Agency Readiness Program Kickoff_ March 27_ 2002

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					State of Connecticut
    Core-CT Project
Agency Readiness Program
     March 27, 2002

         Cathy Daly
             Welcome
             Project Status
         Paul Eskew
             Overview of Training
             Communications Workshops
             Audience Analysis
             Business Process Workshops
         Cathy Daly
             Sponsor Meeting Review
             Agency Readiness Structure
         Carol Toomey
             Agency Readiness Flow and Tools
         Cathy Daly
             Next Steps & Wrap-up
             Q&A                               2

 This meeting will introduce the Core-CT Training and Agency
 Readiness process, tools and activities to the four groups
 gathered here.
           Sponsors   ARF/ARCs Team Leads   Directors

      Our Goals for Today

           Review Project Background and Status
           Share Training Team Status and Upcoming Work
           Discuss Sponsor items covered to date
           Kickoff Agency Readiness
               Process and Schedule
               Tools
               Roles and Responsibilities
           Discuss Next Steps
Quick Review: The Core-CT Business

 Core-CT offers the State many advantages in the fields of HRMS
 and Financials management and administration.
   Streamline government operations
   Facilitate better decision-making
   Standardize, modernize technology
   Eliminate redundant systems
   Avoid replacing core systems piecemeal

Project Status – Overall
                                                        We are here

       Planning              Analysis &                            Build, Test &
        Phase               Design Phase                           Deploy Phase

                                                                   •GGeneral & Detailed Design
                                   •DDefine Application               •AAgency Readiness
                                        Strategy                        •DDevelop Training              Operating
         •GGather User          •C Change Management                 •CConstruct & Unit Test             Phase
         Requirements                   Planning                          •IIntegration Test            •PProduction
       •SSelect Software        •CConference Room Pilot                •IImplement Training
                                                                      •PPrepare for System                Support
                                  •CConceptual Design
                                 •C Conversion Planning                        Migration
                                                                    •EExecute System Rollout

                                    Develop Master and Configuration Data

                       Design, Build & Test Tech. Arch. / Manage Systems Development Infrastructure

                                Journey Management/Program & Project Management / Communications / Sponsorship

Note: The first paycheck in Core-CT (10/3/03) will contain data from the period 9/5-9/18/03.                           5
Project Status – Overall

 Two-phased implementation is scheduled through 2004.
                     2002                                               2003                                              2004
      Q1        Q2          Q3          Q4          Q1             Q2           Q3            Q4           Q1             Q2          Q3
            Phase 1 HRMS                                                                       Phase 2 HRMS

    – Hire Workforce             – Monitor Health and     – Time and Labor                –   Labor Relations     –   eBen
    – Maintain Workforce           Safety                 – Base Benefits, Benefits       –   Competencies        –   ePay
    – Manage Job Class. and      – Select and Recruit       Admin.                        –   Plan Successions    –   eSelfServe
      Positions                  – Workers Comp           – eRecruit                      –   Manage Careers      –   eProfile
    – Meet Regulatory            – Exam Process /         – EPM                           –   Training
      Requirements                 Reemployment
    – Administer Salary Plans    – Payroll

              Phase 1 Financials

              – General Ledger             – Accounts Receivable
              – Accounts Payable           – eProcurement
              – EPM                        – Purchasing

                                                                               Phase 2 Financials
                                                                        – Projects       – Billing               – Asset Management
                                                                        – Grants         – Contracts             – Inventory

Project Status – Overall

 Project Directors have obtained preliminary funding and staffing
 for the project.
    Conducting negotiations with Accenture for full implementation
    Obtaining project funding required for FY 2002
    Securing additional required State staffing and facilities

Paul Eskew

Project Status – Training

 The Core-CT Training Team is well into the Design phase, with a
 number of items in progress and upcoming shortly.
                           Item                              Status
  Develop training approach                                 Completed
  Determine performance support                             Completed
  Audience Analysis                                         In Process
  Workplan to allocate development and delivery resources   In Process
  Process Workshops                                         Planned
  Determine Training Database requirements                  Planned
  Commence Training Development phase                       Planned

Audience Analysis

 The Audience Analysis will help the Training Team understand
 “as-is” agency organization and business processes.
                  Goals                               Execution
    Understand agency departmental       Series of interviews with
     organization to prepare for           management personnel from each
     business process workshops            agency
                                             -Large and medium agencies:
    Increase Core-CT awareness of            Interviewed in person
     individual agency processes             -Small agencies:
                                              Interviewed over the phone
    Gather input for training
     curriculum design                    Module-specific questions focusing
                                           on each agency’s current practice
    Provide “as-is” input to the role
     analysis for development of          Focus will also be on organizational
     security profiles                     structure and current roles and
    Improve end-user awareness and
     build end-user relationships         Timed to start in April 2002
Communication Workshops

