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					Making Lemonade: Starting a Business
After Ending A Career
           What do you do when the money tree starts sprouting lemons?

    It is more common these days, the average age, middle class, suddenly
  faced with a fundamental change of circumstances. Contractors - bubble
 inflated, closed and some classes of sudden increase only reduce the size
                                                               of the unit.

   50, finding a particularly difficult task. The remuneration is excellent.
  After all these years later qualified network, but works on many levels.
                And I thought they had gone all the tricks of a new study.

Big surprise, the new approach, the loss of employment - to assess. What
 is the real thing? I would like at this point in your life? Being your own
                                                   boss is the way forward?

  Dean turned 50 in January 2005.Il was angry at the ease with which the
                                                employer can not leave.

 "Control is a big problem for me. Do you really want to go, what, where
                and how much work, but do not. So I benefits and risks. "

 Dean is an important and permanent job security, wages and benefits, or
                                                start your own business.

Carl was 51, when the factory closed its doors Security Control Manager.

         They sent him into a deep depression that lasted several months.

                                                       "I'm not a machine."

His psychiatrist, Bob, with what is most important in his life, his wife, his
                                    son and his long hobby, bird watching.
                            Karl spoke about his state of mind at the time:

                                                                  to learn. "

     Much research on the inside and outside. Bob discovered that birds,
children, nature, education, photography, and I loved the atmosphere. Do
   not attract people. When it became clear that the main circle and Bob.

I saw a statement released Saturday. Last Tuesday, I called the company.
              On Thursday I had a package and then I was on Tuesday. "

                                 Charles took the time to find alternatives.
                                   His plan began a normal conversation.


  Bob took the child, but the Internet is still useful in 1995. Carl low-tech
                                    methods used to determine the market.

                        I spent 15 days Machines 4:00-11:00 intersection.

  Bob is a license management system [Webster, 1986 B uses the book,
AMACOM New York] will help you discuss your proposal. Carl was the
  success of others in the restaurant, which was to help him. Developed
                                                 business plan and open.

   The first year was difficult as a society. Miscalculations and errors are
                                              aimed at both owners reeling.

                First of all, Charles, and how to prepare food is unknown.

                     Bob overworked and pressed the accounting system.

Bob its tenth anniversary in September trade. It has been recognized three
times in the last 30 years - most stores. February to June, the number 320
                                              worldwide sales in its stores.

Carl announced that the restaurant, where in four years. It is clear that the
        three would be good. Today, seven years later, trying to develop.
"We are not rich, but for themselves, and important relationship."

                                What advice do Dean and his ilk?

                                                        Bob said.

                      A year? When you return to what you said?

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