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					   Nottingham Alliance League Rules and Regulations 2011

1. All matches will start promptly at 12.30pm. The toss should be completed by

2. All teams must attend on time. Any team found abusing this will have to forfeit
   one over every full 5 minutes the team is late, i.e. if a team arrives 10 minutes
   late they will lose 2 over’s.

3. The fees for this year will be frozen at £150.00 per team and £55.00 per match.
   The match fee must be given to the umpire before the match starts. A deposit of
   £50.00 is also payable with the initial registration form.

4. The match fee will be including a new ball and the cost for an umpire. In the
   unlikely event of neutral umpires not being present, each team will have to umpire
   their own innings.

5. The league will provide each team with 15 full colour kits. It is the responsibility of
   each team to maintain their own kit. A charge of £10.00 per kit will be applicable.
   (£150.00). This must be paid with the registration fee.

6. Any player not in the correct kit will not be allowed to play

7. Each team must provide their own colour pads and colour wicket keeper’s pads.

8. Each team can have an unlimited number of players. No professionals will be
   allowed to play in this league (county level). Each player must sign a declaration

9. Transfer date for players is Sunday 12th June 2011. A charge of £25.00 and a fully
   completed transfer form must be submitted to the league.

10. The league will provide a photo ID card for each registered player. You will not be
    allowed to play if you do not show your ID card to the umpire before the game.
    You will need to provide a photo of each player in jpeg format with the registration

11. The umpire must be given full respect and it is the captain’s duty to control the
    players on and off the field. Any abuse will not be tolerated, and any team found
    abusing the umpire will be disciplined. The umpire’s decision is final!

12. If for any reason there is a dispute between teams, this must be reported to the
    match umpire who will then forward it to the committee, who will then take
    appropriate action. Please see attached documentation which is also a part of
    these rules and regulations.

13. All MCC Twenty20 rules apply.

14. If for any reasons your team is unable to play you will need to contact a member
    of the committee by Monday before midday, otherwise your deposit will be
    forfeited. Your team will not be allowed to play another game until they have not
    paid another deposit (£50.00)

15. All teams are requested to be moderate towards each other and respect each
    other’s property.

16. It is the responsibility of both teams to clean any rubbish left on the premises after
    the game has finished.

17. Each game will last for 40 over’s. 20 over’s per team, with an interval of 25
    minutes. All teams are requested to participate in the Zuhr prayer during the
    interval. Also food will be available throughout the day.
18. All games must finish by 4pm, excluding any tournaments which conclude at 6pm.

19. The league will pay for the first tournament of the season

20. All registration forms and fees should be handed in no later than Sunday 6th March

21. If a team is short off players, they can have a maximum of 3 subs’s (sub’s can
    only field no batting, bowling or wicket keeping). No game can start until each
    team has a minimum of 7 players. Subs must also have the correct kit.

22. Third party Insurance is included.

23. 4 points for a win, 3 points for a tie irrespective of wickets lost/runs made and 2
    points for a no result

24. At the end of the season the team at the top of the league table will be the
    winners. The top four teams will then play in a champions cup.

25. If at the end of the season, teams are level on points the positioning of the team
    will be determined by the following calculation, total runs scored/wickets lost.

26. The committee has the discretion to be the deciding factor in the case of any
    issues that arise in the games.

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