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									               10 lessons for negotiating a better activity
Today in business we do not get what they want - you get what you negotiate. You see,
everyone wants to know "What's in it for me?" So for you to get what you want, you
better be prepared to answer that question for people who do business with the control of
the negotiation of learning.

I had a great deal of success in negotiating the opportunities these days, especially since
I'm not known as a chief negotiator. I negotiated raises that were five times what was
offered, negotiated a management position worth thousands more than the job description
with triple safety, and barter online services worth hundreds of thousands Projected
revenue for my business. How does a novice like me realize these things and learn to
negotiate in business? Here are 10 steps that I use for a successful negotiation:
Know what you want ... and what they want

What sounds simple, but difficult to implement. You need to know exactly what you
want from the transaction or negotiation. Do not wait until the other party to state its
position to determine what yours will be. If you want a raise, how much? A sales
commission of clicks, what percentage? Write these things as a wish list of everything
you want before you begin negotiations. If you can not look back and see that they were
forced to accept the terms for things that do not need to start.

In order to effectively counter and find the form of value corresponds to the needs of the
other party, you must first know what those needs. Again, be very specific in terms of
dollars, percentages, time, etc. Savvy negotiators will take your details and read between
the lines to meet the needs not specified, the emotional benefits as political gains within
the company .
Be patient

The lack of patience on your part can make it look like an amateur and kill a deal. Ed
Brodow, author of dealing with trust, says that patience can be devastating to the other
negotiator, if in a hurry. The reverse is true for you. Hide self-imposed deadlines to show
his opponent that could be taken a little easier to comply with a timetable. "Never accept
the first offer," said Brodow. "They will be more satisfied if the first offer is rejected -
because when you finally say" yes "to the conclusion that they have pushed to its limit.

Know your cut-and-run point

One big problem with the auction buyers is that people enthusiastically whipped into a
frenzy during the bidding process and ultimately buy something at a price much higher
than what has been considered possible. Not disclose their bidding limit. This may occur
during the negotiation as well. You must reserve its position or cut-off point on the run.
What is the amount of substance that will accept?
What will you die on the hill?
In any negotiation will have to make concessions if for no other reason than to allow the
other party feel to have something out of the negotiations. Decide in advance what
concessions will be key, which is really important to you. Do not die on a hill is not
worth dying over guys. If you are offered a management position in a company car is the
monthly rent of an important point to be a deal killer?
Benefits to suit your needs

So you can expect someone to give you something, you know you have to deliver value,
benefits, for him, either verbal or written negotiation of a proposal. Now you know what
you want, then browse the list of attributes for you or your business, and watch games
with the needs of your counterpart negotiation. Expert negotiators are not satisfied that
the other party want is not listed, and how they come together to do business. For
example, recently negotiated an agreement on the name of a business portal in line with a
national data provider. The data provider allows us to load the data that are normally paid
by a subscription in exchange for access to Web traffic expected on the site. This means
that traffic from clicks of sales, which has even negotiated a commission!
Finding win-win

It's a mentality that needs to happen for you to be successful today. No more winners and
losers in the discovery of the consultative sales or negotiations. It must be winners on
both sides of the table, to find that you can fill in the gaps and how others can fill gaps.
The fact is that every company and every individual is different, with different needs and
desires. Use to your advantage. Something that has little cost to you at the concession
may be a major blow for people doing business. What it does, because the situation of
reciprocity applies to you. Free software is an example. The software takes a bit of play,
therefore, the marginal costs for a software company are tiny, but the value of a packet
can be immense to the right. Everybody wins if all parties to maintain their opposition to
the spirit rather than the need to think about defeat. Opportunities will surface that you
never thought possible.
Find viable compromises

This goes back to point number 4. Some things can not live, but others are flexible.
Knowing in advance where you can be flexible and how to be flexible (or Plasticman
Gumby?). Each time you give a point in a region, such as payment terms, it is perfectly
acceptable and expected to double in another part elsewhere. As long as you keep
hesitating in their critical negotiating objectives, you can find compromises that allow
both sides to meet in the middle, without losing anything of real value.
Never undermined its value

It is a basic sales mantra I live, and it happens every day when people recognize our rates
and conditions, without limiting the service or demand equivalent concessions. If you are
willing to take a hit to their earnings in exchange for nothing, your credibility goes to
zero, now and in the future. If you do it once expected. Also leads to mistrust, because
you just did not show that his best option from the start. You have prepared for the
proverbial spitting distance of the competition, submitting to him to intimidate the future
of unjustified concessions. When a negotiation concede anything, make sure it will show
the value is less than the hand or the value of the additional demand from them.
Stick to your guns

If you offer a good proposal and you know it, tolerate it! Do not let fear, the indulgence
of their counterparts in language or reprimand will push into position. Let him blow
steam, which tells you how your argument is ridiculous, at the same time prove
something, and again stressed that it earns for doing business with you. Put the ball in
their court to ask him to show how there is no value in your offer. It is easy to throw
stones. It is much more difficult to prove these stones were in the air flight worthy. No
turning back and not to fail in the final negotiation. If you can not get satisfaction, follow
Brodow Trading Act of specialists, "Always be ready to go." Other offerings are a little
on the horizon, so do not get too personal in it.
Document the agreement as soon as possible

You have what you want and do so on the other side. "Look honey, it's a win-win."
Great! Get it on paper before you pat on the back and the other guys are disconnected.
Why? First, tomorrow, his memory can recall some something different. Negotiators
sometimes Secondly, many are among the leaders of organizations or individuals who
run the operation, but no legal training. As soon as the lawyers and analysts to make
contact with the agreement, you can bet items will be questioned today, that was a slam-
dunk yesterday. Ah, yes, yes.

The next time you're in a situation where giving and receiving, recalls a negotiation takes
place, if you call it that or not. Apply these ten principles to their situation and shows
little surprised that the increase probably work again the next sale, or get that much. Then
go to your favorite restaurant and reward yourself with a hot meal to get what you wanted
you. You deserve it.

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