; Title_ Senior Adobe Flex Developer Responsibilities Requirements
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Title_ Senior Adobe Flex Developer Responsibilities Requirements


Adobe Flex, is originally from Macromedia released in March 2004, based on their proprietary Macromedia Flash platform, which is covered to support RIA (Rich Internet Applications) development and deployment of a range of technology portfolio.

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									FX Central Clearing announces a new opening for the IT Development Department – for its office based in
Limassol, Cyprus.

Title: Senior Adobe Flex Developer


      To interpret written business requirements and technical specification documents.

      To perform coding to written technical specifications.

      To develop UI components in Adobe Flex.

      To integrate RIA front end with server-side data using web services and other data protocols

      To fix application issues and code irregularities

      To give technical feedback to the Application Architect.

      To report work progress to Application Architect.


      2 year experience with development of Rich Internet Applications (RIA’s) with Flash and Flex.

      Extensive knowledge of ActionScript 3.0.

      Solid experience in one or more of the following technologies: .Net, PHP, JSP/Servlets.

      Good knowledge in JavaSript, HTML, CSS.

      Experience in OO design and development.

      Experience in both Linux and Windows environment development.

      Financial application background is a plus (preferably FX).

      A flexible attitude with proven experience of working in a small team.

      Excellent communication skills and attention to details.

Package offered by FXCC:

      Working Days: Monday-Friday 9.00-5.30
      Salary: according to qualifications and experience

      13th salary: Yes

      Bonuses and rewards for exceptional achievements

      Full medical insurance

      Vacation Days: 21 yearly

      Sick Leave: 8 days yearly

Excellent working environment and unique opportunity for self and career development

All CV’s are strictly confidential and have to be sent to hr@fxcc.com up to 15/01/2012.

FX Central Clearing (FXCC)
16, Spyrou Kyprianou Ave, Office 201, 3070 Limassol, Cyprus

Tel:+357 25 870 750, Fax:+357 25 870 753
Email:info@fxcc.com, Web:www.fxcc.com

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