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									               GSNRE Update – “June, July and some of August” Issue

Hi everyone,
My name is Stephanie but I‟m better known as Lexis‟ person, GSRNE #185. I‟ve
volunteered to put together an update for GSRNE members and this is my first stab at it.
Please know that I am not a professional writer so this could be a really rough or really
boring read, or both. But I‟m hoping it gets better with practice and to get a lot of help
from you!
The GSRNE Update was planned to be more casual, maybe conversational (does that
make sense?) than the newsletter. It will contain a synopsis of the month (or whatever
timeline I can grab) of what goes on behind the scenes at GSRNE, including monthly
stats, events, notices, requests for effort, etc. It is not intended to replace the newsletter,
but complement it.
You have to have access to the internet to get the Update, but for members who do not
have access, we will try to send out hardcopies by U.S mail.
Please note that your comments, questions, corrections and complaints are welcome. You
can reach me at dennyofboca@yahoo.com. For those who are not online, or who want to
volunteer for items in this Update, call me at 617-901-4237.
Thanks to all who have tolerated my nagging and have contributed to this issue!
Steph & Lexi

A Note from the GSRNE Board
We usually have a breather in July and August, because people put off applying to adopt
while they take vacations and day trips. I've heard from the Hotline Volunteers, though,
that there have not been many quiet days on the Hotline this season; both the Shelter
Calls and Adoption Applicants have kept our volunteers working steadily. Their quick
responses to the calls have enabled GSRNE to help a lot of dogs and their owners this
summer through advice, education, networking and direct action.
In addition to the five available dogs on our Website, we have four more in foster care,
one being boarded and waiting for foster care and one 8-year-old dog in Maine who was
visited and adopted by a couple referred to his owner by one of our volunteers.
There has been a shocking case of GSD neglect in the news recently, on the part of a man
who was living in NH with 48 dogs and moved to VT with 32 crammed into his bus. He
had neighbors who contacted GSRNE for advice, and our members have been following
the case and keeping in touch with one of the shelters where these dogs are now housed.
So much of what our members do has been "behind the scenes", and we're grateful to
have volunteers now pulling together information and getting it out to the membership on
what we hope will become a regular basis.
The GSRNE Board of Directors - Karen McCall and Chris Harriman

             GSNRE Update – “June, July and some of August” Issue

Shelter Hotline Calls
Noreen Crouch and Jackie Ricca cover the Shelter (and Other) Hotlines as Coordinator
and Assistant Coordinator, respectively. During June of ‟06, these Hotlines received 57
calls. Noreen bet that June was the busiest month since she joined GSRNE. In July, these
hotlines received 40 calls.
Chris Harriman said “I am not sure how many emails I get personally on top of the calls.
A number of them...maybe 10 a month asking for help. The June owner turn-in calls. We
got 25 or 27 calls in one day! There is a crazy need...”
Noreen was kind enough to tolerate my nagging for some data and provided the
following info on really short notice!! Thanks, Noreen!
       Type of Call                                  June 2005      July 2005
       Calls from ACO/Shelter                        11             11
       Calls from owners/relatives                   36 (Note 1)    16
       Calls from friend of dog owner                0              3
       Citizens reporting animal cruelty             1              4
       Citizen reporting dog in a shelter            0              4
       Citizen asking us to sign a petition          0              1
       Another rescue needs help                     0              1
       Trouble with neighbor‟s dog                   1              0
       Citizen reporting found dog                   2              0
       Adoption calls                                4 (Note 2)     0
       Donations                                     1              0
       Miscellaneous Calls                           1              0
       Total calls:                                  57             40
Note 1: June was the month GSRNE opened the lines to owner turn-in calls.
Note 2: One call was out of our area; Noreen returned this call and did not pass on to
adoption folks.

Adoption Hotline Report
Stephen Cooper, our Adoption Hotline Coordinator, submitted the following Adoption
Hotline Report for Calendar Year 2005 to the GSRNE Board. Per Stephen, the report
represents a snapshot of adoption hotline activity during 2005. Because of changes in
volunteer staff and varying methods of record-keeping, the numbers are not complete in
some areas, as indicated in the notes.
       Total Calls                            478              Notes 1 and 2
       Applications Sent                      319 (66.7%)      Note 2
       Maine                                  19               Notes 2 and 3
       New Hampshire                          41               Notes 2 and 3
       Vermont                                22               Notes 2 and 3
       Massachusetts                          192              Notes 2 and 3

             GSNRE Update – “June, July and some of August” Issue

       Rhode Island                           25                Notes 2 and 3
       Connecticut                            48                Notes 2 and 3
       Out of State (NY, PA, NJ, VA, OH)      24                Notes 2 and 3
       Rejected for Lack of Fence             58                Note 2
       Rejected for Children Under 7          40                Note 2
Note 1: Does not include hang-ups.
Note 2: Data incomplete; lack of reports including 50% of Friday calls.
Note 3: Data incomplete; some inbound calls not broken down by state.

