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									The Senate of
York University

                            SENATE COMMITTEE ON RESEARCH
                                       Report to Senate
                             At its meeting of November 22, 2007

                                      FOR INFORMATION
1.     UAP Implementation

The Committee held an additional meeting on October 31, 2007 devoted exclusively to the task
of confirming its UAP initiatives. Two priorities were identified:

       Facilitation of research planning within the next iteration of the Faculty Five-Year
       Academic Plans

       Facilitating support for interdisciplinary, collaborative research across Faculties

A third initiative was also discussed; the take-up of the current APPC led research indicators
project jointly with the Vice-President Research & Innovation. The issue will be discussed
further once the Academic Policy and Planning Committee completes its final phase of the
project and submits its report to Senate.

Facilitation of research planning within the Faculty Five-Year Academic Plans
Given the centrality of research in the University Academic Plan, SCOR intends to continue to
work jointly with APPC on the research aspects of the Faculty plans. APPC has reported that a
pre-call communication will be issued this month so that Faculty planners can begin thinking
about their plans. SCOR, with the assistance of the Vice-President Research & Innovation and
the Associate Vice-Presidents Research, plans to facilitate the engagement of the Faculties in a
pre-planning exercise through the Associate Deans Research. From its Mapping the Terrain
exercise and through information shared by the Council of Research Directors and APPC from
its decanal consultations on academic planning between 2005-2007, SCOR has a good
awareness of current Faculty research needs, priorities, initiatives and challenges, and aims to
play a constructive role in the development and monitoring of the research aspect of Faculty

The exercise will unfold in four stages over this year and next:

Stage 1:      Establish the framework for the pre-planning discussions at the Faculty-level
              (Oct-Nov) and meet with the Associate Deans Research (Dec)

Stage 2:      Provide feedback to the Faculties through the Associate Deans Research on
              preliminary/formative plans (April-May 2008)

Stage 3:      Collaborate with APPC the research questions for planners in the Call for Plans

Stage 4:      Establish a monitoring mechanism to assess research progress on Plan
              objectives (2008-09)
Facilitating support for interdisciplinary, collaborative research across Faculties

Several Faculties have signalled their need for assistance in facilitating interdisciplinary,
collaborative pan-University research partnerships to enhance research intensity, productivity
and funding opportunities. Just as Faculties will be developing concrete research plans as a
part of their Academic Plan, the Office of the VPRI will be encouraged to express with, and seek
feedback from SCOR on its plan for fostering cooperative internal partnerships, and thereafter
document progress and specific actions through regular reporting to SCOR.

Progress reports on these initiatives will be shared with Senate.

                                                                              Roxanne Mykitiuk


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