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Winona county pamphlet


									                                                                                WINONA COUNTY
    Winona County Resources                                                       RESOURCES
    Food Services                                                               Providing health
    1) Supplemental Food Shelf                                                  resources for the Winona
    Hours: Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday:                                      community.
    9am-1pm, Thursday: 3pm-6pm, Friday:
    2) Emergency Food Program
    Contact: Client Services Coordinator
    Phone: 507-452-5591
    Address: 402 East 2 St. Winona, MN
    More information at
   3) Hot Meal Program, Evenings, Bethany
    House Every Monday through Friday,
    Bethany House will offer a sit-down meal at
   4) Winona County WIC Program (Nutrition
    for Women, Infants, and Children)
    Contact: Ask for the WIC clerk
    Phone: 507-457-6410
                                                      Winona County
    Address: 60 West 3 St. Winona, MN
    55987                                               Resources
   The Emergency Food Assistance Program
    (TEFAP)                                           Winona State University
    Fact sheet found at:                                Nursing 2008-2009        Assisting Winona families through
    S-5499-ENG                                                                      Health promotion services.
    For more information contact: Minnesota
    Department of Human Services’ Office of
    Economic Opportunity at (651) 431-3821
   Food Stamps
    More information available at:
    You may also call the Food Support hotline
    at 1-800-657-3698
Winona County Resources

                                             Clothing                                   child care program. All other families are
                                             Grace Place Market Square:                 eligible for Basic Sliding Fee Child Care,
                                             276 W 3 st Winona MN, 55987                which is provided by local day care
                                                                                        providers and is income-based.Further
   Provided by Winona State Univesity        Volunteer Services:                        information on these services can be
           Nursing 2008-2009                         nd
                                              416 E 2 St Winona MN 55987                found by contacting the Winona
                                             (507) – 452 – 5591                         Department of Human Services,
                                                                                        specifically Child Services Representative
Health Care                                                                             Donna, at 507.457.6216
WIC (Women, Infants and Children) : 60       Housing                                    Head Start:
WEST THIRD STREET, WINONA MN 55987           Maplewood Apartments                       Winona Center: 1756 Kraemer Drive, Suite
                                             1756 Kraemer Drive, Suite #100             200, Winona, MN, 454-2151
(507) 457-6410.
                                                                                        Children who start their education at an
                                             Winona, MN 55987
                                                                                        early age do best in life. Head Start’s goal
BIRTHRIGHT INC: 920 WEST 5TH STREET,         507-454-3665                               is to give young children quality learning
WINONA MN 55987 (507) 452-2421.              Provides affordable housing for low        and care to grow to their full potential.
                                             income families
C&TC (Child and Teen Checkups):60 WEST
                                             Rehab Loan Programs for                    TRANSPORTATION:
457-6413.                                    Homeowners:                                Bus Services
                                                                                        Semcac buses provide transportation for the general
Minnesota Department of Health               Semcac’s Administrative Office, 204 S.     public and special groups, such as persons with
Call (651) 431-2660 or (800) 657-3729.       Elm Street, Rushford, MN, 507-864-7741     disabilities and senior citizens. Rides are provided to
                                             Minnesota Fix-Up Fund offers loans of up   medical appointments, work, daycare, preschool,
Family Planning Clinic—76 W. 3 Street        to $35,000 at below market rates for       local business needs, senior dining and other special
(Plaza Square Mall), Winona, MN, 452-                                                   requests. Semcac’s Winona County Public Transit
                                             households with an annual income at or
                                             below $89,000. The Rehabilitation Loan     Bus provides rides for residents of rural Winona
Open: Monday through Friday 8am - 5 pm
                                                                                        County. Toll free number is 1-800-944-3874
(evening appointments are available)         Program provides forgivable loans of up
Services: pregnancy tests, STD testing and   to $15,000 at 0% interest for up to 20
treatment, yearly exams, contraceptives,     years.
                                                                                        Volunteer Driver Program
medical services, education, etc. Fees are
based on income and family exercise.         Child Care                                 Volunteer drivers provide transportation for persons
Services provided by a Nurse Practitioner.                                               age 60 and over, Medical Assistance clients and other
High quality medical services are offered    Low-income families are automatically      clients of county departments of human services.
to women of all ages, regardless of their    eligible for what is known as the Child    Transportation is available to medical appointments,
income.                                      Care Systems Program which is a cash pay   personal appointments and senior dining. Toll free
                                                                                        number is 1-800-944-3874.

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