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e of update: 10/03/2011

            IP network planned (BLUE)
            IP network available at state level (TURQUOISE)
            IP network at sub-state level (YELLOW)
            NG9-1-1 preparation activity at state level (GREEN)
            NG9-1-1 preparation activity at sub-state level (RED)

            System has been up for approximately 18 months, running VOIP based 911 calls on a private network
            fabric. IP based call handling system identical to Vermont to include LoST, a single ESRP and a BCF
            (all redundantly deployed).

            Implementation of IP-based regional E911 system scheduled for October 2008.
            Wireless 911 Phase I/Phase II request letters will be sent coincident with E911 system vendor
            contract. Scope includes 2 primary PSAPs. Carrier connectivity at two geographically diverse
            demarcation points; any of the following: CAMA, T1, SS7 or SIP.

            The Matanuska-Susitna Borough and a vendor are in the final stages of negotiating a contract for the
            installation of the NG9-1-1 system. If all goes well, we should have a signed contract by mid-March and
            installation to follow soon thereafter.
            RFP AWARDED
IP Based CPE and redundant IP network (private fiber and County owned fiber) between redundant
host sites is now installed and is in the testing phase prior to cut. to include the ability to receive text,
images and video. Contracted for Next Generation Mapping and Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)

Continuing to receive savings and better services after implementing an IP-enabled inter-PSAP
network along with VoIP phones and VoIP server software. Working with a neighboring county who is
just implementing E9-1-1 to allow them to use Elmore County's IP network and servers.

Since October 2006 have had IP capable CPE and an internal IP network that covers one PSAP,
police, fire, EMS and mapping. Use T1 broadband 256k and 512k dual data "& voice on same line to
SR/ALI with voice given priority. Getting external connection via IP is being handled at the State level.

RFP #02-11 "An IP Capable E9-1-1 Call Processing System" proposals were received on July 26,
2011 and are being evaluated.
Upgraded CPE equipment last year in order to become Phase 2 compliant, which is being completed
now. Monroe County Wireless Phase 2 certification was completed 16 April 2008. The CPE can be
upgraded to a VoIP solution using new software to process with an IP network. Their on-premise ALI
DB is maintained by the County. 97% of the access lines in the county are housed in the on-site DB
and are updated on a daily basis from the primary telco, while the remaining 3% is handled via an
ALI query to a LEC's ALI DB. The 97% of records managed by the County are loaded ALI and CAD
State of Alabama has a plan to implement an IP network for 9-1-1 calls. Funding was received from
the DOT/NHTSA program to help fund the transition. This project is in the planning stages now and a
proof-of-concept trial is expected to begin in the 1Q2010 using the Alabama Supercomputer
Authority as the IP network provider.

On September 28, 2009, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety
Administration (NHTSA) and the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications and
Information Administration (NTIA) today announced more than $40 million in grants to 30 states
and U.S. territories to help 911 call centers across the country improve the ability to locate people
calling from wireless and Internet-connected telephones. American Somoa was awarded $200,000.00

Per, "Funding will be used to update the Department of
Public Safety’s PSAP to a 9-1-1 call taking and dispatch system that is Phase I and II compliant (as
defined by the FCC), including Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system to Computer Telephony
Integration, integrated voice/data, comprehensive and scalable call processing, and Voice over
Internet Protocol (VoIP) gateway functions."

The Arizona Trial project completed in the northen part of Gila County successfully. Trial components
included inter-tandem transfers for both voice and data between legacy selective routers, text
messaging, video streaming and a variety of other components.

The State's initial intent was to move into production once the trial completed. Funding issues have
effected that progress and the project has been suspended. All network components were removed
upon the completion of the trial.

NHTSA Funds were withdrawn because of 9-1-1 program fund sweeps to offset the State's budget
deficit. IP ALI project suspended, as well as a move toward expanded the NG network.
On September 28, 2009, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety
Administration (NHTSA) and the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications and
Information Administration (NTIA) today announced more than $40 million in grants to 30 states
and U.S. territories to help 911 call centers across the country improve the ability to locate people
calling from wireless and Internet-connected telephones. AR was awarded $594,060.05.

Per, "Arkansas will determine through assessments,
PSAPs within the state that are ready for Phase I and II deployment. After determining priority order,
funding will be used to purchase the necessary equipment, hardware and software to implement
Phase II status for multiple jurisdictions."

The ETS Board only collects and disburses the wireless 911 fee. They don't have any oversight for
operational 911 issues. In Arkansas 911 is under the jurisdiction of each County/City on a "home rule"
basis, there is no statewide coordinator or oversight.....probably the County Judge in each County
would be the best contact for you.

The State of California has been awarded a federal grant for an I.P. based 9-1-1 solution to meet
specific needs for California PSAPs. Plans to design and construct the network are currently in the
formative stages.

Updated from 9-1-1 Magazine , May/June 2008.
Fall 2007, installed IP-based transport facilities and Satellite trunks. Mobile satellite phones available
for use when disaster strikes.

On September 28, 2009, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety
Administration (NHTSA) and the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications and
Information Administration (NTIA) today announced more than $40 million in grants to 30 states and
U.S. territories to help 911 call centers across the country improve the ability to locate people calling
from wireless and Internet-connected telephones. CO was awarded $487,500.00.

ENHANCE 911 Act Grant wasn't used for any comprehensive NG9-1-1 project. The projects for which
we were approved were a grab-bag of Phase II projects for some districts that were still receiving
Phase 0 or Phase I wireless calls and a few projects that improved broadband connectivity to PSAPs
locally, but didn't create a network that could really be called an ESINet.
The RFI process previously mentioned has been successfully concluded. The Public Safety Data
Network has been installed at all PSAPs. The State of Connecticut will issue an RFP to procure the
statewide NG911 system during 4th Quartrer of 2011.

Verizon and Intrado have partnered to develop and implement our statewide Emergency Services IP
Network. The first stage will be to link all our state's 9-1-1 Centers together. The second stage will be
to migrate the technology into the network. All our 9-1-1 Centers are currently on the Positron Viper
platform with the exception of New Castle County. This center is staged to be on line with Viper by the
early part of next year.

NG9-1-1 Equipment and Regional Routing.

NG9-1-1 CPE & County IP Routing.
NG9-1-1 Equipment and Regional Routing - An IP network that connects all the PSAP’s and is
managed by the county. SP delivers the calls and provides the network transports to the intended

County upgraded to IP capable CPE equipment

NG9-1-1 Equipment and Regional Routing.

NG9-1-1 Equipment and Regional Routing.

Have signed a contract to move away from ILEC and go to a provided that offers an IP-based
emergency communications architecture and ALI management services. Should be in service by
November, 2011.
NG9-1-1 Equipment and Regional Routing.

NG9-1-1 Equipment and Regional Routing. Working on connecting network to neighboring Lake

NG9-1-1 CPE & County IP Routing - Palm Beach County, Florida, has cut over three PSAPs to a Next
Generation 9-1-1 capable system. This project consists of 19 PSAPs with 149 positions and has been
several years in the making.

Have signed a contract to move away from ILEC and go to a provider that offers an IP-bases
emergency communications architecture and ALI management November,2011
RFP for "Network 9-1-1 Equipment System" to be broadcast within the next 2 weeks. RFP will close 30
days after release. Looking for at least 3 quotes and will then apply for State grant by 2/1.2008.

Florida has a statewide IP communication network, MYFLORIDA.NET IP network is a enterprise
infrastructure is based on a Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) technology dedicated for the
exclusive use of State of Florida customers.

North Florida Routing Pilot Project: The initial MyFloridaNet IP test circuits were installed and tested at
Suwannee, Madison, Lafayette, and Taylor Counties. Test traffic, including test 911 calls, was
completed and they can transfer 911 calls. Liberty and Baker have been connected to the network.

South Florida Call Routing Project: The E911 Board awarded call routing grants to St. Lucie,
Martin and Charlotte Counties. Intrado was selected by the counties to implement the system.

Central Florida Regional Routing Projects: The E911 Board awarded regional routing grants to
Orlando and Lake for a Central Regional Project. Embarq was selected by the counties for the grants.

Panhandle Routing Projects: Okaloosa and Walton Counties were awarded grants contingent on
legislative funding release. Embarq was selected by the counties for the grants.

On September 28, 2009, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety
Administration (NHTSA) and the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications and
Information Administration (NTIA) today announced more than $40 million in grants to 30 states
and U.S. territories to help 911 call centers across the country improve the ability to locate people
calling from wireless and Internet-connected telephones. FL was awarded $2,669,782.30.

First VoIP 9-1-1 solution in Florida. Union County, Florida was first to deploy a live VoIP based 9-1-1
solution in the state. In working with vendor, Union County 9-1-1 has the flexibility to automatically
remotely take 9-1-1 calls via a private networked 9-1-1 solution. This includes the ability to have a
backup center activated immediately in an emergency. Working with all bordering counties (Baker,
Duvall, Alachua, Clay & Bradford) to design an interoperability network so each can backup or assist
the other as needed. Also Phase II and Enhanced 911 compliant. Installed an IP centric solution,
designed to support both legacy and NG9-1-1 calls.

NG9-1-1 Equipment and Regional Routing.
Installing an NG call taking solution bundled with an NG application for receiving and identifying the
geographical location of traditional phone calls, wireless calls, SMS text messages, Smartphone
videos and more.

The Idaho Emergency Communications Commission has just authorized hiring a part-time position to
develop a state 9-1-1 plan that will include NG9-1-1.

CSI is in the final stages for submission of our application to the Illinois Commerce Commission. I was
able to get a local legislator to introduce legislation for NG9-1-1. Our current statutes prohibit NG9-1-1.
The new legislation was passed by both houses and enacted into law on August 21, 2010. A
requirement within the new legislation is that a application be made and the regulatory authority has
180 days to act on the application. The private ESInet will be provided by a communications provider.
CSI will have two redundant data centers (BCF, ESRPs etc) separated by 54 miles and connected via
a 100 Mbps fiber connection. This communications provider is presently building out their fiber
network which eventually will connect all 21 PSAPs by fiber. Initially, the two data centers and 8 PSAPs
will be connected via fiber. The 8 PSAPs will be connect to the fiber ring with a 10Mbps connection.
The remaining 13 PSAPs via T1's. The remaining PSAPs will transition to fiber as it becomes
available. Eventually all PSAPs will be connected via a 10 Mbps fiber connection.

CSI has contracted with Southern Illinois University at Carbondale through their GIS Department to
"scrub" the 15 counties GIS data and to place it in NENA format. We have just begun the second year
of a two-year contract. The masters candidate overseeing this project is an employee of one of CSI

CSI through its partnership with its vendor has employed the Illinois Institute of Technology to test our
network design, as well as, testing CSI's application upon the network. CSI has partnered with a
Currently, 2 PSAPs are connected to an IP network that ties them to the ETSB and St. Clair County
offices. By doing this they become virtual PSAPs for 700/800MHz radio system, the 9-1-1 system, the
recorder systems for radio and 9-1-1, Computer Aided Dispatch, mobile computer access to State and
local public safety databases, County files and the County GIS system. In process of adding PSAPs 3
& 4 to the network. There is a total of 8 PSAPs in the county.

3 ESRPs - full ESInet

Selected to participate in the USDOT Proof of Concept project.
All 92 counties have 100% phase II service from all wireless carriers.
40 counties are active on Crossroads, phase G-1 of the project, with pre-selectivley routed calls
handed off to three non-redundant LEC legacy selective routers. 52 counties are on Wireless Direct
with voice & data converted to IP protocols.
40 counties are leasing LEC owned equipment. The LEC has denied direct connection to the leased
equipment they own.
A complaint at the IURC (utility regulatory commission, Cause 43499) was filed April, 2008, and had
the final hearing on May 5, 2009. A final order is pending from the Commission.
The status summary of these 4 counties are listed below:
  * 9 Counties with no IWDN (there is NO IP network connection to the PSAP)
  * 26 Counties with network presence (Counties have allowed the
        network T1's to pass through their back room but there is no local
        equipment connection)
  * 5 Counties with Map/CAD connect (County receiving the benefits
        of the network thru their map solution. LEC does not
        allow connection to their 9-1-1 equipment. IP connection is established
        with the 3rd party map vendor.)
The Indiana Wireless 9-1-1 Advisory Board (IWAB) conducted a beta test with the LEC for tandem to
tandem transfer. This agreement is a compromise workaround to allow wireless 911 call inter-agency
transfer between PSAPs served by the LEC and all other PSAPs in 52 counties. All other PSAPs have
full inter-agency call transfer with ALI data.

The tandem to tandem transfer feature beta test has been ended by the LEC. Service requires a
central office feature service that is discontinued availability / restricted availability from all switching
system manufacturers and cannot be economically deployed.

The Indiana Wireless 911 Board and several members of the legislature are working toward the 2010
RFP awarded on October 21, 2010 to provided a Statewide IP Enabled NG9-1-1 Network. The
contract was signed July 8, 2011. First phase of the project (network infrastructure and migration of all
PSAPs and carriers to new network) is scheduled for September 14, 2012.
First 9-1-1 Call Center in the country to successfully receive text messages sent directly to 9-1-1. This
groundbreaking effort allows those with speech and hearing impairments to use text messaging to
communicate directly with a 9-1-1 operator in an emergency. A broad team of communications
companies including i wireless, Intrado Inc., Positron Public Safety and RACOM Corporation were
involved in this effort.

