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 If you invest a lot of time and effort in your blog you probably want to monetize your
blog to reap some financial reward for all that hard work. then this article is for you
because am about to reveal some of the best ways you can make money with your

 1. Advertising Programs
Google adsense is s probably the best known advertising program available to Blogger
webmasters since Google Adsense can easily be inserted into your blog with a couple of
clicks. Google Adsense is a good choice if you are starting out and want to earn a bit of
extra cash. Don't expect too much at first though or you may be very disappointed. In my
experience you will probably only get about 1
Click for every 200-300 impressions. Therefore you will need plenty of traffic to make
Google Adsense work for you. See my tips on building site traffic if this is an area you
would like to develop on your Blogger blog. For more about Google Adsense please refer
to Guides to adsense tips
You can also add Google Adsense to your Blogger feeds giving you additional
advertising opportunities. If you haven't burnt your blog's feed at Feed burner make it a
priority. That way you can have Google advertising appearing in all your feeds.
Other Advertising Programs/Networks
There are plenty of other advertising programs to choose from if you decide against
Google Adsense. Adbrite is worth considering if you are in the market for an alternative
to Google Adsense Another possibility and one which I am using on my blog right now is
to try out info links which allows you to insert text ad units on your blog.

2. Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Programs are free. They provide banners you can place on your blog which
when clicked on earn you revenue. Typically these programs either give you a percentage
of the sale eg 5-10% or they pay a set commission per lead. Some of the largest affiliate
programs are Commission Junction and LinkShare.com. Most have a referral program
too whereby you can earn revenue by referring other publishers and advertisers. For
example Link share pays $1.50 for every valid publisher (afffiliate sometimes called
vendor) signup who generates a click-through to Link share within 30 days.

With so many good merchant programs to choose from it is easy to go a bit overboard on
banner advertising. Be careful not to overuse banners as they can detract from the look
and feel of your website.

3. Place a Donation Link or Button on Your Blog

Donations can bring in a few dollars depending on the generosity of your visitors and the
quality of your blog. You may have seen that a number of Blogger bloggers have a
donation link or button on their blog. These are equivalent to a tip jar on a counter. If a
visitor particularly likes your blog or has benefited from your help in some way they may
be only too happy to slip you a couple of bucks. Offerring a Paypal link on your blog is
an easy and straightforward method for visitors to make a donation large or small.

4. Sell E-Books or other Digital Media on Your Blog
One sure fired way to increase site traffic is to offer some digital product on your site that
visitors are prepared to pay for. There are heaps of examples of Bloggers who have made
a good return using this method such as Yaro Starak's Blog Mastermind, Rob Benwell's
Blogging to the Bank 3.0

5. Sell Advertising Space on Your Blog
If your blog is moderately successful in terms of the volume of traffic it receives you
might consider selling advertising space to a company for its advertising campaign. The
advertising slot can be leased on an ongoing basis or is good for a given number of

6. Rendering service
This is one of the most proven way to generate income from your blog, this include
offering service such as designing of website, unlocking of modem, changing blogspot to
dotcom , designing coven, and many others, if you want more ways of making money
with your blog, feel free to contact me.

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