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									Be Smart - Learn From Your Business
We all make mistakes in business. An important aspect is to learn to apply online and
our business. One of the most expensive mistakes, I was twelve years at the company
    online. However, experience also applies to the Internet, because they are offline.

     Create a small business part time e-mail, we decided to extend the technology of
  direct mail business. I read all the books and seminars, it seems that the best way to
  achieve your goals. Unlike the list of suppliers was, I decided I need to find a list of
                                             the most perfect, reach your target market.

Owner received the price list, is willing to give me the name of a small, so you can try
on your list. These tests are quite good, so I decided to take two email campaigns, one
              after another. I think this will be a great ship, and soon took up his work.

In the first and second E - mail disaster is too advanced to stop. The first symptom is a
  significant increase in paper prices. Then, less than half of the series than I expected.
    Others reported similar results. My pocket at all times to pay their debts have been

    Soon after, I started reading the list of reports, the owner is based on allegations of
                     fraud and other criminal investigations. In general, a bad situation.

                                              An important lesson from this experience:

    A) Always make sure to do honest business - especially if you have not received a
                                                                previous relationship.

                  b) I do not think the results will be doubled and further investigation.

  C) Do not participate in promotional activities - it is better to grow than to lose your
                                                        hard earned money more slowly.

       D) the amount referred to and the quality of the mailing list should be carefully

E) Make sure you have enough space for the product, in order to survive, their answer
                                  will be very bad - especially in direct marketing.

                   Today's lesson applies to the work report on the network as follows.

   E-mail distribution list is a guide. Some list owners to encourage their customers to
 increase their advertising services. First, you need to do is subscribe to our newsletter
                                               to see what quality materials and solo ads.

   Then run the announcement of the newspaper ads, to test the user's response. This
 gave me the link, if you say the size of the list is true or false. We have a good list of
  the 20 000 responses, I have a list of 200 millionths of a number of factors that may
                                                                   affect these results.

Although you should get a better answer than solo ads still pay for the test if they can.
If you have not created the answer will release a solo ad promoting the use. However,
       I tried some of the ads, other opportunities to see the results before you enter is

    This applies to the "digital" before advertising. While many marketing experts talk
  about "customer lifetime value" of activities to promote affiliate programs, and care.
          On the contrary, to determine how much to sell for the Commission to cover
                                                                       advertising costs.

  The response level is proposed for the payment of advertising expenses, losses more
likely. Do not rely on statistics or averages determined. Keep accurate records of your
business, so you know what, how to avoid and what to expect from future promotions.

         Finally, we must carefully consider the security lists and mailing lists can be
 purchased. My experience is that there really is no safe list, you can choose your list.
   Each e-mail form, the person who did not receive notice of injuries that the bank's
                                        reputation and business prospects of survival.

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