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Marketing strategies that work today


									                  Marketing strategies that work today
Looking for the best marketing strategies to grow your business? It is certainly not alone.
Marketing has always been a difficult task for small businesses, has become even more
complex when the number of marketing channels available to reach customers expands.

The consumer who is searching the web for the best price in the card printing can not see
your ad in the local newspaper. And the woman who receives a text message from 11:15
a grocery store nearby said that today's lunch special includes a soda and never bother to
look at the coupons the store of bagels by mail with a similar offer. The owner can repair
a dishwasher must first look at the ads in the local weekly newspaper. And the teacher
who thinks her students and their parents spend much of their waking hours using
computers or other digital devices can not see the free sample ad running on Facebook.

So what is the best way to promote your business today? Unfortunately, there is a button
that sends marketing idea of a steady stream of customers to your door. If you sell
products or services, you must use several marketing strategies to attract and retain

The following list provides a variety of marketing strategies and ideas. Some of the ideas
are pretty basic, but very often the basic strategies of the utmost importance that
marketing companies forget or ignore.

If you have been in business for a long time and have not changed their marketing
methods in recent years, paying particular attention to strategies that involve the Internet
and digital marketing. No matter how he found existing customers, businesses and
consumers now regularly turn to digital media to gather information about their needs
and providers of research before deciding which service provider you will use. You want
them to find your business.

1. Identify a target market. Create a profile of your ideal client. What kind of person buys
the service most often these days? Why need and strong desire for this service? What is
your role? If a consumer product, where do they live? How old are they? How much
money do they earn? What other factors that make a potential customer? Where it is most
likely to find the service or to hear about it? Who can ask for a reference?

Once you answer these questions, you ask another, "Where should be the creation of
networks or what should I do to make myself known to potential customers or people
who give references of perspective." Once you have answered the questions, act

2. Promote what the customer wants to buy. Customers do not really want the service you
perform. They want the solution to a problem or an advantage to their service provides.
Think about it. A plumber customers are not really interested in plumbing. They want a
fixed pipe. Customers web developers do not want a database or design. They want a
website that will look good, is in the search engines and help them get new customers. If
you need help determining what your customers actually buy, I ask. Note their responses
and use of best results of all the marketing they do to focus on problems specific to their
service meets or benefits it provides.

3. Get a trusted resource for customers and potential customers. People like to buy from
people they know and trust. Also do not like it "sold" to them. Become a trusted resource
for your potential customers, providing information that will help them make the right

4. Are you a resource for the media. Members of the media are always in search of
authoritative sources to quote. Stay in touch with local media through networking groups
online and offline, and subscribe to HARO to receive questions from the media who are
looking for interview subjects of stories.

5. Set up profiles for you and / or your company on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook profiles
and Google (which also serves as his profile on Google +). Make sure that each profile
has a link to your website. If you have a prospect and lose your card, you can enter your
name in the search engine to try to find it. Having a profile on major media sites enabling
them to find and link to your website.

6. Claim your place in Google Places. Google places ads are not only fast-food
restaurants or retail stores. You can search any type of service by location, and Google
will display a list of companies that meet the service you are looking for in the specified
location. If you live in a big city, there is no guarantee of their profile on sites that list the
first page. But having a profile that gives an advantage.

7. Find groups discussions in the media that appeal to your target audience. Depending on
what you sell, search for clusters and / or location, focus groups. Set aside a few minutes
a day to read the conversations, then join as appropriate, to comment or post useful
information resources. If you do not have time to do it, hire a freelancer or an employee
assistance to explore the conversations that you can participate in.

8. Write articles relating to the service they provide. Put some items in your own site and
other sites to distribute articles and other sites that reach your audience and use the
elements of the taxpayers. Be sure to include an "About the Author" resource box with a
link to your site. (For more tips on article marketing, article marketing and read do not
do.) Articles help you and your company known, and help establish your credibility.

