Love Is by e7h5hajiou


									If Time did not exist, Love would invent it. Love knows no time: it has no set schedule, no agenda, nor calendar. It makes no appointment, keeps no time. Love is – always! Love makes no excuses, requires none, has none. Love is a criminal without an alibi! Love is being there. It is – there! It knows no distance; it abhors distance, allows no space. If anything, Love is closeness. Love cannot be anywhere but there, because, it is compelled. A powerful inner force that cannot be stopped from being there: Love. Love lures, it cajoles, it compels, it commands, it demands to be – There! Home. Wherever the Heart is, that is home. And, Home is a destination, not a get-away, a place to come to and not to visit. The Heart comes home, at any time, in any weather, in any condition. Love does not deny access. On the contrary, it gladly and freely grants it. Love is access. Love opens up all of its doors to the soul. It is a sincere invitation, a joyous feast, then, a royal coronation. Love is a celebration of freedom! Secure in its sovereignty, proud of its kingdom, it shamelessly bares all and the party begins. Love fears nothing, hides nothing, and hides from nothing. The true measure of love is the extent to which we allow someone into our lives and the joy we feel in doing so. There is no love that is restrictive. Love welcomes: it does not ban. Love is effortless. It requires no labor. It is not a task: it is a state of being. Love makes no effort to please, to make happy: it itself is pleasure; it itself is happiness. There is no labor in love, nor is time lost. Love is ease and it is easy. Love is irrational. Mathematics is rational. Love does not measure, it does not count, calculate, nor weigh. It does not even think. It is a poor accountant. Mathematically speaking then, Love is a zero-sum proposition. For, Love is the Heart in action, not the Mind in inaction: it is the Heart fully engaged, not the Mind fully disengaged. Love is not resistance: it is not guerilla warfare, it is not hit and run, it is not hide and seek. Love does not wish to be sought out and frisked, it rather seeks to be found, embraced and fondled. Love does not arm itself, create facades and ruses, build a bunker and put up barriers and obstacles. On the contrary, Love is a removal of barriers and obstacles. Love does not resist: It trusts, it accepts, it surrenders, it admits. It wins. Love is a peaceful and willful capitulation of one’s ego for a greater good, not a proving ground for one’s freedom and independence. . For that, there are other arenas. Love does not hurt. It seeks ways to prevent hurt. And, when there is hurt, Love hurts. Love is the most selfish and also most sublime of all egoisms. It never acts against itself. It is one thing to love till it hurts, quite another to love to hurt Love is full-throttle generosity. Love gives all and saves nothing much less seek gains. Its generosity is its gain. It consumes itself, it enjoys itself, it is its own means and its own end. Love is the moment, that momentous event when both means and ends meet in a wholesome union and the Heart happily says Yes! And all of life is affirmed as Grand!

Love is not toxic. It does not fill us with feelings of pain, despair, disgust, mistrust, resentment, anger, inadequacy and guilt. It does not fill us with pangs of hunger, of thirst, of emptiness and longing. On the contrary, it fills us up. Love is not a lack: it is overabundance. It is not famine but feast. It is not a death but a rebirth. Love s the healthiest of all emotions, not the sickliest. Love is a healer, not a killer. Love pampers: it makes us feel warm, safe, protected, and cuddly in its life-affirming womb. Love creates us anew, not merely destroy what is old in us. Love rejuvenates our soul: It regenerates our spirit. We are not numb, dumb, deaf or blind in Love. On the contrary, all the senses are live and alive! In Love, we live! . Love is straightforward and honest. There is nothing twisted about love. It tells the truth. It says yes. It says I do; it says I can. It is pure, clean, and clear, even when it stinks. Love has integrity: this is what I am, this is my crime, you can go to hell, it tells the judge. It shows all, it tells all: it has nothing to hide. Love has a simple goal: it wants to be identified, discovered, caught, handcuffed and put in jail. And then, vindicated and set free. Love has no doubts about its innocence! Love has the selfassurance and bravado of a fool or a child. And the disarming power! Love is a Yes! And, I say yes. What do you say?

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