Multi-jurisdictional task force selected a nationally recognized consulting firm to develop a Next
Generation 911 Implementation plan for Kansas and to design a NG911 pilot project to be completed
by September 2012

Elliott County Is First PSAP in U.S. To Connect via SIP to the Telecom Provider making them fully
prepared for Next Generation (NG) 9-1-1 capabilities. The local LEC has upgraded to a secure IP
network, enabling calls to be routed from its central office to the county's PSAP. All IP-based
emergency communication system and appears to meet NENA DRAFT i3 specifications. With the
NG911 controller, an integral component of the connections framework, the County is poised to
receive and react to 9-1-1 calls faster, gain enhanced 9-1-1 emergency service capabilities, and
reduce operating costs. The County is also deploying CAD and mapping software. County has true end-
to-end IP communications.

Compliant with the State of Kentucky's Commercial Mobile Radio Service GIS audit requirements, this
NG technology gives the agency numerous advantages, such as:
   * Cost savings. With the IP infrastructure in place, it will reduce the cost of adding new phone trunks
to a few hundred dollars versus several thousand dollars.
   * Emergency text messages. As NG capabilities become available, Elliott County will be able to
receive 9-1-1 text messages as well as telematics, video, audio, sensor, and camera inputs, without a
significant equipment upgrade.

Installed CPE IP 9-1-1 solution in Oct/Nov 2006. County has the flexibility to automatically remotely
take 9-1-1 calls via a private networked 9-1-1 solution. This includes the ability to have a backup center
activated immediately in an emergency. Use 56K modem for ALI with T1s between SR and PSAP.

County is working with two neighboring counties to determine feasiblity of those counties sharing the
Estill County system.
Kentucky appointed Joe Barrows as its new CMRS Board Administrator / State 9-1-1 Coordinator. John Patterson was hired to
manage Kentucky’s transition to NG and the federal 9-1-1 grant.

Kentucky’s CMRS Board and Office of the State 9-1-1 Coordinator have drafted and approved a state 9-1-1 plan & standards
that envision a statewide NG ESInet with NG applications built in compliance with NENA’s i3 standard. The plan specifies that
the network be a private, secured, managed MPLS network connecting all Primary and secondary answering points. Separate
RFPs to procure: 1. MPLS network transport with data centers (housing NG Apps & hosted CPE services); and 2. NG
Applications are being finalized for release at the beginning of 2011 (NOTE that an attempt to secure additional funding from
BTOP caused a delay in the RFP drafts).

Several projects employing regional IP networks are underway. Northern Kentucky utilizing Cincinnati Bell’s network already
has in place an IP network serving 7 KY PSAPs, the Cincinnati Metro PSAP, and Cincinnati Airport (located in N. KY) as a
secondary center. Most of these are remote systems off of MicroData hosts in 2 of CBT’s central offices. With CMRS state
grants and under the leadership of Lexington 9-1-1, several counties in central Kentucky are being connected via the KPEN IP
network built and managed by Windstream for Kentucky Post Secondary Education. Hosting services for smaller counties will
soon be provided via the SolaCom IP routers serving the PSAPs currently on this network. Under the direction of the CMRS
Board, AT&T is currently building an MPLS network in western Kentucky that will serve 10 or more counties and one university
(secondary center) via existing digitally cross connected VIPER hosts in two western Kentucky cities.

Other related notes include the finalization of the 2009 state map built as an aggregate of annual submittals of 106 individual
local jurisdiction GIS polygons and address enabled street centerlines. This state map is currently redistributed to PSAPs for
their use in managing misrouted Phase II wireless calls. However, it is also intended to be the core of geo-routing applications
within NG. Kentucky is also working with one of our wireless carriers to migrate their Phase II call delivery from the current
analog over to the KPEN network. This effort is intended to provide a transition path for the other wireless carriers, as well as
the 18 small wireline telephone cooperatives in the state.

IP network now in place connecting all three controllers for data transfers, map updates, and MIS.
Nine PSAPs now operational once the training center/backup PSAP came online earlier this year.
Currently working on upgrading local network to IP to interconnect controllers. Also exploring
options for ESInet with the LEC.
The State 9-1-1 Board is in the process of considering funding CPE, mapping, and network
functionality to provide the Maryland State Police Barracks (Secondary PSAPs) with the ability to
receive and rebid ANI/ALI on transferred 9-1-1 calls. The IP network will also be the process by
which to send any NG 9-1-1 data associated with transferred 9-1-1 calls. The pricing and solution
being considered is in response to an RFP that was tentatively award to Frequentis USA pending
availability of funding. The 9-1-1 Board is also examining the possibility of remotely hosting CPE at
the Verizon Maryland Central Offices and providing our Primary PSAPs with NG 9-1-1 ready remote
workstations. An IP Network would then be established between the Central Office and the PSAPs
utilizing existing fiber/copper connectivity (all copper connectivity would be upgraded to fiber over
time). This would network all Maryland Primary PSAPs in an IP environment (ESInet) leaving only a
Gateway solution to be identified once NG 9-1-1 standards and data sources are established.

The Massachusetts State 911 Department is considering requests from NG911 solution providers to
present their solution to the Massachusetts 911 Department during the month of September. We are
interested in vendors who can provide any or all aspects of NG911 solutions including CPE, database,
network and support services. (Email to 911TALK by Ashe)

In 2008 Michigan contracted with a consultant to perform a feasibility study for an IP-based 9-1-1
system in Michigan. The consultant presented that report in December of 2009. Based on additional
questions that were submitted after reviewing the report, an addendum was done in April of 2010.
The contract with the consultant was extended to assist the SNC in the development of a project
plan for NG9-1-1. That process is still in place.
Signing contracts with vendors and using the State of MN Office of Entrerprise Technology (OET) IP
network that already has connectivity to PSAPs for criminal justice network. A connection
will be made to a VPC data center through OET network and then put the CPE eqpt (except answering
eqpt) at State data center. Answering eqpt will be at 3 Metro PSAPs for trial that will have 6 stages.
The trial system will be up and opertional for couple of yrs so we can trial as standards as they are

Stage 1: Residential and Nomadic VoIP and Enterprise VoIP (4 hour block every 2 weeks
        to make test calls). Everything tested will be IP from end-to-end. All legacy will need to
convert to IP via gateway.
Stage 2: Legacy wireline
Stage 3: Legacy wireless
Stage 4: Transfers and conference bridge options
Stage 5: Policy based routing - overflow and LVF.
Stage 6: Hope to have standards for IM, TTY, alarms, text, CAD interfaces, working with
        images and streaming video.

Couple years of testing --- i3 routing and DB capabilities - how a VoIP customer signed up for
service - how it gets into service - providing coverage ESNs/Shape Files to VPC. VPC will also
be looking at their processes - beta test for VPC and CPE (suporting 3 separate and distinct
PSAPs with common eqpt. Will take data from VPC in tagged formats (XML) and make sure
CPE data processes work. Call taker functions - link call takers together as call load
increases - test conference tools.

The contract has been signed with the primary vendor. Using the State of MN Office of Enterprise
Technology (OET) network to connect out to the PSAPs. Primary vendor has a dedicated IP
connection in place between their WA facility and the MN OET data center in St. Paul. Some
preliminary testing has taken place to verify functionality between the network components. The
regular testing itinerary will begin January '2010.
The State of MN 9-1-1 Program released an RFP for a statewide NG9-1-1 solution in June, 2008.
RFP responses are currently under review with an anticipated decision by the end of the year.

Installed next generation public safety emergency call center upgrade with CAD.

Analog based 9-1-1 Switch with integrated CAD and Radio Dispatch Console
Installed complete, NextGen 9-1-1 ready solution and the project management expertise required to
effectively deploy this new system.

As a combined service 9-1-1 center, Warren County uses many products and vendors to achieve their
public safety mission. Vendor’s project management team has made connectivity with legacy system
and records management systems in other departments seamless. As a ProQA™ user medical
protocol integration is a great benefit.
CPE upgrades have been completed to the 9-1-1 workstations at the region’s 45 PSAPs. The upgrade consists
of software updates and hardware replacement. Several VoIP and wireless carriers in the region have connected
to the SR owned by MARC to route 9-1-1 thereby providing full 9-1-1 service to their customers. MARC has 2
redundant SRs that are approximately 20-25 miles apart. Delivery of ALI for wireless is IP, but the voice is
traditional PSTN.

Effective 08/01/2007, Keith Faddis has been named to the vacant position of Director of Public Safety. It is
anticipated that discussions will resume to determine the feasibility of implementing IP in preparation for NG9-1-

Issuing an RFP for consulting services to look at diversity and security; will expand that RFP to develop a
migration plan based on what's being done today and what needs to be done for NG9-1-1. Also, installing a M/W
sysyem for interoperability. Final VoIP network solution to integrate public safety communications systems in the
region and work in conjunction with M/W.
In the process of identifying the scope of work to be addressed in the RFP and hope to release by the end of
January 2008.

State IP network contract has been awarded. 9-1-1 can use the State's IP network; however, it has not
been finalized as to the most cost effective delivery methodology. PSAPs will be able to utilize the state
backbone for connections. Project will take some time as 95% of the PSAPs must be upgraded. Most
areas also need mapping. Plan is to have statewide radio/emergency operations at central DMARC at
each PSAP.

Participated in the USDOT Proof of Concept project in 2008. Implemented a turnkey E9-1-1 system
including 9-1-1 IP enabled network, CPE, database management services and an emergency
notification system. Deployed statewide E9-1-1 system for landline and Phase II wireless. Of 53
Montana PSAPs, 100% have deployed Enhanced 9-1-1. 41 have deployed Wireless Phase II.

NHTSA/NTIA grant of $484,000.00 awarded on 09/28/2009.

The Nebraska Legislature is currently in special assessment to address a shortfall in the state's
budget. In the Governor's original plan, it was proposed that $5 million be taken out of the Wireless
E911 Fund, which would make us ineligible to participate in the grant. We are currently awaiting the
actions of the Legislature to determine whether or not we will be able to proceed.
On September 28, 2009, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety
Administration (NHTSA) and the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications and
Information Administration (NTIA) today announced more than $40 million in grants to 30 states
and U.S. territories to help 911 call centers across the country improve the ability to locate people
calling from wireless and Internet-connected telephones. NH was awarded $642,948.39.

Cut-over to new IP telphone equipment on 09/30/09 on all 37 workstations. Calls continue to be
delivered from the New Jersey Statewide ILEC tandem to the County's IP switch.C100

Installing IP capable CPE system using TDM phones. Cut over is scheduled for 12/03/2008.

Installed CPE IP solution that is now live for 9-1-1, but they are having issues with the system. Talking
with vendor about replacing with another IP solution.

There is an existing IP network (Garden State Network) currently used to connect various state IT
services together; however, it is not robust enough for 9-1-1 and the state is not sure they can
manage. State is considering partnering with a consortium to manage a 9-1-1 IP network. Internal
discussions are still very preliminary and they are watching USDOT projects and standards
organizations to see where NG9-1-1 is going.
New Mexico E-911 stakeholders voted in May 2011 to put the Next Generation project on hold until
significant progress is made towards maintaining a 5 year PSAP equipment replacement cycle.
Currently, New Mexico has some PSAPs with 7 year old equipment. PSAPs are far more concerned
with keeping PSAP equipment current than migration to Next Generation. Emphasis will be placed on
catching up to the 5 year equipment replacement cycle. Security assessments and work towards a
Security Plan will continue.

Participated in the USDOT Proof of Concept project in 2008.

No active internal plans for implementing an IP network for NG9-1-1. They are participating in the the
POC as the process is separate from 9-1-1 and is a simulation effort. Only project working on today is
CAD replacement.

Guilford Metro has joined a consortium with 3 other counties and applied for a grant with the State for
the Intrado solution. Hope to hear something within 30-90 days

The North Carolina 911 Board has funded, through their grant program, two regional next generation
projects. One with the City of Winston Salem and Surry County with the prime vendor Synergem. The
second is with Stanley, Haywood and Brunswick Counties and the prime vendor is Intrado. The
projects are in various stages of deployment. Based on the results of the two projects will provide the
focus for the Board’s next steps.
Installed an NG9-1-1 call handling system with integrated mapping per microDATA press release.

Two North Carolina public safety agencies have a pilot version of one of the nation's first NENA i3 -
compliant Emergency Services IP networks (ESInets). The NCNC NG9-1-1 Regional Compact,
consisting of the Winston-Salem Police Department (WSPD) and neighboring Surry County, recently
accepted a newly implemented pilot i3 NG9-1-1 system. The system provides NG9-1-1 location-based
call routing and an updated IP network capable of delivering voice, video, text, and data to Public
Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) when the agencies determine it is appropriate timing.

Four vendors worked together to implement a complete system fulfilling the technical and operational
requirements for the NG9-1-1 i3 ESInet.

