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How to close sales easier


									                               How to close sales easier
Concerned about closing sales? These tips will help you be more safe and comfortable at
the time of closing of the sale.

Robert Middleton

Shakespeare would have said this: To close or not close, that is the question!

Whether 'tis nobler to suffer possible rejection ... Or invite the opportunity to take action
... Freelancers have suffered the anguish of nearly ten thousand times recited his famous
soliloquy of Hamlet on stage. Two reasons:

1) It is the fear of rejection and 2) know exactly what to say when closed.

The good news is that if you see the number two, number one is greatly reduced. In this
article, I will share some of the situations that you close the sale of several. First, imagine
you had a good interview with the sales prospect.

You listened to your situation, know where to go, and are confident that your service is a
good option for them. I explained how your service, and now is the time to ask. But first
... What not to do:

I had a client who made the following statement each time: "OK, this is how my services
work Why not think about it and come back to me and let me know what you'd like to.."

No, no, a thousand times no! I will think well. They think out of it. And return to them,
will tell you to call in three weeks or three months.

You should do. But you should not let go, "Well, do you work with me?" No, perhaps
more subtle and still close the sale with ease. Here are some ways to do that when it
seems fairly certain that the prospect wants to move forward.

So just assume that they are ready and like this:

"This is how our services work, and I'm sure we can help you achieve the goals I have
described. Why not look after, we start? "Very often, it will open your calendar and
watch for a while. If you have any questions, I would say:" Before you program
something that I have some questions. " Once you answer the questions satisfactorily,
return to the closure assumption. "So why not set a start date and will send preparation
materials before our first meeting."

You discussed everything but price. You have a fixed price for your service or have
become aware of the price in advance. One of my favorites is closed - especially if I sell
the phone. "OK, that gives you an overview of what coaching is, and what you can
expect. The cost is $ 1500 per month. Is the work of your budget right now? "If this does
not work for your budget, and I know you can work with that. It is not uncommon for
people to say," Well, no, but I have to do it anyway. " Use this option when you can not
get the final agreement until it has submitted a proposal with a price. However, you must
have conceptually agreed on everything - problems, needs, goals, values and approach.
"Leave it summed up. Its objectives are XYZ and you can certainly help. I know I have to
give a final price, I will send a proposal. If this is acceptable to you, I can start the project
in two weeks. will that work for your program? "If they say," Yes, it looks good, I hope
we can work together ", then you only need to submit a proposal with an acceptable
price. If you have other questions, will lead to: "Can you tell me a little more about how
ABC is going to work?" It's not closure, but a test to see if it is at this point in the sales

Outlook: "The training is delivered with no follow"

What: ".? We can do it if you want to measure before and after the show is so important
to you "If they say" yes ", the closing test confirmed what we want and what they are
willing to buy. A first test is often used to monitor response to a question. Use trial closes
throughout the sales interview.

Here's another:

Perspective: "I'm not sure that our people are willing to do that."

That: "Many people worry about that, but structure things so that we get a very high If we
do this, it really improve performance, is not it.?" The answer might be something like:
"Well, if you can, which would probably make a difference." You are building a close
and a purchase agreement with each test.

Ultimately more customers: You do not need a lot of closure. Once you decide on a
partner that works for you, continue to use, with minor adjustments to the end of every
sales interview. Soon you will be sure that you can close naturally, safely at all times. I
promise to increase your sales!

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