    40 million accounts      Incentive to save,   Center for
                                                          accessible,          Financial
                                                          support from         Services
                                                          community            Innvoation (CFSI

2.2 Total Addressable Market (United States) –

       Description –
           o Direct – up to 540 non-profit community organizations who currently offer
                matched savings accounts for the working poor
           o Indirect - working poor in America who do not maintain savings accounts
       Characteristics –
           o Direct – matched savings programs are chronically underfunded, requiring long
                waiting lists for individuals to obtain the matched accounts. Only 10% of all
                organizations reach out to individual donors, an even smaller percentage of
                those who have reached out to individual donors have used an Internet platform
           o Indirect - working poor who do not maintain savings accounts and use informal
                financial institutions like check-cashing services
       Needs –
           o Direct – community organizations need a free, fundraising platform to access the
                untapped potential of the small dollar donor (Obama, Kiva, etc)
           o Indirect – working poor need information about matched savings accounts, need
                access to these accounts, and need the associated financial education provided
                by the community-based organizations offering these accounts.
       How needs met:
           o Direct – SaveTogether provides a free, fundraising platform for community
                organizations to raise matching funds for their savers
           o Indirect – More savers have access to matched savings accounts as community
                organizations can offer more accounts as they fundraise through SaveTogether
      Estimate of size:
           o 1 million matched savings accounts could be offered nationally. Currently, there
               are approximately 70,000.
      Basis for the estimation:
           o CFED (, Saving for Working Families Act
      The positioning of the product/service (compared to alternatives, including “non-

Alternative                 Characteristics            Size            Positioning
Orgs Use Existing           High cost, long            70,000          Business-as-usual
Fundraising Channels        fundraising cycle,         accounts
                            focus on large donors      nationally
Orgs Stop Offering          Eliminate programs,        0               Savings accounts
Matched Savings Account     focus on other asset-                      are offered by
                            building program                           banks only
Orgs Use SaveTogether       Easy to use, free          Up to 1         Low-cost, high
                            internet-based             million         visibility internet
                            fundraising platform,      accounts        platform, increase
                            reach small dollar         enabled         market awareness
                            donors                                     for potential of
                                                                       matched savings

2.3 Market Segmentation Table

Direct Beneficiaries

Segment Definition        Reasons for Adoption           Reasons for Non-Adoption
Well-funded               - Channel to internet-         - Want to create their own
organizations             based donors                   website for fundraising
                          - Free                         - Concerned about branding
                                                         when using a third-party
                                                         intermediary for fundraising

Under-funded              - Channel to internet-         - Organization does not have
organizations             based donors                   resources to offer more
                          - Free                         accounts
                          - Can increase number of       - Want to create their own
                          matched savings                website for fundraising
                          accounts offered,
                          eliminating need for
                          waiting lists

Indirect Beneficiaries

Segment Definition        Reasons for Adoption           Reasons for Non-Adoption
Unbanked                  - Up to 3:1 match for          - Not comfortable placing
                          every dollar saved             personal story onto the
                          - Financial education          Internet
                          opportunity                    - Do not have a clear idea of
                          - Opportunity to create        what asset to purchase upon
                          relationship with a formal     reaching their savings goal
                    financial institution   - Comfort with informal check-
                                            cashing business

Under-banked (low   - Up to 3:1 match for   - Do not want access to
average balance     every dollar saved      matched savings account;
savings/checking)   - Financial education   prefer current interest-bearing
                    opportunities           account
                                            - Do not have a clear idea of
                                            what asset to purchase upon
                                            reaching their savings goal

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