Full Press Release:

The North Dakota State Legislature, in 2009, expanded the responsibilities of the statutory “Emergency
Services Communications Coordinating Committee” (ESC3) to include statewide Next Generation 9-1-
1 Planning. The ESC3 is a joint committee composed of representatives of state and local
government agencies involved in the delivery of 9-1-1 services.

The expansion of the responsibilities of the ESC3 immediately followed (and was certainly a result of)
the December 2008 completion of a Statewide Next Generation 9-1-1 Master Plan by our consultant.
Using this Master Plan, the ESC3 applied for and received a federal ENHANCED 911 grant to assist in
the deployment costs of the ESI Net described in the Master Plan. Since the fall of 2009, the ESC3
has been meeting monthly – devoting the majority of its meeting time to gathering information,
receiving vendor presentations, and (most recently) completing a strategic planning process designed
to outline the next steps toward NG911 deployment.

Test site for an integrated emergency network. Advanced IP network delivery of all 9-1-1 calls and
data to integrate with existing system. Network redundancy, geographic diversity, completed
rigorous end-to-end testing. CLEC , Wireless and VOIP carriers are delivering calls to gateways.
Provisioned PSAP's SRDB, ALIDB and associated routing rules in an IP based environment.
9-1-1 ACOG, with it's ILEC partner, began migration of the 21 PSAP members to it's new NG9-1-1
system in September of 2010, and completed the transition in January of 2011. The CPE is a hosted
solution, housed within an ILEC secured facility. All PSAP CAMA trunks terminate at the host, and 9-1-
1 calls (voice & data) are delivered to the PSAP over a point-to-point T1 VoIP Network.

Each PSAP is connected to a statewide frame-relay network, which delivers ALI data at faster speeds
than conventional modem-based methods. This frame-relay network also has the ability to deliver Law
Enforcement Data Systems (LEDS) and National Criminal Information Center (NCIC) information over
the same circuit resulting in significant cost savings to the PSAP. The 9-1-1 Program office is currently
in the process of planning for the evolution of this frame-relay network to a network capable of
delivering IP-based data elements, and ultimately digital voice communications as well as the data
necessary to properly locate callers. This process is positioning Oregon for a seamless integration into
the Next Generation of 9-1-1 and Emergency Communications.

Currently in the process of upgrading frame-relay to T1s and will have IP links to ILEC centralized ALI.
All CPE equipment has already been upgraded to work with IP. As of 01/28/2008 there has been a
delay in getting IP links to ALI. About 1/2 of the T1s have been installed. Anticipate completion in
March 2008.

Regional PSAP Consolidation and IP Enabled diverse network, client owned Selective Routers route
all 9-1-1 in Allegheny County and the City of Pittsburgh.
County is exploring deploying a IP based netword (e.g.,NG911)
Installed an IP 9-1-1 solution in June 2006. Have a backup PSAP at Penn State Univ (connected w/T1
lines). Also have a dynamic instrument logger/recorder (IP) that allows for instant listening by
Calltakers and supervisors.

Over the next 8-10 months, Pennsylvania will be pursuing a series of studies and surveys to
determine Commonwealth NG9-1-1 needs, capabilities that exist to meet those need, and the
risks associated with identified capabilities relative to the identified need. Consistent with the
State Plan submitted with our grant application, we will engage multiple Commonwealth
stakeholders ranging from PSAPs and LEC‟s to our Commonwealth IT office as we pursue a
process to conduct a „Commonwealth‟ proof of concept that will ultimately provide a
foundation for NG9-1-1 in the Commonwealth.

On September 28, 2009, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety
Administration (NHTSA) and the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications and
Information Administration (NTIA) today announced more than $40 million in grants to 30 states
and U.S. territories to help 911 call centers across the country improve the ability to locate people
calling from wireless and Internet-connected telephones. PR was awarded $500,000.

Funding will be utilized to acquire NG-capable hardware and software.

State requested a PO to purchase Solacom selective router which will enable accurate call routing
regardless of the network origin: PSTN, cellular or VoIP. This switch will provide SS7 & direct
connection to IP network. Will implement as soon as I'm able to purchase the equipment that's
necessary for NG9-1-1.
Fully capable IP based CPE in place as of October 2007 and two different private sector broadband
networks available that could be used for NG911.

The South Dakota 9-1-1 Coordination Board will develop a statewide 9-1-1 plan as mandated by the
South Dakota Legislature, to ensure coordinated 9-1-1 service statewide. This plan will include a Next
Generation 9-1-1 plan for the state. Anticipated completion of the plan is mid-2012.

Vendor selected to provide a multi-agency Next Generation E9-1-1, Mapping and Computer Aided
Dispatching (CAD) system. The browser-based product design enables law enforcement, fire and EMS
agencies to receive and handle leading-edge telephony, wireless and Voice over Internet Protocol
(VoIP) communications.

Vendor selected to provide a multi-agency Next Generation E9-1-1, Mapping and Computer Aided
Dispatching (CAD) system. The browser-based product design enables law enforcement, fire and EMS
agencies to receive and handle leading-edge telephony, wireless and Voice over Internet Protocol
(VoIP) communications.
In early 2007, the Tennessee Emergency Communications Board (TECB) voted unanimously to
initiate a network-based Next Generation 911 (NG911) project to modernize the State's 911
infrastructure, converting it from analog to digital. After this decision, the State Office of
Information Resources issued an RFP for a statewide IP/MPLS network called NetTN. Because this
network would connect to each of the State's counties, the TECB opted to wait until the NetTN RFP
process concluded. AT&T was the successful bidder on the NetTN contract. After careful review of
the NetTN contract to determine whether that network could accommodate Tennessee's 911
system, it was determined
that with appropriate contract amendments, the NetTN network would be sufficiently robust and
redundant to provide NG911 service. The TECB then issued an RFP for the provision of NG911
management of 911 over NetTN, including a NOC and ALI database. Telecommunications Systems,
Inc (TCS) received the contract. The project is proceeding; the core infrastructure is currently being
deployed. Initially, wireless and VoIP service will be deployed statewide, with the existing 911
wireline infrastructure providing additional redundancy. Once the wireless and VoIP deployment is
complete, wireline will be transitioned to the NG911 network.

The Alliance continues to work on VDB/ERDB activities, now with internal member support. Emphasis
is on VSP/VPC wireline equivalency, and migration of data functions to NG9-1-1.

Self-healing SONET MPLS microwave network connecting all 11 PSAPs and Denco's Training and
Testing Center. TDM traffic currently traverses the OC3 backbone carrying live 9-1-1 traffic. Upon
completion of our current IP CPE deployment (estimated for April 2012), all TDM traffic will be
removed and all 9-1-1 traffic will be SIP-based and routed over the IP Selective Router.

The completion of a wireline MPLS managed network between all PSAPs and Denco's Training and
Testing Center will be turned-up with the new IP CPE. This network will become primary path for all 9-
1-1 traffic with MPLS microwave as hot-standby alternate route. Successful RFAI calls have been
received in Denco's Training Center and transfered to legacy PSAPs, while maintaining traditional ALI
capabilities at the legacy PSAP.
All 8 PSAPs are up and running using an IP 9-1-1 solution. Redundant gateways, redundant
controllers, application enablement server and redundant network switches.

Mapping solution is distributed thereby not requiring a mapping server at every PSAP. Each PSAP is
capable of visually seeing the 9-1-1 call traffic at all 8 PSAP’s

Ethernet Network covers 8 PSAP’s in Galveston County. Six of the PSAP’s are remoted off of one
controller on the mainland and the other two off of a controller on the island. Secondary functions
include remote maintenance, remote monitoring, data backup and data distribution.

District has constructed an IP base mobile PSAP that can be taken to any location that has
broadband internet access. This will allow dispatchers to travel to a safe location, log in as their
position and begin taking 9-1-1 calls. This call also be done with stand alone VPN phones, without
the mobile PSAP. If the PSAP has their 10 digit admin integrated with the
9-1-1 workstations, their administrative calls will also be available to them remotely.

Recently deployed a 4.9 GHz wireless broadband 48 cities, that two counties.for IP System monitoring,
Frame Relay infrastructure supporting 42 PSAPs, network and will be used ALI, radio traffic, as
security and support. CPE equipment is IP capable. Today the network handles ACN, wireless E911,
GIS mapping. All PSAPs are wireless Phase II.

Feasibility study completed to estimate costs to upgrade existing IP network to include
radio/microwave transport - allow 2 radio systems to communicate together on IP nwtwork. The
internal PSAP network is IP and uses IP telephony - plan to include radio towers in upgraded network
and have a single, diverse, fault tolerant public safety network solution for radio and telephony. County
in the process of gathering information, including going out to repeater sites so that they can write an
RFP to upgrade the network.
The Commission on State Emergency Communications (CSEC) has continued its NG9-1-1 planning
efforts and has issued the CSEC NG9-1-1 Master Plan available at

Texas was awarded an ENHANCE 9-1-1 grant of $5,390,760.71 to implement a first office application
of Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1). The grant project is the initial deployment of the Texas NG9-1-1
System, consistent with the CSEC NG9-1-1 Master Plan. The project will result in the delivery of 9-1-
1 calls originating from traditional wireline telephones, in IP-format to 120 PSAPs, via a limited
feature Emergency Services IP network (ESInet) and a Legacy Network Gateway (LNG).

State level ESInet configuration will be developed and vendor selection will occur during further
planning funded by the grant. The state’s local and regional 9-1-1 entities are planning for regional
ESInet deployment.

The Texas Poison Control Network which links a caller to one of the six Regional Poison Control
Centers continues to operate on an IP network. CSEC now contracts directly with AT&T for
operation of the of the Poison Control Network under a managed services agreement.

No change to Poison Control. It is going to run as it is for the foreseeable future.

System cut-over scheduled for May, 2011. The new system will replace an existing IP based system.
New system will be a hosted solution. Trunks from telephone service providers will be aggregated at
two locations and converted to IP. They will then enter the emergency network and will be delivered to
redudant data centers for processing. Calls will then be routed to the appropriate PSAP. There is no
selective routing on the telco side; they simply deliver the call to the gateway. Contract includes
optional “positions-on-demand” through the use of non-PSAP based call takers, and warm-site standby
Working with a vendor to develop a statewide IP network. NG9-1-1 may be just one of many that will
run on this network. The network is complete. The state has developed a 9-1-1 comprehensive plan.
Currently working through some contractual & legal issues to allow 9-1-1 to run on the backbone. Each
locality will have to decide if they want to opt in to the network and identify how they will opt in. State is
discussing developing a statewde catalog of services that would be available on the network. PSAPs
can apply for grant funding and at least one area has formed a regional system for implementing an IP
network and NG when available.

Circuits are now now being installed between CenturyLink and Intrado to facilitate our go-live. All
interconnect agreements have been signed and we're ready to cut as soon as those circuits are in
place. Our new projected go-live in Franklin County is January 2012 with Patrick County to follow
soon after.

Deployed an NG9-1-1 capable call handling sysyem on July 29th, 2008 that allows Franklin’s 9-1-1
center to accommodate existing and next generation calls for help from any device, with minimal
changes in the delivery calling network and no changes on the PSAP side.

Participated in the USDOT Proof of Concept project in 2008.

XML ALI Database fully implemented at all 12 PSAPs. Geocoding for every house number countywide
has been added to the PSAP E-911 mappiing systems. ALI Database Coordinator upgraded to full-
time, and performs comparison of daily changes in ALI Database to geocoded address database to
identify errors in ALI at the time they are added to the Database. Project to replace PSAP CPE
backroom equipment with IP-capable Equipment at all 12 PSAPs is complete. State of Washington
issued an RFP for a statewide NG911 ESInet and ALI Database, and a vendor was selected. King
County PSAPs have been cutover to the ESInet. All PSAPs in the state will be on the ESInet by
September 30, 2011. Project has been initiated with Intrado/CenturyLink to assess the impact of
removing the CAMA interface in Intrado VIPERs so PSAPs will be fully IP.
Two (SNOCOM and Washington State Patrol-Marysville) of three PSAPs in County have migrated to
State ESInet. The third (SNOPAC) is tentatively scheduled to migrate in September 2011.

