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									International campuses and centres                       Monash South Africa

The Directorate Research was established on 1 May 2006 with the appointment
of a Director of Research, Dr Dina Burger and a Research Administrator, Mrs
Hester Stols. A comprehensive Research Training and Capacity Development
Program commenced from June 2006 and includes courses such as:

   Research Methodology
   Quantitative Research Design
   Qualitative Research Design
   How to Write a Research Proposal
   How to Write a Publishable Article
   SPSS and Statistical Analysis
   How to Write a Research Report
   Research Supervision Course by Professor Max King from MRGS

The Monash South Africa Research Committee’s mandate has been expanded
and a new Terms of Reference approved. Monthly meetings are held and there
is active participation on the Committee through the membership of the Director
of Research, Monash South Africa.

A process was launched to ensure an accountable research planning regime
within Monash South Africa in alignment with the respective plans of Monash
Australia and Monash South Africa.
A Research Author’s Output Fund has been established.
The RM4 system has been implemented at the campus and training on the
system finalized. The first publication output report and the first annual research
report for Monash South Africa will be presented during 2007.

It is envisaged that numbers at Monash South Africa will grow.
This will be achieved by:
 Increasing the current schools and academic undergraduate and higher
     degrees programs at the campus
 Appointing more staff and increasing the number of academic staff with PhDs
 Ensuring that there are at least 15 Professors/Associate Professors on staff
 Ensuring a quantifiable research output from academic staff.

Monash South Africa has committed itself to cutting edge research on issues of
contemporary Africa through a multi-disciplinary lens. We will offer the highest
quality impact research by building on the strength of the Monash international
footprint. There is also a deliberate and focused effort to ensure partnerships
with leading South African institutions.

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