Anxiety or Panic Attacks

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					Anxiety or Panic Attacks?
Having anxiety panic attacks are very scary and what is even scarier is not to know sign or symptoms of panic attacks. Thus, what I will do is share some signs and symptoms of panic attacks as well as provide some information about anxiety. In that way, you may know when you are having the attack and what to do to stop that from happening. There are 3 types of symptoms, which you must know about and they are perpetual, mental, as well as physical signs or symptoms. Mental Signs & Symptoms Of Panic Attacks After experiencing panic attack, most of the people have extreme mental symptoms. Symptoms may leave you think irrationally or else having a racing thoughts. You will have some thoughts of things of not being real, and you feel as if you are going insane, and you have views about the bad things that are happening. Perpetual Signs & Symptoms of Panic Attacks Whenever you are experiencing panic attack, your perception, and world is altered. You might experience the tunnel vision, feeling of dissociation, and your senses may heightened, and perceived speeding-up and slowing down of your time. Physical Signs & Symptoms of Panic Attacks This symptom is most common of other signs and they are most recognizable. Sign and symptoms of panic attacks are increase in the heart rate and feeling of tightness in chest and stomach. Tightness in chest might lead to the heart palpitations, hyperventilation, headaches, and dizziness. Tightness in stomach might lead to stomach pains or nausea. These are signs & symptoms of panic attacks and in case you experience these signs & symptoms, you have to do something of it. In case you wait very long, then you will make things worse and it can be fatal to health. Most less severe or less recurrent attacks that are submitted to emergency rooms are been recommended to breath in the paper bags in order to help and boost carbon dioxide levels in body. Some other panic attacks that are caused by underlying emotional problem such as depression, alcoholism as well as drug addiction are frequent in the people having panic disorder. Underlying problem required to get treated before total panic disorder is totally or partially eliminated. For more information on how you can over come this illness CLICK HERE!

Description: this document is a brief on the signs and symptoms of panic attacks, aoraphobia, and general anxiety. The article also leads the reader to some possible solutions.