Washington State signed a contract to provide the IP infrastructure utilizing Multiprotocol Label
Switching (MPLS) and utilizing an intelligent emergency network for selective routing and redundant
gateways to the LEC Power Edge Routers. The state prior to this process developed a Six Year Plan
to guide the transition to an Emergency Services Internet Protocol network (ESInet) and as an
information tool for legislative issues. This transition will take place in three phases.
• Phase I of the implementation consisted of a successful test of eight (8) primary PSAPs in
accordance with the NENA i2 standard. This phase was successfully completed in 2010.
• Phase II is the migration of the remaining thirty one (31) counties to the ESInet. This phase is
scheduled to complete October 31, 2011.
• Phase III is currently in the planning stages and consists of the centralization of Customer Premise
Equipment (CPE) around the state at various strategic locations in the most robust/redundant manner
possible and network diversity. Washington State will remain in Phase III utilizing the i2/i3 standard to
stay abreast of the developed and published standards of the standard setting entities. The state will
begin offering other methods (text message, video, etc.) of contacting 9-1-1 for emergency services
other than what they have today, once these other media or multimedia methods are proven and
The Washington DC PSAP provides two Selective Routers at two separate locations in Washington
DC for all facilites based Carriers with subscribers in the District to terminate live 911 calls. The
Washington PSAP uses DC-NET, an internal District of Columbia agency that provides a fiber optic
telecommunications campus network, that provides survivable SONET IP transport infrastructure
between each Selective Router location and to the PSAP for 911 call delivery. The DC-NET network
delivers a fully redundant, high-quality, transport network – capable of carrying voice, data, video and
wireless communications. The Washington DC PSAP internal network is IP capable and can support
IP solutions of the future.
           IP network planned (BLUE)
           IP network available at state level (TURQUOISE)
           IP network at sub-state level (YELLOW)
           NG9-1-1 preparation activity at state level (GREEN)
           NG9-1-1 preparation activity at sub-state level (RED)

           Seeking additional funding in order to continue testing NG functions and standards as they are

           NG9-1-1 Proof of Concept testing is completed. All related documentation may be found at
           * City of Rochester – Emergency Communications Department, Rochester, NY
           * King County E-911 System, Seattle, WA
           * Metropolitan Emergency Services Board – Ramsey Co. Emergency
              Communications Center, St. Paul, MN
           * State of Montana – Public Safety Services Bureau, Helena, MT
           * State of Indiana - Office of State Treasurer, Indiana Wireless 911 Board

           IP network planned (BLUE)
           IP network available at state level (TURQUOISE)
           IP network at sub-state level (YELLOW)
           NG9-1-1 preparation activity at state level (GREEN)
           NG9-1-1 preparation activity at sub-state level (RED)

          Liz Smith


           1st Vice President/Treasurer
           Tammie Shipp

           2nd Vice President/Secretary
           Lisa Mitchell
           National IP Network and NG9-1-1 Progress
                Last date of update:


Last Date
of Update     9-1-1 Agency/Entity Name                 Contact(s)
 09/15/2010 Alaska, Kenai Peninsula      Tammy L Goggia
            Borough                      Communications Center Manager
                                         Alaska State Troopers/Kenai
                                         Peninsula Borough
                                         253 Wilson Lane
                                         Soldotna, ALASKA 99669
                                         (907) 262-4453

01/08/2009 Alaska, Matanuska-Susitna     Dennis Brodigan
           Borough                       Director, Dept of Emergency Services
                                         Matanuska-Susitna Borough
                                         (907) 373-8815

09/07/2011 Alabama, State of             Roger Wilson
           Wireless 9-1-1 Board          (205) 221-7911
05/15/2009 Alabama, Baldwin County     Mrs. Chris Heger, ENP
                                       Director Baldwin County Emergency
        Communication District
                                       P. O. Box 924
                                       Robertsdale, ALABAMA 36567
                                       Voice: (251) 947-6911
                                       Fax: (251) 947-9600

                                       Contact per Chris:
                                       Mr. Lee Moore
                                       911Consult, Inc.
                                       124 Evergreen Dr.
                                       Deatsville, ALABAMA 36022
                                       Voice: (334) 451-0513
02/01/2009 Alabama, Elmore County      Annette DeVaughn, ENP
                                       E9-1-1 Director
         Elmore County E 9-1-1 Board
                                       8935 U.S. Highway 231
                                       Room 188
                                       Wetumpka, ALABAMA 36092
                                       Voice: (334) 567-0911

                                       Contact per Annette:
                                       Mr. Lee Moore
                                       911Consult, Inc.
                                       124 Evergreen Dr.
                                       Deatsville, ALABAMA 36022
                                       Voice: (334) 451-0513

11/20/2008 Alabama, Limestone County   R.V. White
                                       9-1-1 Director
                                       Limestone County
                                       Athens ALABAMA 35612

09/14/2011 Alabama, Madison County     Christopher (Chris) Tucker
                                       9-1-1 Director
                                       Huntsville-Madison County 9-1-1
                                       5827 Oakwood Road NW
                                       Huntsville, ALABAMA 35806
09/16/2010 Alabama, Monroe County          Shenenia Adams
                                           Monroe County E911
                                           Monroeville, ALABAMA 36461

11/09/2009 Alabama, Shelby County          Alan Campbell
                                           Executive Director
                                           Pelham, ALABAMA 35124

09/28/2009 American Samoa                  Fred Scanlan
           Department of Public Safety
           Pago Pago


08/12/2011 Arizona, State of               Arizona, State of
                                           Barbara A. Jaeger, ENP
                                           9-1-1 Administrator
                                           Staet of Arizona
                                           (602) 542-0911
09/28/2009 Arkansas, State of              Tina Owens (per

                                           Paul Stricklin, Administrator
                                           Arkansas Emergency Tel. Svcs. Board
                                           1401 W Capitol, suite 245
                                           Little Rock, ARKANSAS 72201

11/10/2009 California, State of            Karen Wong, Deputy Director
   Public Safety Communications Div.
                                           601 Sequoia Pacific Boulevard
                                           Sacramento, CA 95811
                                           (916) 657-9482

06/01/2008 Colorado, Kit Carson County     Ed Rapps, Sheriff
                                           Kit Carson County Sheriff's Office
                                           251 16th Street
                                           Suite 103
                                           Burlington, CO 80807
08/12/2011 Colorado, State of              Daryl Branson
                                           Colorado 9-1-1 Resource Center
                                           PO Box 272470
                                           Fort Collins, CO 80527-2470
09/14/2011 Connecticut, State of           William (Bill) Youell, Director
           Department of Emergency         Stephen (Steve) Verbil, Emergency
           Services and Public             Telecomm. Mgr.
           Protection                      CT DESPP / OSET
           Office of Statewide             1111 Country Club Road
           Emergency                       Middletown, CT 06457
           Telecommunications              860-685-8080
            Select “Office of Statewide

08/24/2011 Delaware, State of              Terry M. Whitham
     E9-1-1 Administrator
                                           P O Box 818
                                           303 Transportation Circle
                                           Dover, DELAWARE 19903-0818
                                           (302) 744-2682
 08/30/2011 Florida, Brevard County        Deborah A Sands, ENP
                                           911 Coordinator
                                           Brevard Board of County
                                           2725 Judge Fran Jamieson Way
                                           Government Center C-201
                                           Viera, FLORIDA 32940
                                           (321) 690-6846

            Florida, Broward               Mr. Richard D. Carpani
                                           Director, Communications Tech. Div.
                                           Broward Sheriff's Office
                                           115 S. Andrews Avenue, Rm #325
                                           Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301
08/18/2011 Florida, Charlotte County   Janet Hamilton, ENP
                                       911 Administrator
          Charlotte County Sheriffs Office
                                       7474 Utilities Rd
                                       Punta Gorda, FLORIDA 33982
                                       (941) 575-5339
08/15/2011 Florida, Hendry County      Robin McLean
    E9-1-1 Coordinator
                                       Hendry County Board of County
                                       PO Box 2340
                                       La Belle, FLORIDA 33975-2340
                                       Voice: (863) 674-5406

09/14/2011 Florida, Lake               Mr. Gregory A. Holcomb
                                       Post Office Box 7800
                                       Tavares, FL 32778-7800

           Florida, Levy               Mr. Mike West
                                       Levy County Sheriff's Office
                                       P.O. Drawer 1719
                                       Bronson, FL 32621
                                       (352) 486-5214

08/15/2011 Florida, Martin County      Joseph J. Laviano, ENP
                                       E-911 Communications Director/E-911
                                       Martin County Sheriff's Office
                                       800 SE Monterey Road
                                       Stuart, FLORIDA 34994
                                       (772) 220-7188
09/15/2011 Florida, Okaloosa County      Mrs. Christine Cooper
           Department of Public Safety   911 Coordinator
                                         Okaloosa County Department of Public
                                         90 College Boulevard East Niceville,
                                         FL 32578
                                         (850) 689-5606

10/03/2010 Florida, Orange               Annette Rodgers
                                         Interim 911 Coordinator
                                         Orange County Government
                                         3511 Parkway Center Court
                                         Orlando, FLORIDA 32808
                                         (407) 836-9678

11/20/2011 Florida, Palm Beach           Mr. Steven D. Booth
                                         9-1-1 Planning Coordinator
                                         Palm Beach County Division of
                                         Emergency Management
                                         20 S. Military Trail
                                         West Palm Beach, FL 33415
                                         (561) 712-6386

08/24/2011 Florida, St Lucie County      Tiffany Bennett
                                         Public Safety Division Manager
                                         St. Lucie County Public Safety and
                                         15305 W Midway Rd
                                         Fort Pierce, FL 34945
                                         (772) 465-5770

                                         Carolyn Dill-Collier, ENP
                                         9-1-1 Coordinator
                                         St. Lucie County Public Safety and
                                         15305 W Midway Rd
                                         Fort Pierce, FL 34945
                                         (772) 462-8198
5/29/2008     Florida, Sarasota County         Ms. Amelia L. Coates
                 Sarasota County 911 Coordinator
                                               1660 Ringling Blvd., 6th floor
                                               Sarasota, FL 34236

  08/15/2011 Florida, State of                   Wink Infinger
                                                 4050 Esplanade Way
     Bldg 4030, Room 235T
              www_dmsnet.dms_net.homepa Tallahassee, FL 32399-0950
              ge                                 (850)922-7445

  09/14/2011 Florida, Union County             John R Walker
                  Union County Office of
                                               Emergency Management
                                               58 NW 1st Street
                                               Lake Butler, FL 32054

              Florida, Walton                  Lieutenant Keith A. Chamblee
                                               Office of the Sheriff
                                               EM and Public Safety Communication
                                               752 Triple G Road
                                               DeFuniak Springs, FL 32433
10/23/2009    Georgia, Brantley County          William Lartz
Vendor                                          Director of EMA/911
Press         http://brantleycountyga.blogspot. PO Box 848
Release       com/                              Nahunta, GA 31553

              Hawaii, Oahu                     Executive Director
                                               Thera Bradshaw
              http://hawaiiwirelesse911.hawaii 6315 Paukea Place
              .gov/index.htm                   Honolulu, HI 96825
                                               (213) 840-0683

                                                 Executive Deputy Director
                                                 Courtney Tagupa
                                                 1600 Kapiolani Blvd. Ste. 530
                                                 Honolulu, HI 96814
                                                 (808) 447-8919
  09/30/2011 Idaho, State of                     Eddie L. Goldsmith
                                                 E911 Program Coordinator
                                                 Idaho Emergency Communications
                                                 P.O. Box 83720, Bldg. 600
                                                 Boise, IDAHO 83720-0076
                                                 (208) 422-5234
  10/21/2011 Illinois, Counties of Southern IL   Patrick J. Lustig, ENP
             (CSI)                               CSI Project Manager
                                                 Director, Jackson County 911
                                                 303 N. Robinson Circle
                                                 Carbondale, ILLINOIS 62901
                                                 (618) 457-5911
12/06/2010 Illinois, St. Clair County          Mr. William H. Gamblin, ENP
    911 Director
                                               St. Clair County ETSB
                                               101 S 1st Street
                                               Belleville, IL 62220-2014
                                               (618) 825-2160

            Indiana, Eastern Consortium of     Mark Grady
            IN Counties (ECIC)
10/04/2010 Indiana Network                     Barry C. Ritter, ENP
            (State)                            Executive Director
                                               Indiana Enhanced Wireless 911 Board
                                               10 West Market Street, Suite 2980
           Indianapolis, IN 46204-2982
                                               Office 317.234.2507
                                               Cell 765.969.1133

08/12/2011 Iowa, State of                      Barbara Vos
                                               E911 Program Manager
                                               Homeland Security & Emergency
                                               7105 NW 70th Ave
                                               Camp Dodge Bldg W-4
                                               Johnston IA 50131
                                               515-725-3288 (Office)
                                               515-240-4054 (Mobile)
  06/09/2009 Iowa, Black Hawk County          Waterloo Police Department
                                              Chief Thomas J. Jennings
    715 Mulberry Street
                                              Waterloo, IA 50703

  09/16/2011 Kansas, State of                Walt Way
                                             Kansas 911 Coordinating Council,
                                             15976 W Parkwood Ct.
                                             Olathe, Kansas 66062
                                             913-826-1010 (telephone)

  11/13/2009 Kentucky, Elliott County        Jim Skaggs, 9-1-1 Coordinator
                Elliott County Emergency Management
                                             PO Box 361
                                             Sandy Hook, KY. 41171
                                             606-738-6011 - Office
                                             606-793-2047 - Cell
                                             606-738-6667 - Fax

1/17/2008    Kentucky, Estill County         Fred Rogers
                                             9-1-1 Director
                                             Estill County
                                             Irvine, KY 40336
                                             606-723-6533, X231

                                             Cell 606-634-5763
 9/20/2011 Kentucky, Lexington (Kentucky   David Lucas, ENP
           Post Eductional Network)        Director
                                           Department of Public Safety, Division
                                           of Enhanced 9-1-1
                                           200 East Main Street, Room 313
                                           Lexington, KY 40507

09/23/2010 Kentucky, State of              John J. Patterson
                                           NG Project Manager
                                           Office of the 911 Coordinator
                                           CMRS Board
                                           Office of the Governor
                                           Kentucky Office of Homeland Security
                                           Commonwealth of Kentucky
                                           125 Holmes Street
                                           Frankfort, Kentucky 40601
                                           Phone Number: 502.564.3911 ext.