9. Print flyers or brochures and distribute membership groups you belong to, if allowed.
You can get free templates from Microsoft and HP can be used to create your own. Print
small quantities of brochures and product sheets for itself in a color printer. (Be sure to
use good quality paper -. Something heavier than the standard paper) When you know
you need more than a hundred copies at a time, to compare the cost of having them
printed with the cost print their own. Remember to leave enough time to feel that we
10. Volunteer to speak to local business groups. Local business groups, there are always
interesting speakers to attract members to meetings. Your conversation should be in
certain areas of expertise, but should focus on the needs of public information and
problems to solve.

11. Submit proposals to speak at conferences in the industry group. If you do not have
much experience to speak, to see if you can get on a board, instead of giving a speech
alone. Be sure to promote their participation in the panel before the event and a link to
videos or other promotional events after the conference planner was published.

12. Refer business to other firms in their networks. Providing references is as important
as a networking tool for them. People recommend that people who love .... And business
people generally like other business people who send them business.

13. Tweet, a reference and a link to the blog and social networking posts made by others
if you write something interesting for your audience. In addition to providing a good
material for his disciples, is a good way to win friends social media, expand your network
and get your name known and specialty.

14. Building a mailing list and send e-mail for information on a regular basis. Your
mailing list should be composed of people who have asked to be on it. (Having a
newsletter sewer on your website is a good way to get people to "ask" to be on your
mailing list.)

15. Register and participate in local business groups and try to take one or two as well.
The best source of business for many small commercial references.

16. Continue with the groups that use the types of people you want as clients. Even when
people do not really know, you become a little more reliably appear.

17. Stay in touch with potential customers and existing customers with a mailing. The
person who does not have time to talk with you today, may need their services (or know
someone who does) a few months or six months from now.

18. Ask for references. In addition to asking existing clients if they know someone who
can use their services, consider what other professionals who know they can refer
business to you - and vice versa. If you are an electrician, talking with local builders and
remodeling contractors, plumbers and people who put the tile. If you are a graphic
designer talking with designers and advertising agencies, job reference.

19. Pick up the phone and call the likely prospects. Cold Calling is difficult and you
should be able to cope with rejection. But it works. If you are afraid to try, see this article
on how to make cold calling easier.

21. Do not be too quick to discourage undecided. It is difficult to know where to draw the
line with people who keep asking questions, without any indication that the plan to make
a purchase, but sometimes the questions are used both for the size you or your company
as the information.

22. Having a website and advertising. I'm surprised, but there are still companies that do
not have a website. I was at a meeting of the Chamber of Commerce several months ago
and met someone who said he was an editor. I asked for a card, your card does not
include your site, so I asked for the URL of your website. Surprisingly, the person who
had tried to convince me that I could write the copy for the web, has no website.

No matter how many people, the networking you do or the number of social media
networks do not, you still need a website. Your potential customers want to see samples
of their work, learn more about you, and if you are a consultant or expert, you'll probably
want to read things I've written about your area of expertise. You can control what they
see in their own website. You can not control what ads appear next to your messages or
what are the rules on social networks.

If you can not afford to pay a web developer, configure at least a simple website with a
web site cost of hosting free or low-and design tools such as Weebly or GoDaddy. Once
you have a website, make sure it appears in the list of all your business documents,
business cards, directory of member associations, and all the places you can get the list.

23. It has a fully functional website. Another circumstance that I find amazing is the
number of small businesses who join local groups and business networks that do not
work with the websites listed in the directory of members. Sometimes it is because the
listing of the directory was published with a typo in the domain name. But often, it seems
that the owner of the domain name at intervals - or never finished setting up the website.
Do not let it happen to you. Be sure to register your own domain name (instead of letting
the web developer does), and make sure you keep your credit card information to date on
the registration of. Review your list of directories Association after it was published to
ensure that transcription errors and the link works. Review each page of your site to make
sure I keep the links go to blank pages or "page of the construction."

24. Do not stop marketing. Once you start getting into the business on a regular basis is
the temptation to slow down some of the marketing and networking that you do. But this
is a mistake. You must constantly market to keep business coming in regularly.

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