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Owners Manual for 2001 Mazda 626

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									 Quick Tips                    Mazda                                626                               page 20
                                                                                                      page 1
 Revised October 27, 2000

                                   Maintenance notes:                       This Quick Tips® guide is provided
                                   Rotate tires every 3,750 miles             by MazdaTown to make your
      5,000 miles*   A                                                     Mazda ownership experience more
      7,500 miles    A
                                   A. Change: Engine oil/replace filter     convenient. It is not intended to
     15,000 miles    A             B. Inspect: Drive belts, fuel lines        replace your Owner’s Manual.
     22,500 miles
                                      and hoses, idle speed, brake         If you have any questions about
                                      lines and hoses, disc and drum        your vehicle, you are invited to
     30,000 miles    A B              brakes, steering operation and            contact your local dealer.
     37,500 miles    A                linkages, front suspension ball       Or if you need additional help,
                                      joints, driveshaft dust boots,               feel free to call our
     45,000 miles    A                chassis and body bolts, exhaust     Customer Assistance Center
     52,500 miles    A                system and heat shields                     at 1-800-222-5500
     60,000 miles    A B C D          Replace: Air filter, spark                 Monday through Friday,
     67,500 miles                     plugs (2.0L)                               9 am-4:45 pm, Pacific
                                                                            9 am-5:45 pm, Eastern/Central
     75,000 miles    A             C. Inspect: Engine valve clearance,
     82,500 miles    A                hoses and tubes for emission
     95,000 miles    A B
                                      Replace: Spark plugs (2.5L)
                                   D. Inspect: Engine timing belt          ©2000 Calcar, Quick Tips® is a trademark
 Tip: For additional service                                               of Calcar, made in USA 7/00 46.8M GL
                                                                          Mazda North American Operations reserves
 intervals and complete details,   * Special operating conditions         the right to change product specifications at
 see Owner’s Manual                † See Owner’s Manual                     any time without incurring obligations.

                                                                                Quick Tips           ®


                                                                                                          Guide for

                                                                                                   Controls and



                                                                                                         Get in. Be moved.
 Quick Tips                   Mazda                           626                                    page 2
                                                                                                     page 3
 Revised October 27, 2000

          1    2 3   4 5           6            7     4 8 4

                                                                                   Operates ignition and
                                                                                   all locks
                                                                                   Tip: Use key number
                                                                                   plate to purchase new
                                                                                   key; store in safe place
                                                                        10         Immobilizer system
                                                                                   Prevents engine from
                                                                        11         running unless coded key
                     20 19 17 18         17 16 15
                                                                        12         used, see Owner’s Manual
                  22                                                                 LOCK
                                                                                             Remote keyless

                                                                        13                   entry system,
                23                                                                           see Locks
          25                                                            14

 1. Power window switches,         11. Accessory socket*                          Tip: If lever does not lock
    see Switches                   12. Gearshift lever (A/T)*,                    move wheel up/down
 2. Power door locks,                  see Transmission                           slightly until lever clicks
    see Locks                                                                     into recess
                                   13. Parking brake lever,
 3. Dual power mirrors,                see Console/Trunk                    19.       Traction Control
    see Switches                   14. Console,                                   System*,
 4. Air vents                          see Console/Trunk                          see Under Hood
 5. Turn signal/lighting           15.      Rear window                     20.       Instrument panel
    control lever,                     defogger*                                  lighting
    see Driver Controls                Press on/off; shuts off with               To brighten/dim turn
 6. Horn/Air bag                       ignition; also operates heated             thumb-wheel up/down
 7. Wiper/washer control               side mirrors*                        21.      Fog lights*
    lever, see Driver Controls     16.      Hazard warning                        Press on/off
 8. Swing                              switch                               22.   Fuse panel
    Press to activate/deactivate       Press on/off                         23.        Hood release handle
    center air vent oscillation    17. Cruise control,                      24.       Remote fuel-door
 9. Climate control panel,             see Driver Controls                        release
    see Climate Controls           18. Tilt steering wheel lever            25.        Remote trunk-lid
10. Audio system,                      Pull lever down to unlock                  release
    see Audio System                   column, position wheel, push               Push to open trunk
                                       lever up to lock                       *Denotes optional equipment