08/15/2011 Louisiana, Saint Tammany       Woody Glover
           Parish Communications District St. Tammany Parish Communications
                                          510 East Boston Street, Suite 200
                                          Covington, LA 70433
11/02/2011 Maryland, State of            Gordon D. Deans
    Executive Director
                                         Maryland Emergency Number Systems
           ensb/                         115 Sudbrook Lane
                                         Suite 201
                                         Pikesville, MARYLAND 21208
                                         (410) 585-5019

08/19/2009 Massachusetts, State of      Frank Pozniak
                                        Executive Director

                                        Tom Ashe
                                        Deputy Director
                                        State 911 Department
                                        1380 Bay Street, Building C
                                        Taunton MA, 02780-1088
                                        508.828.2911 (Main)

09/14/2011 Michigan, State of           Harriet Miller-Brown
                                        911 State Administrator
                                        Michigan State Police
                                        714 S. Harrison Road
                                        East Lansing, MI 48823
                                        (517) 336-6414
01/03/2010 Minnesota, Metropolitan       Pete W. Eggimann, ENP
           Emergency Services Board      Director of 911 Services
           (Minneapolis /                Metropolitan Emergency Services
           St. Paul metro area           Board
                                         2099 University Ave W
        Suite 201
                                         Saint Paul, MINNESOTA 55104
                                         (651) 643-8377

11/20/2008 Minnesota, State of           Jackie Mines
    9-1-1 Program Manager
                                         Town Square
                                         444 Cedar Street
                                         Suite 137
                                         St.Paul, MN 55101-5137

08/12/2011 Mississippi, Neshoba County   Jeff Mayo, Emergency Management
                                         Director , Neshoba County Emergency
                                         Management Agency (NEMA)
                                         11901 Highway 15 North
                                         Philadelphia, MS 39350
  08/04/2009 Mississippi, Warren County        Jason Tatum
                                               Vicksburg-Warren 911
                                               P O Box 351
                                               Vicksburg, MISSISSIPPI 39181
                                               (601) 631-8800
1/17/2008     Missouri, Mid-America Regional Keith Faddis
              Council (MARC) - Kansas City Director of Public Safety
              area                             Mid-America Regional Council
                                               600 Broadway, Suite 200
     Kansas City, MISSOURI 64105
              /                                Voice: (816) 701-8211

  11/21/2008 Missouri, State of              Paul Fennewald
                                             9-1-1 Coordinator
                                             Office of Administration
                                             Information Technology Services
                                             Truman Building, Suite 280
                                             Jefferson City, MO 65101

                                             REPLACE RD PORTER????
 08/25/2011   Montana, State of               Becky Berger
                                              911 Program Manager
                                              State of Montana
     125 North Roberts
              mcpx                            Mitchell Building - Room 52
                                              Helena, MONTANA 59620
                                              Voice: (406) 444-1966
                                              FAX: (406) 444-0165
  11/12/2009 Nebraska, State of              Joan Raffety McCoy
                                             Nebraska Public Service Commission
                                             911 Coordinator
                                             1200 N St
                                             Suite 300
                                             Lincoln, NE 68509-2006
                                             Office: (402) 471-0208
  09/28/2009 New Hampshire, State of         Bruce G. Cheney, ENP
                                             Executive Director
                                             N.H. Bureau/Emergency
                                             10 Hazen Drive, Room 105
                                             Concord, NEW HAMPSHIRE 03305

  08/17/2011 New Jersey, Burlington County Monica Gavio, ENP
                                           Burlington County 9-1-1 Coordinator
                                           Custodian of Records
                                           1 Academy Dr
                                           Westampton, N.J. 08060
                                           609-265-7118 voice
                                           609-265-1323 fax
  11/20/2008 New Jersey, Gloucester County Jim Cross
                                           Gloucester County NJ
                                           Division Head Telecom
                                           Clayton, NJ 08312

  08/30/2011 New Jersey, Ocean County        James DeLigny
                                             Chief PST/ 91-1- Coordinator
                                             Ocean County Sheriff's Dept
                                             146 Chestnut Street
                                             Toms River, NEW JERSEY 08753
                                             (732) 349-2010 OR 929-2044
5/28/2008    New Jersey, State of            Craig Reiner (Director)
                                             Office of Emergency
        Telecommunications Services
09/21/2011 New Mexico, State of                Bill Range, ENP, PMP
                                               New Mexico E-911 Program Director
                                               Bataan Memorial Building
                                               Room 202
                                               Sante Fe, NM 87501

08/17/2011 New York, City of Rochester         Mr. John A. Cassin, ENP
                                               Operations Manager
                                               Rochester Emergency
                                               Communications Dept.
                                               321 West Main Street
                                               Rochester, NEW YORK 14608
                                               Voice: (585) 528-2200
                                               Fax: (585) 528-2265

08/24/2011 North Carolina, Guilford Metro 9-   Craig Whittington, ENP
           1-1                                 9-1-1 & Special Projects Coordinator
           http://www.greensboro-              Guilford Metro 9-1-1
            1201 Coliseum Blvd
                                               Greensboro, NORTH CAROLINA
                                               Voice: (336) 373-2506
08/18/2011 North Carolina 9-1-1 Board          Richard Taylor
              3810 Mitchell Circle
                                               New Bern, NC 28562
                                               Executive Director
                                               NC 911 Board
           North Carolina, Beech Mountain Jay Hefner, Chief of Police
                                          Town of Beech Mountain
                                          403 Beech Mountain Parkway
                                          Beech Mountain, NC 28604
GEO-COMM North Carolina, North-Central    Doris Kinard
press      North Carolina NG911 Compact Winston-Salem Police Dept.
release                                   Public Safety Communications Director
11/04/2011                                725 N. Cherry St.
                                          Winston-Salem, NC
                                          (336) 773-7866

  08/29/2011 North Dakota, State of        Terry Traynor, Secretary
                                           North Dakota Emergency Services
                                           Communications Coordinating

  08/19/2011 Ohio, Hamilton County         Ron Bien
                                           9-1-1 Coordinator
                                           Hamilton Co. Communications Ctr.
                                           2377 Civic Center Drive
                                           Cincinnati, OHIO 45231
                                           (513) 595-8448

                                           Michael Bailey, ENP
                                           Interim Director
                                           Hamilton County Communications
                                           2377 Civic Center Dr.
                                           Cincinnati, OHIO 45231
                                           Voice: (513) 595-8440
  08/17/2011 Oklahoma, Association of       Brent L. Hawkinson
             Central Oklahoma Governments 9-1-1 Programs Manager
                                            Stephen M. Willoughby, ENP
                                            Director E911 & Public Safety
                                            Assoc. of Central Oklahoma Govmts.
                                            21 E. Main St., Ste. 100
                                            Oklahoma City, OKLAHOMA 73104

             Oklahoma, State of                Gene Thaxton
                                               Oklahoma Department of Public Safety
               PO Box 11415
                                               Oklahoma City, OK 73111-0415
                                               (405) 425-2231

1/28/2008    Oregon, State of             Mark Tennyson
                                          State 9-1-1 Program Director
    Oregon Emergency Management
             M/OR911/911_program.shtml    PO Box 14370
                                          Salem, OREGON 97309-5062
                                          (503) 378-2911

  08/17/2011 Pennsylvania, Allegheny County    Gary J. Thomas, ENP
             (Pittsburgh Area)                 9-1-1 Coordinator
      Allegheny County 9-1-1
             us/emerserv/911/                  400 N. Lexington St.
                                               Pittsburgh, PA 15208
                                               (412) 473-1412
08/17/2011 Pennsylvania, Centre County   Daniel (Dan) Tancibok, ENP
                                         9-1-1 Director
                                         Bellefonte, PA 16823-1488

11/06/2009 Pennsylvania, Commonwealth    Jonathan Hansen, ENP
           of                            Director, Bureau of 9-1-1
                                         PA Emergency Mgmt Agency
                                         2605 Interstate Drive, Suite 105
                                         Harrisburg, PA 17110-9364
                                         (717) 651-2288

09/28/2009 Puerto Rico, Commonwealth of Mr. Manuel Gonzalez-Azcuy
                                        Executive Director
                                        Puerto Rico 9-1-1 Service
                                        PO Box 270200
                                        San Juan, Puerto Rico 00927-0200
                                        (787) 273-3001

11/20/2008 Rhode Island, State of        Gregory M. Scungio
                                         Director of Operations
                                         RI E9-1-1
                                         311 Danielson Pike
                                         North Scituate, RHODE ISLAND
                                         Voice: (401) 459-0911

                                         Raymond LaBelle (retired)
                                         Executive Director
                                         E9-1-1 Uniform Emergency
                                         Telecommunications System
                                         1951 Smith St.
                                         North Providence, RHODE ISLAND
                                         (401) 354-0911, 4
09/14/2011 South Dakota, Pennington   Ted G. Rufledt, Jr., ENP
           County                     Deputy Director, Pennington County 9-
                                      President, Dakota Chapter of NENA
                                      300 Kansas City St., Suite 201
                                      Rapid City, SD 57701

08/18/2011 South Dakota, State of     Michael S Houdyshell
                                      911 Coordinator
                                      SD Dept of Public Safety
                                      118 W Capitol Avenue
                                      Pierre, SOUTH DAKOTA 57501
                                      (605) 773-2691

10/06/2010 Tennessee, Lewis County    Travis R. Hinson
                                      Board Chair
                                      Lewis County E-911 Board
                                      1211 Darbytown Rd
                                      Hohenwald, TN 38462-5609
                                      Voice: 931-796-6913
                                      Work: 931-796-5848

05/29/2009 Tennessee, Moore County    Metro Moore County 911 Board
                                      Mark Logan, Sheriff
                                      58 Elm Street
                                      Lynchburg, TN 37352
                                      (931) 759-7323
08/18/2011 Tennessee Emergency           Lynn K Questell
           Communications Board          Executive Director
    Tennessee Emergency
           911                           Communications
                                         500 James Robertson Parkway
                                         9th Floor Davy Crockett Tower
                                         Nashville, TENNESSEE 37243
                                         (615) 253-2164

09/14/2011 Texas 9-1-1 Alliance (TX      James D. Goerke
           Districts)                    CEO
                                         TX 9-1-1 Alliance
                                         1520 El Cielo
                                         Leander, TEXAS 78641
                                         Voice: (512) 528-9734
                                         Fax: (512) 528-9854

08/30/2011 Texas, Denco Area 9-1-1       Mark Payne
           District                      Executive Director
           Denco Area 9-1-1 District
                                         1075 Princeton Street
                                         Lewisville, TX 75067
                                         (972) 221-0911

                                         Other Contacts:
                                         David Connel
                                         Manager, 9-1-1 Systems
  08/18/2011 Texas, Galveston County      Jack Wilkins:
             Emergency Communication      Deputy Director/Operations Manager
             District                     Galveston County Emergency
         Communication District
                                          1353 FM 646 West, Suite 101
                                          Dickinson, TX 77539

5/28/2008   Texas, Greater Harris County 9- Ms. Lavergne Schwender
            1-1 Emergency Network           (
                                            Executive Director
               Greater Harris County 9-1-1
                                            10220 Fairbanks N Houston Rd
                                            Houston, TEXAS 77064
                                            Voice: (832) 237-9911
09/14/2011 Texas, State of                    Paul Mallett
  (top of
           page 911 contacts)                 Executive Director
                                              Commission on State Emergency
                                              333 Guadalupe St
                                              Suite 2-212
                                              Austin, TEXAS 78701
                                              (512) 305-6920

09/14/2011 Texas Poison Control Network       Paul Mallett
    Executive Director
           e.php/poison                       Commission on State Emergency
           or                                 Communications
       333 Guadalupe St
                                              Suite 2-212
                                              Austin, TEXAS 78701
                                              (512) 305-6920
                                              (512) 305-6937

08/17/2011   Vermont Enhanced 9-1-1           Jim Lipinski
             Board                            IT Manager
                                              State of VT
2/19/2008     Virginia, State of                 Dorothy Spears-Dean
                                                 Public Safety Communications
              ces/voiceServices/e911.cfm         Virginia Information Technologies
                                                 11751 Meadowville Lane
                                                 Chester, VIRGINIA 23836
                                                 Voice: (804) 416-6201

 10/07/2011 Virginia, Franklin County          Bill Agee
              Regional System to include       Manager of Emergency
              Patrick County                   Communications
                                               Franklin County, Virginia
                                               70 East Court Street, Ste 101
                                               Rocky Mount, VIRGINIA 24151
                                               (540) 483-3039
  08/17/2011 Virginia, City of Franklin        Mickey Futrell, Communications
               Frankllin Police Department
                                               1018 Pretlow Street
                                               Franklin, Va 23851

  08/30/2011 Washington, King County           Marlys Davis
                                               E 9-1-1 Program Manager
                                               King County E 9-1-1 Program Office
                                               7300 Perimeter Rd. S., Rm. 128
                                               Seattle, WASHINGTON 98108-3848
                                               (206) 296-3911
08/23/2011 Washinton, Snohomish County   Laura Caster
                                         E 9-1-1 Manager
                                         Snohomish County E 9-1-1 Office
                                         M/S #406
                                         3000 Rockefeller Ave.
                                         Everett, WASHINGTON 98201-4046
                                         (425) 388-7017

08/29/2011 Washington, State of        Jacqueline Randall
  IT Enhanced 911 Branch Manager
           e911_index.shtml            253-512-7015

                                         Robert Ezelle
                                         E911/Homeland Security Unit
                                         Washington State Emergency
                                         Management Division
                                         Camp Murray, WA 98430-5122
01/27/2010 Washington DC                 Susan Nelson
          Legislative/Regulatory/911 Fund
                                         Compliance Manager
                                         Office of Unified Communications
                                         Washington, D.C. 20032
                                         202 715-7558

           03/01/2007   Texas A&M trial


        Purpose of Network             RFP Date / Service Date             Geography & Ownership
To support, exclusively, 9-1-1                                        Owned by the Kenai Peninsula
traffic and supporting                                                Borough, the network encompasses
components. The network is                                            a land mass approximately the size
designed to deliver VOIP based                                        of West Virginia.
(SIP) 9-1-1 calls to PSAPS. In
addition scheduled GIS SQL                                            4 PSAP’s and 12 seats covering the
replication is done to the                                            entire peninsula.

