2010 Area Show Jumping held at Dicheat_ Castle - The Pony Club by gegeshandong


									 Area 14 Show Jumping held at Ditcheat, Castle Cary, Somerset 24th August

I woke up bright and early to get my pony ready, Mummy had to plait Indie, my plaiting is a little
messy and I wanted to look smart. I have never done anything like this before so I was very
excited especially representing my Pony Club.
I was in the B&SV Yellow Team with Kitty Mant, Josephine Mitchell and Tallulah Bartlett, we were
the younger team and this did not deter us from trying our hardest. We had two rounds to jump
Ring 1 was 2’6” and the Ring 2 was 2’9” and if you had a double clear you then qualified to go for a
final round at 2’9” against the clock on a shortened course.
We were placed in the second half of the draw so had the chance of watching the B&SV Blue and
Red Teams do their 1st round. This helped me watch the lines they were taking especially as the
double was causing a few stops. Thankfully we had time for breakfast (yummy bacon roll) before we
tacked up Indie, finally I was ready to go, the team gathered in the collecting ring to be tack
checked by Sarah Davenport, and then we had a good warm up before we were called into the Ring.
Kitty was the first to go and had a super clear, it was then my turn, Indie can get a little fast so I
was trying my hardest to settle her and do a good round, we went clear not the perfect round but
nevertheless clear which was important. Josephine was next, again another super round and clear,
we were on a roll, just Tallulah left to go so there was no pressure on her as we had our three
clears. Tallulah round was perfect another clear – four clears fab!
We then had to rush over to Ring two so that we could walk the 2’9 course, they were waiting to
start but kindly let us run around the course. We did not have long to wait until it was our time, we
were all tack checked by Lisa Bebbington and ready to go. With only a couple of minutes before our
time the heavens opened and down came a huge heavy shower – so not fair, Indie spent most of her
time trying to turn her bottom to the rain and not paying any attention to me at all. I started to
get very nervous as she did not like the rain, but Mummy calmed both Indie and me down just
before we were called in. Kitty had gone first in the rain and just tapped a pole which was so unfair
but sadly 4 penalties. The rain was easing but still miserable, we went in and thankfully Indie was
listening to me and we had a good round and went clear. Josephine and Tallulah then went and again
both got super clears with Josephine flying the last fence in amazing style. Hoorah we were all
delighted we knew that we had qualified for the Team and Individual Jump off which was being held
back in ring 1 later in the day.
Time to re-fuel for Pony and Rider, a little rest and then waiting to see what the jump off course
was, we were not allowed to walk the course there was just a map of the course. The course was
not too twisty but they had brought in new Jumps and as the height could not go above 2’9” they
stretched some of the fences to make some spreads. There were a couple of possible tight turns if
you were brave enough to go for them.
The jump off started early which was a relief to all those waiting, I cannot remember how many
teams qualified but it was not long before the Yellow Team were ready to go for the 3rd Round,
should we go safe for clears or should we go for time – who knows. Kitty was first again, Ziggy had
decided that he was in the mood for another round and was a little naughty for Kitty so sadly she
collected some penalties. Mummy told me to go safely and as quick as I felt comfortable with – well
Indie and I have a passion for speed, so I decided to go for it and give Mummy heart palpitations
yet again! I went clear but a couple of the corners were wider than I wanted but we were clear and
fastish. Josephine followed again with another clear and quick round leaving poor Tallulah to go last
in the team again. Tallulah had a good round going clear and finding some tight turns which gave her
a fast time.
We had finished with 3 Clears and some good times so hopefully we might be in with a shout of a
rosette. After all the calculations had been done we were delighted to be placed 6 th in the Teams
and Tallulah was placed an amazing 9th individually – what a result all were delighted and happy.
My recount is really long sorry but the day was a huge experience and all the teams would like to
thank the B&SV Pony club for putting on the day and also for letting us have the opportunity to
represent our branch. Special Thanks must go the following people who gave up their day to run the
event, Sarah Baker, Pat Symcox, Sarah Davenport, Lisa Bebbington, Lucinda Radford, Nicky Hunt,
Maddie Wetherill, Shiona Case, Sally Clements, Lorna King, Sarah Tizzard, Becky Partridge and
anyone else I have forgotten. It was a fab day and thank you. P.S. Can’t wait until next year!!

Charlotte Radford & Indie

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