 The Communication Workshops will demonstrate the capability
 of PeopleSoft to conduct State business.
               Goals                              Execution
   Demonstrations, not design         Demonstrate core “to-be” processes
    sessions                            through scenarios:
   Lay the foundation for Business    One presentation each for Financials
    Process Workshops and training      and HRMS, held multiple times to
                                        accommodate the numbers of people
                                          - Financials (April): 1-day session
                                          - HRMS (May): ½-day session

Business Process Workshops

 The Business Process Workshops will be interactive sessions
 aimed at identifying agency-specific action items.
                 Goals                                    Execution
   Identify largest impacts and               Approximately 11, 2-day sessions for
    changes as a result of Core-CT              HRMS (June) and 11, 2-day sessions
    implementation                              for Financials (July)
   Discuss operational issues                 Audience will be managers from each
    including:                                  agency
      -Roles and responsibilities                 - 3 or 4 for large agencies
       changes, skill impacts, and cultural       - 2 or 3 for medium agencies
       changes                                    - 1 for small agencies
      -Workload, forms and                     Attendance will be by invitation,
       documentation, and process and
                                                coordinated by agency sponsors and
       procedure changes

 Training Team Work: Timeline

    The next six months will be pretty busy for the Training
    Team, ARCs and Sponsors!
Audience Analysis
Conduct Audience
Workshops Prep
Conduct Communications               Fin    HRMS
Business Process
Workshops Preparation
Conduct Business
Process Workshops

                    Feb, „02   April, „02          June, „02   Aug, „02
Agency Readiness
    Cathy Daly

Sponsor Meetings to Date

 Two meetings held in 2001 introduced Sponsors to Core-CT and
 provided a high-level project overview.
    Topics that were covered included:
       Project Structure, Timeline and Status
       Responsibilities of Sponsors
       CRP Plans
       Audience Analysis Results
       Communications Survey Results
       Preliminary Agency Readiness Approach
    Today’s meeting builds on our two previous Sponsor meetings and
     kicks off the Agency Readiness process

Agency Readiness Structure

 A dedicated team within the Core-CT project will support
 Agency Readiness.
                                          Steering Committee

                                           Project Directors

                                       Change Management Leads

                   Agency Readiness         Agency Readiness        Communication
                   Coordinator Leads      Facilitator and Co-lead      Leads
                   Agency Readiness
 75 Sponsors for     Coordinators
  62 Agencies
Sponsor Responsibilities

 Sponsors will work closely with their ARCs while delegating and
 monitoring readiness tasks at the agency level.
    Monitor / complete monthly action items
      - Update the list of action items to keep your agency on track
      - Delegate and follow-up on tasks
      - Provide status to your ARC as items are completed
      - Track questions and/or issues
    Address requests for information from the Core-CT Team
    Attend monthly Agency Readiness meetings
    Share project communications, updates, and progress with agency
     users as necessary

Items Completed – Agency Readiness

 A number of tasks preparing for Agency Readiness work have
 already been completed.
   3-Day ARC Orientation: February/March 2002
   Core-CT presentations to several State audiences:
      Human Resources Advisory Group
      Agency Personnel Council
      CFO Meeting
   Determination of Agency Readiness processes and tools

What‟s in it for our agencies?

 Participation in Core-CT readiness activities will provide
 agencies with a number of benefits.
   Ensure that your agency has a voice in the deployment process
   Participate in policy and procedure discussions
   Access information through a dedicated project representative; role of
    the Sponsor as a single point of contact
       Core-CT  Agency & Agency  Core-CT
   Ensure a smooth implementation of Core-CT in your agency
      Business process changes
      System transition/conversion
      Training and performance support

Agency Readiness
 Flow and Tools
   Carol Toomey

Agency Readiness Process Flow

 The main work of Agency Readiness begins today and will
 follow an on-going cycle of planning, executing and reporting.
                                 Agency Readiness

                                Agency Readiness (AR) Meeting
             Agency Readiness             together
                                     -ARCs/Sponsors meet          ARCs/Change
               (ARP) Meeting     Readiness updates on
                                      to go over
                                                  Progress         team meet
                                      Readiness and status
              -4th Wednesday               Report
                                            of Issues           -2nd Tuesday of
                 of Month       Sponsor Action Plan
                                   -4th Wednesday of Month           month