To provide IP capabiltiy to the   RFP awarded on July 6, 2011. In final Owned by the ECDs of Alabama that
PSAPs of Alabama.                 contract negotiations currently.      committed funds to the project.
Prepare for NG9-1-1    RFP 11/29/2007                         Baldwin County AL

                       Anticipated cut date is February 23,

PSAP Interconnection   In-Service in 2006                     County

9-1-1 and mapping      IN SERVICE SINCE OCTOBER 2006 Limestone County
                                      New CPE installed in 2006

Deliver 9-1-1 calls via IP, improve                               Shelby County minus the city of
redundancy and diversity.                                         Hoover and Birmingham

Primary goal with this upgrade                                    Approximately 800 square miles in
was to obtain a geographically                                    Central Alabama. County receives on
diverse and fully redundant                                       average 70,080 9-1-1 calls for
system to support two primary                                     service per year and responds to
and one secondary PSAPs along                                     about 155,750 incidents.
with a backup PSAP available in
case of a primary location
NG911 and Public Safety          RFP issue '4Q 2011                   State of CT provides 9-1-1 platform
interconnection and                                                   (hardware/software) and training for
interoperability.                                                     107 PSAPs which include 169 towns,
                                                                      8 regional centers. NG9-1-1 will be a
                                                                      state solution.

Prepare for acceptance of the    We are piggy backing off the existing Statewide
Next Generation Technology       tariff with Verizon in the provisioning
                                 of 9-1-1 services.

Brevard County, Florida.           RFP process completed.             Brevard County
Fractional T-1 frame relay network
in place, connecting 11 PSAPs.
IP implementation planned for FY
                                                                      Charlotte County

4.1 Platform for IP network       Purchase Orders have been issued.   Hendry County
                                  Work to be completed by 12/31/11

                              911 Service Date - Full implementation by 7 Primary PSAPS and one
                                  12/2010                               Secondary

E-911 ANI/ALI Delivery            No RFP                              Martin County
                         n/a                Okaloosa County is a progressive,
                                            mission-critical call center serving a
                                            population of 185,000 citizens and
                                            thousands of visitors. The PSAP has
                                            multiple two-position remotes,
                                            including Eglin Fire Department,
                                            Eglin Security, Eglin Emergency
                                            Response, Crestview Police
                                            Department and Ft. Walton Beach;
                                            and several one-position remotes,
                                            including Eglin Air Force Base,
                                            Hurlburt Police Department, Hurlburt
                                            Fire Department, Niceville Police
                                            Department and Valparaiso.

Support NG911 delivery            6/15/2009 Palm Beach County, Florida

E-911 ANI/ALI Delivery   No RFP             St. Lucie County
Changing Sarasota County,                                          Initially, Sarasota County only.
Florida, 9-1-1 system over to an
IP based system. Will be
changing 911 system to an IP
network and changing CPE
equipment to also be IP based.

Allow backup to neighboring        In-service in January 1, 2011   Own all equipment. NG capable.
facilitate the delivery of 9-1-1   09/21/2010, contract as result of RFP 15 Counties: Alexander, Clay,
traffic                            04/05/2011                            Gallatin, Jackson, Johnson, Massac,
                                                                         Marion, Perry, Pulaski, Richland,
                                                                         Saline, Union, Wabash, White,
                                                                         Williamson, and the City of Marion
Implement an IP network to tie all
8 PSAPs together.

Statewide wireless E911 call         Crossroads (project phase G-1)        Statewide
delivery and ESInet service          complete 1Q07                         167 PSAPs / 134 taking wireless E9-1-
network                                                                    1 calls.
                                     Indiana Wireless Direct Network
                                     (project phase G-2) a/k/a the IN911
                                     network complete in 52 of 92
                                     counties October, 2008.

                                     IN911 network for remaining
                                     counties is ongoing.

Initially for wireless and VoIP.     RFP Award - 10/21/2010                Statewide
                                     Contract Signed - 7/8/2011
                                     Tentative In-Svc - 09/14/2012
Pilot Project will include      Consultant selected by RFP in   GIS data layer accuracy and
development and deployment of a September 2010                  completeness under study at
limited scope ESInet connecting                                 selected pilot sites in the State. At
three PSAPs and State Data                                      present time, GIS data owned by
Centers                                                         local jurisdictions.

Previous CPE system was in its    In Service Oct/Nov 2006.      County - Central 9-1-1 Dispatch
5th year of service - were having                               Center
some minor problems and
computers needed to be
upgraded so received approval
from the County Judge/Executive
to upgrade with the new IP 9-1-1
E911 Call Delivery, SALI   Rollout started with original three    Fayette County via Lexington-Fayette
                           counties (Fayette, Jessamine &         Urban County Government
                           Woodford) and expanded to other        Participating Counties: Taylor,
                           counties as funding was available.     Meade, Jessamine, Woodford, Boyd,
                           Final service date for Phase 3 (Bath   Garrard, Rowan, Grayson, Bath &
                           County) is set for pre-Nov 2011.       Lincoln Countiess

                                                                  Various sites around state

                                                                  District owned and maintained GIS
To allow MD State Police           RFP released and tentative award   State of Maryland
Barracks (23 installations) as a   offered.
secondary PSAP to receive
ANI/ALI and rebid capabilities.
Also, purchasing CPE eqpt. To
also explore the feasibility of
establishing a NG 9-1-1 network
connecting our Primary PSAPs
utilizing hosted CPE at regional
LEC Central Offices and existing
fiber/copper connectivity to
remote workstations at each
Ultimate goal: Public Safety IP   Week of 3/12/2007, RFPs will go out Multi-County
WAN linking 20 PSAPs in 9         requesting PSAP equipment for 2      20 PSAPs
counties                          counties and equipment necessary for
                                  routing using a WAN. rfp with in 10
                                  days -- end of mo - month

                                                                      anticipate statewide network for
                                                                      PSAPs to connect to

PSAP Interconnection              Not Planned at this time            County-wide except Tribal
                                                        47 PSAPs

                                                        MARC consists of nine member
                                                        counties and the six largest cities in
                                                        the region. The member counties are
                                                        Cass, Clay, Jackson, Platte and Ray
                                                        in Missouri and Johnson,
                                                        Leavenworth, Miami and Wyandotte
                                                        in Kansas. The cities with board
                                                        representation are Kansas City, Mo.;
                                                        Kansas City, Kan.; Independence,
                                                        Mo.; Lee's Summit, Mo.; Olathe,
                                                        Kan.; and Overland Park, Kan.

Working towards an IP network,
but before that happens,
equipment upgrades and mapping
are needed.

Statewide E9-1-1 network         RFP - 2005             Statewide - 53 PSAPs
w/common PSAP equipment.         In Svc - End of 2009
53 locally-managed 9-1-1
IP CPE installed 09/30/2009   Burlington County
Statewide IP network for all   An RFP for E-911 equipment and       State of NM
emergency services.            services was issued on Friday,
                               November 21, 2008 with a due date
                               of 12/17/2008. Categories covered in
                               this procurement included:
                                 * E-911 call taking equipment
                                 * Logging Recorders
                                 * CAD/RMS
                                 * Radio Interface (consoles)
                                 * Reverse 911 and Campus
                               Notification Systems
                                 * Generators and UPS
                                 * Paging systems
                                 * Next Generation consulting
                                 * Security equipment – routers,
                               gateways and firewalls
                                 * MPLS-like network services
                                 * Emergency Law Enforcement,
                               Fire, and EMS dispatch software
                                 * Dispatch consoles and chairs

To deliver voice and data                                          City of Greensboro & Guilford County
for 9-1-1 calls to PSAP
                                                                   21 primary/17 second PSAPs -- all
                                                                   mirrored and can run as 38 psaps, if

Statewide IP Network           Anticipate RFP for Consulting        Statewide
                               Services to be awarded at 07/20/2007
                               Board meeting.
                                                                   Winston-Salem Police Department,
                                                                   Eden Police Department and Surry
                                                                   County 9-1-1

Provide IP based network for   No RFP.
emergency call delivery and    Ohio does not require competetive
management of both advanced    bidding
voice and data services.       for 9-1-1 services and equipment.
Delivery of 9-1-1 calls (voice &                                        The Association of Central
data) over VoIP Network                                                 Oklahoma Governments (ACOG) is
                                                                        a voluntary association of city, town
                                                                        and county governments within the
                                                                        Central Oklahoma area. The ACOG
                                                                        region includes Oklahoma,
                                                                        Cleveland, Canadian and Logan

Statewide E9-1-1 network           Goals is to have network in place and Statewide,
w/common PSAP equipment            working by year end 2007

IP delivery network, large                                              County - 1 PSAP
urban/suburban demographic
Prepare for NG9-1-1              In Service June 2006   Consolidated PSAP that takes calls
                                                        for all of Centre County and two
                                                        communities (Philipsburg and Sandy
                                                        Ridge) that overlap with Clearfield

Upgrade our existing equipment                          1 PSAP
to handle SS7 and VoIP.
Broadband network for              1 PSAP for county
NG911calls available from two
providers but no solution
available/offered yet by the LEC
or their vendor.
Delivery of 911 calls, ALI         NetTN contract awarded June 2008, Statewide coverage with Emergency
retrieval, statewide transfer of   effective July 1, 2008 through June Communications Board ownership
calls, and sharing of GIS data     30, 2018                            shared with state government.
among other capabilities to be     TCS (NG9-1-1 management
defined.                           Company) contract awarded January
                                   2011, effective January 2011
                                   through December 2016

To immediately process VoIP        Intended service data is mid-2009       24 multi-jurisdictional 9-1-1
calls using a NENA i2 compliance                                           authorities that have formed an
infrastructure, and, help pave the                                         alliance to coordinate activities and
way to NG9-1-1 by beginning to                                             share resources and efforts.
generate necessary database

Network path diversity, disaster   RFP released December 2009,             District (Denco Area 9-1-1 District).
recovery, Metropolitan LAN,        contract negotiations begin May 2010,   The entity that provides enhanced 9-
NG9-1-1 backbone                   contract awarded and executed           1-1 service in Denton County. A
                                   September 2010. Complete system         board of managers, appointed by
                                   cutover Q2 2012.                        participating
                                                                           jurisdictions, governs the District.
                                                                           The District serves Denton County
                                                                           and all of the City of Carrollton. There
                                                                           are twelve (12) PSAPs that are
                                                                           currently capable of answering 9-1-1
                                                                           calls in the Denco Area 9-1-1 District.
All 8 PSAPs are up and running    Deployed CPE in March 0f 2006,      Galveston County Emergency
using an IP 9-1-1 solution with   wireless back up in August 2007.    Communication District
Ethernet service.

                                  Estimate RFP to be released March   Existing 42 PSAPs, 48 cities, and two
                                  2008 with a 30 day bid time.        counties.

                                                                      Possibility to add TranStar and Port


Support call handling, ALI/ANI    RFP - 6/24/2009                   Statewide
delivery, and NG 9-1-1 services                                     8 PSAPs
                                  Awarded 04/2010

                                  Cut over occured on 05/24/2011.
IP network trial, proposed that   By 3Q2007                              State-wide
NG9-1-1 be one of five

A911 Call routing and delivery

                                                                         two call taker positions

                                                                         population of over 8300 full time
                                                                         residents making over 46,000 9-1-1
                                                                         calls to the PSAP a year. It must also
                                                                         accommodate a large influx of
                                                                         visitors with wireless phones

Delivery of 911 calls and         State of Washington, 3rd quarter       King County WA
associated data to PSAPs.         2008. Statewide implementation of
                                  NG911 ESInet and ALI Database at
                                  all PSAPs in state to be complete by
State project to develop an IP      State RFP/Please refer to          Network covers Washington State;
network and provide IP              Washington State E9-1-1 Office     Qwest(CenturyLink)/Intrado
connectivity to all Washington                                         partnership - please refer to
PSAPs which will lay down the                                          Washington State E9-1-1 Office
infrasturcture to enable Next
Generation 9-1-1 applications in
the future.

