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					                         3 ways to win back customers
by Karl Walinskas

If you're like me, you make a study of customer service they receive each day. To study,
analyze what is happening and try to learn the good and ill. You see the bad service that
allows us to say, "Wow, I will never do that with my business." The best part is that some
of the time, this statement turns out to be true. What He recovery procedures for customer

This is what I found in the study of the literature on customer service. There is much
literature on best practices and companies that excel at doing things - going beyond
loyalty bonuses - which runs the gambit. What you do not see recovery practices of
customer service to get my own mistakes. How should I behave when my company has
not issued, when I dropped the ball?

Painful experience tells me that this is not common knowledge. Many companies simply
on foot, shooting effectively to customers when a recovery strategy could win their
loyalty for years. They just do not practice customer service quality to follow.

I developed three tips so that when your business is in the unenviable position of having
egg on your face, wipe and rub gently with a towel instead of tomato sauce and add salt
and make a very worrying uglier.
1. The actual error.

One thing customers mad and totally discredits everyone is defensive and blame, but your
business. Pouring the milk, not just crying for him, he blames the cow. Empathy is to
position the client. She even hired or contracted with you and do not want to hear about
your problems with suppliers, delivery trucks, or acts of God. When he took the money
he took charge of the total solution, then act like it. This is essential to the procedures for
customer service to resolve customer complaints.

I had a 1993 Ford Explorer in 90 finals, and if you remember the new consumer in this
time period, you know that this model was one of the vehicles with the famous Firestone
Tire ATX file of the the factory. I picked up the car and the Goodyear tires were in it, so I
was out of danger. Whatever you think of either Ford or Firestone, businesses and
whatever the purity of his motives, I had the pleasure of receiving a warning / reminder
of Ford and Firestone. Everyone, I suppose, my name engraved on the registration
records and contacted me. The letter from Ford and Firestone blamed no excuse and then
tell me to contact Firestone. No, Ford told me that if I had my car tires and had to get
replaced. Letter Firestone said something similar, and even if I was a customer of
Firestone (Ford), I was a user of your product and resumed and intensified the problem.

This contrasts with the company, which must remain anonymous, who was responsible
for the installation of ADSL broadband in my office. I said that I would have connections
in the four weeks, which took more than six years. I had to send employees to work from
home remotely new connections because AOL could not provide Internet access and e-
mail - not exactly a desirable situation for me. This same company has shown the same
state of chaos in the courtyard of the phone line today. There was no hesitation to enroll
in the plan and the contract money in my business, but the jokers on the problem and the
answers were surprising. Blame it on Verizon, because they do not cut more lines, or put
them in the building. We had a snowstorm last week. My dog ate my homework. This
company seemed determined to convince me that he was "out of control." The client,
give me a scam? If you are the customer who pays for the product or service, all under
their control. Do not apologize, give solutions. In most cases you can do this by phone.
2. Implement the measures recommended by the customer.

It's very simple, yet so often ignored. Ask the customer what they want to do to make all
things new. Empower customers with part of the solution. They make the team, not an
adversary. Remember, this is kind of torque and has clear ideas about what to do as a

Recommendations customers are great for two reasons: first, then the client part of the
solution takes the edge of their complaints, and secondly, you can find answers that were
not aware or are less painful your company is your solution. Companies that excellent
customer service request for these opinions and, if possible, put them into practice. At
least, listen.

In the worst business practices to achieve the rulebook out the magnifying glass and then
call the soon-to-be-ex-client of the small print that exempts your company in the unlikely
event fail to fulfill the promise. Lawyers for the company say it is very good, but saves
the company from the ground. Well, lawyers are often called upon when a situation is out
of control, and not during the stages of building your business.

I'm dealing with a software vendor currently has not fulfilled the promise of my business.
Oh, there was tactically most of the steps, I suppose, but the perceived quality and value
for money is not there, and I know that my company feels that way. Instead of asking me
to provide a remedy, which I brought to his contract, one or two pages of what he speaks
of project deliverables and four to five pages of fine print legal boilerplate that tells me
that the shape of things of all hours spent last 30 minutes to another full hour roll. Is not
that rosy. They are so anxious to be compensated for every minute or even see me pulling
my roots and take the long-term solution for my business needs right out of the door to
another company, the blockade of the old company Tens of thousands of low-income
people in the future for maintenance and upgrades.

A better example is my friend T & F Tire Co., Kingston Tom. He cited verbally (without
legal document) an hour's work to solve an electrical problem on my trailer lights boat a
couple of years. Three hours later still not fixed. He apologized and asked me what to do,
to which I replied that I would not have to pay for 3 hours in an unsolved problem.
Without hesitation, they charged me for half an hour. Now Tom is the cost in real time
and money to diagnose the problem, but do not pass on me because I think it was fair.
Tom's business for about a thousand dollars a year directly from my wife and I, however,
was willing to part with a few hundred dollars more easy for a software company that
was 100 times that of my company within six months. I can not say how much money the
company earned Tom of my references and articles, and CD sales to speak of him in a
positive light. I can tell you how many references to the software company will get. Want
to hazard a guess?
3. Do the right thing - and then some.

At some point, sooner or later to fulfill the promise. You can be the budget or later, but
the conclusion is that it is better to finally do the right thing. The problem is that this is
where most businesses stop. You see, but that promise has been difficult XX to deliver
what they thought, so after a while, the customer gets poor X - tired, disheveled, and in
the evening. The smart business owner knows that for some reason no one bothered to try
to identify the elusive X, the client was more embarrassing. The firm's best customer
service practice offers X + something else. This is not an algebra class, but it's really that

When the mower is broken and the customer is returned under warranty, of course, give
you a new one. How about adding a coupon for gas or oil for lawn mower? The seam of
the blouse has collapsed? Try to give the person who returns two blouses. It is this sense
of what you yet? Provide women with a blouse and she said thank you and probably not
buy at the store. After all, blouses sold defective. Giving two cases cost $ 20 more
(depending on where you shop, I know), but you win the loyalty of that customer. Not
only do you shop here again, I would say five people, including three that I will buy there
too. The important thing is that they offer the advantage of this problem voluntarily,
without being pressed by repeated customer complaints. As a business owner, you have
your head is above a. .. Balancing (what would you think?) And trust your instincts. How
do you behave when someone who does business becomes a problem in an unexpected
and pleasant surprise? So do others.

Tim Ferris author of four hours a week talking about in terms of what he calls a "lose-win
guarantee" for its products, the customer, in the case of an accident, get more from your

So there you have my three simple rules to transform a fumble into a touchdown,
recovery procedures work customer service. Take ownership of this problem, ask the
customer's choice, and the excess of the results, and it is almost certain that ... almost ...
We hope to drop the ball so that it can be a hero in the service of their clients.