      Always check the Owner’s Manual for more operating information and safety features

Quick Tips                                Mazda                                                                      626                                           page 4
                                                                                                                                                                   page 5
Revised October 27, 2000


                                      1                  11                             2                            11       12       13 14

                                      4                                60                            100
                              3             5                                    100

     10               2                             6
                                                              40            80
                                                                                                     180       120
     9      TCS
                      1                             7         20
                                                                                                         220                                                         16
                                                                        20                                                C        H    E         F
                                                                                                    240        140
     8      TCS
            OFF           0       X 1000r/min
                                                8                  0

     7                                                                                                                                                               17

                  23 22       21          20                                            3                            4        5               6 19 18

                                                                                                                                            *Denotes optional equipment

GAUGES                                                  WARNING LIGHTS
1. Tachometer                       7.     Overdrive off indicator*,                                                                   15.      Always fasten
2. Speedometer                         see Transmission                                                                                      safety belts
3. Odometer/trip odometer           8.     Traction Control                                                                            16.          Cruise control on
4. Odometer/trip odometer              System* off,                                                                                    17.       Rear window
   selector                            System turned off manually                                                                            defogger on
   Press to select among trip A,       or malfunctioning, dealer                                                                       18.         Immobilizer system on,
   trip B, and odometer                inspection required                                                                                   see Driver’s View
   Press and hold to reset selected 9. TCS Traction Control                                                                            19.      Anti-lock Brake System
   trip meter                          System*,                                                                                              (ABS)*
                                       Light flashes when in use;                                                                            ABS malfunction, normal brakes
5. Engine coolant                      dealer inspection required if
   temperature gauge                                                                                                                         only, dealer inspection required
                                       light remains on
   If above normal range, stop                                                                                                         20.       Brake system
   vehicle and turn off engine,    10.     High beams on
                                                                                                                                             Parking brake on/low fluid level
   check coolant level when safe   11.      Turn signals/hazard
                                       warning on                                                                                      21.       Check engine
6. Fuel gauge                                                                                                                                Dealer inspection required
                                   12.    Door ajar
                                                                                                                                       22.         Engine oil pressure
                                   13.      Air bag readiness                                                                                warning light
                                       Air bag malfunction, dealer                                                                     23.       Charging system
                                       inspection required                                                                                   warning light
                                   14.     Low fuel                                                                                          Dealer inspection required

     Always check the Owner’s Manual for more operating information and safety features

Quick Tips                                                        Mazda                         626                             page 6
                                                                                                                                page 7
Revised October 27, 2000

              DRIVER CONTROLS

                                                                    Turn signal/lighting                   High beams on/off: Push forward/
                                                                    control lever                          pull back to detent
                                                                    OFF = Lights off                       To flash high beams: Pull back
                          OFF                                            = Tail, parking and               slightly and release
                                                                    dashboard lights on: Rotate            Turn signals right/left: move
                                                                    knob (1) to first notch                lever up/down
      1                                                                  = Tail, parking, dashboard
                                                                    and headlights on: Rotate
                                                                    knob (1) to second notch

                                                                    Wiper/washer                           Fast wiper speed: Three
                                                                    control lever                          clicks down
                           F                                        Intermittent wiper:                    Single wipe: Push stalk up
                               INT                                  One click down
               2                                                                                           Washer: Pull stalk back
                                             PULL                   To change interval speed:
                                                                    Rotate inner ring (2)
                                                                    Normal wiper speed: Two
                                     2                              clicks down

                                                                    Cruise control                         To decelerate: Press and hold
                                                                    Operates above 25 mph                  SET/COAST (3), release at desired
                                                                    To activate: Press and release         speed; or tap brake pedal, press
                                                                    CRUISE MAIN (1)                        and release (3) at desired speed;

                                                                    To set speed: Press and release        incremental deceleration: Press
               1                                     RE