Transition to a modernized          • RFPs were received October 31,   Entire state of Washington's thirty
method of emergency call delivery   2008                               nine (39) counties and managed by
utilizing Internet Protocols in     • Contract with selected vendor    the State E911 program office as a
accordance with the industry        Qwest/Intrado was signed June 5,   statewide service.
standards being published and       2009

TDM network supports Direct         No RFP or business case is currently Washington DC
Connect T1s and Trunks from all     in place for IP implementation.      1 PSAP
facilites based Carriers--ILEC,     Network is currently TDM.
CLECs and CMRS providers for
911 call delivery.
      IP Now
   IP Capable?                                 Initial Purpose
IP now.             A network infrastructure that allows for renewable software based
                    solutions running on redundant and replaceable "Common Off The
                    Shelf" (COTS) hardware.

Several districts   Statewide IP network for all emergency services with connection to
have IP capable     regional and/or national safety networks. Allow for receipt of external
CPE                 data such as haz-mat, RR events, weather, bldg info, health info,
                    etc. Improved agency & public alert & warning systems. Shared
                    information services for agency locator and access control.
IP within PSAP      Modify the design of existing system in several ways to increase the
network to          redundancy and geographic diversity of its capabilities. The county's
workstations – IP   intention to utilize TCP/IP communications to support NG9-1-1.
capable for
inbound trunking.

IP now within the Ensure they had a network in place that would still be accessible
PSAP network – IP during disasters AND to reduce costs.
capable for
inbound trunks

IP capable          Prepare for NG9-1-1 by installing IP capable CPE equipment and
                    internal IP network.
CPE is IP capable Implement Phase 2 wireless
with application
Defining common network components and State network
                 Feasibility study completed 1/2007 clarified the need for an
                 ESINet for interconnection of all PSAPs in a high speed
                 environment to support the delivery of advanced services,
                 increase reliability, and reduce costs.

                 Existing ISDN-based network could not deliver the full suite
                 of NG911 services envisioned by the State. The study
                 identified the need for better speed that will be required and
                 cost savings that would be the result of a dedicated network.

                 Three basic services provided by the ESINet (PSDN) are:
                 NG911; NCIC/COLLECT law enforcement database
                 connections; P25 switch interoperability connections between
                 every PSAP and the State switch.

GIS Mapping is   To get prepared for other media; i.e., telematics & alarm monitors
currently IP.

IP Capable       GIS file sharing & MIS data aggregation
IP now

When completed
will be IP capable

IP Now               911

IP Capable
Yes - IP Now

Upon completion   Upgrade existing analog 911 system to a digital/IP based system

IP Capable
                    Install IP backbone and new CPE. County wants a pure IP system.

IP Now              Ensure backup and redundant systems available.
(since June 2006)
Fiber connection     Deployment of NG9-1-1
between two data
centers, fiber
connection to 8
PSAPs and T1
connection to
remaining 13
PSAPs until fiber is
in place. Fiber
deployment over
three year period.
                    Implement an IP network to tie all 8 PSAPs together.

IP Now. Full IP    Cellular / Wireless E9-1-1 routing, transport, delivery and
transport of       interoperability
wireless E9-1-1
calls and ANI/ALI
data, delivers IP
voice and data to
IP PSAPs, converts
to analog/digital
to accommodate
legacy PSAP CPE.

                    Initially for wireless and VoIP.
The pilot project   Pilot project design and implementation to establish a limited scale
underway will       ESInet connecting two State data centers and three PSAPs.
establish a limited
scale IP capable
network utilizing
the existing State
IP networks to
connect the 3 pilot
site PSAPs.

IP Now              Needed to replace CPE & computers
Yes (Lexington
Police & Fire and
Bath County)

IP based
installed utilizing
CAMA network
PSAP Phone            To allow MD State Police Barracks (23 facilities) as a secondary
systems are either PSAP to receive ANI/ALI and rebid capabilities. To explore NG 9-1-
IP capable or IP      1 network opportunities.
now. The majority
of PSAPs have
fiber connectivity to
the local central
office. Those with
only copper
connectivity are in
the process of
being upgraded.
The Pilot Project      Supposed to be capable of supporting all IP-based public safety
will use NG            applications including, but not limited to, NG911, Regional Trunked
functions and          Radio, Regional Mobile Data, Multi-agency CAD, Multi-agency RMS,
protocols from end     Regional GIS, etc.
to end. The testing
involving legacy
911 systems will
include conversion
to SIP at the edge
of the Pilot Project

                       Defining common network components and State network

No                     PSAP
                    Scope of Work
                       * Develop a regional communications interoperability plan with the
                    support of a technical subcommittee and an operational
                       * Develop a memorandum of understanding with the agencies
                    that will be a part of the interoperability plan.
                       * Conduct an analysis of interoperability needs in the MARC
                    region. Complete a matrix of which agencies need to be able to
                    communicate in specific situations.
                       * Develop a plan to enhance the regional interoperability system
                    to include implementation of the RAMBIS proposal.
                       * Develop the RFP criteria for the communications equipment
                    including a VoIP network solution to integrate public safety
                    communications systems in the region.

State network is IP Implementing state wide 9-1-1 service for 56 counties
IP capable
IP Now

         Design a statewide IP network.
IP now              To provide IP based network for 9-1-1 call delivery and data
(Conversion of IP   management
to CAMA done at
the PSAP to
support legacy
IP Now

             ALI and PSAP connectivity to run over T1s.

IP Capable   Regional PSAP Consolidation and IP Enabled diverse network,
             client owned Selective Routers route all 9-1-1 in Allegheny County
             and the City of Pittsburgh, Plan deployment of an IP Enabled
IP Now     CPE equipment needed to be upgraded for wireless so they went
           ahead and upgraded to an IP 9-1-1 solution.

Not yet.
IP CPE now, IP
network available

                    Seeking a fully integrated solution for Next Generation 9-1-1
                    calltaking, mapping and dispatching of resources to replace three
                    existing, but disparate, legacy systems.
Some PSAPs are        Direct connectivity from wireless MSCs and VoIP with NetTN IP
IP capable            connections to PSAP controllers

                      NG9-1-1 RFI
                       *Intent to explore…….
                       * July 8, 2005, responses due
                       * 16 responses
                       * Both written & oral presentations
                       * Used info collected to decide how to move forward
                         Made decision to stage NG efforts

                      Coordinate activities with other 9-1-1 authorities and explore
                      opportunities to share resources and effort
Wireline and          Network diversity and disaster recovery
microwave MPLS
network integration
began in Q1 2011,
with IP CPE
beginning early Q1
IP Now              The District had 18 initial goals: reduced backroom equipment,
                    reduced proprietary components, reduced maintenance, remote
                    monitoring/maintenance/upgrades, detecting problems early,
                    remote support & training, remote call taking, better backup,
                    redundancy, security, PSAP-PSAP transfer w/ALI, multiple layers of
                    call processing, multiple entry points for CAMA trunks, be ready
                    for NG9-1-1, intelligent transfer, ALI rebid by carrier/class of
                    service and integration w/current telephony environments.

IP now internally
         NextGen in 2010

         Planning: Transition WG,
         Appropriations request.

         Preparation: Complete Phase II,
         Equipment replacement,
         Regional IP networks.

         Engagement: Partners Program,
         Interim legislative study,
         Other Texas 9-1-1 agencies,
         Co-sponsor Texas A&M project,
         Texas DIR.


IP Now   Replace existing system.
MPLS                 May use existing networks for initial trials

IP Now               Test and implement IP based E911 Services to include call routing,
                     delivery and ALI Database management.

Intrado VIPERS
have been
implemented at all
12 PSAPs.
Assessing impact
of removing CAMA
interface modules
so PSAPs are fully
Migration still in   Provide IP connectivity to all Washington PSAPs
progress for one
PSAP in our

Some are IP now Transition to a modernized method of emergency call delivery
and in Phase III as utilizing Internet Protocols in accordance with the industry standards
defined in "Status." being published and developed.
All PSAPs will be
IP capable BUT for
IP voice only.

TDM capable only Direct T1s and TDM/SS7 Trunks connect to each of the District's
at the edge facing Selective Routers. DC-NET transports to the PSAP. All Carriers
all facilities based were Direct-Connected as of 8/6/06.
Carriers. IP
capable in the Inter
Office Transport
between Selective
Router locations.
    Bandwidth available               Architecture
6 Mbps TLS between ECDCs Routed, IP-based, ethernet traffic with
with a failover T1.      QOS.

4 Mbps TLS to remote

10 Mbs connection where     Alabama Super Computer Authority's
available                   AREN
100 megabit primary fiber       TCP/IP
connectivity. 10 meg
redundant backup fiber

Each remote runs 1.536          ILEC frame-relay service (IP)
                                Ethernet over fiber
Network being upgraded to
fiber connections. 12 megabit
at each host site and 3
megabit at each remote site.
Initially, 10 GB for each     Dark fiber, lit using DWDM
ring, with an additional      technology, ring-redundant with 50
10GB for the core.            mSec failover. Six rings, with
Applications access the       multiple (diverse) connections
network through 1 GB          between each ring and the core. All
ports. Capacity can be        “touch points” (connections
added in 10 GB                between rings) are provided with
increments by turning up      dual, diverse building entry. Fiber to
additional “colors”           all other ring connections becomes
(lightwaves). Ultimate        diverse routed generally within 500
capacity on each ring is      feet. All fiber provisioned with TSP.
400 GB using 10 GB            PSAPs provided with VSAT hot
transponders; increasing to   standby provisioning for the basic
1.6 TB with 40 GB             three services (NG911, NCIC and
transponders.                 P25) only.

TBD                           TBD
1.54Mg - 6Mg   IP

               IP-based emergency communications
Unk   Smart Ring

      IP-based emergency communications
Data is downloaded to an onsite ALI DB
by local service providers.
100 Mbps between two data TCP / IP via Fiber at the completion of
centers, 10Mbps connection the project
to each of the 21 PSAPs
Up to 1 GIG. Nominal PSAP RPR (resilient packet routing) over
bandwidth is up to 3 megs SONET
To be determined during pilot

                                Windstream - DSL
10 Meg   MPLS IP Network

n/a   AT&T Network
Up to GIG-10 capacity.   Existing fiber.
 ATM today with minimum T-
1 to each PSAP.
Currently configured to      Redundant MPLS systems
handle 10 simultaneous calls
1.544mbps (T1) to each   Point-to-Point DS1

Internal network is Gigabit   Use microwave with the IP routers and
                              have T1s between Central Comm
                              Center and Penn State.
All that would be needed.
In process              IP/MPLS

Wireline MPLS network is  MPLS over SONET
projected to deploy at 30
Mbps. Microwave bandwidth
will increase as TDM
infrastructure is removed
from service.
On Comcast, we have 2mb
going to each PSAP, and a 20
mb circuit between the
controll points. The
bandwidth on the wireless
point to point varies
anywhere to 6 meg
aggragate to 32 meg
aggragate depending on the
This will be a hosted solution. All IP - MPLS
Intrado has commited to
meeting strict SLAs. Vermont
is purchasing call handling
services as opposed to a
9-1-1 system. For this reason
appropriate bandwidth is left
to vendor. They will provision
the systems with the
appropriate bandwidth to
meet all SLAs
Please refer to Washington   Please refer to Washington State E9-1-
State E9-1-1 Office          1 Office

Scalable                     Private managed Internet Protocol
                             network with a statewide Quality of
                             Service (QoS) framework.

All incoming 911 calls are   All 23 wireless and wireline facilities
delivered via T1s and        based Carriers 911 calls are routed via
SS7/TDM trunks.              T1s and TDM/SS7 Trunks into the
                             District owned and controlled Selective
                             Routers. The Selective Routers deliver
                             calls via two fully redundant SONET
                             rings that transport calls to two
                             redundant TDM switches s8700 PBXs,
                             located at two different buildings. The
                             network is fully redundant from carrier
                             to the Selective Router locations.
                                          Last date of update: 11/30/2008

                           Services provided
                               on network
Wide area circuit provider is Alaska Communications Systems.
Maintained and operated by the Kenai Peninsula Borough.

ANI/ALI and selective routing initially
911 calltaking and voice, CAD, logging recorder playback, mapped ALI,
remote ALI delivery via IP to secondary PD’s. IP radio dispatch is the
next phase.

911 call taking, MIS, call logging, mapped ALI, remote listening of digital
Regarding the PSDN: Public Safety Services, with the primary
occupant NG911. Each authorized service is provided with a
Layer 2 connection across the network; thus each provider is
responsible for managing their own address space. The network
connects, via fiber, to every PSAP in the State.

