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					Woodward Academy Lower School Library

                           A Pathfinder for the American Revolution

                                        Non-Fiction Books

Use the Library Catalog:
    Search the LS Library Catalog by keyword or subject
    Keywords and phrases for Searching:
       o United States history          o Names of other important people --last name
           revolution 1775                 first, e.g. Franklin, Ben
       o American Revolution            o Declaration of Independence
       o Revolutionary War              o Stamp Act
       o War of Independence            o Townshend Act
       o Thirteen Colonies              o Valley Forge
       o Boston Tea Party
       o Battle of Lexington
       o Battle of Concord

Dewey Decimal Numbers to Browse: If you want to browse the shelves in the library to locate
information about the American Revolution, look for these numbers:
     973.3 - American Revolution 1775 -1789
     Biography section- alphabetical by last name

                              Online Resources-Internet Sites
Encyclopedias: Wikipedia may not be used as a source, but feel free to read the information as
background material. (password required)
    World Book Online
    Encyclopedia Britannica

The Web sites listed have been previewed and selected for this topic. If additional
information is needed, use the suggested keywords and phrases to search the Internet. Try using
quotation marks around terms.

                       General Information on the Revolutionary War


Liberty!- The American Revolution
       An online companion to the PBS documentary of the American Revolution. Click on
       "Chronicles of History" to get lots of information.

American Revolution (Kid Info Site)
      An extensive list of links to events, people, and places important to the American
Revolutionary Period (1764-1789)
Woodward Academy Lower School Library

       Jump back in time to the Revolutionary Period at "America's Library", a Library of
       Congress Website. Be sure to scroll down the page to find lots of links to important

The History Place - Conflict and Revolution 1775-76

                               People of the American Revolution

Black Soldiers:

Colonial Hall: Biographies of America's Founding Fathers
      Includes biographies of all the signers of the Declaration of Independence.

Ethan Allen:

The World of Benjamin Franklin
     Get a quick glimpse of this remarkable man's life.

Thomas Jefferson Time Line: The American Revolution

Thomas Paine's Influence on the American Revolution

The Paul Revere House

Betsy Ross Homepage
    Take a virtual tour of the house Betsy and her husband lived in from 1773 -1786. Find
       information about her life and the flag. Includes rules and regulations for displaying it.
       For more information about the flag, visit Early US Flag.

Deborah Sampson-

George Washington
      Get a glimpse of our first president at the White House website. Also includes brief
      biographies of John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, John
      Quincy Adams. Take a tour of his home at Mount Vernon.

Women Soldiers in the American Revolutionary War

                               Places of the American Revolution

Historic Valley Forge
       What happened at Valley Forge and who served there with General George Washington?
       Find out the history of the site and take a virtual tour of the museum.

Liberty Bell at Independence Hall
Woodward Academy Lower School Library

       Find out about the bell that rang on July 8, 1776 to announce the first public reading of
       the Declaration of Independence.

Teaching with Historic Places -- Independence Day Lesson Plans
      Features lesson plans that are related to America's battle for independence and the
      creation of our nation, based on sites listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

                          Events of the American Revolution
Boston Massacre:

Boston Tea Party:

Virtual Marching Tour of the American Revolutionary War

                                          Other Topics:



USS Constitution Museum/Old Ironsides:




                         Documents of the American Revolution
    View documents, maps, and newspapers of the period to learn about events and people of
    the time, the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and more. Includes tips on how
    to read a 200 year old document. Note : includes banner ads.

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