                                   ARF Updates
                                  Progress Report
                                  Sponsor Action
Agency Readiness Process Flow

 The on-going cycle of planning, executing and reporting will be
 conducted through a standard format.
  All requests from the Core-CT project team will be made through the
   ARC-Sponsor relationship
  Agency replies will be routed through the Sponsor/ARC relationship
  All agency questions about project team requests will be routed through
   the Sponsor back to the ARC
  Request/response tracking will be handled by the Sponsor

Readiness Progress

    Readiness progress is measured and reported monthly until 2
    months prior to go-live; then, assessments are truly “Readiness
                                Progress Assessments            Go-Live Readiness Assessments

   Readiness              Readiness
                                             Assessment 2        Assessment #          Assessment #           Assessment #
    Kickoff                Rollout

 March 27, 2002           May 22, 2002         June - 2002         May - 2003          Early June             Late June
 Objective              Objective            Objective           Objective             Objective
 • Program and ARC      • Status             • Status            • Status              • Training progress
                                                                                                              • Confirm readiness
   Intro                • First assessment   • Assessment        • Training progress   • Review assessment
                                                                                                              • Start-up plans
 • Issues/concerns      • Address issues     • Address issues    • Assessment          • Overall Agency
 • Project schedule     • Action items       • Action items      • Action items          Assessment
 • Readiness plans                                                                     • Production Support
     Sponsor                Sponsor               Sponsor             Sponsor               Sponsor                  Sponsor
    Homework               Homework              Homework            Homework              Homework                 Homework

• Customize            • Action items        • Action items      • Action items
 readiness work plan                                                                   • Action items           •    Be ready to
                       • Develop next        • Develop next      • Develop next
• Develop first        assessment with       assessment with     assessment with                                    address
assessment with ARC    ARC                   ARC                 ARC                                                go-live
Agency Readiness Tool Review

 At each monthly checkpoint, agency readiness will be measured
 against a pre-defined set of factors.
  Input: Assessments                                         Output: Reports & Actions
  (1) Agency                         In good shape             (4) Publish Report
      Assessment                                                    - Project Directors
                                     Some concerns
       - Sponsors/ARCs                                              - Change Management
                                     Critical - Urgent
                                     attention needed
  (2) Project                                                  (5) Implement corrective
      Management                                                   actions / adjustments
     Assessment                                                      - Sponsors/ARC
       - Project Directors                                           - Project Team

                             Process: Meetings
                              (3) Agree on consolidated
                                  assessment and corrective
                                  actions / adjustments
                                   - Sponsors & Project Directors
Readiness Task Breakdown and Tools

 Readiness tasks will be broken down into five categories.

     People Readiness

         Process Readiness

              System Readiness

                  Support Readiness

                       Infrastructure Readiness

                           Data and Cutover Readiness

Readiness Task Breakdown and Tools

 Standard tools used by each Sponsor will assist in Core-CT
 readiness activities at the agency level.

       Progress              ARCs
          and        +        and


Next Steps / Wrap Up
     Cathy Daly

Next Steps

        Task                Who                           Responsibility                              When
                                           Introductions
                                           Choose Audience Analysis interviewees
  Sponsors and ARCs    Sponsors and
        Meet              ARCs             Complete Readiness Progress Report and         ASAP after kickoff
                                            Sponsor Action Plan by Friday, May 17,
                                          Assist with scheduling agency department
  Audience Analysis                       managers for their interviews
                                                                                           April - May 2002
     Interviews                           Conduct interviews in conjunction with
                                          Training Team members

                         Sponsors         Attend workshops with your ARC                   Financials: April 3, 4 and 8,
   Communications                                                                          2002
     Workshops                                                                             HRMS: Week of May 13,
                           ARCs           Attend workshops with your Sponsors              2002
                                          Identify who should attend the workshops;
                         Sponsors         invite participants (should be similar list to   Financials: July / August
  Process Workshops                       Communication Workshop attendees)                2002
                                          Welcome attendees and provide project            HRMS: June 2002
  Attend 1st Agency
                           ARCs                                                            Wednesday, May 22, 2002
  Readiness Meeting
                      Project Directors

 Today we have covered:
     Reviewed Project Background and Status
     Related Training Team Status and Upcoming Work
     Discussed Sponsor items covered to date
     Kicked off Agency Readiness
         Process and Schedule
         Tools
         Roles and Responsibilities
     Discussed Next Steps



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