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                         History of Product

- ActionScript by Macromedia Inc. is introduced in Flash Player 4 through the
implementation of "Actions"
- ActionScript 1.0 is released for Flash Player 5 and is based on ECMAScript
- Macromedia's Flex Server 1.0 is released for $15,000 per CPU.
- ActionScript 2.0 is built as a layer on top of ActionScript 1.0
causing performance issues.
- Adobe System gains ownership of Macromedia Inc.
- ActionScript 3.0 is rewritten from the ground up and released
with Adobe Flex 2.0 and Flash Player 9.
- Adobe Flex 3 is under open source Mozilla Public License
- Adobe Flex 4 is released with its development
environment called Adobe Flash Builder
- Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 supports mobile application development
           Importance & Application
● HTML is stateless - web application logic all on server
   ○ Every change requires a reload or another query
   ○ This is not scalable

● Examples
   ○ Table with sortable columns
   ○ Forms with a submit button
   ○ "Edit mode" on any page

● Flex lets you put that logic on the client side
   ○ Flex applications are "living" pages
           Importance & Application
● Flex allows you to make Rich Internet Applications
   ○ Benefits of a desktop application
   ○ Portability of a web app

● Other advantages:
   ○ It's multi-platform: Windows, Mac, Unix, Mobile
   ○ Virtually everyone can see it - Flash Player

● Result is a .swf from code instead of a timeline

                      Flex IDEs
    FlashDevelop    AXDT      IntelliJ IDEA
            SapphireSteel FDT
                  Flash Animations
"Artsy" examples of what Flash can do:
Animator vs Animation

Flash comics/stories
-"Technical" examples of what flash can do
Card Matching Game
Box2D Physics Engine

-ActionScript used to program "game logic" to make games

-Open source engines out there to make games with,
 one is FlashPunk

Demo using FlashPunk,
FlashDevelop, and ActionScript
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