                                                                                                           and release (3), each tap = minus
                                                                    SET/COAST (3) at desired

               4                                    SE
                                                                                                           1 mph
                                                                    To accelerate: Press and hold
                                                                    RESUME/ACCEL (2); incremental          To cancel: Tap brake pedal, clutch
                                                                    acceleration: Press and release (2),   pedal (manual transaxle) or press
                                                                    each tap = plus 1mph                   OFF button (4)
                                                                                                           Return to preset speed (after
                                                                                                           braking): Press and release
                                                                                                           RESUME/ACCEL button (2)

             Always check the Owner’s Manual for more operating information and safety features

Quick Tips                       Mazda                               626                                  page 8
                                                                                                          page 9
Revised October 27, 2000



                                               1                             1. Driver’s window
                                                                                One-touch-down: Push down
                                                          TO                    firmly and release, window
                                                                                goes down all the way; pull
                                                                                switch back briefly to stop;
                                                                                press lightly and hold for
                                                                                normal operation
                                                                             2. Passenger window
Dual power mirrors                                                              Push down and hold to open,
                                                                 2              pull back and hold to close
Ignition switch must be in ACC
or ON position                                            3                  3. Power window lockout
Switch is on left side of dash                                                  switch
To adjust left/right mirror:           Power window switches                    Press down until click, only
Rotate dash knob left/right,           Ignition switch must be in ON            driver’s window operates; press
tilt knob in direction of desired      position                                 again and passenger windows
mirror movement                        All windows controlled from the          function again
Tip: To lock mirrors in place,         driver’s armrest; passenger doors
rotate knob to center position         have separate switches

 1       LOCK
                LOCK   2
                    keyless entry                        D
                                                        LO OO
                                           5              CK R

                3 system
                    Functions only
                    with ignition in           AU

                    OFF position
                    To lock doors:     Power door locks                             Unlock
Press LOCK (1); pressing again         5. Master front door lock
within 5 seconds causes doors to          switches                                Lock
relock and horn to beep                   To lock/unlock all doors:
To unlock: Press UNLOCK (2) for           Press left/right side of switch
driver’s door; press again within 5       To lock doors without key:
seconds to unlock other doors             With door open, press left         Childproof locks
To open trunk: Press      (3)             side of door switch, exit car,     Located at the edge of
                                          close doors                        rear doors
             Manual door                  To unlock: Use key to unlock       To activate: Push tab toward
     4       locks                        driver’s front door, open door     LOCK; door opens from
             4. Lock tabs                 and press right side of switch     outside only
             To lock: Press front         to unlock other three doors        To cancel: Push tab toward
             of tab toward door           Tip: Doors can be locked           UNLOCK
             handle                       with key in ignition (chime
To unlock: Pull front of tab away         sounds to alert you to key
from door handle                          in ignition)                      *Denotes optional equipment

          Always check the Owner’s Manual for more operating information and safety features

Quick Tips                       Mazda                       626                                 page 10
                                                                                                 page 11
Revised October 27, 2000



            ON DOOR OFF
                                       4   3      34    5
                                                                             3 4674 3            5

1. Interior light                   3. Map/reading light                6. Sunroof tilt switch*
2. Interior light switch            4. Map/reading light switch            Press rear of switch to tilt rear
                                       Press on/off                        of sunroof
    ON = light always on                                                   Press front of switch to close
    DOOR = light on when            5. Storage
    door open                          Press lip forward to open        7. Sunroof slide switch*
                                                                           Press rear of switch to open
    OFF = light always off                                                 sunroof
Illuminated visor mirrors                                                  Press front of switch to close
Mirrors lighted when covers open,
off when closed                                                           *Denotes optional equipment