Foster Care
The foster care system is the cornerstone of GSRNE‟s philosophy. As you know, Betsy
Furlani stepped down as our Foster Home Coordinator, but will thankfully still be
involved. We are very grateful to you, Betsy and thank you for all your hard work!
Currently, Karen McCall and Chris Harriman are working with Milou Grelle and Mary
Farren to make sure all the required paperwork is completed, any vet work required is
done, and that foster homes have everything they need to succeed with their GSRNE dog.
GSRNE is starting an exciting new Foster Mentor Program. This program will train
volunteers so they can help with the oversight of foster homes, setting up new foster
homes, prescreening potential foster homes, etc. Victoria Abrams and Jeannie McMahon,
our Volunteer Coordinators, are currently working on setting up the first training session.
If you are interested in being a part of this needed group, please contact Victoria at
vbabrams@aol.com or Jeannie at valjeanmc@comcast.net .

Foster Homes
Milou Grelle, one of our Assistant Foster Home Coordinators, responded to several calls
from people interested in fostering. Unfortunately, some did not comply with GSRNE
requirements (e.g., no fenced area, etc.). But, she did evaluate and approve two foster
homes, both in Massachusetts.
In June, GSRNE had 9 foster homes filled. We also set up and filled one more new foster
home. We had four foster homes open. We lost one foster home who is not taking in
another dog.
In July, GSRNE had eight foster homes filled. We set up and filled one more new home.
We lost 1 foster home that adopted her foster dog, and 2 others are taking a little break.
We had 2 foster homes open. Both are in Massachusetts, so the dogs need to be owner
turn-ins from MA or a contingent state or from a shelter in MA since we don‟t have an
isolation spot.
In June and July we had 5 calls about becoming a new foster home. Four of those do not
have a fenced area and two wanted to take the foster dog to a dog park; one person has an
older dog and is not sure she should foster yet. Tara Boucher has agreed to follow up

             GSNRE Update – “June, July and some of August” Issue

with future foster home inquiries and do the prescreening, and if they qualify, sending
them a Foster Home Application.

In June GSRNE evaluated two GSDs, but we were not able to take either dog.
We opened up the Hotlines to owner turn-ins for a day and we got 25 calls for help!! It
took our two volunteers about 20-30 minutes each call to prescreen them. We closed the
hotline to owner turn-ins because the need is too overwhelming.
In July we evaluated 5 GSDs and agreed to take in 4 of those dogs.

In June, we took in one dog, Nikita. Nikita was an owner turn-in that was evaluated in
April. We did not have a foster home open for her at that time, but the owners agreed to
hold her until we did. And then along came Lola.
In July we took in 3 dogs. Two are in foster homes and one is boarding awaiting an open

Laurie Keating, GSRNE Adoption Co-coordinator, took the time to provide the following
info on adoptions for the summer months. Thanks, Laurie!
On June 5, Liesl was adopted by our former President Betsy Furlani, who also fostered
her! Liesl is now GSRNE #193 and lives in Vermont with her new “brother” Chase,
another rescue dog.
On June 17, Vero was adopted by Rita and Dave and became GSRNE #194. Rita and
Dave also adopted Becky, GSRNE #1, who is now 10 years old and doing well. Vero
must be thrilled to be the sibling of the GSD that started it all!
On June 20, Takoda was adopted by Jodi and Dwight and became GSRNE #195. Jodi
and Dwight were previously “owned” by Tasha and Caesar, both rescue dogs. We love
rescue repeats!!!
On August 16, Shawnee was adopted by Ted and Karen and became GSRNE # 196.
Shawnee now lives in MA with her new “sister”, Wendy, GSRNE #79. Wow, another
rescue repeat!

