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					  SUPPLEMENT TO THE LONDON GAZETTE, 6 DECEMBER, 1918.                                        14471
      Maj. R. S. I. Friend, D.S.O., E. Kent            Brig:-Gen.) R. J. F. Hayter, C.M.G.,
   R.    6th Ocf. 1918.                                D.S.O., dies. R. 28th Oct. 1918.
Asst. Instr. Lewis Gun School (Cl. GG).—Lt.         Brig. Maj.—Temp. Capt. S. B. Pepler, E. Ont.
    F. H. Crews, M'.C., Lond. R., T.F., relin-        .R. 28th Oct. 1918.
    quishes his appt. and the actg. rank of Capt.
    15th Oct. 1918.                                 Staff Capts.—Temp. Capt. L. W: Klingner,.
                                                       M.C., Can. Engnrs. 21st Oct. 1918.
ESTABLISHMENTS.                                          Temp. Capt. R. D. Sutherland, Quebec
      The undermentioned temp, appts. are              R., relinquishes his appt. 21st Oct. 1918.
   made: —
Dep. -Inspr.—Bt. Maj. H. F. S. Huntingdon,
   .Welsh R., and to be temp. Lt.-Cbl. whilst                         War   Office,
   so empld., vice Bt. Lt.-Col. (temp. Col.) R.                             6th December, 1918.
   B. Campbell, D.S.O., Gord. Highrs. 2nd
   Oct. 1918.                                                  REGULAR FORCES.
Asst. Inspr.—L(t. (temp. Maj.) F. Coition,          INFANTRY.
   O.B.E., and to retain his temp, rank whilst      Service Battalions.
. so empld., vice Bt. Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.)         R. Scots.
   H. F. S. Huntingdon, Welsh R. 8th Oct.                Maj. J. Murray (Sco. Horse Yeo., T.F.>
   1918.                                              to be actg. Lt.-Col. while comdg. a Bn.
MEMORANDA.                                            6 July 1918.
      Capt. E. H. Chapman, T.F. Res., to be         E. Kent R.
  temp. Maj. whilst empld. as a D.A.A.G.                 Capt. H. C. T. iStronge, M.O., to be actg.
   25th Feb. 1918.                                    Maj. while 2nd in comd. of a Bn. 21 Oct..
      Temp. Lt. C. Goldring, R. Suss. R., to          1918.
  be transfd. to Gen. List, and to be temp.
   Capt. whilst empld. as Education Officer;        North'd Fits.
  22nd Sept. 1918.                                      Capt. T. H. Owen to be actg. Maj. while
      Temp. Lt. J. Lindsay, M..C., R.W.               2nd in comd. of a Bn. 19 Aug. 1918.
  Kent R., to be transfd. ,to> Gen. List, and           Temp. 2nd Lt. J. Burman to be temp. Lt_
  to be temp. Capt. whilst einpld. as Asst.          26 Oct. 1918.                    .
  Instr. of a Sch. of Instrn.- 17th Oct. 1918.          Temp. 2nd Lt. J. Aitken relinquishes his
      Temp. Lt. F. R. Flynn, R.W. Fus.,              commission on account of ill-health/ caused
  to be actg. Capt. whilst empld. in a 2nd Cl.       by wounds, and is granted the hon. rank of
  Record Sec. 6th Sept. 1918. (Substituted           2nd Lt. 7 Dec. 1918.
  for the notification regarding this officer in
  the Gazette of 14th Nov. 1918.)                   R. War. R.
      Temp. Lt. A. Hewlett-Smith, attd. R.              Temp. 2nd Lt. W. D. W. .Searle to be
  Fus., to be actg. Capt. (with pay and allces.       temp. Lt. 25 July 1918.
  as Lt.) whilst empld. as Adjt. of a Base          R. Fus.
  Depot. 20th Aug. 1918.                                Temp. Lt. B. P. Webster to be actg. Capt.
                                                      (addtl.). 20 (Sept. 1918.
                                                        Temp. 2nd Lt. H. L. Smedley, M.C.,
OVERSEA FORCES.                                       M.M., to be actg. Capt. while comdg. a Co.
CANADA.                                               14 Sept. 1918.
Commands and Staff.
                                                         The undermentioned temp. 2nd Lts. to be-
      The undermentioned appts. are made: —           temp. Lts.:—
General Staff.                                           F. G. Dale. 25 July 1918.
G.S.O., 2nd Grade:—Temp. Maj. the Hon. F.               .W. F..Reed. 1 Sept. 1918. '            '
   E. Grosvenor, D.S.O., M.C., B. Col. R.,
   vice Bt. Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) the Hon. T.       L'pool R.
   G. B. Morgan-Grenville-Gavin, D.S..O.,                Capt. R. 0. Wynne, D.'SvO. (Bedf. R.,
   M.C., Rif. Brig. 25th Oct. 1918.                   Spec. Res.), from actg. Lt.-Col., Bedtf. R.,
                                                      to be actg. Lt.-Col. while comdg. a Bn. 15-
A.Gs. and Q.M.Gs. Staff.                              Oct. 1918.
D.A.A.Gs.—Temp. Maj. C. H. Vandersluys,                 Lt. Z. F. Merry, M.C. (T.F.), to be actg.
   D.S.O., C. On*. R., vice temp. Maj. B.             Oapt. while comdg. a Co. 7 Aug. 1918 to
   W. Browne, M.C., Manitoba R. 17th Sept.            26'Sept. 1918.
      Temp. Maj. (actg. Lt.-Col.) F. W.                 The undermentioned temp. 2nd Lts. to be
   Miller, M.C., C. Ont. R., vice temp. Capt.         temp. Lts.: —
   (actg. Maj.) G. S. Currie, M.C., E. Ont,             R. Moore. 15 Aug. 1918. '
 • R. 20th'Sept. 1918.                                  G. McMillan. 28 Sept. 1918.
                                                        F. B. Walker. " 26 Oct. 1918.
D.A.Q.M.Gs.—Temp. Maj. B. W. Browne,
   M.C., Manitoba R. 17th Sept. 1918.               Norf. R.
      Temp. Capt. (actg. Maj.) G. S. Currie,             Temp. 2nd'Lt. B. Boyce to be temp. Lt..
   M.C., E. Ont. R., and to retain his actg.          26 Oct. 1918.
   rank. 20th Sept. 1918.
                                                    E. York. R.
A'ttd. to Hd.-Qr.. Units.                                Temp. Lt. W. H. Hall, from actg. Capt.
Brig. Gomdr.—Temp. Brig.-Gen. J. M. Ross,             while comdg. a Co., to be .actg. Capt..
   D.S.O., B. Col. R., vice Bt. Lt.-Col. (temp.       (addtl.). 13 Sept. 1918.

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