                                   D (Overdrive)
                                   For normal driving: Shifts through
     1                             four forward gears automatically
     2                             Tip: Torque converter lock-up
                                   improves fuel economy and
                                   can feel like an additional
                                   gear change
                                   D (Overdrive Off)
                                   Press (2) to disengage/engage
                                   Provides extra power and
                                   increased engine braking, stops      Manual transmission*
                                   3rd-4th gear cycling                 Depress clutch pedal to start
                                   2 = Second                           engine and change gears
Automatic transmission*            Provides extra power and             WARNINGS: Do not shift into
P = Park                           increased engine braking             1st above 20 mph or clutch
To move gearshift from Park: Press Use to reduce wheel spin when        failure could occur
firmly on brake pedal, then press  starting on slippery surfaces        Resting your foot on clutch
release button (1) on gearshift    1 = Low                              pedal while driving and using
R = Reverse                        Use for engine braking when          the clutch to hold your vehicle
N = Neutral No gear engaged        second gear is not sufficient        at a stand still while waiting
                                                                        on a hill may reduce clutch life

     Always check the Owner’s Manual for more operating information and safety features

Quick Tips                      Mazda                            626                                           page 12
                                                                                                               page 13
Revised October 27, 2000


Manual controls                      WARNINGS: Always wear                        Power driver’s seat*
1. Fore-aft adjustment               your safety belt and properly                6. Raise/lower front of seat
   Lift lever and hold, slide        secure children 12 and under in                 Pull/push front of switch vertically
   seat,release lever                the rear seat                                   Fore/aft adjustment
2. Raise/lower front of seat         If you choose to install a forward-             Slide switch horizontally
   Rotate knob                       facing child safety seat in the front           Raise/lower rear of seat
                                     seating positions, move vehicle                 Pull/push rear of switch vertically
3. Seat back angle                   seat as far back as possible
   To adjust: Lift and hold lever,                                                   Raise/lower seat cushion
   lean forward or backward,         Air bag is supplemental and                     Pull/push center of switch
   release lever                     does not replace safety                         vertically
                                     belt usage                                      Tip: Side-impact air bags*
4. Head restraint
   To raise/lower: Pull up/push      Do not adjust seat 4                            deploy from outboard
   in release button (5) and         while driving                                   side of driver and front
                                                           5                         passenger seat backs
   push down
                                                                                  Folding rear seat backs,
                                                                                  see Console/Trunk



                                                                                  Dual locking mode
                   1                                                              lap/shoulder belt retractor
                                                                                  (front passenger and rear
                                                                                  safety belts only)
                                                                                  Emergency locking mode: Belt
                                                                                  locks only on hard braking/
                                                                                  cornering or impacts of about
                                                                                  5 mph or more
                                                                                  Automatic locking mode:
Shoulder belt height                                                              Must be used when installing
adjustment                                                                        child-restraint seat
To raise/lower belt: Push release                                                 To activate: Pull webbing fully out
                                      Child-restraint seat                        of retractor until click is heard;
button (1) and slide to desired       Use dual locking mode retractor
location                                                                          belt will only tighten
                                      safety belt; see Owner’s Manual
WARNING: Make sure adjuster           for proper installation and child-          To disengage: Unbuckle belt and
locks in one of its positions         restraint seat tether instructions          allow webbing to retract fully
                                      WARNINGS: Children less
                                      than 4 years old and under
                                      40 pounds should always use
                                      a child safety seat
                                      Do not place rear-facing child
                                      safety seat in front seat                  *Denotes optional equipment

      Always check the Owner’s Manual for more operating information and safety features

Quick Tips                          Mazda                                   626                                page 14
                                                                                                               page 15
Revised October 27, 2000

1. Fan control                                      1                        2      3    4         5       6
   Rotate knob between (OFF)
   and 4 (HIGH)
2. Temperature control                          0           2
   Cooler/warmer = rotate knob                                  3
   counterclockwise/clockwise                                       4                            MAX A/C

3.      = air to dash                                                                        A/C
4.        = air to dash and floor
5.        = air to floor
                                                                                     7       8             9
6.        = air to floor and
            windshield                Warning: Do not use                         Tips: To help prevent
7.        = air to windshield         position in cold weather,                   windshield fogging in humid
            (defrost)                 windows may fog and                         weather, select      before
                                      hamper vision                               starting engine
8. A/C*= air conditioner              Oscillating center air vents,
         Press to turn on/off                                                     To prevent moisture buildup,
                                      see Driver’s View                           never drive with system off
9.         = recirculated air         Control positions for                       Objects placed under the
     Press on/off; use for            maximum defrost                             front seats may interfere with
     maximum heating/cooling or       Fan to maximum, temperature to              air flow to the rear
     to keep outside odors out        maximum hot,      selected