Regarding NG911 specifically; IP routing and call delivery on
network to all PSAPs, utilizing all possible NG911 functionality
(NG911 DBMS, LVF, LOST, ESRP) within the PSDN while still
terminating legacy 9-1-1 calls and translating them to IP,
including call aggregation points and all equipment required at
each of the PSAP locations. Outward-facing pure IP 9-1-1 call
termination not offered at initial roll out until default
routing/caller identification issues are resolved. Consolidation of
POTS/Centrex and other 10-digit services for PSAPs onto NG911
to facilitate single headset solutions. Centralized logging
recorder functionality. Centralized call database services to
facilitate information sharing, automatic aid/boundary drop
agreements, PSAP consolidation and continuity of operations.


Routing and ALI management services.

routing and ALI management services
The current plan is    9-1-1, logging recorders, mapping and 3-1-1.
Want to include 3-1-1 so if there is a major hurricane, they can off-load
non-emergency calls to 3-1-1.

Currently, only backup capabilities within County.
9-1-1 call delivery via Wireline, Wireless, VoIP, initially. Standards
based. Once standards complete for Text, SMS services will be
deployed along with video and sensor devices
NCIC, Fingerprint, Protective Order, others -- all IP network

Wireless E9-1-1 call routing, ANI/ALI delivery, PSAP interoperability,
interagency transfer, integrated language line translation service,
Radio over IP (RoIP), ESInet services including redundant/diverse CJIS
services via AES security compliant (IDACS/NCIC/AFIS) services,
statewide warrant and criminal data via JTAC (Joint Technology
Advisory Committee) projects.

Call handling for wireless and VoIP.
Handles wireline and wireless calls.
ANI/ALI and mapping services
Call routing, receipt and ALI Information
B and E9-1-1 for landline and Phase 2 wireless.

VSPs are either coming in on telco SRs or they also have the
opportunity to connect to the State IP router.
The system provides NG9-1-1 location based call routing and an
updated IP network capable of delivering voice, video, text, and data to
Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) when available.

911 routing, data management and other optional advanced services
such as texting
to 9-1-1 and supplemental data.
VoIP / PSAP workstation connectivity to the Host.

E9-1-1 calls, mapping and voice connection
Wireless, wireline, call logger/recorder

Standalone ALI and VoIP connectivity
Wireless and VoIP 911 call delivery and ALI retrieval initially

TDMA and mixed-use IP traffic with QOS and traffic shaping
All voice and data transport between primary Data Centers and PSAP's
having to do with 9-1-1, including GIS and MIS. By using "prioritization"
features of the system, all VOICE takes priority.

Separate State network provides NCIS/CAD. Could combine into one
network, but would have to define rules and privacy guidelines as those
are quite different today.
911 Call selective routing and ALI database management and delivery.
When NENA standards are fully developed, we will move to geo-spacial
call routing and text messaging delivery.
Please refer to Washington State E9-1-1 Office

Same services as circuit switched today but utilizing IP.

Termination of all TDM E911 Calls from each individual Carrier and
connectivity between the primary and back-up secondary site.
                 Future Plans
09/10/2010 entering into final contract
negotiations with CAD vendor. Expected
deployment: April 2011.

Seek funding for additional applications
to run on ANGEN
 IP based radio dispatch across the same
private network

Negotiating with a neighboring county who is
just implementing E9-1-1 to allow them to use
Elmore County's IP network and servers.

That project was put on shelf due to LEC
restrictions that prevented 911 trunks being
delivered across LATA lines. CAD for all law
enforcement agencies in county being
considered and would use 911 fiber network.

Currently investigating M/W for internal use for
9-1-1 and how it may work as a tool for video
from cell phones. Current radio system is line-
of-site UHF/VHF and would not be on M/W
until 800 MGHz. They have capability to
receive video; trying to figure out how to get it
into the internal network.
Purchase IP based call taker
equipment/software and IP radio console in
Connecticut has received $93.9 Million in
BTOP funding to expand the PSDN, which
will include approximately 400 additional
connections to the network, including all
Fire Departments and Police Departments
that were not already part of the PSDN,
certain radio sites, and other government
facilities. This work is required to be
completed by 3Q2013. BTOP (known as
the "Phase 2" project) is continuing as

Have cleared Verizon legal and have pricing to
be able to transfer ANI/ALI across state lines.
All bordering states (MD, PA, NJ) are on board
and are awaiting an answer from Verizon on
customer billing.

Recorder Replacement - received grants for 2
recorders will need to purchase 9 more
Continue preparations for standardized
delivery of NG 911 when available

To maintain the current Equipment
& Infrastructure
We are installing an IP selective router to
make our system fully IP based, tenative
install should be complete in early 2012


To maintain the current equipment and
Connect with surrounding counties: Charlotte,
Desota and Manatee.

None. Complete as of 1/1/2011.
Radio over IP, Connectivity to ESInets in
Kentucky, Indiana, Missouri and ESInets within
Illinois (DeKalb Co) as well as, allowing access
to N-1-1 to our network
Working with three additional PSAPs and will
be contacting the remaining ones.

Currently working with OnStar to transition
SIP location based telematics to the IN911
network via PIDFlo protocol.

Currently planning the integration of XMPP
based IM (instant messaging) to 911 and
integrated dual party relay service(711) with
the IN911 network to support wireless TDD to
911 as a statewide network service

Ready to deploy CACR (custom annoyance call
routing) for NSI/nuisance calls via software
enabled, PSAP controlled business rules.

Ready for direct SIP header location
conveyance and routing/delivery via PIDFlo.

If legislative authorization is updated, the
IN911 network will transition VoIP routing to
the IN911 network and facilitate GIS and CAD
data exchange between PSAPs.

Support of emergency requests using text,
images and video.
Install larger phone switch to handle additional
9-1-1 and administrative lines so that
neighboring counties with no 9-1-1 may
choose to share system costs. The State is
encouraging counties with no 9-1-1 to work
with neighboring counties.

Estill County is willing to offer full dispatch
services or just equipment sharing. This is very
Expand IP capability to more participants and
direct connectivity to other IP Public Safety
networks within the state.

1. Kentucky is moving via legislation to morph
its wireless 9-1-1 board (CMRS Board) into
one that clearly has jurisdiction over all of 9-1-1
related issues in the state. Currently, no
agency really has oversight or provides
direction for non wireless issues. Thus the
CMRS Board does it in conjunction with the
State 9-1-1 Coordinator who also serves as
the CMRS Board Administrator.

2. Kentucky has won its litigation with prepaid
providers. Both Tracfone in Federal Court and
Virgin Mobile in State Court have been ordered
to comply with the state’s wireless statute
which specifies that carriers are required to
collect and remit $0.70 per month from all
CMRS connections.

Hope LEC comes around & will provide IP
trunks - want to be able to share maps and
Waiting for NG 9-1-1 standards to be
established and data identified/pre-
interpreted to be received via the network
connectivity at the PSAPs.
Planning for NG9-1-1
Montana received a $500K grant from the
NHTSA which will be matched dollar for
dollar by the State of Montana. The
monies received from this grant will be
used to develop processes and procedures
for standard operations and contingency
plans for Montana's PSAP's as well as the
build out of the NG9-1-1 ESInet.
Once NM network is operational would
consider working with border states if they are
ready and compatible.
During the next 12 months, anticipate that all
of the TSPs (Telephone Service Providers) in
the region will be interconnected to the ESInet
and then NG9-1-1 will be ready to go live.

Go live on NG platform.

Overcome funding challenges (OH is a bill &
keep state).

Deploy enhanced applications (text, video).
Releasing RFP for consulting services for the
purpose of conducting feasibility study of
migrating to self maintenance of our 9-1-1

Already have some connectivity to WA; will
review and determine if more is required.
Currently in the process of replacing the
obsolete TCI CPE. Working with Mission
Critical Partners to develop RFP. Expect to
replace the CPE by end of year or 1Q of 2012.
The decision has been made to upgrade the
radio system to digital trunking but the
economy has slowed any progress on that.
Working with current vendor, Motorola, to
develop a phased upgrade as funds allow.

Seamless 9-1-1 call transfer with contiguous
Waiting for real NG911 solutions to be
offered by LEC and their vendor.
Addition of call delivery and ALI retrieval
related to wireline 911 calls

Continue cooperative efforts with neighboring 9-
1-1 administrative entities for the possible
implementation of a Metroplex-wide ESInet.

Participating in the Texas Commission on
State Emergency Communications' (CSEC)
"E9-1-1 Grant Project" with other Texas
9-1-1 Districts and Councils of Government.
Watch closely the development of CPE.
Moving to a hosted solution will allow Vermont
to partner with one or more jurisdictions to
handle each other's overflow traffic. It is
projected that partnering will allow the system
to be reduced in size by 25 to 50%. Vermont is
actively working to find appropriate partners.
In March of 2011, both Franklin and Patrick
County installed a Intrado Viper CPE 911
System which is fully IP based and NG911

Anticipate having PSAPs ready for NG911 by
the time NG911 standards have been
completed and the system is ready for
Statewide planning for additional phases
leading to NG9-1-1 is in progress

To stay in sync with national standards for

1. Develop business case and RFP for NG-911
Implementation. 2. Develop RFP for District
managed ALI database.
Art Faulkner
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Barbara A. Jaeger, ENP
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Paul Stricklin
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Status                         Two North Carolina public safety agencies have a pilot
                               version of one of the nation's first NENA i3 - compliant
                               Emergency Services IP networks (ESInets). The NCNC NG9-
                               1-1 Regional Compact, consisting of the Winston-Salem
Last Date                      GEO-COMM press release 11/04/2011
of Update
9-1-1 Agency/Entity Name       North-Central North Carolina NG911 Compact

Contact(s)                     Doris Kinard
                               Winston-Salem Police Dept.
                               Public Safety Communications Director
                               725 N. Cherry St.
                               Winston-Salem, NC
                               (336) 773-7866

Purpose of Network
RFP Date / Service Date

Geography & Ownership          Winston-Salem Police Department, Eden Police Department
                               and Surry County 9-1-1

IP Now
IP Capable?
Primary Vendor/ Consultant     Collaborative effort between Synergem Emergency Services,
(NOT FOR PUBLIC VIEW)          RedSky Technologies, GeoComm and Avaya.

Initial Purpose

Bandwidth available


Services provided              The system provides NG9-1-1 location based call routing and
on network                     an updated IP network capable of delivering voice, video, text,
                               and data to Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) when
Who manages network

Estimated Cost                 $2.4 million
Note: Reflect Network/CPE/DB
separately, if possible

How Funded                     This initial 12 month provisioning phase of the NG9-1-1
(NOT FOR PUBLIC VIEW)          project was primarily funded by a $2.4 million grant from the
                               NC 9-1-1 Board to the NCNC NG9-1-1 Compact.
Future Plans                   During the next 12 months, anticipate that all of the TSPs
                               (Telephone Service Providers) in the region will be
                               interconnected to the ESInet and then NG9-1-1 will be ready
                               to go live.
             My coding in the spreadsheet

IP network planned                               IPP
IP network at state level                       IPS
IP network at sub-state level                   IPSS
NG9-1-1 preparation activity at state level        NGS
NG9-1-1 preparation activity at sub-state level NGSS








         IP Network and NG9-1-1 Activity

         IP network planned
         Alabama, Shelby County
         California, State of
         Connecticut, State of
         Delaware, State of
         Florida, Brevard County
         Florida, Sarasota County
         Louisiana, Saint Tammany Parish Communications District
         Maryland, State of
         Massachusetts, Metro Boston area
         Minnesota, Metropolitan Emergency Services Board (Minneapolis / St. Paul metro area)
         Minnesota, State of
         Missouri, Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) - Kansas City area
         Missouri, State of
         Montana, State of
         New Jersey, State of
         New Mexico, State of
         North Carolina, Guilford County
         North Carolina, State of
         Oklahoma, Association of Central Oklahoma Governments
         Oregon, State of
         Pennsylvania, Allegheny County
         Tennessee, State of
         Texas 9-1-1 Alliance (TX Districts)
         Texas, DENCO Area 9-1-1 District
         Texas, Greater Harris County 9-1-1 Emergency Network
         Florida, Dixie County

         IP network at state level
         Indiana Network (State)

         IP network at sub-state level
         Alabama, Elmore County
         Florida, Union County
         Illinois, St. Clair County
         Kentucky, Estill County
         Pennsylvania, Centre County
         Texas, Galveston County
         Texas, Houston-Galveston Area Council (H-GAC)
         Texas, State of
         Washington DC

         NG9-1-1 preparation activity at state level
         Vermont, State of

         NG9-1-1 preparation activity at sub-state level
As of 08/25/2007 - NONE

Alabama, Limestone County
Alabama, Monroe County
Alabama, State of
Colorado, Centennial (South Metro Fire & Rescue)
Colorado, Denver
Missouri, Saint Charles Dispatch & Alarm
New Jersey, Burlington County
New Jersey, East Orange Police Department
New Jersey, Gloucester County
New Jersey, Ocean County
Rhode Island, State of

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