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									June 25, 2011 - Health

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Potato Chip Addiction: The Fastest Way to Get Fat
Potato chips are the biggest demon behind the pound-a-year
weight creep that plagues many of us, a recent weight-loss study
has found.

                               We all grew up hearing the advertising slogan about
                               potato chips: “Bet you can’t eat just one!” Don’t blame
                               the chips themselves for being addictive; blame their
                               manufacturers. So says nutritionist Dian Griesel, Ph.D,
                               co-author of the new book TurboCharged: Accelerate
                               Your Fat Burning Metabolism, Get Lean Fast and Leave
                               Diet and Exercise Rules in the Dust (BSH, 2011).

                               Potato chips are the biggest demon behind the
Potato chip addiction
                               pound-a-year weight creep that plagues many of us, a
                               recent weight-loss study has found. The results, which
                               have been published in The New England Journal of
                               Medicine, may blow some dieters’ minds.

By analyzing the eating and exercise habits of 120,877 people over many years, the
study’s researchers concluded that downing a whole bag of potato chips makes you fat
faster than just about anything else—including candy, ice cream and soda.

“Potato chips—and many other processed, manufactured foods—are addictive because
they are specifically designed to be addictive,” Dr. Griesel says. “This study’s findings
should certainly be no surprise to food manufacturers! Salt, fat/sugar combos and
sugar alone are all substances that create cravings. Fat/sugar combos and sugar alone
trigger the release of insulin, which works to counteract the heavy sugar load. And
bottom line, insulin is the ‘fat storing’ hormone.”

Dr. Griesel recently described how food addiction works in an article posted at:

TurboCharged, written by Dr. Griesel and her brother Tom Griesel, is a myth-busting,
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ever developed. The book offers men and women of all ages a manageable, sensible,
and straightforward strategy for staying active and eating healthfully.

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