                                                        8                         7. Jack
                                                                                     Stored behind right rear panel
                                                                                  8. Rear seatback lock
                                                                                     To disable/enable folding seats
                                                                                     move knob to lock/unlock
      1                                   5         6                   7            Split rear folding seatback*
          2                                                                          To fold: unfasten the lap
                           4          Trunk                                          portion of the rear center seat
                                      To open: Use key or remote                     belt pull release knob, push
1. Console                            keyless entry fob                              seat back down
2. Parking-brake lever                Remote trunk release,                          To return and lock: Push
   To engage: Pull up                 see Driver’s View                              seat back firmly until latched,
                                      5. Trunk security switch                       re-attach center belt
   To release: Pull up slightly while    OFF = trunk only opens
   depressing button at front of         with primary key
   lever, lower hand brake lever                                                              Interior luggage
                                               = trunk unlocked;                              compartment
3. Cup holder                            normal operation                                     release*
4. Storage bin                        6. Spare tire                                           Allows you to escape
                                         Stored under panel in trunk                          should you become
                                         Temporary spare tire                                 locked in trunk
                                         Do not exceed 50 mph                     To open: Pull “T” handle; “T”
                                         To change flat tire: Follow              handle will glow if it has been
  *Denotes optional equipment            instructions in Owner’s Manual           exposed to light

       Always check the Owner’s Manual for more operating information and safety features

Quick Tips                        Mazda                                                    626                                                              page 16
                                                                                                                                                            page 17
Revised October 27, 2000

 1. Power/Volume
    Press to turn on/off; rotate to                                 5                6            7 8                       9         10
    increase/decrease volume
 2. Memory preset buttons                             DISC IN     FM1/2              AM                  CD            MD/TAPE       CLOCK
    To set: Tune to station, press
    and hold until beep is heard             4       LOAD                                                                                                    11
 3. SEEK/TRACK/APC                                                                                                                               H   SCAN    12
    Radio: Press / to                        3
                                                                          CD IN
                                                                          MD IN
                                                                                           RPT RDM
                                                                                   1 2 3 4 5 6

                                                                                    AUTO-M MTL AFM12
    automatically seek higher/lower                                                        ST MCD CH                                         M   AUTO-M      13
    frequency                                2
                                                         VOL        1 DISC        2 DISC         3 RPT        4 PROG    5        6               TUNE
    CD: Press / to select next/                      PUSH POWER                                                 RDM                      PRESS AUDIO CONT

    previous track
    Tape:Press APC button / to                                                                                                                               14
    automatically advance tape to            1
    beginning of next selection/
    replay selection, to stop this
    operation; press button again
 4. Load*                                                            23 22 21 20 19 18 16 17 15
    Single CD loading: Press button,
    WAIT will appear; when IN
    appears and CD door opens,                   AM/FM Radio with Cassette Tape*/Mini-disc* and
    load CD                                              Compact Disc Player/Changer*

