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More Info                                                         Published 12/29/2011

             How to Change the Handing on a GU / Ferco Multipoint Lock
                                                 Jessica Kinkade

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To reverse the handing of your lock, you will
need to rotate latch 180° so bevel is facing right
direction by following the steps in the diagram
to the right or on the next page. The two
diagrams show two different methods. The first
is used for locks in Pella doors. The second is
the method used for tripact locks.

*Note: We have written these instructions for
what we perceive to be the most common or
current styles of this brand of lock. There may
be other styles or generations of this particular
brand of lock that require a different method to
change the handing. Please don't hesitate to
email us with questions or concerns
( if this method
does not help you.

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