GSD Stats
GSD           Entered     Foster Home                  Adopted                      GSRNE
              Foster                                                                #
Leisl         2004        Betsy in VT                  6/5/06, Betsy in VT          # 193
Holling       3/23/05     Mary and then Sharon,

             GSNRE Update – “June, July and some of August” Issue

                        both in MA
Rocky          8/26/05 Danny and Bob in MA
Shawnee        12/05/05 Tai and Michael, then          8/16/06, Karen and Ted in    #196
(formerly               Karen and Ted, both in         MA
Shubee)                 MA
Takoda         12/20/05 MaryAnn in MA                  6/20/06, Jodi and Dwight     #195
Jade           2/20/06 Paula in ME, then Linda
                        in CT
Vero           3/30/06 Tara and Tim in MA              6/17/06, Rita and Dave       #194
Nikita         6/1/06   Lola in MA
Jesse          7/23/06 Dottie in MA
Cassie         7/23/06 Jim in MA
In addition to the above, we have 3 dogs in foster care, 2 in Maine and 1 in

Isolation Room
In July, Chris and Tomas Harriman evaluated one really fantastic dog in Maine. GSRNE
agreed to take him in but because the dog was from Maine, and the open foster for him
was in MA, we needed to isolate him in a state approved isolation spot. Unfortunately,
we couldn‟t find a spot open until late fall! So GSRNE recommended two adopters to the
home instead and he will be a direct adoption. GSRNE works in many ways.
Thankfully, this story has a happy ending but it also demonstrates our need for an
isolation room in Massachusetts and more foster homes in Maine and New Hampshire.
My husband Jim and I have been working on the isolation room and recently our second
proposal was turned down. The issue this time is that the room was to be one bay of a
heated garage, but the exposed mechanisms from the garage door opener were not
conducive to cleaning (in addition to the walls and ceiling). The solution is to build a
room within a room and then meet the MDAR requirements. This hasn‟t killed the
project, just postponed it again. As Karen said “…state doesn't make it easy...we'll need
more foster homes in Maine and NH!” So, keep your figures crossed that proposal #3 is
the ONE!!! In the meantime, if you are interested in becoming a foster home, contact
Karen McCall at TMccall488@aol.com.

Recent Events
The 2006 GSRNE Members Picnic went beautifully! Although the weather was a little
wetter than we would have liked, there was still a very nice turnout, and everyone had
fun. People got to visit with members and many other GSDs, and of course GSRNE
volunteers, adopters, and members got to meet each other and talk about dogs and life in
general. We announced four Special Volunteer Awards for volunteers who went above
and beyond their job descriptions; Jeannie McMahon, Paul Kelley, Noreen Crouch and
Jackie Ricca. Thanks go not just to them but to all of you for making GSRNE what it is.

             GSNRE Update – “June, July and some of August” Issue

Upcoming Events
Marie Guide has once again graciously agreed to perform her magic and chair the 2006
GSRNE Walk „n‟ Wag fundraiser to be held on October 7 at Borderland State Park (for
more info, go to www.gsrne.org ).
So, for the last two months, no one has seen Marie, just the cloud of dust in her wake. We
won‟t be able to see her until the day after the Walk. The Walk is still looking for
volunteers. If you want to volunteer to help out, contact Jackie Ricca at
jmr1966@charter.net. Martine Meijering and the amazing Murray are coordinating an
agility demonstration. If you have a dog that does agility and would like to be a part of
the demonstration, contact Martine at mmeijering@comcast.net. And, don‟t forget to start
collecting those pledges.
Pet Rock is being held on Sunday, September 10th at Quinsigamond Community
College, 670 West Boylston St, in Worcester Mass. The rain date will be on the 17th, the
following Sunday. Karen McCall, Laurie Keating, Donna Joseph and Priscilla
Richardson will be there representing GSRNE. If you are interested in attending with
them, contact Priscilla at n1vqy@juno.com for all the details. This is a FUN event and if
we have enough people for the table, everyone can have some time to scope out the rest
of the event.

Get Well Wishes…
Some of our furry friends, canine and otherwise, haven‟t been feeling well. We wish
them speedy recoveries!
    Bosco (Tara and Tim)
    Misty (Marie‟s cat)
    Bella & Duncan (Lauralee)
    Akir & Red (Chris and Tomas, who just spent $3100 on surgery for Red due to
      eating a squeaker out of a toy!)
    Cheyenne (Jackie's horse).

Waiting at the Bridge…
They‟re not gone, just waiting for us at the bridge.
    Maverick, GSRNE #117, Oct 2005 (Deborah & Mark)
    Xander, GSRNE #68, Nov 2005 (Virginia & Michael)
    Ryker, March 2006, (Karen and Ted)
    Mona, April 2006, (Victoria)
    Eva, GSRNE #131, June 2006 (Paula)
    Chewbacca, June 2006 & Red, July 2006 (Donna J.)
    Olivia, GSRNE #84, August 2006 (Lisa and Bob)


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