      Multiple CD loading: Press        11. CD eject                                                             16. Eject Cassette Tape
      and hold LOAD until beep is       12. Scan                                                                 17. Reverse/Rewind
      heard; when IN is displayed           Press to briefly sample next                                             Press to rewind tape
      load CD; when IN displays             listenable selections; functions
      again load next CD                                                                                         18. Program Random
                                            in all modes                                                             Press to enable/cancel
 5.   FM1/2                             13. Auto-Memory                                                              random play
      Press to select between FM1/FM2       Radio: Press and hold until it
      station preset buttons (2)                                                                                 19. Cassette*/Mini-disc* door
                                            beeps, system automatically
 6.   AM                                    scans and temporarily stores                                         20. Repeat
      Press to select AM frequency          6 strong stations in each band;                                          Press to replay current CD/
      band                                  press again to cancel                                                    tape selection
 7.   CD Slot                           14. Tuning/Audio Control                                                 21.    Dolby®
 8.   CD                                    Tune: Rotate counterclock-                                               Reduces tape noise/hiss
      Press to play CD                      wise/clockwise for lower                                                 Press to activate/deactivate
 9.   MD/Tape                               frequency/higher frequency                                           22. Disc up
      Press to play Mini-disc               Audio control: Press to select                                           Press to skip forward to
      Player*/cassette tape                 BASS/MID/TREBLE/FADE/                                                    beginning of next CD
10.   Clock                                 BALANCE: rotate right/left                                           23. Disc down
      To set: Press (10) and hold           to adjust selected feature                                               Press to skip back to beginning
      until display blinks and then                                                                                  of previous CD
                                        15. Fast forward/Rewind
      press Minutes (13)/Hours (12)         Press to fast forward
      to advance; press (10) again
      to set                                                                                                                *Denotes optional equipment

        Always check the Owner’s Manual for more operating information and safety features

Quick Tips                     Mazda                           626                                       page 18
                                                                                                         page 19
Revised October 27, 2000

                                                                            Under Hood

1. Windshield washer                2 3           4 567 8                      2      3                  67 8
   Fill with windshield
   washer fluid
2. Power steering fluid
   Check with engine off and at
   normal temperature, fill to
   MAX mark                      1 11           10         9               1 11       4      10      5     9
3. Engine oil dipstick                 2.0-liter 4-cylinder                            2.5-liter V6
   Check with engine off and at
   operating temperature; fluid   6. Automatic transmission                 9. Battery
   level should be between F and     fluid dipstick*
   L marks on dipstick                                                     10. Hood latch
                                     Check with engine on at                   Push hood latch to the left,
4. Engine oil filler cap             operating temperature; fluid              open hood
   SAE 5W-30/10W-30                  level should be within cross-
   depending on temperature                                                11. Engine coolant reservoir
                                     hatched area/between top two              Level should be between F and
5. Air filter                        notches on dipstick                       L lines when cold
                                  7. Brake/Clutch* fluid reservoir             WARNING: Never remove
                                     Fill to MAX mark with DOT 3               coolant reserve tank cap
                                     fluid; check with cap on                  while engine is running or
                                  8. Fuse block                                hot; remove only when safe

Break-in period                      Tips: Maintain constant                Tire pressure
First 600 miles: Drive at varying    pressure on the brake pedal            Decal on the edge of the driver’s
road and engine speeds; avoid        Do not pump the brakes                 door provides tire pressure
full throttle, rapid acceleration                                           information
                                     ABS self test*
or kick-down of transmission                                                Snow chains
                                     A self-diagnostic test is performed
Do not use special “break-in” oils                                          Install only on front tires; install
                                     when starting; you may feel some
Tip: Follow same procedures          brake pedal pulsation and hear         as tightly as possible and
with overhauled engine or            some noise, this is normal             retighten periodically
when brakes are replaced                                                    WARNING: Use only SAE Class
                                     Traction Control System*
Anti-lock Braking System             Automatically applies and releases     “S” chains
(ABS)*                               brakes to prevent excessive wheel
ABS automatically reduces            spin at all speeds, especially when
hydraulic pressure to any wheel      accelerating on slippery surfaces
on the verge of locking up                                                                Gasoline
                                     Tire economy and tips                               Unleaded
You may feel a slight pulsing of     Check pressure at least monthly                      regular
the brake pedal and hear a           when tires are cold                                 87-octane
clicking noise; this tells you the   Maintain correct front-end                          minimum
ABS is functioning properly;         alignment and tire balance; rotate                 16.9-gallon/
increase pressure on pedal for                                                         64.0-liter tank
                                     tires at the mileage shown in the
maximum braking                      Maintenance Guide; see Owner’s
                                     Manual for rotation chart
                                                                           *Denotes optional equipment

      Always check the Owner’s Manual for more operating information and safety features

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