9K Speeding Up - Nottingham City Schools by gegeshandong


									UNIT 9K Speeding up
Level 3
Give examples of streamlined objects
Describe how to change the speed of an object using simple terms like push or pull
Level 4
Describe how forces can change the movement of an object
Describe the term streamlined
Identify the forces acting on an object
Describe friction as a force that slows moving objects down by acting in the opposite direction to the movement
Level 5
Identify a relationship between speed, distance and time
Describe how streamlining lowers resistance to air or water
Describe how resistance increases with speed
Describe speeding up or slowing down in terms of unbalanced forces
Describe the forces acting on a stationary object as balanced
Describe air resistance
Level 6
Begin to use particle model to explain the relationship between resistance and speed
Apply the ideas of balanced and unbalanced forces to falling objects
Use the relationship between speed, distance and time to make predictions
Level 7
Use the relationship between speed, distance and time to calculate speed of a moving object
Explain that falling objects reach a terminal velocity
Explain how changes in movement of an object is related to its mass and the forces acting on it

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