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Sports Centre Manager - Sept 111


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									                             Job Description
                   Post Title: Sports Centre Manager (Commercial)
                                          Fixed Term - 6 Months

                   Salary Range: £25,000 + £3,000 incentive bonus
Job purpose:
     To develop and manage The College’s commercial plan for the sports centre leading on marketing
       the facility, managing staff and dealing with the technical aspects of sport and fitness provision and
       health and safety.

Duties and Responsibilities:
      Designing and promoting activities to meet customer demand and generate revenue
      Advertising and promoting the Centre to increase usage, which may include commissioning and
       considering market research.
      Recruiting, training and supervising staff, including drawing up staff rotas
      Carrying out health and safety checks on equipment
      Arranging for maintenance, insurance, repairs and cleaning
      Maintaining high levels of customer care, often with a particular focus on avoiding loss of existing
      To prioritise target activities and user groups
      Handling complaints and incidents (e.g., accidents and emergencies, theft);
      Preparing and checking budgets and generating income;
      Cashing-up and keeping stock records;
      Purchasing equipment and supplies;
      Using advanced management information (e.g., footfall, popularity of classes by hour) to improve
       provision and timetables and cope with fluctuations in demand;
      Weekly and Monthly reports and preparing cash projections for senior management.
      To ensure all facilities are used in a safe and correct manner
      To ensure all users of the centre understand and adhere to all Centre Rules and Regulations
      To liaise with all users of the Centre and maintain good hospitality within the Centre
      To ensure all cashing up and paying are carried out correctly by all assistants
      Development and management of holiday clubs for a range of customers
      To keep training records up to date. To carry out all Department interview and selection
       procedures and appraisal and disciplinary processes.
      Participate in personal developmental activities negotiated through the college appraisal process
       and attend all statutory training as & when requested. To keep up to date with Leisure
       legislation/requirements and any training as required
      Provide cover for absent colleagues in line with College policy and procedures
      Develop and lead on the Sports Centre Usage Strategy

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Line Management Responsibility:
 Responsible for all commercial staff (e.g. duty managers, fitness instructors, coaches)

Reports to:
 Head of Partnerships, Performance & Employability

Contacts (Internal and External):
Liaise with external schools, College personnel, employers, managing agents, local councils, sports and
fitness clubs and other relevant stakeholders
Staff within the sports department and other Faculties as necessary
The College central units (e.g. marketing and finance)

The basic holiday entitlement is 25 days plus 8 statutory days of which up to 5 days can be directed by
management. The holiday year is from September to August.

Health & Safety
The post holder is required to maintain and promote a positive attitude to health and safety and to comply
with and ensure compliance with health and safety codes of practice for the safety and wellbeing of
learners and staff.

Equality & Diversity
The College has a strong commitment to working towards the implementation of equality of opportunity
in both service delivery and employment. The College’s mission and strategic objectives directly support
this aim. All employees are required to actively support the development, dissemination and
implementation of this aim and related policies and programmes.

Safeguarding of Children and Vulnerable Adults
The College is committed to safeguarding and promotes the welfare of all learners and expects its staff to
share this commitment. In addition they will also state that the College is committed to safeguarding and
promotes the welfare of all learners and expects its staff to share this commitment. All posts in the
College are subject to an Enhanced CRB check and barred person’s list check.

Advisory notes:
The information given within this job description is intended to provide a general understanding of and appreciation about the role within the
Calderdale College setting. The job description is not designed to detail specific daily duties which the postholder may undertake. The job
description is reviewed annually within the appraisal process and may be subject to change following discussion.

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                                                                                                                      0 = No Evidence 1 = Limited Evidence 2 = Adequate Evidence
                                                                                                                             3 = Substantial Evidence 4 = Significant Evidence

        Post Title:          Sports Centre Manager (Commercial)                                                           Applicant Number:

                                                                                                                      EVIDENCE                   Score at        Score at
                                                     ESSENTIAL / DESIRABLE                                      Application, Presentation,       Shortlist      Interview
                                                                                                                       Interview                   0-4             0-4
                        Experience of sports/fitness centre management (3 years minimum)                       Application/Interview                         
                        Evidence of successful recruitment of new and repeat custom in a relevant centre       Application/Interview                         

                        Sport development experience                                                           Application/Interview                         

                        Experience of sports/fitness centre management in an educational centre/dual           Application/Interview                         
                          purpose centre
                        Experience of clear negotiations with stakeholders, sponsors and local sport           Application/Interview                         
                        Numeracy and Literacy minimum Level 2                                                  Application                                   
Education & Training

                        Level 3 Management qualification or equivalent                                         Application                                   
                        Relevant professional updating and CPD evidence to date                                Application/Interview                         
                        Emergency first aid trained                                                            Application                                   

                        Degree in Sports and Recreation Management or related disciplines                      Application                                   
                        Various sport / fitness qualifications                                                 Application                                   

                                Effective interpersonal skills                                                               Application/Interview      
                                Ability to lead, manage and coach a team of staff                                            Application/Interview      
                                Good organisational skills                                                                   Application/Interview      
                                Analytical, self-motivated and able to work under pressure                                   Application/Interview      

                                Ability to increase recruitment and retention whilst maintaining quality standards           Application/Interview      
                                Ability to develop strategies and business plans to maximise profitability and usage of      Application/Interview      
                                Maintenance of high levels of customer care and services                                     Application/Interview      

                                Knowledge of the local community, sports and fitness clubs and services provided by          Application/Interview      
                                 local competitors
                                Knowledge of the funding opportunities and frameworks appropriate to the post                Application/Interview      
                                Ability to understand and use data to follow patterns and increase profitability and         Application/Interview      
                                Proven ability to produce and apply Quality Assurance and Quality Control                    Application/Interview      

                                Understanding of current developments within the specific area                               Application/Interview      
                                Supportive and co-operative team player and manager                                                                     


                                Committed to the principles of equality of opportunity                                       Application/Interview      
                                Willingness to undertake professional development as required                                Application/Interview      



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